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  1. Inert
    10-31-2016 09:07 PM
    I'm not seeing your new post in the LEABC group.
  2. ihateseatbelts
    10-26-2016 02:49 AM
    Phew! Yeah, sarcasm filter, etc., though I'm rather prone to being dense at times XD
  3. ihateseatbelts
    10-25-2016 04:48 AM
    Hey dude - wasn't trying to be an arsehole or anything (though I clearly succeeded). I honestly just didn't want that hidden genius to go unnoticed. Sorry for ruining your vision (even though I still thoroughly enjoyed reading it )
  4. Shinysavage
    10-09-2016 04:15 PM
    For reference, this is the chin I was referring to in Phoenix Paradox.
  5. Shinysavage
    05-17-2016 07:48 AM
    It took me an embarrassingly long time to work out what 'spag' meant in your review, lol.
  6. newageofpower
    04-16-2016 08:17 PM

    A wonderful firsf impression you seem to have made!
  7. Zenzao
    04-16-2016 04:59 PM
    Hah, ah man I feel that way when I look at the disjointed updates across my work. Months and sometimes years between updates, and most of it all under 10-15k still. What matters is that we're closing on Swim's/Joe's/Nuhuh's/Jon's level one day at a time. Keep at it and buck up, m'emperor.
  8. Republic
    03-28-2016 07:55 PM
    It was very well done. Bravo.
  9. Republic
    03-28-2016 07:49 PM
    "If I were to compare this Bats to Bale's, then Bale is a ninja, Batfleck is a sledgehammer. And it's hammer time."

    This would go on my signature if my sig wasn't already perfect.
  10. ihateseatbelts
    03-13-2016 12:14 AM
    This is true, lol. I try to pop in from time to time, but still getting used to my new workplace and that. Might update in a couple days, with that being said!

About Me

  • About ScottPress
    I'm a lazy bloke with not enough free time.
    The Holy Moose Empire
    Fanfiction. Video games. Skiing.
    Being me is work enough.
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    Originally Posted by The Iron Rose in Discord
    we gotta teach scott contouring
    it's the only way he'll have any tits
    Source ^


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    Moose Emperor, The Horny Sovereign
    Steel-legged chair.
    Hufflepuff rules the world from behind the scenes. You don't think so? Well, there you go.
    Favorite Subject
    Transfiguration - breaking the laws of physics since 1997. Fuck you, science.
    Favorite Pairing
    Can't really say.
    Hated Pairing
    Slash (though I can enjoy the fic if slash is not the focus)
    Favorite Character
    Canon: Sirius, fanon: Harry.
    Hated Character
    Draco's a pussy.
    Favorite Genre
    Dark Harry
    Favorite Spell
    Walking Bomb. Wait, you mean HP spell. Fiendfyre. Woohoo!
    Favorite Story
    Prince of the Dark Kingdom
    My First Story
    It sucked. I nuked it.
    My Second Story
    It sucked less. I nuked that one too.
    My Third Story
    It sucked, but then I rewrote it into Lesser Evils.
    High Score


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