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An Intro

Discussion in 'Introduction Archives [Closed]' started by Oruma, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. Oruma

    Oruma Unspeakable

    Dec 13, 2010
    PoCo, Canada
    Hello. I'm Oruma. I go by Oruma Yar on FF.Net, which is my primary site for Fanfiction.

    I came from Hong Kong, but moved to Canada with my family and had lived there about half my life. Which means that my Chinese is awkward (elementary school level with lots of extra-curricular reading) and my English isn't great (I tried to remedy it with a healthy dose of Star Trek: TNG and DS9). Being a typical nerd, my real life interests included Gundam, Star Trek, Evangelion, Asimov's novels, and Discworld.

    Back in the old days:
    My first read of Fanfiction was probably Shinji and Warhammer 40k.
    My first story was actually one written in Chinese nearly 10 years ago, a prologue to a Super Robot War type story. It involves space battles, politics, giant robots and shameless self-inserts. My second was similar, again involving giant robots and shameless self-inserts. It lasted three chapters and died a slow, painful death through the reality of SCIENCE.

    I began reading HP fanfics a half year ago, after getting some interesting links from TV Tropes. Not content with the limited recommendations there I began browsing through FF.Net, and eventually decided to join up, first to read more and then to write my own stories. My first story, Healing Hands, started last year (shameless promotion ftw). :awesome

    I discovered and joined the nefarious DLP after reading about it in some author's info. At first just wanting to sound off some of my ideas I now hope to improve my story through the forum.

    I was kinda a H/Hr shipper after the fourth book but became neutral after book 7. I converted to HP/LL after I began reading fanfics, although I don't mind ships too much (so long as it's not yaoi/slash) if the story's good though. I don't have a specific favorite genre.

    What I dislike are slash (as I mentioned), but also overly ridiculous bashing or beautifying of Ron, Dumbledore, or any other character. I want to believe that there're more facets to them then what fanon (or canon) thinks, both good and bad. Also, changing the blood status of Hermione or Lily. They were special in that they thrived despite their being muggleborn; making them powerful descendents of some super wizard/witch cheapen their accomplishments.

    My current story is Harry Potter: Healing Hands (which can be found on FF.Net and here in the WbA section of DLP) (shameless promotion again:facepalm:awesome ). There are several other stories I have in mind, but currently on burners way back because I want to finish HH - part 1, which is Harry's fourth year - within 2011. I say part 1 because there are a total of 3 parts.

    Tl;dr version:
    Oruma/Oruma Yar. Newbie. Likes HP/LL. Writing Harry Potter: Healing Hands Go see.