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Pokémon Online RMTs

Discussion in 'Pokémon' started by Lungs, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Lungs

    Lungs KT Loser ~ Prestige ~ DLP Supporter

    Jul 16, 2011
    i love girl's generation tbh
    High Score:
    Since it's snowballing in popularity again, I think that it's good to have an RMT thread for those of us moving from beginner to intermediate, or intermediate to pro, or even for those of us who are KaiDASH pro already.

    So this is the RMT thread, which stands for Rate My Team.

    The aim is to provide constructive criticism for the teams, etc.

    So, without further ado, here's my ladder team! A super entertaining TL;DR is incoming (if you like Pokemon XD).

    This team is known as By the Light of the Traveler, because I came up with it in the middle of the night while I was supposed to be writing Travel On.


    A Closer Look


    Queen Titania

    252 Atk/252 Speed/4 HP


    Fake Out
    Stone Edge
    Hi Jump Kick

    Mienshao is usually my lead, and it does a superb job of it. Fake Out generally deals 10% - 20% dmg to pokes that don't resist it. Sometimes, if I see them with a ghost on their team and a bulky steel lead like Skarmory or Ferrothorn, I will go for the nuclear option and see if I can do ~70% - OHKO with HJK on my first hit. It's a high risk, high reward strategy for most users of HJK, but Mienshao has like, the coolest ability ever - Regenerator, so if it's going rough from HJK recoil, I can instantly switch out and gain 33% health back. Even better than that, I have U-turn, so if they have a slower poke, I can turn out, gain the health AND do large damages to psychics like Reuniclus who expect to switch in and set up TrickRoom or Calm Mind. Dealing around 70% dmg to Reuniclus on the Turn while it switches in means that Latios, Terrakion, Gengar, or even Rotom can procure a quick KO for a low price. At this point, all the rock/spikesetters are really hurting from HJK, etc.

    Something that most people don't know about Mienshao is its utility against super fragile sweepers! Fake Out is a +3 Priority move, so it outspeeds nearly everything else, ever. It deals 52% dmg to a 0/0 Alakazam, which is super frustrating for the other guy because no one puts leftovers on Ala (that's just ridiculous!). In the late game, being able to check boosted, half dead sweepers with a regenerating poke (which therefore heals when it comes in on entry hazards, even) is ridiculously ass-covering.

    Team Synergy:

    2x Weaknesses: Flying, Psychic
    2x Resists: Bug, Rock, Dark

    Flying is a type that I have a bit of a problem with, but when push comes to shove, Rotom can come in and OHKO most Flying types in the metagame with Volt Switch.

    Psychic is resisted by 2 of my pokes, neutral against my special wall and supereffective against 3 of my speedsters, so generally nothing but a team that's heavily psychic based would give me any troubles.

    Queen Mab

    Modest (-Atk/+Spe. Attack)
    252 Sp. A/4 Sp. D/252 HP


    Volt Switch
    Thunder Wave

    Hydro Pump
    Pain Split

    Rotom is one of the most ridiculous pokes in existence, in my opinion. It's a damn appliance family! (Oh how I wish my fridge was a Rotom XD). That aside, it functions with a whole bunch of utility on my team.

    First of all, I'm not scared of physical threats at all, so I've given up the super annoyingly inaccurate WoW for Twave! This is really good against any sweeper that doesn't possess a Lum Berry.

    Obviously, the Pain Split is super important. I've switched in my Rotom on an STAB thunder from Zapdos, tanked another one, and regained 70% health with it, then OHKO'd with Hydro Pump (it wasn't even raining XD).

    Volt Switch remainds one of the most powerful moves ever designed for offensive teams, and allows me to KO things that are at lower health due to Rotom's fantastic spe. attack Stat.

    Rotom primarily functions as my main bulky steel check - it takes things like not-Specs Magnezone with surprising ease and manages to OHKO then with STAB Hydro Pump like a boss. Depending on the Gliscor, it can Hydro Pump a substitute away and let me switch out to Latios while it protects or something.

    Another thing that Rotom does for me in a Wifi battle is functioning as a neigh-unkillable lead. (Of course, if the opponent has a Rotom, I'd go for the FakeOut+HJK OHKO with Mienshao, which is a better lead most of the time), but things like bulky pokes or leadsweepers barely touch Rotom absent something ridiculous like STAB Spec Meteor from a Latios, allowing me to spread Paralysis, Volt Switch out or even OHKO with Hydro Pamp once in a while!

