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  1. Woman Tricked Into Having Sex By Penis Cream Treatment
  2. Internet Anoymity
  3. Man Charged with Battery after farting on cop
  4. PETA is just getting disturbing.
  5. Don LaFontaine died this month at 68
  6. "Pirates Seize 33 Tanks"
  7. Queen of England Asks For a Raise
  8. Chemical irritant empties Islamic Society of Greater Dayton's mosque
  9. Question for North Carolina Drivers
  10. Doctor takes a little too much during surgery
  11. Pommy cops confiscate walking stick from 78-year-old
  12. The Name's Bond - Facebook Me!
  13. James Bond just died of shame
  14. I am in quite the predicament.
  15. Greatest. Mugshot. EVAR.
  16. Relay for life
  17. Guilty Bitches YEAH!
  18. China spying on Skype messages
  19. Yoga violates separation of church and state?
  20. Robber uses Craigslist to hire unsuspecting accomplices, gets away
  21. A Walk Through Chernobyl
  22. Flexible Silicon Solar Cells Developed
  23. Pirates of the Caribbean #21 : Space Ahoy!
  24. Those damn Japs...
  25. Fucking religion....
  26. Renewable Energy: Wave Snakes
  27. First Double Arm Transplant a Success
  28. meditation techniques
  29. Fantasy Basketball?
  30. Iceland's bank failure fucks up English councils
  31. Tottenham-Earthquakes Partnership Announced
  32. Forum (and CMS) for the lulz
  33. What's your favorite type of cake?
  34. God Wins in Nebraska Court
  35. Illegal immigrants questions, for class
  36. Dear god a site worthy of raiding
  37. Television for felons?
  38. Magic Bullet - The Best Invention Ever?
  39. Suicide Booths will be next.
  40. English writing class help
  41. DLP Recipe Thread
  42. Japanese plant keeps blog...
  43. Legalizing Prostitution
  44. The Irony of Mac.
  45. (Many Pics) A Question directed at all female DLP members
  46. The term "psychobitch" has a new twist
  47. Scientists Make Glow-In-The-Dark Cat
  48. 10,000 dollar prize in abstinence contest and no one signs up
  49. (Un)Official Liverpool Over Chelsea Thread
  50. Lame Duck Presidential Challenge Ends With Free Codeweaver's Software For All
  51. Lol Britain
  52. Best Ads
  53. 8 year old kills himself at shooting event
  54. Traveling to New Zealand
  55. Map of US Toxic Sites
  56. Official NBA discussion thread.
  57. Government steps in to avoid bankruptcy in family game of Monopoly
  58. So...
  59. House sized shit brings down power lines.
  60. Man glued to toilet seat
  61. Neighbors shocked after SC trick-or-treater shot
  62. The "Should of" trend?
  63. Diesel from fungus
  64. Strange Portal Connects Earth to Sun
  65. Jesus Christ was not white
  66. Michael Crichton dies. :(
  67. Birthday, Happy, Bill.
  68. Scientists clone dead mouse
  69. Bye Bye Alzheimer's
  70. Smokers banned from fostering
  71. Amusing Email
  72. Happy Birthday kalantha
  73. Internet Censorship
  74. Peanut Butter: Smooth vs. Crunchy
  75. Doctor accidentally cures AIDS
  76. Is Culture Dead?
  77. Last invention
  78. Remembrance Day
  79. Mormons Still Baptizing Dead Jews
  80. 12 New Ways to Celebrate Death
  81. 4,300-year-old pyramid discovered in Egypt
  82. Searching for a Dog.
  83. Woman Injects Cooking Oil Into Face
  84. Devotees Say Teen Is Buddha Reborn
  85. Man jailed for sex with wheelchair-bound mother
  86. It sounded like a good idea at the time
  87. Need Help Finding a Song!
  88. 2008 NCAA Sports Champions to the White House.
