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Abandoned Almost Recommendable Submission Archive

Discussion in 'Review Board' started by Antivash, Aug 12, 2010.

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  1. Antivash

    Antivash Until we meet again... DLP Supporter Retired Staff

    Apr 2, 2005
    Ghost Planet
    Almost Recommended Submission Archive
    Harry Potter: I | II | III | IV | V | Submission Archives
    Other Fandom: I | Submission Archives

    -- A --
    1. Across the Quidditch Pitch by Pensieve Plotter
    2. Actions Speak Louder Than Words by Lucyooo
    3. Ad Infinitum by Speechwriter
    4. Adventures in Child Care and Other One Shots by Perspicacity
    5. The Adventures of HJ Potter by Fullmetal Wetback
    6. Agent Double O Hex by KafkaExMachina
    7. ...Albus Potter and the Dungeon of Merlin's Mist by Vekin87
    8. Albus Potter and the Misspent Youth by Respitechristopher
    9. The Alchemist's Quest by The Ferryman
    10. Alexander Harris and the Shadow Council by Tenhawk [Dead Link]
    11. All Good Things by Zephros
    12. All it Takes by neopyro
    13. Alternate Endeavors by Sillimaure
    14. An Ambiguous Alliance by MarbleGlove
    15. Amortentia by excentrykemuse
    16. The Amulet of Stone by KevinVoigt
    17. And in the Darkness, Bind Them by Obsessive Child
    18. Anthem of the Angels by Shadow Rebirth [Crossover: Final Fantasy VII]
    19. Anti-Hyphen by The Gray Maze
    20. Apples, Brooding, and Crosswords by SirLordWhatever
    21. Appointment by ASF13957
    22. The Apprentice by Cassiel of Silence
    23. Arcane Systems by Slayer Anderson
    24. Are You Sure This Was A Good Idea? by DireSquirrel
    25. Asking for Roses by Dogstar101
    26. Aspiring to Greatness by SirLordWhAtEvEr
    27. At the Sunsets I Saw Him by Theon Greyjoy [Crossover: Book Thief]
    28. Atra Regnum by Shadow Rebirth
    29. Aucune Defense Pour Toi by D. Geheimnis
    30. An Artful Shadow by shinysavage

    -- B --
    1. The Baby Maker by wimvincken
    2. Backwards With Purpose by Alianne
    3. Backfire by Brainchild
    4. The Basement by Marz1
    5. The Beast Master by wsbenge
    6. Becoming Something More Original by Soxman
    7. Becoming Something More by Soxman (Rewrite)
    8. The Beginning of the End by Mreeb
    9. Behind the Wall of Madness by Lydia-Kitten
    10. Benevolence of the Light by Voider
    11. Best Seven Years by Blu Taiger [Crossover: Calbin & Hobbes]
    12. Better Wizards Than You by WiccaRowan
    13. Beyond the Pale by Araceil
    14. Beyond the Veil by CallingApathy
    15. Birth of a Phoenix by Phoenix Catcher
    16. Bitch by trubbleclef
    17. Bizarre Harry Potter Thoughts by JoeHundredaire
    18. Black of Knight by Dream of Many Dreams
    19. Black Heir by Hawk
    20. Black Vengeance by Maidros78
    21. Black Vengeance by Teuful1987
    22. Black Widow (The Blaise's Mum Has Got It Going On Tango) by Marks (baracct@yahoo.com)
    23. The Black Wizard by Azraeos
    24. Blessed by Erised Burning
    25. Blood Bound: A Vampire Story by Dementor149
    26. Blood Mage by Simplicity Is Bliss
    27. Blood of the Phoenix by midnightjen
    28. The Blood Tipped Feather by Quazi Joe
    29. The Board by Clell65619
    30. Bring Me to Life by Luckei1
    31. Broken by Embers of the Sun [Dead Link]
    32. Broomsticks and Bedframes by CSI_Tokyo3
    33. Brutal Harry by LordsFire
    34. Building Bridges by Melethril
    35. Buttons Everywhere by Jesagon

