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  4. [WIP] Sympathetic Properties by Mr Norrell - T
  5. [Oneshot] Big Brother D by trip-trap - T
  6. [WIP] The Adventures of Harry Potter, The Video Game: Exploited by Michaelsuave - M
  7. [WIP] Harry Potter: The RPG by Britael - M
  8. [WIP] Phantasy by Tsume Yuki - T
  9. [Complete] Of Power and Prestige by Ell Roche and ExcentrykeMuse - T
  10. [WIP] Death Before Dishonour by SuperNova26 - M
  11. [WIP] Red Hair, Green Tie by Kevin Vacit
  12. [Oneshot] The Mind of Arthur Weasley by Northumbrian - K+
  13. [WIP] Dead Man Walking by Kitty Smith - M
  14. [WIP] Avatar by Von - T - HP/Avatar(Movie)
  15. [Complete] Witnessed here in Time and Blood by whistle.the.silver - M
  16. [Oneshot] Now and Forever by Northumbrian - K
  17. [WIP] Revenge of the Wizard by Darth Marrs - M - HP/SW
  18. [Oneshot] Miss Gnomer by TP Knight - K+