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Joe's Nemesis
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Originally Posted by Koalas View Post

Jaysus http://imgur.com/25SmOi8

Ched fix this plz
You better never run into Viktor Krum while going shirtless.
I've thrown [the ancient story of] Bel and the Dragon on as well; it looks short... and idolatrous dragons still almost count as dragons
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Originally Posted by Joe's Nemesis View Post
You better never run into Viktor Krum while going shirtless.
I'm not sure I get your meaning here. 0.o
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Dark Lord
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Originally Posted by Innomine View Post
I'm not sure I get your meaning here. 0.o
Germans like them hairy.
Originally Posted by Bill Door View Post
Originally Posted by Typhon View Post
Surely an intelligent person wouldn't play so suspiciously if he was mafia?
You've obviously not played much mafia here, have you?
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Originally Posted by Koalas View Post
Germans like them hairy.
But Krum's Bulgarian.
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