    -- C --
    1. The Case of the Unwelcome Owl by FayJay [Crossover: Sherlock]
    2. Cat & Mouse by alzzu
    3. Causality Chain by Seven Malfoy
    4. Cauterize by Lady Altair
    5. Champions by Thor's Shadow
    6. A Champions New Hope by Rocag
    7. Chancing Chaos by Ell Roche
    8. The Changer by Vingilot
    9. Changes by John Pidgeon
    10. Chaos Amalgam by Ashura Rae
    11. Chnoubis Vignettes by Black Knight 03
    12. Chronicles of Harry Holmes by ZenoNoKyubi
    13. The Chronicles of Nepotism: Serpet's Stratagem by Dracon Triad
    14. Chosen Tricksters by Chilord
    15. Concerning Wizards by Morwen Pendragon [Crossover: Lord of the Rings]
    16. Control by Anonymous58
    17. A Conversations at King's Cross by JaCeeisme
    18. Coping Methods by Chelseyb1010
    19. Correspondence Uninterrupted by Rawr1983
    20. Could She Be, Could He Be? by munkeymanic
    21. Counterparts by Human Tales
    22. Counts of Blood by Lucinda
    23. The Coven of Echoes by hwimsey
    24. Crazy Little Things by Dreiser
    25. Crestfallen by Liona [Crossover: Avengers]
    26. A Cursed Bloodline by BlackToWhite

    -- D --
    1. Daddy's Favorite by Dzeytoun
    2. Damascus Gate by Thethuthinnang [Crossover: Buffy the Vampire Slayer]
    3. Dance of the Full Moon by Sakura Hanamoto
    4. Dark Creatures by Victorules
    5. Dark Emperor the Immortal by Laputian-Blackwriter
    6. The Dark in Peace by TheEndless7
    7. Dark Lord Rising by AndrewsQuill
    8. Darkness Dying by Iniga
    9. Darkly Dreaming Harry by LineApe
    10. The Dead Boy by akissinacrisis
    11. Dealing with Danger by whydoyouneedtoknow
    12. Dearly Beloved by DigiFruit
    13. Death Shall Have No Dominion by Morta's Priest
    14. Deathly Hallows Revisted by redstarpuppy
    15. Deathly Musings by loveislouder94
    16. December ‘63 (Oh What A Night) by akissinacrisis
    17. Defense for Two by Darth Marrs
    18. Defining Moments by eHPF
    19. Delicate by SaoirseAngel
    20. Demented Love by Muffytaj
    21. Deprived by The Crimson Lord
    22. Desire of a Hallow by Zenzao
    23. Desk Duty by mosylu
    24. The Destruction of Hogwarts by Wimvicken
    25. A Difference in the Family: The Snape Chronicles by Rannaro
    26. Divination is a Wooly Subject by KafkaExMachina
    27. The Dogs and Shakespeare by Ravenpuff
    28. Double Black & Potter's Back by Kaden-San
    29. Downfall by The Ferryman
    30. Dragon Child by Kirkmenistan
    31. Duality by andafaith
    32. The Dungeon Books by MoonTiger5
    33. The Dursley's Worst Nightmare by pica scribit
    34. Dust and Moonlight by ShadeDancer

    -- E --
    1. Elda Kundu, Kurutar: A Wizard's Tale by Jess S1
    2. The Elemental by Nauro
    3. Elsewhere, but not Elsewhen by The Mad Mad Reviewer
    4. The Enchanter and the Fice Coincidences by So You Want To Be An Author
    5. The End of Fear by monroeslittle
    6. Enter the Dragon by Doghead Thirteen [Crossover: Shadowrun]
    7. The Ever-locked Room by Scarysnapey
    8. Ex Sanguis by Aytheria
    9. Exclusion by Maethoriel Raina
    10. The Exiled by BadVoodoo [Crossover: Stargate]

