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2018 New Year's Resolutions

Discussion in 'Real Life Discussion' started by daringndreaminx, Dec 30, 2017.

  1. daringndreaminx

    daringndreaminx Muggle

    Oct 15, 2016
    South Ozone Park, NY
    High Score:
    Here's the 2017 thread! How did y'all do? Did you keep, break or epically fail on last year's resolutions? What are your plans for 2018?

    My plans:

    1) FINALLY get a goddamn job
    2) Go to either LA or Toronto

    Yeah that's pretty much it for me.
  2. Shinysavage

    Shinysavage Madman With A Box ~ Prestige ~

    Nov 16, 2009
    High Score:
    1. Hah.
    2. Two updates, both of which still need severe editing before they're ready for publication.
    3. Nope.
    4. I joined the gym! And I've been once...
    5. My parents and I have made tentative plans to go to Spain as a belated 60th celebration for my mum, but we haven't organised it yet.
    6. Nope.
    7. I have been better at this. Not where I'd like to be, but I'm still counting it.
    8. Probably about the same tbh.
    9. Nope.
    10. Nope.

    So, for 2018:

    1. Actually use my gym membership.
    2. Write more. 500 words a day, preferably.
    3. Cut back on snacking.
    4. Improve on previous reading goals.
    5. Make headway with my gaming and tv backlog.
  3. Dicra

    Dicra Groundskeeper

    Nov 12, 2014
    1. Finish my little (around 500k when it's finished, I guess) HP-fanfic within the next seven months (250k to go, did the first 210k in eight months, so it's some measure of possible) and, after that, stop writing fanfiction. When I write something, it's going to be huge, and I don't need big projects in my way if I want to fulfill No. 2 and 3.
    2. Finally take my studies seriously. I've literally put more effort into fanfiction last year, and that's only gonna work so long. Actually, it's going to work exactly until the next semester begins in April.
    3. Begin an original novel that's actually in some shape to be sent to a publisher when it's finished (mind you, not finish it; that goal'd mean that I'd be procrastinating studies again, which isn't an option).
    4. Less sweets. I'm simply going to stop buying them. Except I've said that since three years.
    5. More sports. Not working out or something like that, I honestly don't care that much about muscles. I just want to stay reasonably in shape, which I've done an awful job at this year.
    6. Clean regularly. Not that I'm gonna do it, but God knows I really should.
    7. Stay as well-spirited. I know so many people that are unhappy with their situation for different reasons and I'm very thankful that I don't need much to be content.
  4. Joe

    Joe The Reminiscent Exile ~ Prestige ~ DLP Supporter

    Jan 24, 2008
    Canberra, ACT
    High Score:
    1. I wrote three original novels and the best part of a fourth, so calling that a win.

    2. I did do this! Put three back on, but I know it's possible now.

    3. Nope.

    4. Nope.

    5. Nope-ish.

    6. Ah, man, I didn't get a Stetson. There's a similar brand of hat down here in Australia called an Akubra. I was out shopping with a friend and tried one on - I said 'do you think I can pull off wearing an Akubra?' He said, 'I think you can pull off a guy wearing one'. So that ruined that.

    2018 Rezzies:

    • Drink less than I did in 2017, which is like saying I only want to burn down half the house, but still.
    • Write - original, more than fanfic.
    • Get to Canada.
    • Sleep better.
    • Exercise more.
    • Delete Facebook.
  5. T3t

    T3t Purple Beast of DLP ~ Prestige ~ DLP Supporter

    Jan 21, 2011
    Los Angeles
    High Score:

    Professional: Um, sorta. Definitely started working a lot more on larger projects (+ architecture), though not in the way that I expected. Also started doing a lot more stuff outside of working hours. I'll take it since the end goal was what was important, not the specific instantiation.

    Rating: 100.

    Health: Halfway succeeded on gym (kept going, mostly, but some unexpected hurdles pretty much erased my actual progress near the end of the year). Halfway succeeded on doctor stuff (though the "half" that I succeeded in was far more important). Could've done better.

    Rating: 50.

    Social: Failed; also made fewer active attempts (but despite that had more "short-term" success, which did not translate to long-term success). Partially mitigated/explained by the massive expansion of my social life: started running a meetup group, which led to
    1. a strong deepening of several existing friendships
    2. many new friends
    3. strengthening several professional connections
    4. a second meetup group (which led to the "professional stuff outside of working hours")
    5. more travel + food
    6. [redacted]
    Rating: 33. (Although it's a bunch of good stuff, at the end of the day it's still a failure of the original goal.)

