Food Wars / Shokugeki no Souma [Manga/Anime]

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    Megumi just doesn't have the same insane determination/arrogance that the people at the top should have - I'm not opposed to her growing into that, but not now.

    Soma's competition should always be whoever is on top. Everyone else needs to get stomped [emoji14]
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    I don't see Soma losing here, to be quite honest. It'll end up with him going toe to toe with Tsukasa, and be the climax of the arc, where Soma barely beats him out in typical shonen fashion. I mean, I suppose it could go to the point where only one other person on Rebel Team beats their opponent, as Soma faces down Tsukasa, and Tsukasa barely wins, letting whoever won against the easier opponent take him out in a lacklustre match. But that just seems like it'd create needless salt, even if that's a typical kind of thing I'd expect from another shonen.

    Just not sure it works in this kind of set up.

    As far as Megumi goes...I don't know. for as much as they've been focusing on Teamwork, there's been very little of it. just one or two small things and that's it. Thenagain, I guess going too far could end with a 'Too many Cooks' kind of deal, so I don't know.

    I just feel like they were building up the teamwork angle, and not having a dish that isn't just the work of one Chef, but all three? Kind of feels like a cop out. But maybe they'll bring it out for Soma's match or the next round.