    -- F --
    1. The Face in the Pool by Dr T
    2. Facing Danger by whydoyouneedtoknow
    3. Faerie Affairs by Shall Be In Water Writ [Crossover: Dresden Files]
    4. Faint of Heart by Heartbreak Drake
    5. Fall of the House of Potter by Bobmin
    6. Familiar Faces by Tw15ted
    7. The Family Clock by Jan. McNeville
    8. Family Ties by Trelawney's Love Toy
    9. Fatal Fascination by Grey_Hunter [Slash]
    10. Fate's Favorite by The Fictionist
    11. Fate Ingens Cor by Fate Ingens Cor [Crossover: Fate/Stay Night]
    12. The Fate of a Wizard by Beggs
    13. Fates Chosen by Luan Mao
    14. Felix Felicis Fortuna by dragonblade3200
    15. The Fifth by Swabloo [Crossover: Highlander]
    16. The Fire Omens by Chase Glasslace
    17. First Impressions by Kissy Fishy
    18. First Place Sinner by Daystar Clarion
    19. Five Loves of Nymphadora Tonks by chelsyb1010
    20. Forbidden: A Tale of Four Friends by Hecateslover
    21. The Forever mage by Darth Marrs
    22. The Forgotten by Blackened Wasteland
    23. Forgetting Alone by LadyAeryn
    24. Fortune Favours the Damned by AkoyaMizuno
    25. Freak of Nature by michaelsuave
    26. Frozen Tears by pepito17 [Dead Link]
    27. Full Metal Magic? by Sil'vinya [Crossover: Fullmetal Alchemist]
    28. The Function of Wisdom by Brownish
    29. Future Unexpected by Venetian Prince
    30. Fuzzy Wuzzy Protector by ssjgokillo

    -- G --
    1. A Game of Style and Brutality by BarneyXII
    2. The General by nos tres reges
    3. A Ghost of a Chance by Danyella Skyler Silverfire
    4. The Girl Who Lived by Darth Drafter
    5. The Girl with Red Hair by Renatus [Crossover: Naruto]
    6. Girls in Glass Houses by Greenl33ves
    7. Goblet of Mist by Poorfox
    8. Going Back to Fix the Past by angelfirelord1818
    9. Gossip by Nanio-713
    10. The Greatest Minister of Magic by BajaB
    11. Greater Than, Lesser Be by Kneazle
    12. Green Eyed Wolf Boy by gredandgorgerock
    13. Grey Maiden series by Chris Widger
    14. Grief, Deceptions, and Hope for Freedom by AnnF
    15. Gryffindors Never Die by ChipmonkOnSpeed
    16. Guardian by Logicalmagic

    -- H --
    1. H. J. Potter by jjindiana
    2. Had I Known by Kayly Silverstorm
    3. Half-Blood Prince by dozygirl
    4. Happiness is a Broken Wand by Embracing Madness [Crossover: Lord of the Rings]
    5. Harbring of Blood by Lord Anarchy
    6. The Hardest Riddle by Wheezy1
    7. The Harem War by Radaslab
    8. Harrison Potter Stephens by Fyreheart
    9. Harry Amidst the Vaults of Stone by NothingPretentious
    10. Harry and Luna Against the High Inquisitor by Arpad Hrunta
    11. Harry Granger and the Mirror of Erised by Gray Fedira
    12. Harry James Potter: Anagram by Perspicacity
    13. Harry Mewter by Alex Ultra
    14. Harry Potter: A Trainer's Story by Lazyasspunk
    15. Harry Potter And Fate's Debt by Intromit
    16. ...Harry Potter and Fate's Second Chance by Neerjya
    17. Harry Potter: Game of the Year Edition by Casey W
    18. Harry Potter's Rise to Power by Pokemaster12
    19. Harry Potter: The Heir of Magic by Gryffindors
    20. Harry Potter: Hero of the Wizarding World? by JK Pratchett/ShineySavage
    21. Harry Potter Investigation: The Big Sleep by Sharptooth
    22. Harry Potter: Lone Traveler by The Proffesional
    23. Harry Potter of Baker Street by Dayja [Crossover: Sherlock]
    24. Harry Potter: The Overlord Returns Home by Gwydion669 [Crossover: Overlord]
    25. Harry Potter: The Silent Halls of Hogwarts by Shadow Gryffindor
    26. Harry Potters Army: A Generals Lament by Sharptooth
    27. Harry the Pervert by Cancel Subscription [Dead Link]
    28. Harry's Bad Hair Day by Hotaru (AKA: Angry Hermione)
    29. Harry's New Home by kibinnz
    30. Harry Thunderer and the Uru Hammer by JBean210
    31. Harveste by Kyaru-chan [Crossover: Addams Family]
    32. Headmaster Tom Riddle by Kwan Li
    33. Healing Hands by Oruma Yar
    34. Heart of a Lion, Head of a Snake by Paladin11 [Dead Link]
    35. Heat of Stone by KrossWinter
    36. Heir of Slytherin by rayama
    37. Heir of Zod by TheLaughingMan1 [Crossover: Smallville]
    38. Heir to a Warlord by OccAmy Phyre
    39. He Knew those Signs by Drugan
    40. Hell Eyes by Jezaray
    41. The Heritage by wimvincken
    42. L`Heritier de le Fay by N1ght3lf
    43. Hermione's Change by Funvince
    44. Hermione's Inheritance by Greenl33ves
    45. A Hero by Celebony
    46. He's Not Normal by Uncle Stojil
    47. Hi Power by The Sage of Toads
    48. The Hidden Hero by EveBB
    49. The Higher Ground by Ponytail Goddess
    50. His Angel by Durararaaa
    51. Hocus Pocus, Adele Polkiss by Ecmm
    52. Home Inspection by nomikkin
    53. Hoping for Normal by jackiejlh
    54. How Hard Could It Really Be? by Monkey in a Jumpsuit
    55. House Elf Harry by Molly Morrison
    56. House of Shards by Lord Basileus

