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2018 New Year's Resolutions

Discussion in 'Real Life Discussion' started by daringndreaminx, Dec 30, 2017.

  1. Oz


    Jan 31, 2008
    Baile Átha Cliath
    1. lose about sixty pounds

    40/60. So, fail.

    2. cycle at least 5000km, but aim for over 10,000

    Cycled about 3,500km total. Most of it on Strava, some not. Fail.

    3. don't drink

    LOL. Fail.

    4. new job

    Interviewing with a few places atm but it'll be early February at a minimum by the time I get a new job. Fail.

    5. travel some more

    Went to Andorra, Egypt, Portugal, Budapest, saw a lot more of Ireland. Success.

    This year was also the first time I didn't make a resolution to run the marathon and the first year I actually fucking do. <_<

    2018 goals:

    1. Run 365 miles.
    1a. Knock an hour off my marathon time from this year (4:52:00 or faster).
    2. Cycle 3650km.
    2a. Finish the Mile Failte randonee (1200km).
    3. Get that new job.
    4. Lose 50 more pounds.
    5. Travel more.

  2. Xepheria

    Xepheria The Benefactor

    Apr 9, 2016
    High Score:
    Resolutions for 2018:

    1) Start budgeting properly.
    1b) Massively cut back on nights out. Both my liver and wallet can't take it for much longer.

    2) Devise and stick to a calisthenics routine.
    2b) Be able to do a handstand push up by the end of the year.

    3) Fight at least twice more this year (and train for them properly!).

    4) Get a job and save up money to train in Thailand for a few months,
  3. Shouldabeenadog

    Shouldabeenadog High Inquisitor

    Sep 3, 2010
    Cook- did much better, got about one every 3 days, so I'll take it.
    Job- contact is in hand.
    Me- got a girlfriend instead. So that's a fail. But the best kind.
    All in all 2017 was one of my better years.

    2018 resolution:

    1) One weekend a month is date weekend.
    Relationships take work, and I need time to make it work, so one weekend is reserved.

    2) exercise every day, with up to 30% failure. I'll be using a habit tracking app.

    3) read one book every season.
  4. Vira

    Vira Order Member

    Dec 20, 2006

    Yeah, I’m a year early, but let’s not go ahead with the post I wrote late at night and while ;_; over my book. I need a real list.


    1. Finish draft three of my book. (Due day: May). Quite possible now that I’ve fixed (omg don’t jinx it) my biggest issue. Just need to work hard.

    2. Get a government job! Quit my current awful job!

    3. Move out or be ready to move out.

    4. Lose thirty pounds.

    5. Be kind, especially to myself.

    6. NO MORE ONLINE SHOPPING. Jesus Christ. No more clothing unless a) it’s necessary and I will legitimately die or lose my job over it, or b) it’s that fabled black trench coat of my dreams. However, to go with goal five, I will allow myself three (3) scarf purchases. NO MORE.

    7. Get my chess rating comfortably over 1500, maybe 1600. I started playing chess again at the beginning of 2017 and got from 1100 to 1400, so this is doable. Maybe I should buy a couple chess books.

    8. Draw more. I seriously fell off the wagon at the tail end of the year.

    9. Cook at least twice a week.

    10. Stare longingly at my dream of learning French UNLESS I find a better way of learning it that’s not Duolingo. Maybe join a French club. Maybe I have time for that.
  5. Sauce Bauss

    Sauce Bauss Headmaster DLP Supporter

    Apr 4, 2008
    I don't even remember what 90% of my resolutions for 2017 were, but I'm feeling pretty ambitious this year.

    I lost 30 pounds over the course of 2017, and I'm going to go back to the gym. I'd fallen off the wagon thanks to a persistent shoulder injury and then a schedule that left me with almost zero time off for the last eight months. Thankfully, I've addressed that now and should be able to work it in.

    Finish my bachelor's degree in August.

    Get a job, hopefully related to my degree :D

    Move to one of the coasts for aforementioned job.

    Launch a web business I've been contemplating for a while.

    Read, at minimum, a book a week all year. I'm going to actually try to aim for a book a day, but that one just needs a single illness or stumbling block to fail so I'm going to set realistic goals. To that end, I bought a new kindle oasis at @Constans ' urging.

    Write a few specific programs that I've had on the brain. I'd like to do some sentiment analysis, and algorithmic trading of options/futures/currencies(maybe even crypto). More data analysis/modeling for things like econometrics.

    Start a new sport. Either a martial art like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the university rugby team, or fencing.

    Buy a new car. Mine got totaled in November and riding a motorcycle through winter will not be fun.

    Finish writing my original novel.

    Formalize and finish several research papers I've had on the brain. Some stuff about automated vehicles, a lot of political analyses and proposals.

    Make some progress on my tv/anime/movie backlog

    Continue learning spanish again. I understand most of what I hear, but I'd like to be able to say I'm conversational at a professional level.

    Huh, I'd been working on pretty much all of this or planning on it without really tying it to "new years resolutions" as such. Now that I've written it all down it seems a bit much. Oh well, if I accomplish more than half of it I could call it a pretty successful year.
  6. Taure

    Taure Magical Core Enthusiast Prestige DLP Supporter

    Mar 5, 2006
    United Kingdom
    High Score:
    Going to avoid "keep doing stuff I would do anyway" type resolutions like "keep going with Spanish" and "get better at my job".

    Let's get specific:

    1. Go to the gym 5 times/week instead of the current 3 times/week. This will allow me to reintroduce cardio (Tues/Thurs) as well as keep going with strength (Mon/Weds/Fri). Sad consequence is having to get up early every weekday (and therefore having to go to bed early) but I imagine once I'm in the habit it will actually be easier to maintain.

    2. Eat out a maximum of 2 times a week. Mostly to save more money. Most of the time when I order food it's simply because I haven't had time to go grocery shopping and have no food in the house. So a bit more organisation and this should be pretty achievable.

    3. Make a serious effort to go on some dates. Alas this probably means Tinder, as work has nothing on that front and most of my hobbies are not "meeting people" type things. I'm turning 30 this year so I should probably get a move on with this shit.

    4. Finish Victoria Potter Part 1 (or at the very least, Year 1).

    As a consequence of the above taking up my free time...

    5. Play less EU4.
  7. Anarchy

    Anarchy Fourth Champion DLP Supporter

    Dec 12, 2009
    1) Finish a story.
  8. Ludwig

    Ludwig Third Year

    Sep 2, 2016
    High Score:
    1) Actually start writing instead of just complaining about what people write.

    2) Do well in College (starting in May)

    3) Relearn how to play the Violin

    I give it 5 months before I give up