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WIP Dreaming of Sunshine by Silver Queen - T - Naruto

Discussion in 'Naruto' started by Moridin, Jul 1, 2012.

  1. Zombie

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    Apr 28, 2007
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    I agree this is the jump start of a lot of SI fics, and there were several spin off fics set in the same universe as Dreaming of Sunshine. There were many things that made me want to give up on this story, namely, the fact that I feel like the trend of SIs to limit themselves too much. I know people will argue that she was more than capable, but I always get tired of the fact that SIs are like "I'll never be in the same league as Itachi, the best I can do is hit and run and hope I don't die." But then spend all this time exploring niche sections of canon.

    I agree, they could have not included Naruto in this and everything would have been fine.

    I woudl agree also that the build ups never really paid to read into them. Ultimately with this fic, I ended up growing super bored. I kept reading it because of the amount of material there, but I never looked forward to an update, it wasn't something I had to read.

    Execution wise, I think the most compelling aspect of the story is the SI despite the limitations they imposed on themselves. Overall, I'd give this story a 3/5.
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