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IRC Quotes Part II: Vintage Edition

Discussion in 'Real Life Discussion' started by Xiph0, Jan 2, 2016.

  1. Xiph0

    Xiph0 Administrator Admin

    Dec 7, 2005
    People's Republic of California
    Time for a second one. Starting it out with some old quotes I have saved:

    (Ghira) Tortuga has alot of whores.
    (Ghira) ..
    (Ghira) Er. Wrong window. 8D
    • &Syaoran palms face.
    (+Sir_Xiph0) ...
    (+Sir_Xiph0) lol
    (+Sir_Xiph0) wtc
    (&Syaoran) Who are you talking to about PotC?
    (Ghira) My mom
    (Ghira) On MSN

    (01:34:23) (CptGodzilla) There are a number of sexual side effects that may develop with the use of Effexor XR, and impotence is among the most common. Impotence -- or the repeated inability to get or keep an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse -- occurs in up to 10 percent of men who take Effexor XR. In clinical studies, impotence was most common in those who were taking the antidepressant for social...
    (01:34:25) (CptGodzilla) ...anxiety disorder and least common in those who were taking it for depression.
    (01:34:36) (~Xiph0) LOL
    (01:34:38) (~Xiph0) LOOOOOOOOOOOL
    (01:34:49) (Balancer[GOD]) any medicine for paranoia ?
    (01:34:58) (Balancer[GOD]) guess not
    (01:35:00) (~Xiph0) enjoy your lack of erection Cpt
    - Some Time Later -
    (01:46:46) (DarthSexy) Haha
    (01:46:56) (DarthSexy) You know, I reckon I might just have a wank. Because I can
    (01:47:12) (CptGodzilla) fuck you sexy
    (01:47:15) (CptGodzilla) fuck
    (01:47:17) (CptGodzilla) you
    (01:47:38) (CptGodzilla) ever ejaculated while flacid?
    (01:47:40) (CptGodzilla) no
    (01:47:44) (CptGodzilla) so use it while you still can faggot
    (01:51:26) (~Xiph0) I think we all went to.
    (01:53:36) (CptGodzilla) fuck you guys
    (01:53:38) —› quit: (CptGodzilla)

    [01:06] <thatperson> I thought we were all kewl and stuff, you know Dari?
    [01:06] <Darius> lol
    [01:06] <Darius> I don't dislike you either
    [01:07] <Darius> that doesn't mean I don't want to rip your balls off
    [01:07] <thatperson> Win.
    [01:07] <thatperson> :D
    [01:07] <thatperson> ...
    [01:07] <thatperson> -__-

    (Darius) "i am aged 39. we have a maid in our house who is also the same age. i am getting sexually attracted towards her day by day. is there any way i can have a normal sex with her. i cannot take a risk of forced sex. are there any means by which i can make her want sex. i am also afraid of giving her something to make her unconscious. i need to give her something which can make her hot and she will
    (Darius) have sex with me"
    (Jangel) ...
    (@Big_Z) lol
    (~Sir_Xiph0) ...lol
    (Jamven) lulz
    (%CommanderSera) dude
    (~Sir_Xiph0) "are there any means by which i can make her want sex."
    (Cell) hahahah wth
    (~Sir_Xiph0) offer her a greencard
    (Cell) hahaha
    (Jangel) rofl Xiph
    (Jangel) Greencard
    (Jangel) lolol

    * Aloop screams.
    * Krull ejaculates
    <Jangel> o.o
    * Aloop screams (quietly).
    * Aurion lawls

    ---LONG ONE---
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Irene) ...
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Irene) I'm so sad.
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Irene) the tickets got sold out!
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Irene) I can only watch on monday...
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (+Sir_Xiph0) your face got sold out
    (~Sir_Xiph0) how it started ^
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Irene) ...
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Irene) my class actually used weevils as a parody play.
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Surarrin) What's up irene?
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (+Sir_Xiph0) it's certainly not her face
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (+Sir_Xiph0) lol!
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (+Sir_Xiph0) sorry. >_>

    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Irene) Oh...
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Irene) Sree, I'm really sorry by the way...
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (&Sree) XD
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (DarthSexy) Surarrin: They Say is a catchy song. The rest doesn't interest me.
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Surarrin) <_<
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Surarrin) Live forever kill each other is one I like
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (+Sir_Xiph0) she's sorry you had to see her face, lol!
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (DarthSexy) Lol, Sree.
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (+Sir_Xiph0) sorry. >_>

    (~Sir_Xiph0) • Irene decides to keep quiet.
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Iztiak) Wait, what?
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (+Sir_Xiph0) like your face?
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (+Sir_Xiph0) lol!
    (&DarkSyaoran) XD
    (&DarkSyaoran) HAHAHAHA
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Mercenary) ...
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Mercenary) Hello Irene.
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (+Sir_Xiph0) hello your face, lol!
    (&DarkSyaoran) Rofl.
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (DarthSexy) Don't point out the flaws in my humour
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (+Sir_Xiph0) pffffffffffft
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (+Sir_Xiph0) I'll point out the flaws in Irene's face
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (+Sir_Xiph0) lol!
    (&DarkSyaoran) Lololol.
    (&DarkSyaoran) Stooop.

    (~Sir_Xiph0) (&DarkSyaoran) Cant they grow grass in Canada?
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Tehan[Shops]) I returnz.
    (~Sir_Xiph0) —› nick: (Tehan[Shops]) is now known as (Tehan)
    (&DarkSyaoran) I need a drink.
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (+Sir_Xiph0) Havoc: !?
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Havoc) what?
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Mercenary) Food Tehan? You have the foods?
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (+Sir_Xiph0) They can grow grass on Irene's face.

    (&DarkSyaoran) XD

    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Mercenary) Used to use it all the time.
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Tehan) And more important, I have pepsi max.
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (&DarkSyaoran) Yeah.
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Havoc) I just support them since I live in San Jose.
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (+Sir_Xiph0) I used to use Irene's face all the time, lol!

    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Irene) funny how that happened to you.
    (~Sir_Xiph0) —› quit: (Mercenary) (shadow5647@dlp-38A1472F.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) (Ping timeout)
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Tehan) I know.
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (+Sir_Xiph0) Funny like your face, lol!
    (&DarkSyaoran) I shouldn't find it this funny.

    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Havoc) Big sis is going to be like "Let's try out my new penis"
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Irene) no thank you.
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Havoc) "come here Irene and bend over"
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Irene) she'll be like.
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Havoc) "Pretend I'm daddy"
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Irene) Wtf? a freak? to the hospital! NOW!
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (+Sir_Xiph0) I wouldn't want to be Irene's daddy with that face, lol!

    (&DarkSyaoran) Play brick breaker on Irenes face.
    (&DarkSyaoran) LOL

    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Irene) they say that all the time...
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Tehan) Vag and balls?
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Tehan) Doin it rong.
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (&DarkSyaoran) Niggers never talk when you need them.
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Irene) Lol.
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (+Sir_Xiph0) Irene's face is doin it rong, lol!

