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Conversation Between wordhammer and iLost
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  1. wordhammer
    04-29-2011 01:10 PM
    Thanks for giving it a read. Thanks tons more for actually telling me what you thought. I'm not actually intending to post the sequel in 'For Review'- the thread question was whether I'd get honest help if I put it in Work by Author. So far, you've made it worth the posting.

    The stuff that seems 'WTF-ish' for you is no doubt coming from the perspective of never having read the original story, which is fine. That's why I threw in so many odd details- they were part of the original and will most likely become a factor in the story to come, as well. Some of it's just what I thought was cool, but none of it was 'new information' aside from Hagrid providing her with blunts and the mention of Time Turners as British-only magic.

    Anyway, thanks!
  2. iLost
    04-28-2011 07:03 PM
    I think you mentioned somewhere about putting your story, the second part, in For Review.

    Eh....no. It probably would not make into the Library. Recycling Bin, yeah. For those that looked beyond some of its...hard to find a good word here.

    I'll just say this. DEAR FUCKING GOD, I do believe that describes the recap marvelously.

    There's some good, and some bad, and some guilt. I REALLY shouldn't have enjoined it as much as a I did. It, to me, is the ultimate guilty pleasure fic. No seriously.

    Also. The red queen shit for chess confused me. She's got a BIKE?!? Phoenix tears and Basilisk venom make her awesome?!?!? The Spiral Path bit was original and I'm wondering more about. Intrigued even.

    The tone kind of reminds me of Neon Exodus Evangelion, another guilty pleasure fic. There some things I like to indulge, and you seem to have hit that nerve. Damn, I mean I actually feel like I shouldn't have enjoyed it, but I kind of did. Will probably follow it.

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