    -- Harry Potter and the... --
    1. ...Arcana by the Imaginzier
    2. ...Arcana Outtake: Christmas Shopping by the Imaginzier
    3. ...Arcana Outtake: Hogwarts Staff Meeting by the Imaginzier
    4. ...Arcana Outtake: Tea With The Headmaster by the Imaginzier
    5. ...Ashes of Nurmengard by Meliora Elysia
    6. ...Breeding Darkness by Aya Macchiato
    7. ...Ascension of Ra by Apocalypse Thou
    8. ...Autumn Swan by Lord Akiyama
    9. ... Autumn Swan by Lord Akiyama (Rewrite)
    10. ...Black Rose by genogoth
    11. ...Betrothal Contract by munkeymaniac
    12. ...Champion's Champion by Driftwood1965
    13. ...Curse of Hamunaptra by Zenzao [Crossover: The Mummy]
    14. ...Hary Potter and the Cursed Summer by Mountain907
    15. ...Dark Knight by Denial and Deception
    16. ...Death Eaters of Hogwarts by Mentally Impaired
    17. ...Death's Head Mark by el-inquisidor
    18. ...Demon's Soul by Hotaru (AKA: Angry Hermione)
    19. ...Descent into Darkness by Aya Macchiato
    20. ...Determinations of Fate by Baronvonblack
    21. ...Detour to Heaven by Crowlows19
    22. ...Difference of Time by The Black Iris
    23. ...Eyes of the Serpent by <arousDarkwolf
    24. ...Fight for the Light by VeryStickyGlue
    25. ...Four Founders by Darth Marrs
    26. ...Great Conflict by PSBlasius
    27. ...Greater Good by Blank402
    28. ...Guardians by spectre4hire
    29. ...Halfblood Auror by chelseyb1010
    30. ...Hobgoblins by RespiteChristopher
    31. ...Hogwarts Rift by Illyich
    32. ...Known Story by Taint of Taia
    33. ...Lost Archive by Ynyr [Crossover: Dresden Files]
    34. ...Male Veela by Marciejackson
    35. ...Mudblood Liaison by HorseLoverTW
    36. ...Muggle Mess by Disobedience Writer
    37. ...New Day Dawning by chubby redburn
    38. ...Opposite Side of the Coin by Arildun
    39. ...Path of the Night Elves by Hitman12345
    40. ...Pretty Sorceror's Balls by NGX's Girl X
    41. ...Price of Being Noble by Driftwood1965
    42. ...Puppet of Time by Calanor
    43. ...Ravenclaw Rebels by Silent Magi
    44. ...Reluctantly Paternal Uncle by Pen Rifle
    45. ...Return to the Past by The Dark Underlord
    46. ...Road to Corruption by Zheta
    47. ...Root of All Evil by LordAnarchy
    48. ...Scrivenings of Slytherin by Afterthought BTW
    49. ...Second Life by Joe Hundredaire
    50. ...Siren's Song by hermyd
    51. ...Skeleton Key, Book 8 by RozzandMaya
    52. ...Slayer Dimension by Apocalypse Thou
    53. ...Slippery Secret by NGX's Girl X
    54. ...Sparkly Hufflepuff by KMFrank
    55. ...Summer of Change by Lorddwar
    56. ...Sun Source by Clell65619
    57. ...Sword of Gryffindor by braille12456-35
    58. ...Temporal Beacon by willyoioleo
    59. ...Turning of the Sun by Lord Umbrex
    60. ...Vault of Mystery by JBean210
    61. ...Walking Shadow by Koinaka
    62. ...Wand of Uru by JoeHundredaire
    63. ...Warlord Prince by The Caitiff
    64. ...World Beneath by Tellemicus Sundance
    65. ...World Reborn by Andelyn Kinsey