    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Havoc) 100 on drugs.
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Irene) I see.
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Tehan) 100 on pepsi max.
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Irene) good for you?
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (+Sir_Xiph0) I see your face, lol!

    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Zombie) We all know you have a cock.
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Irene) ...
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Irene) who was anna?
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (+Sir_Xiph0) Irene's face is a cock, lol!

    (~Sir_Xiph0) (&DarkSyaoran) Fuck up, bitch.
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (&DarkSyaoran) Before I beat the shit out of you.
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (+Sir_Xiph0) Irene's face can beat the shit out of you, mentally, lol!
    (&DarkSyaoran) Lol.

    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Tehan) Seduced some chick as a fucking goose.
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Tehan) Wait, swan.
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Irene) pimps are the rulers?
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (+Sir_Xiph0) Irene's face is a fucking goose, lol!

    (~Sir_Xiph0) (&DarkSyaoran) My stare could topple the Great Wall of China right now.
    (~Sir_Xiph0) • +Sir_Xiph0 is hella amused by your shitty understanding of English but has to set that straight
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Irene) well.
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Irene) brain not working.
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Irene) sorry.
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (+Sir_Xiph0) Irene's face could topple the Great Wall of China, lol!

    (&DarkSyaoran) LOLOLOL

    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Irene) I know...
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Irene) what are pimps.
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Irene) I was just following the logic that zeus as a ruler, is a pimp.
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Poytin) Lol.
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (+Sir_Xiph0) Irene's face could use a pimp, lol!

    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Darius) Irene is a troll
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Darius) She's not a loli
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Darius) some old dude
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Darius) I've caught on to your games bitch
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Darius) You went OUT OF CHARACTER
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (Irene) what?
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (+Sir_Xiph0) Irene's face is out of character, lol!

    (~Sir_Xiph0) (+Sir_Xiph0) bah
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (&DarkSyaoran) You felt that good about being 10th.
    (~Sir_Xiph0) • Irene raises eyebrows.
    (~Sir_Xiph0) (+Sir_Xiph0) my MIRC crashed like Irene's face, lol!
    (~Sir_Xiph0) it totally did
    ---END LONG ONE---

    (9:57:17 PM) Damen: Hey Amoshi.
    (9:57:19 PM) Damen: Two Questions.
    (9:57:36 PM) Amoshi[GOD]: Yesh?
    (9:57:38 PM) Damen: A.) Are you really a chick? I heard otherwise but I want to know D:
    (9:57:38 PM) Damen: B.) StarCraft CD key again?
    (9:58:31 PM) Amoshi[GOD]: A.) I've always told people to believe me to be whichever gender confuses them the least, I kinda of toe the line a ridiculous amount.
    (9:58:31 PM) Amoshi[GOD]: B) It's in Vermont, I'm in PA.
    (9:58:52 PM) Amoshi[GOD]: Kinda toe*
    (9:59:05 PM) Damen: Well. What are you physically?
    (9:59:10 PM) Damen: I mean, really.
    (9:59:32 PM) Damen: It's a thing about mine. I've a sort of OCD when it comes to gendering.
    (9:59:50 PM) Amoshi[GOD]: o_O; See, that's an interesting way to put it. Physically, the amount of hormones going through my body makes me appear to be a member of the masculine persuasion.
    (10:00:09 PM) Damen: So. Are you a guy or gal?
    (10:00:11 PM) Damen: o_o
    (10:02:08 PM) Damen: Amoshi.
    (10:02:09 PM) Damen: o_o
    (10:02:15 PM) Amoshi[GOD]: Sorry, had to get a poptart and answer the phone.
    (10:02:24 PM) Damen: So?
    (10:02:35 PM) Amoshi[GOD]: Why does it have to be one or the other? :(
    (10:02:52 PM) Damen: So, you're both?
    (10:03:27 PM) Amoshi[GOD]: There's a serious concern on my part about you, and your obsession with that which lies between the legs of a person you're talking to.
    (10:03:45 PM) Amoshi[GOD]: That, and a lack of decisiveness on your part.
    (10:03:53 PM) Damen: I've a type of OCD and I'm just curious.
    (10:04:34 PM) Amoshi[GOD]: o_O; Curiosity opened the doors to male gynecologists and female urologists.
    (10:04:43 PM) Amoshi[GOD]: I've been to both places ._.;
    (10:05:00 PM) Damen: Huh.
    (10:05:03 PM) Damen: You are both.
    (10:05:06 PM) Damen: I didn't know that.
    (10:05:07 PM) Damen: o_o
    (10:05:11 PM) Amoshi[GOD]: shh ._.;
    (10:05:22 PM) Damen: I almost think you're fucking with me
    (10:05:25 PM) Amoshi[GOD]: seriously, that type of shit creeps people out ; ;
    (10:05:36 PM) Damen: (10:04:50 PM) Damen: I almost think you're fucking with me
    (10:05:50 PM) Amoshi[GOD]: Almost?
    (10:06:01 PM) Damen: You're confusing.
    (10:06:05 PM) Damen: I'll give you that
    (10:06:13 PM) Amoshi[GOD]: I've always been confusing.
    (10:06:19 PM) Amoshi[GOD]: That's not a new symptom ._.;
    (10:06:27 PM) Damen: <.<
    (10:06:38 PM) Damen: I don't know what to believe.
    (10:06:48 PM) Amoshi[GOD]: Do you know how hard it is ? D:
    (10:06:53 PM) Damen: If you're both that's fine, I don't care, it's just confusing me how you are.
    (10:07:00 PM) Damen: Some say you're a girl and some say you're a girl
    (10:07:01 PM) Amoshi[GOD]: Guys asking you why you aren't in the locker room with them? D:
    (10:07:05 PM) Damen: It just confuses the hell outta me.
    (10:07:24 PM) Damen: So, you're a girl with guy hormones?
    (10:07:32 PM) Amoshi[GOD]: ,_,; no....
    (10:07:42 PM) Damen: You've got...*ahem* both parts?
    (10:07:57 PM) Amoshi[GOD]: (10:04:34 PM) Amoshi[GOD]: o_O; Curiosity opened the doors to male gynecologists and female urologists.
    (10:07:57 PM) Amoshi[GOD]: (10:04:43 PM) Amoshi[GOD]: I've been to both places ._.;
    (10:08:08 PM) Damen: I didn't know that.
    (10:08:15 PM) Damen: I'll hate you if you're playing a trick on me.
    (10:08:20 PM) Damen: But still. That sucks.
    (10:08:28 PM) Amoshi[GOD]: Not really...
    (10:08:35 PM) Damen: You said it did.
    (10:08:37 PM) Damen: >.>
    (10:08:41 PM) Amoshi[GOD]: It'd suck worse having only one leg...
    (10:08:47 PM) Amoshi[GOD]: Well, in the grand scheme of things.
    (10:08:52 PM) Damen: I guess, yeah.
    (10:08:55 PM) Amoshi[GOD]: High school just really sucked.
    (10:08:59 PM) Damen: =/
    (10:09:20 PM) Amoshi[GOD]: I'd actually try to skip on the days I had gym.
    (10:09:38 PM) Damen: =/ That sucks dude
    (10:09:41 PM) Amoshi[GOD]: Then the doctor finally gave me a note excusing me of it, and that did it.^^;
    (10:10:18 PM) Damen: Don't mind me asking, are you capable of reproducing?
    (10:10:21 PM) Amoshi[GOD]: <_< At least I don't have a small dick.
    (10:10:31 PM) Damen: >.> hehehhehe
    (10:10:57 PM) Amoshi[GOD]: I'm probably capable, I just never wanted to... Y'know, there's a higher probability of having the same condition... D:
    (10:10:58 PM) Damen: ?
    (10:11:06 PM) Damen: Aww.
    (10:11:07 PM) Damen: =/
    (10:11:10 PM) Damen: That sucks.
    (10:11:19 PM) Amoshi[GOD]: I always figured I'd go for adoption.
    (10:11:32 PM) Damen: Well, that'd work.
    (10:11:36 PM) Amoshi[GOD]: There's enough babies out there that are being left on the sides of roads and stuff...
    (10:11:40 PM) Amoshi[GOD]: They don't have to know ^^;
    (10:11:43 PM) Damen: Yeah.
    (10:11:45 PM) Damen: Heh.
    (10:11:59 PM) Damen: Are you dating and/or married? I can imagine the condition making it hard
    (10:12:07 PM) Amoshi[GOD]: ._.; I carry a V-card.
    (10:12:24 PM) Damen: Oh. I thought you had both...?
    (10:12:33 PM) Amoshi[GOD]: ... virgin.... <.<;
    (10:12:38 PM) Damen: Oh.
    (10:12:40 PM) Damen: XD
    (10:12:56 PM) Amoshi[GOD]: I don't get drunk when I'm out, either... Just in case I lose myself.
    (10:13:04 PM) Damen: =/
    (10:13:08 PM) Damen: Ever thought of surgery?
    (10:13:26 PM) Amoshi[GOD]: Then I'd have to decide.
    (10:13:31 PM) Amoshi[GOD]: <_< And, I'd rather not decide.
    (10:13:38 PM) Damen: True enough.
    (10:14:12 PM) Damen: If you don't mind me asking.
    (10:14:14 PM) Amoshi[GOD]: That's why I always say that you guys can make the decision.
    (10:14:29 PM) Damen: On the forums, what should I address you as?
    (10:14:38 PM) Amoshi[GOD]: Whichever makes you feel more comfortable.
    (10:14:54 PM) Damen: I'll try to stay away from pronouns.
    (10:15:00 PM) Amoshi[GOD]: That's what I do.
    (10:15:06 PM) Damen: Heh...
    (10:15:11 PM) Damen: I didn't know. Wow.
    (10:16:01 PM) Damen: I hope that all goes well for you down the line.
    (10:16:11 PM) Amoshi[GOD]: It isn't fatal.
    (10:16:15 PM) Amoshi[GOD]: <_< Sheesh.
    (10:16:26 PM) Damen: I know that. But I can imagine how hard it'd be.
    (10:16:27 PM) Damen: >_>
    (10:16:35 PM) Damen: Well.
    (10:16:38 PM) Damen: That's not true
    (10:16:41 PM) Damen: I can't imagine.
    (10:16:58 PM) Amoshi[GOD]: Kinda interesting to fill out a job application.
    (10:17:07 PM) Damen: o_o
    (10:17:10 PM) Damen: What do you put on there?
    (10:17:36 PM) Damen: Do you look more guy or girl?
    (10:17:39 PM) Amoshi[GOD]: I leave it blank and let them fill it in.
    (10:17:45 PM) Damen: I see.
    (10:18:10 PM) Amoshi[GOD]: <_< Anyway, my dad's home now.
    (10:18:20 PM) Damen: Alright.
    (10:18:22 PM) Damen: See ya.
    (10:18:31 PM) Damen: Thanks for sharing, by the way
    (10:18:35 PM) Amoshi[GOD]: np.
    (10:18:41 PM) Damen: Bytes
    (10:18:42 PM) Amoshi[GOD]: Just... no more asking questions.
    (10:18:45 PM) Damen: I won't.
    (10:18:47 PM) Damen: I swear.