    Rotom is definitely the best Cloyster check I know of in the OU metagame - it switches in on a SS, tanks everything but a double-crit Rock Smash, and OHKOs with Volt Switch.

    The only thing that Rotom really fears is a Lum Berry Dragon, but there are other things on this team that kill Dragons.

    Team Synergy:

    2x Weaknesses: Grass
    4x Resists: Steel
    2x Resists: Fire, Water, Ice, Flying
    Not Affected By: Ground

    I have three Grass resists, so things like Virizion or Roserade pose close to 0 problem for me. As long as I can Volt out or just switch, I'll be perfectly fine at preserving Rotom's longevity enough to fire off a Pain Split and heal it back to the top again.

    Rotom represents a huge figure of resistance against Flying types, against Ice types that would normally give my pokes a bit of pause, and forms one of the three key pokes that will make sure my Terrakion isn't cut down from below by Ground attacks.

    With some Rocks/Spikes and Fake Out/U-Turn dmg, Volt Switch quickly wears an opponent down to nothing.

    The Lord of Black Arts

    Modest (+Sp. A/-Atk)
    252 Sp. A/252 Spe/4HP


    Focus Blast
    Shadow Ball

    Gengar takes trolling and turns it into a legitimate strategy, an art, even. It's a bit fragile for my tastes, but it more than makes up for that with a Subs. It DOES tank a CB Scizor's Bullet Punch at full health (taking 95% dmg or so, iirc), and let's me disable it. Have you seen a scizor hit the struggle button against a Ferrothorn? I have. It's an ugly mess of 40% dmg to the Scizor and 3% to the Ferro.

    When he's behind Subs, his fast Shadow Ball gets to perform those sweet 2HKOs on things that would otherwise revenge kill Gengar. While it could function as a poke that works really well in the late game, generally I lose Gengar by then because it's generally the least important of my pokes.

    Gengar is, in some ways, the weakest link on my team. I use it to take Fighting attacks, which would otherwise give me trouble, but it's consistently outperformed by everything from Rotom to Ferrothorn. I'm not sure it still has a place on my team, but it represents one of the most reliable kills against other ghost types and steel types (due to Focus Blast).

    Team Synergy:

    2x Weaknesses: Psychic, Ghost, Dark
    4x Resists: Grass
    2x Resists: Poison, Bug
    Not Affected By: Normal, Fighting, Ground

    Gengar is 100% Team Synergy and little else. It resists nearly everything that hurts my other pokes (fighting moves). It's a great pairing with Ferrothorn, but it doesn't work that great (at all) with Latios.

    Gengar's spinblocking is one of his greatest assets. It's an anathema to everything but Starmie, but Starmie fears Ferrothorn anyway, and a Power Whip + BarbHelmet dmg kills it dead anyway. I'd take a dead Starmie for the loss of a layer of (replaceable) Rocks.

    Gengar can't take a hit, though. Stone edge represents 95% of its health if it comes in at a bad time on Terrakion. Yet it's really difficult to get rid of it. There's nothing like watching Vira's Mienshao crash for 50% dmg after it's been hurt for 25% by using Fake Out on Ferro. Of course, resisting Bug is absolutely great, though Scizors who Bullet Punch and ask questions later are deadly annoying to me if Ferro or worse, Rotom, is dead.

    Myrrdin Emyrs

    Timid (+Speed/-Atk)
    252 Spe. A/252 Spe/4 HP


    Draco Meteor

    Latios is one of the two offensive stars of my team. The way by which I utilize him is a little different from how other people seem to use him - as a late game sweeper. Other people send him out near the start and let him die. I think that's a super stupid idea. STAB Draco Meteor represents the most powerful move in my (and most other player's) arsenals, OHKOing everything from a dedicated Rotom to random things like Terrakion or even Celebi in a single clicky.

    Best of all, he's immune to toxic spikes and normal spikes, so basically he just comes in randomly and breaks things, then runs away.

    His usage is super-self-explanatory, I think.

    Team Synergy:

    2x Weaknesses: Ice, Bug, Ghost, Dragon, Dark
    2x Resists: Fire, Water, Electric, Grass, Fighting, Psychic
    Not Affected By: Ground

    The thing about Latios is that it's a super fantastic revenge killer of awesome proportions. Like, it's so good, it's ridiculous. There is barely anything that doesn't 2HKO it, but there's also barely anything that it doesn't OHKO or outspeed. On this basis, it represents the ultimate check against Fighting types (only 2 of which outspeed it). A well timed Psyshock 2HKOs Blissey and 3HKOs Chansey.