    -- I --
    1. Ibex by laughtrack
    2. Ice Princess by Luan Mao
    3. I Love Quidditch and You Too by Youmightdietrying
    4. I'm Back by MrWriterWriter
    5. I've Never Asked by akissinacrisis
    6. Impossible Escape by Wand Control [Dead Link]
    7. In Every Word by Sam Storyteller (AKA Copperbadge)
    8. In Life or Death I am Free by Albus Paulson
    9. In Terms of a Name by Taliya
    10. In The Abyss by wakeuprunning
    11. In Which the Princess Rescues the Dragon by Vera Rozalsky
    12. In which Snape befriends an old grey donkey by Plenty O`Custard [Crossover: Winnie the Pooh]
    13. An Inconvenient Truth by old-crow
    14. The Incredible and Angsty Journey of Rose Weasley, Girl Slasher! by Nextgen_Mod
    15. Indecent Proposal by Marks (baracct@yahoo.com)
    16. The Inner Eye of Harry Potter by Jbern
    17. Insurgere by Silver Pard
    18. It All Started With A Rescue by The Greatest of These is Love
    19. It Isn't Easy Being a Hufflepuff by Trillium248
    20. It's A Bitch Convincing People To Like You by Angry Mob

    -- J --
    1. The Jewel of Darkness by KevinVoigt
    2. Journey Through the Dark by Earl Lonsdale [Crossover: Buffy the Vampire Slayer]
    3. Just Friends by Marks (baracct@yahoo.com) [Dead Link]
    4. Justice? No, Just Us. by Greywizard

    -- K --
    1. Kick in the arse of the Wizarding World by Alrissa
    2. The Kindly Ones by belleradh
    3. The King by Seraph Orion Black
    4. Knight of Pentacles, Queens of Wands by Jaderook
    5. Knock Knock by michelle-31a
    6. Knowledge is Power by robst

    -- L --
    1. Lambs by BC
    2. Language of Serpents by Dolosus Vipereus
    3. Last Chance by Laume
    4. Laws Are Made To Be Broken by ttzdrkpl
    5. Learning to Vanquish by Human Tales
    6. A Leathal Smile by The Jade Knight
    7. Letters by SugaredPoison
    8. Letters by TheEndless7
    9. The Lies That Bind by Zephros
    10. Life Goes On by mjlt2
    11. Life Outside Quidditch by Black Knight 03
    12. Light of the Moon by Zapenstap
    13. Like a Dark Lord, Only Crunchy by Dark Lord Pandmus Maximus Jr
    14. The Lion Tamer by munkeymaniac
    15. Listful Summer by Knuckz
    16. Little After Dark by Esama [Crossover: Temeraire]
    17. Little Monster by Lady Salazar
    18. Little Nicky by The Wandmaker
    19. The Little Veela That Could by Darth Drafter
    20. Living with Danger by whydoyouneedtoknow
    21. Living without Danger by whydoyouneedtoknow
    22. Logical Fallacy by BC
    23. The Lonely Ones by Pyralis Anacreon
    24. A Lonely Path by la Baguette
    25. Loose Ends by Polaris24
    26. Lord of War by Afrojedi
    27. Loss of Innocence by Ioci
    28. Lost Hope by Adari
    29. Lost Memory by Rorschach's Blot
    30. A Love for All Time by DeliciousNewYork
    31. Lovely Ashes by VictoriaJane
    32. Luna Blinked by codenamelily
    33. The Lupin Childe by hitorisuko