    Note: Amoshi was 100% fucking with him. Such legend.

    —› nick: (Sree) is now known as (Sree|Work)
    (%Generalissimo_Sera) lol
    (%Generalissimo_Sera) shift change at the Kwik-E-Mart

    [20:03] <Porkers> fucked the aunt for me yet?
    [20:13] <Porkers> oiyo
    [20:13] <thatperson> ...
    [20:13] <thatperson> You bloody douche
    [20:14] <Porkers> It was a joke
    [20:14] <Porkers> >.>
    [20:14] <Porkers> <.<
    [20:14] <Porkers> But I will lol so much if one of your uncles, or your aunt was on the computer
    [20:14] <Porkers> and read that
    [20:14] <Porkers> xD
    [20:15] <thatperson> I was left explaining to somebody wtf that meant.
    [20:15] <thatperson> <.<
    [20:15] <thatperson> ...
    [20:15] <thatperson> -_-
    [20:15] <thatperson> It was my cousin.
    -Later on...-
    (thatperson) So...
    (thatperson) What has been happening?
    (thatperson) Sir_Xiph0
    (thatperson) I should mention that I won't be able to recruit anymore.
    (thatperson) And my internet time has been reduced vastly.
    (thatperson) ...so yeah.
    (&Sir_Xiph0) loooooooooooooooooooooool
    (&Sir_Xiph0) Cousin rat you out?
    (thatperson) ...
    (&Sir_Xiph0) bahaha
    (thatperson) I'mma fuck Porkers up.

    ([NAKED]Calixo) xiphosis, can i slap you with a trout?
    ([NAKED]Calixo) err excuse me, Sir_Xiph0 can i slap you with a trout?
    • Aurion slaps Sir_Xiph0 around a bit with a large trout
    (~Sir_Xiph0) lol
    (Aurion) Easier to ask forgiveness than permission [​IMG]
    (~Sir_Xiph0) XD
    (~Sir_Xiph0) I wonder how many of Aurion's girlfriends have felt the result of that philosophy
    (Aurion) rofl >_>
    (Aurion) That's low.

    —› quit: (MrBond) (bondm@dlp-AF0D14A3.albq.qwest.net) (Quit: My neighbor is testing his network with packet sniffer. <_<)

    (&DarkSyaoran) Killing my remaining sheep tomorrow.
    (&DarkSyaoran) Well, the only full grown one.
    (&DarkSyaoran) For spitroast.
    (%Sir_Xiph0) are you gonna castrate it?
    (Knox|Entourage) How could you kill such cute fuzzy things? O:
    (&DarkSyaoran) Going to eat it.
    (&DarkSyaoran) For my birthday.
    (%Sir_Xiph0) Same way I killed your mothers twat :(
    (Knox|Entourage) Oh, Ok then :D
    (Knox|Entourage) ....

