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Hello There

Discussion in 'Introduction Archives [Closed]' started by ninjacom, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. ninjacom

    ninjacom First Year

    Apr 17, 2011
    The Northern Wastes of Ontario, Canada
    Hello, my name's ninjacom. It's not the greatest name in the world, but it's something that's stuck with me as my online persona.

    I decided to make an account here after lurking for a little while and seeing a few threads and stories that would have been interesting to comment on. Other than that, DLP looks to have a pretty active community which is always a plus.

    I'm not much of a writer but I've edited a number of original fiction pieces for friends and I'm an avid reader of published fiction. I tend to like historical fiction and alternate history in particular.

    I got into fanfiction about a year ago when I finished watching the Firefly series and wanted more. After that, I branched out into some of my other series that I've enjoyed, like Star Wars and Harry Potter. I used to use the TV Tropes Fanfiction Recommendations quite a bit, but I had some issues with the type of crap that got mixed in with the few gems they had there. On the other hand, that's how I found my way here so I still consider them a mixed bag.

    As for pairings, I don't really care what they are as long as the story is written well. There are some pairings that make me hesitate to actually read the story, if only for how badly most people do them (H/G, S/Hr, slash. etc). However, I'm still partial to Harry/Tonks and recently have gotten into the Lily/Snape pairing after reading "The Apprentice" and "Rewriting the Song".

    Genre-wise, I used to love time-travel!Harry but after trying to sift through so much crap I've decided to take a little break and expand my horizons. Recently, Independent!Harry fics have started to catch my eye and I just wish there were more that didn't paint Dumbledore as a complete monster (in my mind, he's just a guy who's trying to do what he thinks is best for the Wizarding World and has made his own share of mistakes along the way).

    The main clincher for me when it comes to determining whether a piece of fanfiction is good or not is the how the author writes dialogue (other than awful spelling and grammar, of course). If someone writes something I can't imagine the character saying, I hit the "X" right then and there. Let me reiterate how much I hate stilted dialogue. I hate it.

    Bashing is also not my cup of tea. The author usually presents it in such a way that the character is either a retard or a major asshole/monster. 95% of the time that just reeks of amateurism.

    IRL Stuff:

    From a small town in Northern Ontario. Went through many years of French-Immersion, so I can read, write, and understand speech passably in French.

    I like History quite a bit and I really enjoy learning about the 19th century. Combine that with my love of video games and you get me sinking way too many hours into Paradox's Victoria II.

    Anyways, I think that's all there really is to say.

    thx 4 reeding!