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Old 07-03-2017, 06:04 PM   #941
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I would be surprised if Fortov isn't an asshole since in chapter 46, Kirielle says that when she asked Fortov to show her magic, he burned some of her drawings as a joke. I apologize for not knowing how to put it in a quote.
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Old 07-03-2017, 10:41 PM   #942
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I think it will devalue the characterization is Zorians family all turn out to be okay people. Daimen should still be a dick, even if he isn't as bad as he might've been. Same with Fortev and his parents.
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Old 07-03-2017, 11:48 PM   #943
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Originally Posted by Celestin View Post
I really liked this chapter. After big fights we have a lot of a character discovery.

While I doubt Zorian will patch things up with his parents, after this chapter I expect him to do it at least with Fortov. Not checking even once in any loop what happens to him during the invasion is quite horrible thing to do.

A date with Taiven probably finishes her subplot. Like in dating sims, once that's done there nothing else to do.

It would be nice if after the loops are done and the invasion is dealt with, we would get a look at how Zorian handled his relationships when his interactions with people actually have lasting consequences.
I'm actually on the fence about whether or not Zorian will patch things up with his parents. However, I do feel that will learn more about the mother and why she is the way she is. My reason for thinking so, is the whole issue with Zorian's grandmother and how his grandmother and mother didn't get along.

If Zorian ever wants to learn more about his witch background and the specifics of his bloodline magic, the first person to ask would be his grandmother. However, if his grandmother is dead (he has never contacted her from what we know, even when she could potentially counsel him on how to deal with Silverlake), the next person that would know the most about his witch background would be his mother.

If and when that time comes, we will have to delve deeper into the relationship between them and why they don't get along. I would also predict that Zorian's grandmother might have practiced blood magic (the ritual to imbue an inheritable magic ability into their bloodline probably required it).

The only person in Zorian's family I think we might not go into would be the father (very little screen time).

Also, to answer someone else's post, I believe that for the most part, most of Zorian's family is messed up, but have their reasons for being so (like people in real life).
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Old 07-04-2017, 11:18 AM   #944
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It's very much said that while they aren't the complete dicks he thought them as, Zorian's reading on people was more or less spot on. The thing is, maybe thanks to his powers, these reading turned them into Caricatures in his mind across the time he interacted with them, as saw by a sullen and angry kid/teen who didn't forget any slights.

It's a common theme that all characters, emphasis on the Kazinskis, are deeply flawed people, like Zorian (who arguably was as bad as them, selfish and petty, among other things) and that a huge part of Zorian's character development is not only to learn to acknowledge his flaws and improve them, but to learn to give other people a chance, since they didn't actually have the chance he had to improve themselves.

The mother and father are certainly awful parents. This chapter made it really clear what a disaster their family is and all can be traced back to them one way or another. Don't think there will be much to salvage there. Their reasoning will probably be acknowledge yes, but doubt they will be sympathetic.
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Old 07-18-2017, 01:49 PM   #945
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Hi, I was just now re-reading some past chapters, and something dawned on me. I think the 5 imperial artifacts all have an aspect of the time loop as part of their magical properties. I know it's kind of early to theorize this (though I feel a lot of people might have already thought of this before), but hear me out.

The Orb: it can basically create a huge pocket dimension whose anchor point is almost impossible to detect to divinations, unless you already know it's exact location. We already 'know' (technically never confirmed by the Guardian of the Threshold, but I will assume that is the case) that they are inside a giant pocket dimension capable of holding an entire copy of the original world and anchored to it. (Also, we still haven't gone inside the orb, but it might even make time go slower inside it, to keep food fresh. Who knows?)

The Crown: We still don't know it's properties, but I highly doubt it's just an ornament. For one thing, the lich (his name is hard to spell, and I can't be bothered right now) always brings it to battle with him. I think the crown might give the person wearing it some sort of 'buff' when it comes to dimensionalism, probably related to perception (since it's made to wear on the head).

It hasn't been addressed yet, but the lich teleporting so often is not normal. No other character has used teleportation in battle to such a great degree as he has. Those constant teleportations should be quite draining on his mana reserves, and yet he keeps using them in battle, when he should be paying close attention to how much mana he spends so that he can continue fighting (leading me to believe that it might somehow lower mana costs for those spells). Not even Zach with his ridiculous mana reserves teleports in battle as often as him. He is also pretty fast at teleporting (the time it takes for the spell to activate) and can cast hasting spells that speed him up by 5 times whenever he's in a pinch.

Not only that, but despite not being specialized in Dimensionalism (and rather in Necromancy), he still managed to make something that acted similar to a Bakora Gate. At first, I attributed this to him living for a long time and dedicating most of his efforts into trying to get out the island of exiles and back to the main continent (and maybe being able to sense the soul of the spirit inside the gate, somehow). However, he was not the only person researching the Bakora gate, several people in the continent got together and studied them over the years, and they never got anywhere.
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