    <&DarkSyaoran> Did you do the egg thing, Bill.
    * &DarkSyaoran checks his egg.
    <&DarkSyaoran> ...

    <+Xiph0> xion lart Native Americans
    * +xion dances upon the grave of Native Americans's ancestors.
    <LordBill> Rofl!

    [LordBill] Nox, ride her like a mental elevator!
    [Nox] Besides, I'm not into pedophilia :(
    [BP] It's not pedophilia if she smiles
    [Nox] Wtf
    [Nox] That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

    [03:29:50] [Glernaj]: Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries!
    [03:29:55] [Inquisition]: >_>
    00[03:29:59] : Glernaj plays poke the Tinn.
    [03:30:09] [Oz]: I'm sure you want to
    [03:30:11] [Oz]: [​IMG]
    [03:30:11] [Inquisition]: > >
    [03:30:14] [Inquisition]: __
    [03:30:25] [%Tinn]: Er. You're a Texan virgin?
    [03:30:34] [%Tinn]: With a feet fetish?

    (%Sir_Xiph0) LOL
    (%Sir_Xiph0) Think I should fuck with Spacks and text him that Jon died?
    (Oz[r34d1nG]) ...
    (Oz[r34d1nG]) ^_^
    (Zombie) XD
    (Zombie) AHHH
    (Zombie) FUCK YOU MOZILLA!
    (Zombie) I just finished this shitty discussion post that a class I'm taking makes me particpate in, and on the submit, Mozilla Crashes.
    (Zombie) D:
    (%Sir_Xiph0) haha
    (%Sir_Xiph0) did it
    (%Sir_Xiph0) XD
    (Dark_Minion) Why should he believe you?
    —› join: (Jangel) (jangel@dlp-4E1233D2.dhcp.oxfr.ma.charter.com)
    —› join: (Spacks) (Spacks@9C4BD674.5C9AC2DC.2E6B4F16.IP)
    • Jangel stabs Oz[r34d1nG] in the face
    (Oz[r34d1nG]) Hey Spacks, Jangel
    (Spacks) Wtf
    (Dark_Minion) Zombie: Did you hear about Jon?
    (Oz[r34d1nG]) ...?
    (Spacks) Whats this about jon
    (Oz[r34d1nG]) Jon?
    (Oz[r34d1nG]) o_O
    (Oz[r34d1nG]) Am i missing sometging?
    (Oz[r34d1nG]) something*
    —› nick: (Spacks) is now known as (Guest4346143)
    (Zombie) Wut?
    (Guest4346143) Minion fuckin tell me
    (Zombie) What happend to Jon?
    (Oz[r34d1nG]) ^
    (Dark_Minion) Dunno.
    (Guest4346143) Wtf
    (Guest4346143) I get a txt from xipho sayin he died
    (Oz[r34d1nG]) O_O
    (Zombie) ....
    (Oz[r34d1nG]) Sir_Xiph0!
    (Oz[r34d1nG]) wtf?
    (Guest4346143) That true?
    (Oz[r34d1nG]) Did he really?
    (Zombie) How?
    (Guest4346143) I dont fuckin know
    —› nick: (Oz[r34d1nG]) is now known as (Oz)
    (Guest4346143) Seriously it true or not
    (Oz) no idea
    (Dark_Minion) Well - he should have become monk. He died a virgin.
    (Oz) Damnit Minion
    • Zombie shrugs. I just got in here not to long ago.
    (Dark_Minion) as ^
    (Oz) this isn't funny
    (Dark_Minion) Oz: Shave your head.
    (Oz) ...wtf
    (Oz) fuck off
    (Guest4346143) Nah man if he dead
    (Dark_Minion) Get a tonsure.
    (Mors) Jangel D:
    (Zombie) Spacks, you have his number?
    (Zombie) D:
    • Mors stares
    (Zombie) CALL HIM
    (Mors) Jon... died?
    (Dark_Minion) Murton has it.
    (Mors) o_O
    (Jangel) Mors D:
    (Guest4346143) I will brb
    (Mors) The fuck
    —› join: (Spacks) (Spacks@4744190B.BA94F179.C9B57ECD.IP)
    —› join: (jon) (jon@dlp-91721097.tpgi.com.au)
    (jon) Sir_Xiph0,
    (Oz) DX
    (Oz) Damnit
    (Spacks) He aint dead
    (jon) Why the hell did you tell Spacks I died? [​IMG]
    (Oz) XD
    • %Sir_Xiph0 laughs his ass off
    (jon) Oh, I see.
    (Mors) Lawl
    (jon) Faaaag. [​IMG]
    (Spacks) Fuck me lol what a cock
    (Oz) :]
    —› nick: (Spacks) is now known as (Guest4346144)
    (Oz) Course not, Spacks
    • %Sir_Xiph0 is seriously dieing
    (Dark_Minion) Hahaha
    (Oz) He still hasn't finished Abjur
    (Guest4346144) Man not funny
    —› quit: (Guest4346143) (Spacks@9C4BD674.5C9AC2DC.2E6B4F16.IP) (Ping timeout)
    (%Sir_Xiph0) I just noticed you on Mobile MSN
    (Oz) Wonder if it'd work on OEM o:
    (%Sir_Xiph0) as I was signing off
    (%Sir_Xiph0) and the idea struck [​IMG]
    (jon) You're a tool. xD
    (Oz) He's gone now man ;)
    (jon) Now
    (jon) Back to sleep.
    (jon) Nigt
    (Dark_Minion) Night
    (jon) night*
    (Oz) Night
    (%Sir_Xiph0) lol late
    —› quit: (jon) (jon@dlp-91721097.tpgi.com.au) (Quit: Leaving)
    —› quit: (Taure) (chatzilla@dlp-C60D2941.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.5/2008120122])

    (&Syaoran) She's also probably the most fuckable celeb.
    (&Syaoran) I'd wax that ass.
    (anlun) Taylor Swift is fairly fuckable
    (anlun) love that chick
    (&Narf) I love Taylor Swift as well.
    (&Narf) Even though she's Country. <_<
    (&Narf) Fucking hot. [​IMG]
    (anlun) hate her music
    (anlun) amazing face and body
    (%Sir_Xiph0) Rihanna.
    (%Sir_Xiph0) would hit it till it broke
    (&Syaoran) Chris Brown did.
    (%Sir_Xiph0) ...