    Of course, there's Draco Meteor.

    It's weaknesses are perfectly covered by the FerroGar combo, while it comes in and tanks Fire moves like a champ.

    In fact, the only thing I fear is Scarf Darmanitan, whose Flare Blitz terrifies me.

    Warden Jameson

    Iron Barbs
    Impish (-Sp. Atk/+Def)
    252 HP/252 Def/4 Sp. D


    Power Whip
    Gyro Ball
    Stealth Rock

    Kai is against having a dedicated wall on a team of bulky offense, but with lots of experimenting, I've come to the conclusion that Ferrothorn is not actually a dedicated wall.

    Let me explain! Most Ferrothorn sets are, without a doubt, dedicated walls. It has everything it needs to succeed as a wall and stuff, besides a recovery move! But in the world of GyroHelmetBarb, Ferrothorn has killed around as many pokes as Gengar has.

    One word, Dragons. The huge majority of dragons are strong physical sweepers - Dragonite, Salamence, etc, are superpopular for good reason. They're strong and they sweep! If you switch in Ferrothorn on a +2 Outrage, it deals 25% dmg through Barbs and Helmet, loses 30-40% health and then proceeds to deal another 25% through the physical hazard, and then OHKOs with Gyro Ball (which does around 60%). That's a dead dragon and a living Ferrothorn! I don't think there's anything on my team that can check a rampaging Dragon with such cold efficiency.

    This isn't just true of fighting types! Bulky (non-fighting) physical attacks are hurt really badly. Ferro is an epic scizor check, because nothing but the CB variant OHKOs with Superpower, and Bullet Punch/U-Turn do close to no damage on him.

    And then, of course, there are Rocks and Spikes. The Spikes are almost an afterthought, because of the rise of Levitate and Flying types. (There's 3 Levitate users on my team!) Rocks, however, ensure that Volcaronas don't have such an easy time (even if a Volca sets up, Mienshao can 2HKO a Rock'd Volca with Fake Out, or 1HKO Rock/3Spikes all at the risk of a burn).

    Team Synergy:

    4x Weaknesses: Fire
    2x Weaknesses: Fighting
    4x Resists: Grass
    2x Resists: Normal, Water, Electric, Psychic, Rock, Ghost, Dragon, Dark, Steel
    Not Affected By: Poison

    Ferrothorn is special. Well, not a special attacker or defender, but it's special anyway. People don't seem to expect such a defensive ferrothorn and they pay the price in 25% dmg from Barbs and Helmet.

    Ferrothorn represents the ultimate definition of "holding the fort down". As long as it resists it, it doesn't hurt him.

    Of course, the KOs I garner off of it are ridiculously lulzy anyway. People cringe like crazy or even forfeit when Ferro hits their Dnite for 60% with Gyro, then double HelmetBarbs them when they Fire Paunch for a dead Dnite.

    Setting up Rocks and Spikes means that Terrakion's CC and Gengar's Shadow Ball basically kills everything dead. Gengar's spinblocker works super well for this FerroGar support team combo.

    Harry Potter

    Terrakion@Choice Scarf
    Adamant (+Attack/-Spe. Attack)
    252 Atk/252 Spe/4 HP


    Close Combat
    Stone Edge

    There is no question that Terrakion changed the game. Fighting is one of the least resisted types in the game, and the only thing that's supereffective vs. those normal walls like Chansey, Blissey, Pory2, etc. When pressured, it also represents an ultimate cuntpunt of unresisting bulky water types and stuff. Other than Politoed, I've seen it break through Vaporeon in a single hit. I've seen it break a Rotom's face, etc.

    STAB Stone Edge is so underrated because of its accuracy rate, but I don't even know why! It represents an OHKO to nearly every single fire type in the metagame, which would normally give my team a little bit of trouble.

    Speaking of STAB Stone Edge, my ScarfTerrakion can basically come in on a +1 Dragonite and OHKO it with Stone Edge, assuming no multiscale. It runs into a bit of a problem when it tries the same crap with Salamence, but Sala is killed by Fake Out and Ferrotrolling anyway, so I'm less worried about that.