    Writing: Did not write more fiction. Like, at all. I did write a lot more non-fiction than I expected (much of which is unpublished essays) and enjoyed it. I'll strike this one as insufficient self-awareness of things that I actually want/enjoy vs. things that I feel like I should want/enjoy.

    Rating: N/A.

    Other: Roommate fell through, though it seems to be finally happening on the turn to 2018. Partially succeeded/cheated on the food (Soylent replacing eating out for lunch), and also cut down on eating $$$ meals, if mostly by accident/contingent circumstances. Cleaning was mostly a miserable failure. Other self-maintenance saw marginal improvement. Semi-successfully adopted a few productivity techniques (timed reminders/alarms being the one worthy of note). Overall, not great. This is probably another case of what I want vs. what I want to want not aligning, but not entirely and I'm undecided on the rest so I'll be marking myself for this one.

    Rating: 25.

    Summary: Despite the iffy numbers, this year ended up being one of the most interesting and transformative years of my life, largely owing to my successes in the Health and Social sections. I also expect bits of stuff related to Professional and [redacted] to pay significant future dividends.

    Next year, I want to:

    1. Get a new, more specialized job (looking to branch out from web dev into systems architecture/more data focused stuff) - already working on this
      • This implies a sub-goal of finding a new place to live as soon as that happens, since I'm searching in a particular geographic location
    2. Get back to the gym regularly - I have a plan for this, though the success depends (mostly) on factors I can't control very well (either getting a new job, then moving, thus reducing friction for adopting a new gym partner, or old gym partner finding more free time)
    3. Make concrete progress on the dating front. While I'm not too hung up on the specifics I do want some systematic improvement rather than the one-off "success" I had this year; this could be anything from reducing approach anxiety, to practicing (and improving) flirting, to actually getting a girlfriend.
    4. Do the health stuff I pushed off this year.
    5. [redacted]
    6. Maintain and improve the meetup I run - right now I'm a single point of failure for its continued existence. I'm not the original founder but he's not interested in running it anymore, and the others who had the willingness to keep it going don't have the time/ability. Despite what some people tell me, my "success" is mostly a lucky accident of timing and the ability to do a small amount (~15 minutes?) of work each week with predictable reliability, and also stumbling onto a solution to actually get people to attend (those 15 minutes of work). I'm not great at marketing/outreach and my free time is getting pretty constrained so my main plan here is to either find somebody new or take one of our existing members and set them up with the necessary knowledge to continue my process. This is harder than it seems - a few weeks ago I thought I found somebody but right now it doesn't seem like they'll be suitable.
    7. Continue trying to improve on the self-maintenance front, mostly by finding new sustainable, systematic strategies.
    8. Continue to introspect about my goals/values and how I'm trying to achieve them. (Depending on how this goes it might lead to pretty significant changes in my other goals, though obviously if I knew what those changes were going to be already I'd simply implement them).
    9. Continue trying new things (meditation, yoga, etc).
  6. Halt

    Halt 1/3 of the Note Bros. Moderator

    May 27, 2010
    1) Write more. The goal is to average around 4000 words a week.
    1.a) As a related subpoint, I want to finish Conquest this year
    1.b.) I'd like to improve my prose specifically when it comes to writing romance and action
    2) Pass my level 1 CFA
    3) Get regularized at work and go from Associate to Analyst.
    4) Get into the habit of exercising
    5) Have a more positive outlook on life. I'm a born pessimist when really I'm a very lucky and well off person.
    6) Read more books. One a mont
  7. 13thadaption

    13thadaption Seventh Year DLP Supporter

    Jun 5, 2008
    Not the Hammer
    A year later and I am 15 000 words in. Better than nothing. I think maybe I'll make hammering out 1000 words a week a goal, then maybe I'll actually post something.

    Other than that, I've been slacking off about working out since I threw my back out a couple months ago. I was going 5 times a week for a while there, I want to get back to that.

    In short: I will write more. I will go back to the gym.
  8. Zenzao

    Zenzao 500 Club King –§ Prestigious §– DLP Supporter

    Aug 30, 2009
    Lost within a thousand worlds of written wit.
    High Score:
    1. Nope. Though I have made more progress on a few of them even if it's all in my 500 Club/gdocs right now.
    1b. Nope.

    2. Looked at and major planning done but no execution as of yet.
    2c. Nope. Not a word of improvement.

    3. Stopped-and-started throughout the year to no success. I am down about five pounds though, so yay?

    4. At the end, a partial success. I've quit fastfood and I don't regret it most days, but I'm still not eating nearly enough home-made instead of tv dinners.

    So what might 2018 have in store?