    (%Ejayrazz) i dont want an abortion dude..like i respect those who get it, but man...one day i will see my child running in the grass having fun and i will tell myself 'i almost took that away from him'
    (%Ejayrazz) i am having a boy
    (%Ejayrazz) i already shot dibs
    (%Ejayrazz) aim? messed up
    (Doppelganger) lol what
    (%Ejayrazz) already shot dibs on the gender
    (%Ejayrazz) called it before she did
    (%Ejayrazz) its how things work
    (Doppelganger) ooooh
    (Doppelganger) yeah well, no it doesnt :p
    (%Ejayrazz) liar.
    (@Xiphosis[GOD]) "one day i will see my child running in the grass"
    (@Xiphosis[GOD]) Because you'll be sleeping in the park
    (@Xiphosis[GOD]) ;)
    (%Ejayrazz) ;]

    [19:18:37] <SCD[GOD]> OZ THAT SHIT WONT GO!
    [19:18:41] <SCD[GOD]> YOU OWE ME A TOLIET!
    [19:18:47] <Oz> LOL
    [19:18:48] <Oz> OMG
    [19:18:49] <Oz> EPIC
    [19:18:50] <Oz> 8D
    [19:18:53] <Bucks> I won't ask
    [19:18:53] <Dwitty> Now that that's done, I'm gonna go hunt some food
    [19:18:57] <Dwitty> in the fridge! D:
    [19:19:11] <SCD[GOD]> Seriously
    [19:19:14] <SCD[GOD]> I want my toliet
    [19:19:34] <Oz> Meh
    [19:19:39] <Oz> Poke it down and flush
    [19:19:50] <SCD[GOD]> It's not pokable
    [19:19:53] <SCD[GOD]> ITS EVERYWHERE
    [19:20:03] <SCD[GOD]> I keep flushing and it doesn't go down
    [19:20:09] <SCD[GOD]> It just breaks up and smells more
    [19:20:11] <SCD[GOD]> T_T
    [19:20:24] <Oz> ...
    [19:20:25] <Oz> o_o
    [19:20:30] <SCD[GOD]> Yes
    [19:20:31] <Oz> I did that last night
    [19:20:32] <Oz> Wow
    [19:20:36] <SCD[GOD]> You made immortal shit
    [19:20:37] <Oz> wtf did I eat D:

    (vlad|writing) and now, in honor of Valentine's Day AND African-American Appreciation Month
    (vlad|writing) the white southerner has a poem
    (vlad|writing) IF YOU WAS MY GIRL
    (vlad|writing) I'D SPOIL YOU ROTTEN
    (vlad|writing) BUT ONLY AFTER
    (vlad|writing) YOU PICKED ALL MAH COTTON
    • vlad|writing bows

    (22:01:50) (@Sir_Xiph0) You'll have those kids; I'm sure. It's not hard to find a donor. I'm sure there's at least 4 people in this room desperate enough to fuck you.
    (22:01:56) (@Sir_Xiph0) But you'll be taking the hits for them
    (22:01:59) (Anya) :/
    (22:02:07) (@Sir_Xiph0) Fufilling a prophecy easily read off your face.
    (22:02:15) (@Sir_Xiph0) Y'know, the natural black eyes
    (22:02:16) (Zombie) LOL
    (22:02:23) (Anya) Heh
    (22:02:37) (@Sir_Xiph0) 5 years from now
    (22:02:42) (@Sir_Xiph0) Ellisande will be weeping into a pint
    (22:02:50) (@Sir_Xiph0) Thinking of the terribly ugly little trolls you shit out
    (22:02:54) (Anya) Eugh. It's hot so I'm going to go and have a shower and start on dinner.
    (22:02:57) (@Sir_Xiph0) Beating himself internally and them externally
    (22:02:59) (@Sir_Xiph0) Brutally.
    (22:03:24) (Anya) Byes.
    (22:03:45) (@Sir_Xiph0) Just think of their hair, Anya.
    (22:03:47) (@Sir_Xiph0) Seriously.
    (22:03:49) (Ellisande) Aah xiph, you do bring such lovely images to my mind.
    (22:03:54) (@Sir_Xiph0) It'd be like a Furbie.
    (22:04:00) (Anya) Hair?
    (22:04:11) (Ellisande) I had a beard.
    (22:04:21) (@Sir_Xiph0) Do you really want to doom a generation of your family to Ellisande's genes?
    (22:04:26) (@Sir_Xiph0) You deserve to be beaten
    (22:04:52) • Murton lulzez
    (22:05:04) • Murton lulz all voer Anya's face with a good heaping of lulz
    (22:05:35) • Anya hums

    (15:39:25) (Porkers) I'm making a huge mistake again D:
    (15:39:37) (Porkers) Girls. Why can't I keep myself faithful
    (15:39:56) (Porkers) I'm sat at the table with this girl today (I'm sober as a judge too)
    (15:40:05) (Porkers) and she's been chasing me for weeks now
    (15:40:08) (Porkers) for my number and shit
    (15:40:12) (Sir_Xiph0) "I'm sat" Lulz
    (15:40:17) (Sir_Xiph0) LERN TO PRESENT TENSE BRIT.
    (15:40:19) (Porkers) I'm sat there, knowing exactly what I'm doing
    (15:40:28) (Porkers) Fuck you.
    (15:40:40) (Sir_Xiph0) Lern it
    (15:40:42) (Sir_Xiph0) :X
    (15:40:44) (Porkers) Accent/dialect follows onto this
    (15:40:52) (Porkers) idolect, too
    (15:40:52) (Sir_Xiph0) yeah and yours is wrong
    (15:40:55) (Porkers) idio*
    (15:40:57) (Porkers) so what.
    (15:40:58) (Porkers) [​IMG]
    (15:41:02) (Sir_Xiph0) SO IT'S WRONG
    (15:41:04) (Sir_Xiph0) D:
    (15:41:06) (Sir_Xiph0) continue
    (15:41:10) (Porkers) I can speak good when needed
    (15:41:14) (Porkers) ANYWAY
    (15:41:30) (Sir_Xiph0) LOL
    (15:41:32) (Porkers) I was sat there, knowing precisely what I was doing (leading her on) etc.
    (15:41:32) (Sir_Xiph0) SPEAK GOOD
    (15:41:44) (Sir_Xiph0) AHahahahaha
    (15:41:45) (Porkers) It was on purpose
    (15:41:46) (Sir_Xiph0) oh holy fuck
    (15:41:47) (Porkers) <_<
    (15:41:48) (Sir_Xiph0) ok
    (15:41:53) (Porkers) anyway
  2. Xiph0

    Xiph0 Administrator Admin

    Dec 7, 2005
    People's Republic of California
    [ 22:28:44 ] (&Cornelius) since mermaids are basically fish from the waist down, doesn't that make it bestiality?
    [ 22:29:08 ] (&Xiphosis[GOD]) yes
    [ 22:29:17 ] (&Xiphosis[GOD]) glorious beastiliaty
    [ 22:31:23 ] (&Cornelius) ..
    [ 22:31:32 ] (&Xiphosis[GOD]) you're right to ..
    [ 22:31:38 ] • &Cornelius edges away from Xi
    [ 22:31:42 ] (&Xiphosis[GOD]) I have several dead mermaids buried in my back yard

    [18:03:46] <+SCD> Also, ordered those speakers
    [18:04:03] <+SCD> Help me set them up when my parents are away? You know how to put things on walls right?
    [18:04:45] <Oz> yeah
    [18:04:54] <Oz> you have a stud finder?
    [18:06:44] <+Aurion> heh
    [18:06:47] <+Aurion> heh heh heh
    [18:08:26] <Oz> hush, pervert
    [18:09:12] <+SCD> Oz, no. I always just put things into the wall and hope for the best. Like all of my shelves and my whiteboard
    [18:09:51] <Oz> Wow.
    [18:09:53] <Oz> Ok well...
    [18:09:58] <@Mixoux> lol
    [18:10:00] <Oz> I'll bring tools over
    [18:10:22] <+SCD> Have to admit. Been pretty lucky so far
    [18:10:23] <+Aurion> One, lol SCD
    [18:10:33] <+SCD> But I'm 99% sure there are no pipes in my walls

