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WIP A Song of Ice and Fires That Weren't All My Fault by Puzzled - T - Dresden Files / ASOIAF

Discussion in 'Other Review Board' started by Nim, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. Nim

    Nim Second Year

    Nov 16, 2009
    Title: A Song of Ice and Fires That Weren't All My Fault
    Author: Puzzled
    Rating: Teen
    Genre: Adventure/Family
    Status: WIP
    Fandom: Dresden Files / ASOIAF
    Pairings: None
    Summary: Our friendly neighborhood wizard along with his daughter is thrown from the top of Chichen Itza into Braavos of the Hundred Isles. That was two years ago, now after struggling out of the gutter Harry is back on his feet and his luck is coming back.
    Link: AO3

    Found it by accident and it became and instant favorite for me. Dresden feels like Dresden and the personality that Puzzled gives Margaret feels right. Seeing Harry in a world where techbane is meaningless is an interesting experience.
  2. CosmosGravitation

    CosmosGravitation Professor

    Sep 27, 2006