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WIP Book Of The Dead by RinoZ - M

Discussion in 'Other Fandoms Review Board' started by Iztiak, Mar 30, 2022.

  1. Iztiak

    Iztiak Prisoner DLP Supporter

    Dec 4, 2006
    Title: Book Of The Dead
    Author: RinoZ
    Rating: M for Gore, Profanity, Sexual Content (Author tags)
    Genre: A LitRPG set in an original fantasy world.
    Status: WIP (37 chapters on RR at the time of writing)

    With one touch of the stone, Tyron receives his Class and his life changes forever.

    In an instant his bright and promising future as the scion of two powerful Slayers is torn apart and he must make a decision.

    Will he allow his Class to be purged from his soul, or will he cling to it, abandon all that he knows, and rise to power?

    This is a typical fantasy litRPG in a lot of ways. People in this universe are assigned a class on adulthood, that defines their role in the world, etc etc, if you've read this type of fiction before you already know what I'm talking about.

    The class the main character is assigned is a Necromancer, which is not received well by... anyone.

    By standards of normal literature I'd give this a 3/5 probably. By royal road standards I'd give it a solid 4/5. The characters are fairly interesting, the litrpg elements don't include 300 pages of math masturbation, the grammar is readable. All in all, not bad.

    Link: https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/47038/book-of-the-dead
  2. Damy

    Damy First Year

    Jan 21, 2014
    I agree with the above rating. There are some oddities, such as the main character referring to his parents by first name. Unsure if this is intentional to reflect that they aren't that close, or just the author having a brainfart. It brought me out of my immersion temporarily either way.

    The main character is very ... cliche? The usual type anyways: loner, intelligent, willing to take risks, with no firm attachments tying him to anything. But to the authors credit they write that type of character quite well, and there are elements in his backstory which make the personality type make sense.

    The world is quite interesting, though if you've read any good DnD inspired LitRPG there is very little new, but to be fair there is more than enough to explore in that setting, so it'll depend on the direction the story goes whether it becomes boring.

    The plot progression is actually something I'd like to highlight as a strength. Unlike the acceptable grammar, the plot seems tight with few plot holes and little plot armor. It is also fast paced, but features enough time and thought spent on the important parts to make them stand out, as well as some scenes which exist only to add to the world building. This is promising for the future, since these stories tend to fall off not because of the authors technical skills but because they run out of plot.