    1. Update more often.
    2. Finish a fic.
    3. Participate in every challenge.
    4. Exercise.
    5. Sub-200 lbs by year's end.
    6. Eat better.
  9. awinarock

    awinarock Fourth Champion

    Dec 10, 2009
    I tried my best but I'm only human.

    As for 2018?

    1. Write. I'm finding it harder and harder to find HP and Naruto fics that aren't abandoned or that I haven't reread a million times so I guess the only logical thing to do is to start writing shit I'd like to read. It's gonna a steaming pile of shit but better than nothing I guess.

    2. Eat and drink less sugar. My cavities hurt like a mother fucker and my bottom left wisdom tooth has a hole almost as big as the tooth itself.

    3. Not be a shithead. I won't hold my breath on this one but it can't hurt to try again.
  10. Koalas

    Koalas First Year ~ Prestige ~ DLP Supporter

    Sep 3, 2007
    High Score:
    1. Uhhh. Less then achieved, stayed with in school but kind of fell apart after the move. 2a. Achieved, not the job I thought it'd be but hey. 2b. Achieved. Toronto whats up. 3. Heh. No. Stopped seeing a French girl, motivation evaporated.

    For this year!

    1. Stay on gym schedule. Eat cleaner. Have three weddings (and counting) this year want to look good.

    2. Pay off student loans. It's a lot but I think I can manage it with the new job.

    3. Dip my toes into investing some money. Get all the revenue streams.
  11. Sey

    Sey Seyberbully DLP Supporter

    Aug 9, 2016
    High Score:
    1a. Write at least 1,000 words a day.
    1b. Improve my prose, dialogue, and characterization.
    2. Read 100 books this year.
    3. Make some headway in beating all the singleplayer games piling up in my steam library.
    4. Be optimistic.
    5. Be more organized in all aspects of life
    6. Stop procrastinating... lol.
  12. Lindsey

    Lindsey Headmaster DLP Supporter

    Dec 1, 2010
    Seattle, WA
    Welp, this was kind of a failure.

    I have been a tad bit more positive but my laziness is at an all-time high. My money situation is so-so, due to getting a very large raise last year. That is the only reason I didn't completely fail on my goals last year.

    I'm going to actually have some targetable goals this year. Something I can look forward to reaching.

    1) Go to the gym at least 3 times a week (already started this month).

    2) Find a personal project I want to do that improves my programming. Actually, do it.

    3) Start writing. Perhaps 3k a week? I want to get back into 500 for 500 with a twist (weekly, not daily goals).

    4) Save more money as this is the last full year before I quit my job and travel.

    My boyfriend and I are going to be writing goals together tomorrow. Hopefully, we can motivate each other.
  13. Hawkin

    Hawkin Minister of Magic

    Apr 20, 2011
    QC, Canada
    When I saw this thread pop up, I expected to look back on my 2017 resolutions and sigh. I did not find a new job per say, I did quit my job in construction. I saw a career counsellor and I'm making progress on that front; I have a career plan (more or less) and I'm working toward it. The budget never took off and is, once again, on my list of things to do for 2018. As for health, the workout was going well until I developed a tendinitis in my shoulder and elbow joints. That coupled with my general laziness led me to inactivity on that front. I'm happy to report that I've managed to lose 27 pounds since Jan 1st of this year, and I'm planning on going down that road for the upcoming year. In term of social life, I'd say it's going better; not exactly as well as it could, but definitely better than where it was a year and a half ago, so I count that as a win.

    For 2018:
    • Lose 20-30 pounds
    • Re-evaluate my career plan monthly
    • Find a temporary job for some income
    • Find a new hobby
    • Maintain a "strict" daily schedule in regard to sleep, eating and social activities
    • Improve Budget and Finance
  14. Krieger

    Krieger Minister of Magic DLP Supporter

    Oct 12, 2009
    2018. Here is to hoping that if I write it down I might actually attempt some of these.

    1. Find a constructive hobby, something that preferably could lead to a job down the line that I would actually enjoy. I am in the mines and I feel myself growing more numb each day with my job and when I'm not at work I'm just gaming or reading, not learning anything new.

    2a. Try to consume less alcohol and shitpost less. This probably won't happen so...
    2b. Find a decent spirit to drink straight that isn't too expensive so I consume less soft drink and at least try to be a bit healthier with my drinking.

    3. Weight. Or more accurately, don't be embarrassed to go out for walks/runs or go to the gym.

    4. Go overseas once this year and not just to NZ.

    5. Try to learn the basics of a new language via audiobooks while at work operating. Thinking Japanese.
  15. Vira

    Vira Death Eater

    Dec 20, 2006
    I had prayed no one would make this thread and 2017 could disappear into the trashbin where it belongs.

