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Favorite Guilty Pleasure Fanfiction

Discussion in 'Fanfic Discussion' started by Mal'sSerenity, Jul 14, 2018.

  1. Mal'sSerenity

    Mal'sSerenity First Year

    Apr 16, 2017
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    Now I know that this topic has already been done a few times before but it has been a few years and there have been many more stories and we have had many new members since then including myself. So I am wondering what some of your favorite guilty pleasures are.

    One mine is Harry Potter and the Elemental's Power by Sage Ra. It obviously has plenty of cliches and flaws in it. There is an entire review page pointing out all the things that are wrong with that story. Yet for some reason I still love the crap out of it. It's just one of my to go fics for when I'm in the mood for a super Harry with special powers.
  2. Rico Rodriguez

    Rico Rodriguez Banned

    Jul 31, 2018
    No.13 Grimmauld Place
    Beyond the Veil and Emerald Flight series by Megamatt09. The writing and the hates are so bad but I like to read it once in a while.