    -- M --
    1. Magic Unleashed by Chilord
    2. Magicks of the Arcane by Eilyfe
    3. Mahou mo Ken by Enterprise1701-D
    4. Make A Wish, Break a Heart by sjm95x
    5. Making Harry Happy by Summer Solo
    6. Mandragora by Nothing Pretentious
    7. Manifesto by Kilted [Dead Link]
    8. Marks and Scars by E. H. Smith
    9. Masks of Humour and Tragedy by Lyrei
    10. Matrix of Sparks by Gatecrasher12 [Crossover: Transformers]
    11. Measure for Measure by Heartbreak Drake
    12. Mein Teil by Crowe [Crossover: Buffy the Vampire Slayer]
    13. Memories of a Father by Paladin11 [Dead Link]
    14. Memories of Etched Glass by Sionnain
    15. Memorium by Aesop
    16. Might I Say by ElusiveEvan
    17. The Ministry Steps In by EveBB
    18. Misplaced Trust by lord fayt
    19. Modest, Too by Jeconais
    20. The Monster in Harry's Chest vs Dean by A. Lynn the Poet
    21. A Mother-in-Law's Love by Perspicacity
    22. A Much Greater Hunger by FirstYear
    23. My Nephew Harry by Lucillia
    24. My Reflection by quaquaquaqua

    -- N --
    1. The Natural Animagus by wsbenge
    2. A Necessary Gift by Cosette-aimee
    3. Necrophilia Made Easy by Dracophilia
    4. Needs of the One by Witherwings01
    5. Never Say Never by Alexandra Ravensblood
    6. Never Tickle A Sleeping Dragon by Edwardo
    7. Neville Longbottom and the Harry Potter by December Morning Owl
    8. New Family by kindredsheart [Crossover: Buffy the Vampire Slayer]
    9. A Night at the Burrow: A Fan Short by Worfe
    10. The Night They Remembered by Silens Cursor
    11. Nineteen Ninety Six by Heartbreak Drake
    12. Ninja Who Lived by 88mph [Crossover: Naruto]
    13. No Amends for the Distant Wrong by TombCrank the Crafty
    14. No Fortress Is So Strong by Leah Harper
    15. No Wrong Way by Tsukikage Kitsune
    16. Nocturnal by ForcedInduction
    17. Now Let the Night Be Dark by Unfading

    -- O --
    1. The Obligatory Marriage Law Fic by Luan Mao
    2. Obsta Principiis by PrinceZero
    3. Of Dragons and Weddings by SilverWolf7007
    4. Of Durmstrang by Cyborgscouse
    5. Of Qudditch and Dragons by Velvet Mouse
    6. Of Tears and Venom by The Divine Demon
    7. Of Wands and Kunai by Womgi
    8. Off into the Sunset by Lady Altair
    9. An Old and New World by Lens of Sanity
    10. An Old Friend Comes Out To Play by J. Carax
    11. On a Train, Switching Tracks by Mede
    12. On The Contrary by snappleducated
    13. On the Way to Greatness by mira mirth
    14. The Other Boy Who Lived by Kwan-Li
    15. Other People's Magic by Mr. Ragtop
    16. The Other Side by 142staircases
    17. Our Nameless Will by VipyGirl831
    18. The Outlaw by Tellemicus Sundace
    19. Out of Shadowll by Sophiax
    20. Out of the West by Larry Huss
    21. The Outlaw by Tellemicus Sundance

    -- P --
    1. Palimpsest by Larry Huss
    2. Partners by muggledad
    3. Party Crasher by FPyearsofrebellion
    4. Past Reflections by DragonWolfStar [Crossover: Naruto]
    5. Pear Shaped by AmniIsRoving [Crossover: Avengers]
    6. Perfectly Abnormal by evansentranced
    7. Perpendicular by akissinacrisis
    8. A Personal Matter by Orodruin [Crossover: Naruto]
    9. The Pestle of the Moon by Periti
    10. Phantom Limb by rbackwards
    11. Plot Bunny Storage by Laume
    12. Poisoned Veins, Vengeful Hearts by Scriptare
    13. Post Mortem by Pain au Chocolat
    14. Potter's Wheel by esama
    15. The Power He Knows Not by Janara
    16. The Power He Knows Not by shinysavage
    17. The Power of the Magi by Lansar
    18. The Power of the Mind by Landstradd
    19. Power Play by KJP08
    20. The Prank War by CrazyGirl47
    21. Prodigium by Shivani
    22. The Professor's Journey by AlphaEph19 [Crossover: Naruto]
    23. Proof by Loudest Voice
    24. Prophecies? We Dont Need No Stinking Prophecies! by Greywizard [Crossover: Buffy The Fampire Slayer]
    25. Protection Nrom Nargles by Arpad Hrunta