    [08:27:32] <%No-Fish> I don't understand chicks that get clit piercings
    [08:28:10] <%No-Fish> Like, the only people to see it are ones who are unlikely to care anyway
    [08:28:25] <%No-Fish> And there's a significant chance that you'll never be able to orgasm ever again
    [08:28:54] <+CptGodzilla> i'd totally date a chick with a clit piercing
    [08:29:17] <+CptGodzilla> just think of the disappointment she will feel after i cum all over her and she didn't have any fun at all

    [ 15:40:39 ] (+Oz) ,_,
    [ 15:41:02 ] (+Oz) http://i.imgur.com/ygHww.jpg
    [ 15:41:04 ] (+Oz) wow
    [ 15:41:24 ] (~Xiph0) ._.
    [ 15:41:24 ] (+Marsupial) ...
    [ 15:41:26 ] (~Xiph0) worth it
    [ 15:41:27 ] (+Marsupial) worth it.
    [ 15:41:32 ] (+Marsupial) XD
    [ 15:41:37 ] • ~Xiph0 high fives Marsupial

    * Croix (Lunar@coldfront-BA54E4E5.ri.ri.cox.net) has joined
    <%Cpt[GOD]zilla> as to what period blood tastes like
    <%Emperor_Whimsical> gotta keep all the fucking weirdos in one spot
    <~Xiphosis[GOD]> did it dry first?
    * Croix (Lunar@coldfront-BA54E4E5.ri.ri.cox.net) has left

    <%Tenages> Cbf arguing with Crazy McHigh anymore
    <+CptGodzilla> not even high bro
    * %Tenages (anonymous@F119ACE5.73339588.220FF8A.IP) Quit (Quit: I've never seen such a wretched hive of scum and villainy)
    <+CptGodzilla> lol so high
  3. Oz

    Oz For Zombie. Moderator DLP Supporter

    Jan 31, 2008
    Baile Átha Cliath
    You used to be able to cause IRC clients using an unencrypted connection to crash by typing DCC SEND followed by a string of fourteen or more characters with no spaces. Only affected old Metgear or Linksys routers and for a while only thisperson had one.

    «««« thatperson (thisperson@dlp-83B0AF18.socal.res.rr.com) has left IRC (Connection reset by peer)
    :::::: thatperson (thisperson@dlp-83B0AF18.socal.res.rr.com) has joined #cn
    <thatperson> Huh...I'm torrenting Civ IV right now. >.>
    <Oz> That must be it, thatperson
    <Oz> :(
    :::::: thatperson[GOD] (thisperson@dlp-83B0AF18.socal.res.rr.com) has joined #cn
    <Oz> :D
    •¤•¤• Bucks_coursework is known as Bucks
    <thatperson[GOD]> No...I was simply replying to Morey.
    <thatperson[GOD]> No idea why my net is sucking right now.
    <Oz> Oh, kay then
    <Oz> 'sup tp?
    <thatperson[GOD]> :D
    <thatperson[GOD]> 'lo Oz.
    «««« thatperson[GOD] (thisperson@dlp-83B0AF18.socal.res.rr.com) has left IRC (Connection reset by peer)
    <Oz> :(
    <Morey> huh?
    :::::: thatperson[GOD] (thisperson@dlp-83B0AF18.socal.res.rr.com) has joined #cn
    <Oz> Wb tp
    <Bucks> :/
    <thatperson[GOD]> ...motherfuckers.
    <Oz> :\
    <thatperson[GOD]> Don't tell me I have a cap on my nets
    <Oz> No u
    •¤•¤• Bucks is known as Guest4346200
    <thatperson[GOD]> I've downloaded ~15 gigs at my mom's.
    <thatperson[GOD]> :|
    <Oz> :eek:
    <thatperson[GOD]> Maybe more...
    <thatperson[GOD]> >.>
    <thatperson[GOD]> But still.
    <thatperson[GOD]> It never used to happen
    <Minion> It's Oz.
    <Oz> Why would it keep cutting out if its just capped
    <Minion> He is dcc-ing you.
    «««« thatperson[GOD] (thisperson@dlp-83B0AF18.socal.res.rr.com) has left IRC (Connection reset by peer)
    <Oz> SHH!
    <Oz> D:
    <Morey> lol, never seen that command before
    :::::: thatperson[GOD] (thisperson@dlp-83B0AF18.socal.res.rr.com) has joined #cn
    <Minion> [15:56:42] <Oz> DCC SEND GOODBYETHATPERSON
    «««« thatperson[GOD] (thisperson@dlp-83B0AF18.socal.res.rr.com) has left IRC (Connection reset by peer)
    <Oz> 8D
    <Morey> haha
    <Minion> XD
    :::::: thatperson[GOD] (thisperson@dlp-83B0AF18.socal.res.rr.com) has joined #cn
    <Morey> thats brilliant
    <Oz> o7
    «««« thatperson (thisperson@dlp-83B0AF18.socal.res.rr.com) has left IRC (Ping timeout)

    [21:12] <Lion> Well I'm kinda on the fence on the whole rape thing
    [21:12] <Lion> Rape of little kids is bad
    [21:12] <Lion> But date rape and getting caught in an alley or something
    [21:13] <Lion> Natural selection is just doing it's job then
    [21:14] <Lion> Like a chick at a bar leaving her drink just sitting there then coming back and drinking it
    [21:14] <Lion> That's okay if a guy takes his chance there

    Some time later...

