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Fresh from Discord (permission from Sree to post here)

ScottPress 02:44
Menace 02:44
ScottPress 02:45
i set an avatar
it's not showing up
Menace 02:45
Fenraellis 02:45
It would appear on the bottom left anyway, too, so you don't need to test in chat.
Well, presuming you're using the discord client, as opposed to the browser.
Never used the browser more than the very first time, so I don't remember the specifics of it's function aside from it being, well, less.
ScottPress 02:46
got it
Selethe 02:50
why that meme?
Fenraellis 02:51
But that's his DLP avatar...
ScottPress 02:51
Becauze I am the Moose Emperor
it's an old joke from high school
Azotez 02:52
You are not from Finland or Norway or something then?
ScottPress 02:52
Selethe 02:52
ScottPress 02:52
closer to scandinavia than Canada
Azotez 02:52
What? you are russian spy?
ScottPress 02:53
Not that I know of
the moose is from a nickname I used to have in high school
it wasn't Moose
Azotez 02:54
Makes everyone in here wonder how you got a nickname like that
Selethe 02:54
Maybe he had antlers
Azotez 02:55
That is what I am thinking
ScottPress 02:55
My nickname was Captain Hair, because everyone else in my class was growing beards at 16 and I can't grow a respectable facial hair for the life of me
it turned into a joke when we played CoD
I said something about cavalry
Azotez 02:56
what about your name ScottPress? It sounds so american, not polish at all
ScottPress 02:56
someone asked "what kind of cavalry"
I said "moose"
so I was Moose Cavalry Captain Hair
Azotez 02:57
What are friends for... :stuck_out_tongue:
ScottPress 02:57
hey, I liked that nickname, it was funny
Bob 02:57
Moose scare me
ScottPress 02:58
even got a custom t-shirt from girls in the class once, with "Captain Hair" on the chest
Azotez 02:58
It isn't that great meat either
ScottPress 02:58
It was in Polish, of course
Selethe 02:58
I never had any cool nicknames ):
ScottPress 02:58
Captain Hair = Kapitan Włosy
ScottPress was much more random
Azotez 02:59
Ate a moose burger in Oslo... didnt taste very well
Azotez 03:00
me neither @Selethe , my name is so short i've always been called by my first name
ScottPress 03:01
who the fuck is Bob?
Azotez 03:01
like, a single syllable... how do you come up with something easier to say?
ScottPress 03:01
thought it was Narf, cuz his avatar was green too
Narf 03:02
lol I initially made the discord for a reason I forget
Azotez 03:02
oh damn, hell if I know... didn't notice Bob
Selethe 03:02
@Azotez I'll call you A
ScottPress 03:02
@Bob who the fuck are you
@Selethe lol
The Wizard of Az
Narf 03:03
A few other dlpers and I already have one set up for league
Selethe 03:03
One letter beats one syllable
Narf 03:03
And I just created this and forgot about it
ScottPress 03:03
My idea is clearly superior
Azotez 03:03
Azotez, Selethe and ScottPress , for short - ASS
Narf 03:03
Then suddenly people came on randomly
ScottPress 03:03
The ASS team
almost like the A team
Selethe 03:04
ScottPress 03:04
we're in good compamy
@Selethe is jesus in the chat?
Selethe 03:04
We could also be SAS because we're sassy and don't need men
Azotez 03:05
men can be sassy
ScottPress 03:05
Special Air Service, you mean
and did you just assume my gender?
Selethe 03:05
ScottPress 03:05
hey, I don't mind
Selethe 03:05
ScottPress 03:05
It's the Internet, make me a chick if you like
Azotez 03:06
This guy from manchestesr totally called me sassy the other day
ScottPress 03:06
Oh you
Azotez 03:06
I had to go look it up
Selethe 03:06
ScottPress 03:07
@Selethe though I must be fair, I'm nowhere pretty enough to be a woman
Selethe 03:07
aw don't sell yourself short
I'm sure you're very pretty
ScottPress 03:07
I wish I could
Azotez 03:07
Scottella - sounds good
ScottPress 03:07
I'm like 5'9
Selethe 03:07
Azotez 03:07
what does height have to do with being pretty? :smiley:
ScottPress 03:07
I ain't a crossdresser like Andrela/xandrel
The Iron Rose 03:07
ScottPress 03:07
Selethe 03:08
but you could be
think of the possibilities
ScottPress 03:08
Narf please DON'T change my DLP name to Scottella
Narf 03:08
Too late
Azotez 03:08
It is about so much more than height
ScottPress 03:08
oh welp
I dread refreshing the DLP tab now....
