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Magical Theory Ideas (Taurean Edition)

Discussion in 'Fanfic Discussion' started by TheMythNerd, Apr 19, 2021.

  1. TheMythNerd

    TheMythNerd Squib

    Sep 8, 2020
    After reading Victoria Potter by Taure I got really obsessed with developing the theory behind all the spells we see in canon. If anyone's developed magical theory for their favorite spells using Taure's guidelines please list them here.

    I'll go first: Unsupported Flight is achieved only through masterful skill. According to Aristotle, all elements have their natural positions. Positions they naturally "gravitate" to. Ether, unlike the other elements, is not pulled linearly up and down like earth, water, fire, and air, it instead travels circularly in the sky, binding the stars together in their celestial cycles across the sky.

    Using that affect a wizard would be able to levitate to extreme heights with ease, however, they would have no control or sense of direction, they also wouldn't be able to come back down. This is where the other elements tie in.

    Earth being the heaviest of the elements and the most "grounded" of them will act as the "anchor" for the spell allowing the caster to return to earth, this still doesn't fix our direction problem. That's where Direction comes in.

    The Four Cardinal Directions have long been associated with Winds. Each wind direction taking on a metaphysical meaning

    The Western Wind - Change. Travel. Growth.
    The Northern Wind - Cold. Death. Hunger.
    The Southern Wind - Heat. Destruction. Death.
    The Eastern Wind - Death. Destruction. Plague.

    For the spell, the Western Wind would be the best choice as a direction. The Western Wind would be the easiest on the spell do to it's changeable nature. Now, only three factors are missing, impulse, obedience, and authority.

    The spell has to "want" to work and the caster would obviously want to control where the spell was going. Flying into a mountain at Mach 7 isn't the goal here after all. The desire to act, or impulse can be invoked via animal form, in this case, an avian form. As for obedience, the whip would be used as to not cause concept conflicts. And finally authority would invoke an aspect of authority because even if something is obedient, if you don't have authority over it, then that obedience is useless to you.