    [22:27] <Lion> You guys stereo type all other races
    [22:27] <Lion> You wonder why people don't like you people
    [22:27] <Aurion> (yes I do know the KKK is headquartered in Indianapolis before anyone mentions it)
    [22:27] <@Big_Z> You're the one talking about slipping ruffies into some chick's drink and raping her in an alley
    [22:28] <Lion> Hey those were two different scenarios
    [22:28] <Lion> I just won't care if it happens to some stupid chick
    [22:28] <Lion> Same would apply to a stupid guy
    [22:29] <CptGodzilla> dude
    [22:29] <Mishie> like you
    [22:29] <CptGodzilla> you know the physical and emotional effects that come with rape
    [22:29] <Mishie> why do you keep on talking lion?
    [22:30] <Lion> Because I can Mishie
    [22:30] <Mishie> hmm
    [22:30] <Mishie> can't Z mute it?
    [22:30] <Aurion> probably should lest the jig get us all arrested
    [22:30] <CptGodzilla> how would you feel if you woke up and had a penis in your butt
    [22:31] <Aurion> he'd feel pretty good probably
    [22:31] <Mishie> like it's a normal day for him?
    [22:31] <Lion> Probably like I fucked up somewhere last night
    [22:31] <@Big_Z> Yeah, I think that's probably a good idea
    [22:31] <Aurion> I mean, it can't be worse than waking up under peggy since he can't breathe
    [22:31] * Big_Z sets mode: +vvvvvv Aurion Captain_justice CptGodzilla Cthulhu Cthulhu1 Gizmore
    [22:31] <Lion> I never had anything with Peggy
    [22:31] <MacSaitou> time to end this convo
    [22:31] <Lion> ^
    [22:31] * Big_Z sets mode: +vvvvvv KCToker KCToker-Laptop MacSaitou Mercenary Mishie MrINBN
    [22:32] <Lion> Whatcha doin Z
    [22:32] * Big_Z sets mode: +vvvvv No-Fish Sirion Tehlaziboi |EViL0nE| |EViLTeW|
    [22:32] <Lion> Um Z
    [22:32] <+Mishie> XD
    [22:32] <Lion> Are you really going to do it
    [22:32] * Big_Z sets mode: +m
    [22:32] <+Aurion> Asked and answered.
    [22:32] <+Aurion> o/
    [22:32] <+Mishie> o/
    [22:32] * Lion (chatzilla@469ABB28.E4656F6C.D3575661.IP) has left #cn
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2016
  4. vlad

    vlad Banned ~ Prestige ~

    Oct 6, 2007
    Georgia, SSR
    High Score:
    You can do the heavy lifting of deciphering a feminist's lingo into an actual point, and you can proceed to answer that point. But don't expect them to stick around to listen it.
  5. Jon

    Jon The Demon Mayor Admin DLP Supporter

    Jun 5, 2006
    Follow up a few days later from the above quote.

  6. Oz

    Oz For Zombie. Moderator DLP Supporter

    Jan 31, 2008
    Baile Átha Cliath
  7. esran

    esran Professor

    May 19, 2013
    15:06:32 <&Jon> Either 'Yes I have <elaborates>' or 'no'
    15:06:37 <Karinta> Yes, I have.
    15:06:39 <&Jon> God no.
    15:06:41 <Karinta> (elaborates)

    Comedy gold.
  8. Steelbadger

    Steelbadger High Inquisitor

    Nov 9, 2013
    United Kingdom
    <apoc> Sree still owes me a milkshake
    <Beowoof> .
    <Beowoof> You did not make Plat III.
    <Beowoof> or was it plat iv
    <Beowoof> you did not make plat iv
    <Beowoof> you made plat v
    <Beowoof> and plat iii
    <DarkSyaoran> Buy him a fucking milkshake.
    <Haze> Wow, the new Necron Lord in Last Stand
    <Haze> Near unkillable
    <Haze> Hax, it has heat seeking attacks. Followed me everywhere even though i teleported away
    <Beowoof> didn't Constans by you a milkshake
    <Beowoof> i told him too
    <Beowoof> to
    <Constans> Please stop lying Sree.
    <DarkSyaoran> A muchmoney shake.
    <DarkSyaoran> I hadn't said muchmoney in awhile.
    <DarkSyaoran> So I felt like saying it.
    <DarkSyaoran> Feels good.
    <Beowoof> what
    <Beowoof> I am not lying
    <DarkSyaoran> Sree was probably drunk.
    <Constans> You said no such thing to me.
    <DarkSyaoran> And telling you private things about me again.
    * DarkSyaoran sighs.
    <Beowoof> when you said you two were meeting up I said you should buy him a milkshake
    <Constans> Sree can't handle his alcohol.
    <Beowoof> both of you are stupid
    <Constans> (No you did not.)
    <Beowoof> yes I did you ass
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> NO.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <DarkSyaoran> Lovely.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    * VereorNox (Kanna@dlp-BB18BA89.pools.vodafone-ip.de) has joined
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <DarkSyaoran> I see we have a similar relationship with Sree.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> LOL
    <Beowoof> LOL
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <DarkSyaoran> He'll write a script, watch out.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <DarkSyaoran> Lungs
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Steelbadger> Wat. Halp.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Lungs> same
    <DarkSyaoran> How are you this fine... rotation of the planet?
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <DarkSyaoran> lol Steelbadger
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Lungs> LOL
    * pajasaurus1 has quit (Quit: Leaving.)
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <DarkSyaoran> You know.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Lungs> are you guys uh
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Lungs> okay
    <DarkSyaoran> I'm curious as to why the flood protection hasn't kicked Constans.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Constans> (Same Syao)
    <Constans> No.
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <DarkSyaoran> Was it disabled when Furious was lost?
    <Constans> No.
    <Steelbadger> Sree, can I stick my D in your butthole, please?
    <Constans> LOL
    <Lungs> LOL
    <DarkSyaoran> Rip and tear it
    <Beowoof> Yes.
    <Lungs> welp that settles that
    <Constans> Good for you Sree.
    <Beowoof> I hold firm.
    <Lungs> Steelbadger: he promises to clench
    <Beowoof> I WIN.
    <DarkSyaoran> Firm.
    <Steelbadger> Sweet.
    <Constans> Oh I'm sorry, weren't you replying to SB?
  9. ScottPress

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    Apr 22, 2013
    The Holy Moose Empire
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    Rediscovering the hidden lore of the Founders

  10. Xepheria

    Xepheria The Benefactor

    Apr 9, 2016
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    IRC gave us this gem tonight. A tad NSFW.

    Edit by Minion: Xepheria got an infraction for this post.
    No graphic porn on public boards.
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  11. Anarchy

    Anarchy Totally Sirius DLP Supporter

    Dec 12, 2009
    Is it bad that I knew what that porn link was going to be before I even clicked it?
  12. Sauce Bauss

    Sauce Bauss Minister of Magic DLP Supporter

    Apr 4, 2008
    redacted, hurr
  13. Joe

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    Just read through this whole thread. Some good stuff which I'm going to steal for my Ghosthustlers novel.

    I think I've been on IRC once about 8 years ago. Is it as easy as clicking that IRC Chat link up top? Hell, I'm just gonna do it anyway.
  14. HatfulofHate

    HatfulofHate Squib

    Jun 1, 2016
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    I got onto bash.org for the first time in years. I didn't know that people still used irc, but cool to see the quotes are still going strong. My favorites are:

    <Cthon98> hey, if you type in your pw, it will show as stars
    <Cthon98> ********* see!
    <AzureDiamond> hunter2
    <AzureDiamond> doesnt look like stars to me
    <Cthon98> <AzureDiamond> *******
    <Cthon98> thats what I see
    <AzureDiamond> oh, really?
    <Cthon98> Absolutely
    <AzureDiamond> you can go hunter2 my hunter2-ing hunter2
    <AzureDiamond> haha, does that look funny to you?
    <Cthon98> lol, yes. See, when YOU type hunter2, it shows to us as *******
    <AzureDiamond> thats neat, I didnt know IRC did that
    <Cthon98> yep, no matter how many times you type hunter2, it will show to us as *******
    <AzureDiamond> awesome!
    <AzureDiamond> wait, how do you know my pw?
    <Cthon98> er, I just copy pasted YOUR ******'s and it appears to YOU as hunter2 cause its your pw
    <AzureDiamond> oh, ok.