  89. Cash Trashing
  90. Brand new Second Life retards
  91. Lulzy IM Conversation
  92. Wachovia Email Fish...
  93. DLP's UNCE The Vote
  94. DLP ESPN FF Playoffs
  95. This is why Americans watch Football...
  96. Sacha Baron Cohen Crashes NBC Show
  97. 12,000 year old skeleton of a witch doctor found in Israel
  98. Hams. Any out there?
  99. The Unions
  100. Dow closes at 7997.28
  101. Jack Thompson disbarred
  102. Yahoo Fantasy Football League
  103. Real Life Solid Snake
  104. Astronomer Nicolas Copernicus' remains discovered
  105. A program DLP would enjoy
  106. Effective Drug Treatment Programs? For Class
  107. An Hero Live from Miami!
  108. Forget Bailouts - let's just screw companies instead!
  109. Miles thick glaciers found on Mars
  110. Albuquerque police want ad: We need snitches!
  111. Could we ressurect a neanderthal?
  112. Indonesia government will tag AIDS sufferers
  113. Question for the English in the audience
  114. Attacks in India
  115. Does anyone know some physics?
  116. 2,700 year old stash of weed found in China
  117. Higher levels of consiousness and....
  118. Macy's Day Parade Rick Roll
  119. Man Trampled to Death in Wal-Mart Stampede
  120. Yet Another Way to Harness Water Power
  121. Joe the Plumber- Fighting For the American Dream
  122. Text Message Amputation
  123. Hi I'm Plaxico Burress
  124. New Abortion Regulations
  125. The 22 Worst Christmas Gifts on Earth
  126. Detroit church prays Over SUVs for a Bailout
  127. First time mommy at 70 years old.
  128. Cracker Barrel Conspiracy?
  129. What the Hell!? (Exam Day Shockers)
  130. Energy generating floors
  131. Wishing an AIDS-infected birthday to...
  132. benefits of celibacy
  133. Police Assault 12 year old girl
  134. Key to Long Life: Be a Stupid Virgin
  135. On Psychadelics
  136. Extreme Detention - Do your homework in Egypt
  137. X-mas present thread
  138. Lesbian gangraped in San Fran
  139. Merry Fucking Christmas.
  140. Tajik Ethnic Cleansing
  141. A Restaurant that ENCOURAGES Obesity
  142. Happy New Year
  143. "'Sex chip' will have us wired for pleasure"
  144. NFL Playoffs
  145. 12-year old boy shoots his mom
  146. Rip off my Hitler?! I THNK NOT, MR. CRUISE!
  147. So Uh... What the Fuck?
  148. Boy shoots babysitter with shotgun
  149. Burglar Owned - San Antonio
  150. Bored in class? Just pass gas.
  151. Poor Porn Producers need Bailout
  152. Who do YOU vote into stripdancing for DLP?
  153. Did missing pilot fake his own death?
  154. Are you a car-sexual like this man?
  155. Adolf Hitler and Two Sisters Removed From Home
  156. Anon raid
  157. Bow your heads. Khan is dead.
  158. Circuit City to close 567 remaining US stores
  159. Why you should always check your kid's homework
  160. Teens charged with producing child pornography
  161. Joaquin Phoenix quits acting... to Rap.
  162. Happiness. Does it have a price?
  163. Frogs Being Eaten To Extinction
  164. Texas Woman Can Take More Bullets than 50cent
  165. Romanian man - Not dead
  166. Desteni Cult... What the Fuck?
  167. Science! It can read your mind!
  168. Mark January 25, 2009 in your date book ...
  169. Sportsmanship vs. Integrity
  170. Man crashes Skoda through church roof
  171. Chronic Masturbation causes CANCER!
  172. Albinos Beware!
  173. Man turns into goat.
  174. It was only a matter of time...
  175. More Excuses For Fatties
  176. Long-Distance Teleportation Between Two Atoms Achieved
  177. Zombies Ahead!
  178. That's a fat car. Literally
  179. Zionist Harry Potter Conspiracy
  180. Man-sicle found in Detroit Warhouse
  181. AT&T and Comcast Up To Bullshit Again
  182. Dear Mr Branson...
  183. UK Finally Gets Something Right
  184. Obama half-brother on drug charge
  185. Waste Free Nuclear Power?!
  186. Federer vs. Nadal
  187. Jehova's Witness Don't Sing Canadian National Anthem
  188. Fuck you, Iceland
  189. Homeless Man Robs Bank
  190. Super Bowl XLIII
  191. Porn Clip Played During the Super Bowl!!??
  192. Girl Overdoses at Big Day Out
  193. Phelps Caught Hitting the Bong
  194. Donate your kidney the fun way.
  195. What's the Religious Distribution of DLP?
  196. A Holographic Universe (SD Article)
  197. Klingon wannabe robs stores.
  198. MenarebetterthenWomen.com
  199. That's a Biiiiiig Snake
  200. Children caught roasting puppies over an open fire
  201. Calvin Klein commercial banned ... again.
  202. SEE!
  203. Can't we do away with this religion bullshit already?
  204. Tru lurve transcends age and odd fetishes
  205. Cannibal free for 23 years.
  206. A-Rod tested positive for steroids in 2003
  207. French planes grounded by Windows Virus
  208. Smoke Marijuna, Lose your Balls?
  209. Racoon 1 - Russia 0
  210. Chris Brown: Woman Beater
  211. Diane Sawyer's 'A Hidden America: Children of the Mountains'
  212. Woman in "milkshake murder" gets 2nd appeal
  213. Barman tried over fatal tequila
  214. Thirsty? Drink Gau Jal!
  215. Tired of messy firing squads? Need that new liver now? The solution is here.
  216. Security before Freedom or Freedom before Secuity?
  217. Coolest Paramedic Ever!
  218. Kids having kids - a 13-year-old boy becomes a father.
  219. 11y.o Girl in Pistol Training
  220. Delhi Belly - Any tips?
  221. Saudia Arabia: woman raped earns 1 year in jail and 100 lashes
  222. Amazon pulls 'rape' computer game
  223. French and British Nuclear subs collide
  224. Personal Hygiene Q
  225. Rape:Porn Availability Study
  226. Climate Change and Crops
  227. Do you love what you do?
  228. Pet chimp shot after it severly injures guest
  229. Indian child married off to dog.
  230. Wanted: Driver's License
  231. Drunk man run over by train awarded $2.3 million
  232. Police officers capture giant pet
  233. Epic Prison Escape
  234. Getting your money's worth
  235. Father stabs son [in the ass] over hat in church.
  236. Octomom to star in porn?
  237. NZ toga parade turns violent
  238. Real-Life Mermaid
  239. Paintball Turret = Awesome
  240. British angler lands 55-stone stingray.
  241. Man saves three, hit by truck, gets ticket
  242. I have an e-PHD in Body Building - Anyone else love it?
  243. Police officer beats on 15 year old
  244. Giant Rat caught in China
  245. Teenagers take machetes to school
  246. Earth nearly hit by asteroid big enough to destroy London
  247. Pink Dolphin appears in US lake
  248. Bionic Eye gives blind man sight
  249. Fish with human faces
  250. Natural Mummies