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Canon divergences or AU settings with time jumps

Discussion in 'Story Search' started by why?, Jan 28, 2018.

  1. why?

    why? Seventh Year

    Jun 30, 2017
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    I'm looking for stories that are either set in an alternate universe or diverge from canon at a certain point, but with jumps in time.

    An instance of the former is Joe's An Unfound Door. The story starts in year 5 with Harry sorted in Ravenclaw. His personality's different and he has a batcave. We get hints of the changes, but not necessarily explicit details. Whatever differences there are as a result of his change (or just as part of that universe), we see them on the way. The best example I know of is What You Leave Behind (<3).

    Master Slytherin's What Lies Beneath does the latter really well. Events diverge from canon after the basilisk is killed, but we don't see them in detail. It's just flashes. The perspective zooms in and out as needed. BieberGrl/Selethe was doing something similar with Blood of the Tide. There's also Anon58's Control, though I think it's a bit too heavy on the flashbacks.

    So, what I want is a more plot-driven, faster paced story. I don't really fancy retreading every part of Harry's life from the Dursley Abuse and the Diagon Alley visit to the polyjuiced Crouch Jr. As you can see, I've read the usual suspects but there might be some that I haven't read. I also wouldn't mind stories with "issues" as long as there's some positives. So, in spite of its issues, FlyeAutumne's Chessmaster series sort of fits the bill. And Iris Potter and the Goblet's Surprise definitely does, even though the pacing annoys me.

    And yes, I'm caught up with Taure's Victoria Potter. That's partly what motivated this request.