    -- Q --
    -- R --
    1. The Real Us by Seel'vor
    2. The Real Memory by Enigmaticrose4
    3. The Rebel & The Chosen by Chelseyb1010
    4. Reformation, Revenge and Repentance by TheWhiteRabbit67
    5. Revelin by Elizabeth England
    6. Rewritten by KafkaExMachina
    7. The Riddle Game by LizBee
    8. Riddle Me This by eventHorizon Maze [Crossover: Jak & Daxter]
    9. The Ring by KevinVoigt
    10. The Rise by McFluffin
    11. Rise of the Fourth Marauder by Koshking777
    12. Rise of the Vongola by FoxboroSalts
    13. Rise of the Wizard by Teuful1987
    14. River of Dreams by Tajjas
    15. The Road to Freedom by Gatonio
    16. Road Trip by Clell65619
    17. Rocking the Boat by DerLaCroix
    18. Ron's Harem by Jeconais
    19. Routine Procedure by meggannn [Crossover: Sherlock]
    20. Royal Prerogative by Steve Jester
    21. Rule of Law by Arsenic
    22. Run That By Me Again? by Sarah1281
    23. The Runaway by Cybercat08
    24. Runemaster by Tigerman

    -- S --
    1. Sanctuary by DigiFruit
    2. Sanctuary of Arda by Keiran Halcyon
    3. Sanguine Spirits by Luminous Beginnings
    4. Saving Connor Series by Lightning on the Wave
    5. Saying No by Bobmin356
    6. The Scarecrow by nascently
    7. School Spirit by StoryEnvy [Crossover: Dresden Files]
    8. Scorpius Malfoy and the Improbable Plot by Opalish
    9. Searching for Disaster by Shadow Rebirth
    10. Secondhand Lions by Belleradh
    11. The Secret of Slytherin by Kirinin
    12. Secrets by Vorabiza
    13. Seeking Ginny by Casca
    14. Semi-Automatic by SchizophrenicBard [Crossover: Jak & Daxter]
    15. Serpent of the South by Melnivone
    16. Servant of the Dark by Daystar Clarion
    17. Shadow Walks by Lorien829
    18. Shake On It by NeoNerd420
    19. Shifters by TgCid24
    20. Sight of Spangled Silver by Luminous Beginnings
    21. Simple & Clean by DigiFruit
    22. Simplicity of Slytherin by Seal of Darkness
    23. Skin Deep by Vingilot
    24. Skipping Stones by MujakiX
    25. Snakecharmer by belleradh
    26. Snapes Invisible Friend by teacherbev
    27. So You Think You Know Me? by Jay Tee
    28. Socks by Deadwoodpecker
    29. Solving the Clues by SnorkackCatcher
    30. Someone to Love by The Ferryman
    31. Soul Thief by Walter Sobchak (Portkey: Barton Fink)
    32. Squib by dhulli
    33. Stages of Hope by Kayly Silverstorm
    34. Stars Not in Heaven by Water Mage [Crossover: Buffy The Vampire Slayer]
    35. States of Disarray by Chris Ikari II
    36. Stepping Into the Sky by raul-1331
    37. Steve And The Barkeep by Runaway Deviant [Crossover: Avengers]
    38. Stop Al The Clocks by theelderwand1
    39. The Strange Disappearance of Sally-Anne Perks by Paimpont
    40. Strange Likenesses by Elizabeth Culmer
    41. Stranger in a Too Familiar Land by Fyreheart
    42. A Study in Magic by Book of Changes [Crossover: Sherlock]
    43. The Sufferer and the Witness by vw-power
    44. Summer of Independence by redfrog
    45. Summer of Opportunities by Inusitatus
    46. Summoned by esama
    47. Survivors by Dyce
    48. A Switched Chance by LunaStorm
    49. Sword and Magic by Bluminous8
    50. Symphony by esama [Crossover: Sherlock][Slash]

