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    Title: The Last
    Author: Rigil Kent
    Rating: T
    Genre: Adventure
    Status: Complete
    Length: 282,129
    Pairings: Superman/Wonder Woman, Batman/Catwoman
    Summary: All people leave a legacy. For some, it simply has a more lasting impression. A tale of the DC Universe with the Trinity at its heart. Ultimately SM/WW

    This is a re-imagining of how the Justice League is founded by Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman and becomes an ever-growing organization of heroes.

    It starts soon after the events of Man of Steel so it's like Rigil Kent's version of the DC Extended Universe from before those other movies ever came out, adapting story lines and characters from the comics/cartoons. The three first chapters are essentially the equivalent of a Man of Steel 2, Wonder Woman's origin set in the modern day and a proper version of the Justice League movie.

    As I've said before, I'm not a comic book reader so I don't have a great deal of background knowledge to support me that didn't stop me from enjoying it. A general knowledge of DC would be enough to get you by but I imagine that a comic reader would have better appreciation. There were certainly times when there were clearly references being made that flew right over my head.

    Each chapter covers a year on Earth - until the multiverse shenanigans - which focus on the pivotal moments for numerous heroes in a world that just gets crazier over time from the influx of metahumans, aliens and divinities. The Trinity gets the most attention but there are plenty of scenes about those related to them as well and others when necessary; Kryptonians, Amazons, Robins, Batgirls etc. It's not often you can read a story which covers such a large expanse of time so it's interesting to see how big the League becomes and how characters develop over in single timeline.

    You get to see plenty of battles against villains ranging from the street level of Gotham's rogues to the apocalyptic might of Greek Titans. I believe that the writer's strength and preference lies with the latter kind as he's pretty good at describing the outrageous feats of power that DC characters are capable of. Not that I can blame him for said preference since there aren't many fandoms that let you write about that kind of thing as standard.

    Despite that time-skipping style, there's still an overarching plot regarding certain gods playing the long game and Darkseid casting his long, dark shadow.

    All in all, it's quite a journey.

    4.5/5 rounded up.
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    So, I'm not familiar enough with the DCU movieverse as I probably should be considering that it was the universe that I started out with first. I think that the reason I haven't really followed a lot of these is because I don't like the vision they have -- they're chasing after the leavings of Marvel instead of trying to be innovative. That and at some point in time, Superman as a story line becomes super fucking boring. I think the underlying Greek Mythos that winds itself throughout everything else is also a boring contrast to the more Norse Mythos of the Marvel universe. But this isn't the thread to argue that I suppose.

    What I liked about this story was that the format worked. It wasn't really a chore to read like most Justice League or DCU fics are. There is a certain amount of plot establishment that needs to be done with fics like these, due to the retroactive nature of the universe and how many ret-cons have happened. It leaves things not entirely seamless. Here, I can clearly see what is being utilized with minimal effort spent on establishing the story line. Thus leaving room for more development of characters and world building.

    The time passage is also useful. I hate stories that get caught up in the day by day minutiae. Superman is ageless, and the fact that someone would focus on daily life with someone that is practically immortal is often a failing I find in stories like these.

    The battles were alright. Interesting to some extent, but I could have lived without them. And the focus on the trinity is pretty neat I suppose.

    Overall did I enjoy this?

    Yes and no.

    If there was one nitpick I could have is that more brevity is necessary. There is a ponderous nature to their writing style, despite the some what accelerated nature of their world (covering a year each chapter) that really shouldn't be there. So while their execution was neat, it isnt' as neat as it could be.

    I give this a 3/5. I enjoyed it, but its not something I'm likely to read again.
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    One of the greatest failings of comic book fanfiction is that it assumes the reader knows as much of the source material as the writer does. For most fanfiction, this isn’t an issue, and tends to be sort of an assumption of the format. With comic book fanfiction, there is just so much source material that most readers won’t have read all of it, whereas the writers are generally dedicated enough to know all of it. As a result, you end up with huge casts of undeveloped characters and foreshadowing and plot lines that just don’t make sense.

    This piece suffers from the same sort of issues. Characters show up and are featured heavily in the narration and then either abruptly exit stage left or continue to have their own meaningless plot lines featured while the author glosses over the main plot line.

    I mean, hell, that whole bit with that one bat apprentice who was around for all of a chapter or two and then died. Why was he necessary? Why do we care about Kara’s aging problem when the fucking ending makes any of her struggles irrelevant? Why was Donna ever even necessary? What was the point of the League of Shadows shit? Conner?

    Speaking of that fucking ending... why were they thrown forward in time? Did it even accomplish anything for the characters? Hell, all it really did was make any and all development of the other characters entirely irrelevant.

    “Hey, here’s all these struggles of these characters, and oh look, this one is probably dying. Let’s just move the story to the 31st century because of reasons.”

    2/5 for being unable to actually transition from comic book storytelling into proper literary narration
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    This was about as pleasant as vagina dentata.

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    So I read this a couple of years ago.
    I really appreciated the passing through time and longitudinal look at their careers.

    The MCU intersection was a bit unexpected, but I enjoyed the melancholic feel of it and that it told its story and it completes what it sets out to do. I enjoyed the evolution of the world and the writing was good.

    This is not the equal of that pam/Harley fic nor the best served cold fic and its sequel, but it's made a lasting impression on me, it's good and I'll rate it 4/5.