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Global Announcement
08-01-2006 until 08-02-2020
Lord Ravenclaw
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Morons Need Not Apply

New Rules Effective Immediately
  1. You must use proper English. This means using proper grammar, spelling, capitalization, and writing techniques. Of course for those who don't speak English natively we'll overlook and help you. If you really have trouble we'll help anyways, but at least put out your best effort.
  2. No more necroposting. As I said, only post in an old thread if you have something damn good to say. Library threads are excluded from this, as we want your opinion. This doesn't mean you may post "they updated!"
  3. Don't post horrible stories for review "just because". We want the best.
  4. Post intelligently. Don't post useless garbage, but actually contribute to discussions. For real life discussions, always make sure to research answers in order to save everyone's limited patience for stupidity and your fragile reputation.
  5. Don't take everything so personally. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.
Two strikes, you're out. Depending on the severity we may temporarily ban you rather than permanently.

Other items may be added at a later date.
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