    -- T --
    1. Taking Control by Fake A Smile
    2. Taking Hold by LoveIsAForceOfNature
    3. Tales of a Wanderer by World's Neighbor [Crossover: Lord of the Rings]
    4. Tangled by drcjsnider
    5. Thanks to a Snake by lucky14now
    6. That Boy Is Trouble by Andrew Joshua Talon
    7. That Old Fashioned Family Nobility by ckret2
    8. That Which Holds The Image by TheAngelsHaveThePhonebox [Crossover: Doctor Who]
    9. Their Hero by Monet55
    10. Thinking in Little Green Boxes by DireSquirrel
    11. Thirty Minutes That Changed Everything by Radaslab
    12. This is the Story of Another Harry Potter by outofcharacter
    13. Those Who Have Crossed by anadyomene
    14. Thou Shalt Not Suffer by TheWizardsHarry
    15. Three Can Keep A Secret by Daniel Gudman [Username: all-powerful-oz Password: loldongs]
    16. Thrilling Tales of the Downright Unusual by Clell65619
    17. Thunder Road by Excessivelyperky
    18. Time and Time Again by Chris Allen
    19. Timeless by Solstice Muse
    20. Timely Errors by Worfe
    21. Titans by MegaB
    22. To Be Loved by Silentclock
    23. To End All Wars by Trelawney's Love Toy
    24. Too Good to be True by Luan Mao
    25. Tower of Air by ClueGirl
    26. The Toy Collector by Lightblue-Nymphadora
    27. The Truth Unveiled by ubetiburn
    28. Twist of Fate by FirePhoenix8
    29. Twists of Fate by Lanindur Du'Undarian
    30. Tyrant by Methinks

    -- U --
    1. The Ultimate Escape Artist by dogbertcarroll
    2. Ultima Ratio by Winterblume
    3. Undead Secrets by BitterIcing
    4. An Unfortunate Recovery by ejhawman
    5. Unlike a Sister by Michelle AD
    6. Unspeakable Beauty by QuirksnQuills
    7. Unspoken by PhantasmagoricBlade [Dead Link]
    8. Unsung Hero by Meghan Reviews

    -- V --
    1. Vaster Than Empires, And More Slow by Madea's Rage
    2. Veil of Shadows by vvc
    3. The Very Secret Diary by Arabella
    4. Visited by the Doctor by Tangerine-Alert [Crossover: Doctor Who]

    -- W --
    1. Walking These Hallowed Halls Again by Zeoniu Zekial Kal Leos
    2. Wanker by Atom-of-Ice
    3. Warfare by doRodrigo
    4. Warlock of Slytherin by Romantic Silence
    5. The Warlock's Apprentice by Phantom Fool
    6. The Warrior Mage by Lolly Pheonix
    7. A Warrior's Philosophy by Not Fade
    8. We Are Nothing by Ruskbyte [Crossover: Nightmare on Elm Street]
    9. Wearing Masks by Yum2
    10. Web of Deceit by Seven Malfoy
    11. Welcome Back, Potter by Kassien
    12. Welcomed Chaos by Wand Control
    13. The Well Groomed Mind by Ladu Khali
    14. What Everyone Missed by chelseyb1010
    15. What If: An Alternative to Order of the Phoenix by Chem Prof
    16. What is Right by Emma Lipardi
    17. What May Be by Blakery
    18. What They Don't Know by Lil Nezumi
    19. When A Lioness Fights by Kayly Silverstorm
    20. When Does It Become A Contract? by Aealket
    21. When Fanfic Characters Attack by citygirl1116
    22. When In Doubt, Obliviate by Sara1281
    23. When the Future Died by SpikyStar
    24. When Vernon Didn't Miss by Dr T
    25. Where It Takes Us by Black Knight 03
    26. Which Of You Will Be Dying This Year? by GOLD fish 945
    27. Whispers in Corners by Esama [Crossover: Sherlock][Slash]
    28. White Lies and Other Misdemeanors by Lady Azar de Tameran
    29. Why Dance When You Can Slay Dragons by Lord Cargyle
    30. Why Neville Really Hates Baker Street by robinasynder [Crossover: Sherlock]
    31. Wicca Wizard by PeaceThroughSuperiorFirepower
    32. The Willing Descent of Hearmione Granger by Serene Pristine
    33. Willoway by GreenWood Elf
    34. Wings of the Eagle by BC
    35. Wisdom of a Seer by kalinzar
    36. With Roses Be Dight by Minstrel Knight
    37. Wizard and Zanpakuto by Oreramar
    38. Wizards, Superheros, and Jackalopes by Willow-Bee the Cat
    39. A Woman Scorned by Annie
    40. The World I Leave Behind by NES85
    41. World in Pieces by Lomonaaeren
    42. Wouldn't Be The Same by Nomad1
    43. Wrath of the Half Blood Prince by Matt Quinn

    -- X --
    -- Y --
    1. You Don't Always Get What You Ask For by Dr T
    2. Yule Time by Perspicacity

    -- Z --
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