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Old 07-02-2014, 10:46 AM   #21
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Originally Posted by Lord Raine View Post
If you're tired and not in the mood, you shouldn't be making decisions about banning people. Especially not over something you started.
Me being tired and not in the mood is irrelevant. It could be any time of the day, or I could be in any mood but being called 'a piece of shit' 'worm' 'depraved' would end with the same result.

I wasn't aware that I started personally attacking another member of the site. I already apologized for the racially insensitive comment, and have since done so again to members of the site who have actual reason to be offended by it, yet magically didn't start spouting shit.

Originally Posted by Lord Raine View Post
You say you're all for civil discussion, and yet every person you talk to, you threaten to ban. Do you not see the problem with that?
Which parts of his posts were civil? I am seriously missing that part, because from my perspective they were quite the opposite, as are the majority of yours.

Originally Posted by Lord Raine View Post
I've been perfectly civil. Arguably a lot more civil than necessary, seeing how you just banned somebody else for calling you out on yelling racist epithets.
You're one of the least civil people on this board. There hasn't been a single thread that I've seen you in where you haven't become argumentative with another board member without being the one to start.

I repeat, he wasn't banned for calling me out on my shit. He was banned for starting to sling his own shit.

As for the rest of the stuff you said, not really worth responding to as far as I'm concerned since it'll give you more fuel to keep going.

If you feel any part of the way I've handled this situation is not satisfactory I encourage you to contact the Super-Mods or Admins and voice your displeasure.

As far as I'm concerned the matter is dealt with, but as I said, if you feel it needs further attention you have an avenue to pursue it.

Originally Posted by fire View Post
Raine's right, Jon.

Originally Posted by fire View Post
Perhaps you'll reconsider unbanning PotterFan? He was a bit rude, but consider his feelings too.
It's a temporary ban. I'll discuss with the other staff if they feel it should be lessened to one day instead.
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