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  1. MidkNight Rant (Edit: Sorry, you forgot the N - Mid)
  2. Vorlon's bitch session
  3. Damian's Banning thread
  4. Pyromaniac The Escape by Tridentwatch - T
  5. My name is Tridentwatch
  6. Introducing...
  7. If insane, click here. Well thats about every1
  8. Tridentwatch == Cupspeaker
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  10. Tridentwatch: The Standard for Stupidity
  11. Living in Mortal Hell: The Harry Potter Story by goofball44306 - M
  12. Opinionated much?
  13. Granddad
  14. The Importance of Blood Magic by Adam (NC-17, ONESHOT, H/Hr)
  15. The Angel of Death by Adam (NC-17, ONESHOT)
  16. Pottersplace3 about DLP
  17. HP Boy Who Lives Saga by Cindra - T
  18. I figured it was time to make it easier on everyone...
  19. Shamefully a search
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  21. The people in my head say hello
  22. The Desirable Mr. Potter
  23. Mu by Zoken T
  24. DLP is disgusting.
  25. CommonSense: 10 Things to think about, know about Harry Potter and his band of Losers
  26. Tis Me. I've been Lurking.
  27. To people who are in charge at DLP
  28. Fate's Debt - What is wrong with it?
  29. From: gallandro_83 TO: Admin STOP BEING DICKS
  30. DLP Alliance
  31. DLP Love Triangle - The Fat Canadian, Crazy Georgian and the Fucking Weirdo.
  32. New here and looking for ACTUAL dark HP stories..
  33. Greetings
  34. If You Can Help Her by witowsmp
  35. Hi, I'm new
  36. Lol the people here are idiots.
  37. What it do?
  38. To Be a Vampire
  39. GinnyPotter Failraid
  40. So I Herd You Liek Cawks?
  41. Hello All
  42. Cold as Ice, by The Sin of Existance
  43. Vash is De-Admined.. AGAIN?
  44. Moar fics please
  45. From The Dungeons
  46. 10 Fanfiction killers
  47. "Women" are better than men.
  48. Before you start rating!!!!
  49. Fail Troll Newb and the Failed abortion of Silens' response
  50. Yo, Xiph.
  51. Dead Eye: Pennies for the Ferryman - Jim Bernheimer
  52. Lockharte/Dumbledore BUTTSEX
  53. Hi!!!!กก
  54. ~Hello all! I'm new here at DLP Forums!!~
  55. The Hidden Hero, by EveBB T
  56. A Tale of Plagiarism by CedarKuruQan
  57. A Challenge Not for the Weak-Minded
  58. I am looking to rule the world.
  59. CAN'T GIVE YOU UP BY THE LOLRUS! (thats me lulz)
  60. The Name Is Ethan
  61. Witch Daughter by Harry50 - M - HP/HG
  62. DLP Slapdown vs Butthurt; Main Event: Giovanni vs Jigokuno
  63. Slash recommendations...?
  64. My "Review" of DLP
  65. Sex addict Potter?
  66. HELLOP
  67. The worst fic I have ever had the misfortune of stumbling across
  68. Get Rich Schemes/Websites
  69. Dumbledore vs. Ganondorf - EPIC!!!
  70. Yudkowsky drops his mask
  71. Pimp Harry Verse by bob-the-blue - M -
  72. STOP the destruction of Fanfiction.net!
  73. yugioh
  74. What if: Harriet & Draquesna
  75. Harry Potter and Not So Smart Villains
  76. Why Are So Many Good Writers Gay?
  77. Help Me Find Out: Did Man Walk With Dinosaurs
  78. hey
  79. where does site topics go?
  80. Jon/PotterFan/Lord Raine OTP
  81. Finally 17! by 9876grpc - M
  82. War Time Again by Alexx
  83. Harry's Orientation
  84. Is The Lie I've Lived better than Goblet Of Fire?
  85. Textbook Shitposter
  86. How to Get Banned From DLP
  87. Alexeyy's Slash Conspiracy Theory
  88. Clusterfuck of Suresh
  89. Why does the fandom all love Harry so much?