Vira 03:09
You're still Scott.
ScottPress 03:09
for now
Narf 03:09
I made a new channel
Just fyi
ScottPress 03:09
remember Punjab Taure?
Vira 03:09
Enjoy these last few moments.
The Iron Rose 03:09
Azotez 03:10
We'll have @Selethe and @The Iron Rose give you makeup tips
ScottPress 03:10
my face is like a gravel driveway
Narf 03:10
Why can't men give make up tips
ScottPress 03:10
no makeup can deal with this
Narf 03:10
Azotez 03:10
did you just assume their gender? pen_mouth:
Narf 03:10
As expected from the Trump supporter
The Iron Rose 03:11
oh god no not me
ScottPress 03:11
oh snap
The Iron Rose 03:11
I can't do makeup for shit
some blush, mascara, lip stain sure
but I have literally never been able to do eye shadow to save my life
Azotez 03:11
all I am saying is, that I've seen them being interested in makeup... so it is reasonable to assume they would know something
Selethe 03:12
yeah I might be a man. I might be a woman. Who knows
ScottPress 03:12
not that this isn't fun, but how the hell did we go from "where'd your avatar come from Scott" to "make up tips for Scott"
The Iron Rose 03:12
everyone can use makeup tips
Narf 03:12
Pretty sure you're a Taure, Selethe
ScottPress 03:12
does hairgel count as makeup?
Selethe 03:12
I'll teach you make up, don't worry. We can work on contouring together
ScottPress 03:13
Selethe 03:13
More like Taure is a Selethe
The Iron Rose 03:13
oooooh contouring
I forgot about that
stupid of me
Azotez 03:13
I know how to comb my hair
ScottPress 03:13
@Narf can this go into the IRC thread?
the quotes
Selethe 03:13
And highlighting. Don't forget the fresh glow ;p gotta radiate
Narf 03:13
If you want
The Iron Rose 03:13
ScottPress 03:13
The Iron Rose 03:13
we gotta teach scott contouring
it's the only way he'll have any tits
ScottPress 03:14
@The Iron Rose your admitted lack of mastery of makeup shall be immortalized
Selethe 03:14
Wear two or three bras. Best tip I can give you
It looks more natural than you'd think
The Iron Rose 03:14
Just go to la senza
Azotez 03:14
doesn't it bother you wearing more than one?
The Iron Rose 03:15
buy one of those +2 cup size push up bras
ScottPress 03:15
@The Iron Rose thanks for the new sig quote
Azotez 03:15
are you using different sizes?
The Iron Rose 03:15
@ScottPress you're welcome :smile:
Selethe 03:15
You would wear your size, and then a slightly larger size over it
The Iron Rose 03:15
that's a terrible idea Selethe
If you must, put a sock in 'em and wear a high-cut shirt
Azotez 03:15
I guess it would feel more natural than just sticking two socks down
Selethe 03:15
if no ones putting their hand up there, they'll never know
The Iron Rose 03:16
well then that defeats the whole point!
Selethe 03:16
look but don't touch. That's my motto
Azotez 03:17
You know someone will eventually try...
Selethe 03:17
then comes bodily harm
Selethe 03:17
You think girls take 2 hours to get ready just for some fuckboy to stroll along and causally undo all your hard work?
Azotez 03:18
Is this a trap?
hell if I know
The Iron Rose 03:19
the answer is always yes
Azotez 03:19
People like showing of, and then ruining all the hard work afterwards with sex
ruining might be the wrong word, but I think Iron rose hits close to home
Selethe 03:20
who are you people
Azotez 03:21
if nothing comes out of dressing up all nice then what is the point?
Selethe 03:21
Originally Posted by The Iron Rose in Discord
we gotta teach scott contouring
it's the only way he'll have any tits
Source ^
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