    Oh, did it take to February to finish this? I thought it was in 2016. Oh well, I don’t even count this as a success.

    Got one in July. A crappy, awful job that ruins my day whenever I go in, but I have some interviews lined up.




    Have you ever felt your book crumble in your hands as you desperately tried to stop the pieces from flying away in the wind?

    I would not recommend the feeling.

    Failed, as usual.

    Gave up along with my short-term and long-term happiness.

    I guess I did this? Joined a writing club that I now haven’t gone to in a month. Talked to people at work. Drove. Meeeeh.


    1. Finish draft three. (Due Date: May).
    2. Get a government job.
    3. Move out into my own place or at least seriously browsing apartments.
    4. Get to a health weight. (Hi, weight loss goal! I see you every year, how you doing?)
    5. Be kinder.

    Oh, sup, future Vira, who’s looking back into 2018 and reading this post. I have prepared this automatic reaction pic for you so you don’t have to go looking for it.

  16. Heleor

    Heleor EsperJones

    Mar 3, 2006
    Seattle, WA
    I don't understand making a long list of resolutions which I'll nevertheless fail. So I'll make only one:

    By the end of 2018, complete something tangible. Something I can point to and say "I did this!" whether it's a (self?) published novel, a non-fiction book (maybe telling everyone to stop creating new programming languages) or a game on steam or an app store.
  17. Eilyfe

    Eilyfe Minister of Magic

    May 27, 2014
    #1 Finished my first original novel and am now balls deep in the second after crushing it at NaNoWriMo. Success.
    #2 Got consistently good grades and also got over myself to apply for two jobs at uni, getting both of them. Success.
    #3 Except for a few days I kept up my meditation practice at about 15-25 minutes/day. Success.
    #4 Didn't manage to keep up exercising. Injuries and "I don't wanna" stopped any momentum I might've had in the earlier part of 2017.

    Now for 2018:
    #1 Get down to 80 - 85 kg -- heroin, meth, exercise, food, I don't care, just getting there.
    #2 Have a blast in Canada, meeting people, seeing the countryside, and improving my English skillz.
    #3 Finish my 2nd novel and get over any fear that it might not be good enough to at least submit it somewhere.
    #4 Keep meditating, same as 2017.
  18. Xiph0

    Xiph0 Administrator Admin

    Dec 7, 2005
    People's Republic of California
  19. Jarizok

    Jarizok Professor

    Sep 22, 2015
    I’m all about achievable goals.

    Since my 7K words fic has 46 followers right now, I’ll say I want 1K+ this time next year. This goes hand in hand with my resolution to post chapters for it.

    Also need a job, a home, a girlfriend and more fitness.

    Edit: and a beta! Volunteers please form an orderly queue.
  20. FriedIce

    FriedIce Seventh Year

    Jun 9, 2013
    1) I sortof did this, in that I quit my old job and joined a 4 year long graduate scheme with a top employer. That counts right?

    2) I failed pretty completely at going climbing weekly (though I did make a couple of attempts to get back into it). I even ended up going up a trouser size in August. My one saving grace is that I moved and now my trip to work includes a miles walk each way.

    3) This did not happen - and given I now live in London is unlikely to happen.

    4) I didn't do too badly here - I read 18 books in 2017 (though only 4 of them were non-fiction), but more importantly I started reading the news again so I've been doing a lot more reading that before.

    5) With my new job I now have the time to start dating again, and have completely failed to actually date anyone. I met a nice girl on NYE though, so let's see where 2018 takes this!

    6) Despite my previous job trying to ruin this (calling me back for a week in the middle of my month of leave) I did go travelling for a month in July/August last year through Eastern Europe.

    NA) I didn't realise that I wanted to do this on NYE last year, but I've now moved out of my parent's house and am a fully functioning adult!


    Let's try organising this one a little differently:

    Use the graduate scheme for everything it's worth and extract as much training and development out of it as possible. Try not to get caught up in the stress of it all - build a reputation for myself as highly competent.

    Keep my health a a minimum level and try to push it upwards - this means taking my Vitamin D supplements, eating food that wasn't cooked in a microwave, and doing more exercise than occasionally running a mile for my train. Try and climb at least once a month.

    Actually go on dates. I don't need to find my one true love in this year (though that'd be nice), but I need to actually start dating again if I don't want to turn into a hermit.


    I want to go on at least two trips abroad of a decent length (one week+). I can't do my preferred option of just leaving the country for a month, unfortunately, because of how my leave allowance works in my new role.


    Let's give reading a book every other week another go, with another stretch goal of splitting that half and half fiction/non-fiction.

    House Goals
    Make my house a home