    <Guo_Si> Hey, you know what sucks?
    <TheXPhial> vaccuums
    <Guo_Si> Hey, you know what sucks in a metaphorical sense?
    <TheXPhial> black holes
    <Guo_Si> Hey, you know what just isn't cool?
    <TheXPhial> lava?

    Rabidplaybunny87: Okay, so my neighbors officially hate me
    GarbageStan23: why?
    Rabidplaybunny87: Well, me, david and andrew were having a bonfire in the backyard, and we were making s'mores and all... and suddenly we here sirens, and see a firetruck turn into the street in front of us.
    Rabidplaybunny87: So we all went running to see what was up, and our neigbor's house was on fire!
    GarbageStan23: oh shit!
    Rabidplaybunny87: Yeah, and when we got there, the wife was crying into her husbands arms, and we were just kinda standing there, and then she saw us, and then like for 10 seconds, gave us the dirtiest look ever
    Rabidplaybunny87: Turns out, we were still holding our sticks with marshmallows on it, watching the fire....
    Rabidplaybunny87: talk about bad timing...

    <Ben174> : If they only realized 90% of the overtime they pay me is only cause i like staying here playing with Kazaa when the bandwidth picks up after hours.
    <ChrisLMB> : If any of my employees did that they'd be fired instantly.
    <Ben174> : Where u work?
    <ChrisLMB> : I'm the CTO at LowerMyBills.com
    *** Ben174 (BenWright@TeraPro33-41.LowerMyBills.com) Quit (Leaving)

    <NES> lol
    <NES> I download something from Napster
    <NES> And the same guy I downloaded it from starts downloading it from me when I'm done
    <NES> I message him and say "What are you doing? I just got that from you"
    <NES> "getting my song back fucker"

    ---------- Post automerged at 12:50 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:40 AM ----------

    I couldn't resist. Seven more:

    <UKDJ|Planet> I swear to god
    <UKDJ|Planet> I've just heard a duck tell a joke
    <Jock> o...k
    <UKDJ|Planet> there was as group of ducks on a pond near where i live
    <UKDJ|Planet> one of the ducks was quacking away looking straight at a group of like 10 ducks
    <UKDJ|Planet> then he stopped and all the other ducks went mental
    <UKDJ|Planet> it looked just like duck stand-up comedy

    docsigma2000: jesus christ man
    docsigma2000: my son is sooooooo dead
    c8info: Why?
    docsigma2000: hes been looking at internet web sites in fucking EUROPE
    docsigma2000: our fucking phone bill is gonna be nuts
    c8info: Ooh, this is bad. Surfing long distance adds an extra $69.99 to your bill per hour.
    docsigma2000: ...!!!!!! FUCK FUCK FUCK
    docsigma2000: is there some plan we can sign up for???
    docsigma2000: cuz theres some cool stuff in europe, but i dun wanna pauy that much
    c8info: Sorry, no. There is no plan. you'll have to live with it.
    docsigma2000: o well, i ccan live without europe intenet sites.
    docsigma2000: but till i figure out how to block it hes sooooo dead
    c8info: By the way, I'm from Europe, your chatting long distance.
    ** docsigma2000 has quit (Connection reset by peer)

    <glome> Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?!
    <content> glome stole the cookie from the cookie jar!
    <glome> Who me?!
    <content> Yes you!
    <glome> Couldn't be!
    <content> Then WHO?!!
    <glome> Woody stole the cookie from the cookie jar!
    *** glome has been kicked by DrWoody (fuck you i didn't touch the motherfucking cookie, bitch)

    <_kr4m3r> so many fucking criminals, its bullshit
    <foniks`> heh, if we sent all the criminals to some empty continent and just left them there to die
    <foniks`> and showed up like 50yrs later like, "sup?"
    <foniks`> whatd u think they'd say?
    <FoSZoR[bg]> something along the lines of, "G`Day mate"

    <scirDSL> I hated going to weddings. All the grandmas would poke me saying "You're next". They stopped that when I started doing it to them at funerals.

    <LordChewy> so my dad found my porn folder
    <LordChewy> and he was getting all pissed
    <LordChewy> so its all like "does this surprise you? i'm not stupid you know"
    <LordChewy> "i know dad"
    <LordChewy> "what do you have to say for yourself?"
    <LordChewy> at this point i stare at him straight in the eyes and say "C:Documents and SettingsRickyMy Documentsfaxessent faxes"
    <LordChewy> and he just shut up
    <kingKahn> what is it?
    <LordChewy> its his porn folder

    <reo4k> just type /quit whoever, and it'll quit them from irc
    * luckyb1tch has quit IRC (r`heaven)
    * r3devl has quit IRC (r`heaven)
    * sasopi has quit IRC (r`heaven)
    * phhhfft has quit IRC (r`heaven)
    * blackersnake has quit IRC (r`heaven)
    <ibaN`reo4k[ex]> that's gotta hurt
    <r`heaven> :(
  15. World

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    Apr 19, 2006
    Axis of Evil (Original)
    1. Everybody who has ever been on the internet knows the bash.org top quotes.
    2. This is for quotes from the DLP IRC only.
  16. ScottPress

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    Fresh from Discord (permission from Sree to post here)

  17. Meerkats

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    Dec 16, 2012
    We have a discord now?
  18. Xiph0

    Xiph0 Administrator Admin

    Dec 7, 2005
    People's Republic of California
    No, no we don't. :p
  19. Meerkats

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    Dec 16, 2012
    Guess my eyes are playing tricks on me ;)
  20. Sey

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    Aug 9, 2016
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    <Oz> a shame dlp is being shut down forever on saturday
    <Zeph> Oh? I was under the impression it was just being migrated oz
    <Oz> yeah turns out u cant
    <Zeph> you can't what?
    <Oz> so we're gonna lose all post history and member accounts
    <Taure> Wait
    <Taure> What
    <Taure> For serious?
    <Taure> Starting from scratch?

    <Zeph> I'm gonna miss my content.
    <Oz> yeah taure
    <Oz> ur losing god of magc
    <Oz> all 12k of ur posts
    <Zeph> /cry
    <Oz> gone in a flash
    <Zeph> All of his epic nerd rage
    <Oz> kidding
    <Zeph> as dust
    <Oz> :u
    <Taure> Oh
    <Taure> But the posts will still be there, right?

    <Zeph> goddammit oz. are you all keeping the content or not? :v
    <Taure> It's just the user-based post count that goes
    <Zeph> oh yes. Just checked the thread and test page.
    <Oz> I'm fucking with you
    <Zeph> Wonder if we'll have to re-register
    <Oz> We're not losing anything
    <Taure> Oh
    <Taure> Lol
    <Zeph> Coolio.
    <Oz> Probably everyone will have to log in again#
    <Sree> jesus christ taure
    <Sree> you really are a post whore
    <Taure> I was worried for a moment there. I frequently search my own post history to copy/paste stuff at people haha