    CC is a OHKO on non-HP-dedicated Haxorus's (Haxori?) and a 2HKO on 252 hp Hax, so it dances at its own peril.

    Terrakion is easily the most reliable figure on my team - killing nearly everything in the metagame with its supereffective or superpowerful STAB moves, and EQ. As long as some psychic types are damaged, X-Scissor cleans up.

    Team Synergy:

    2x Weaknesses: Water, Grass, Fighting, Ground, Psychic, Steel
    2x Resists: Normal, Fire, Poison, Bug, Rock, Dark

    Of all pokes, Terrakion represents the least synergistic because he's the most American, rugged individual type of the lot. CC represents a shitton of OHKOs or 2HKOs, but it does benefit from the Ferrothorn advantage. Of course, lots of the pokes on the team exist to support him and Latios anyway (Rotom and Mienshao).

    Terrakion is Volcarona's worst enemy, and Volcarona hurts my team really, really badly.

    Threat List

    Not a threat.
    Can be killed pretty easily.
    Need to take care of it as soon as possible.
    Better kill this soon, or it will kill me back.
    Sac a poke to kill it.
    Kill at all costs.


    • Choice Band - This is annoying if Rotom's out, but Mienshao OHKOs with HJK.
    • Choice Scarf - This is super annoying, but Terrakion can come in assuming Mienshao dies and OHKO with CC.
    • Dragon Dance - HJK OHKO, gogogo.
    • Choice Scarf / Specs - Well, Ferro comes in on it anyway, so it doesn't do anything. The HPfire variants can be annoying, but I know, at least, that Latios can OHKO with Draco Meteor.
    • Support - Draco Meteor, HJK and CC all OHKO.

    • Choice Band - I'm hideously weak to CB scizor because Rotom and Ferro die. As long as it lives, I make sure at least one of the two are alive. The lead variants of this are easily to kill, though. Because Hi Jump Kick doing 90%+ dmg to them, and Fake Out doing 4% or so.
    • Swords Dance - This thing generally comes out near the beginning, but when it does, expecting a Sdance set gets me killed really quickly by a superpower from Rotom. If I see this, I try to paralyze it and wear it down with a combo of HJK and Volt Switch.
    • Bulky Swords Dance - This is basically the Sdance variant, only worse. I'm not quite afraid of the extra atk in the normal sdance variant, but the natural bulk that it has.
    • Choice Band - This is a pain in the ass when it surprises me, but generally Ferrothorn rapes its face AND sets up to add insult to injury. Also, Draco Meteor.
    • Dragon Dance - If I see a Dnite come in, my autoresponse is to switch to Terrakion. I don't care if that shit is bulky. I don't care if that shit is Band, or even a parashuffler. If I see a Dnite, I will go into panic mode and assume it's a damn DDnite, and I WILL garner an OHKO with Stone Edge. If it means doing 57% dmg because Multiscale, I will switch Mienshao the fuck in and hit it again and again with Fake Out while my pokes die around me. Because Latios, Gengar, Rotom all die to a single +1 Outrage.
    • Mixed - Mixed Nites are killed pretty easily by Meteor and smart switching, so lol.
    • Parashuffler - Annoying, but not even close to the end of the world. A Fake Out and a Stone Edge or a Meteor will kill this thing dead.
    • Rain Abuse - It can be a bitch to deal with, but Twave Rotom makes them rage. Especially if I Pain Split it to death.
    • Choice Specs / Scarf - Specs Politoed surprising me is angering. Scarf Politoed surprising me is less angering. Basically, most of my shit kills it, though I'll end up dumping Ferrothorn into the fray for a bit of safety.
    • 3 Attacks - So, uh, everything OHKOs this guy, except like, Gengar.
    • Standard - Surf from Latios kills it dead, though it tanks the Draco Meteor pretty well. Rotom is a 100% safe switch on it, even with HP Grass, because it doesn't OHKO and Latios can come out immediately afterwards, since Dragon/Dark Pulse barely even hurt it.
    • Substitute + Calm Mind / Wish + Calm Mind - On the bright side, if Mienshao is alive, this guy is super dead. On the not so bright side, stuff dies when I kill Jirachi. It's annoying as hell, but it's doable as long as it doesn't get like, fifty calm minds up or something. Generally, they switch in on Ferrothorn anyway, so I switch out to Terrakion immediately since no one uses Steel attacks on Ferro if they can help it. Rotom is also a good switch because it's like a 4HKO with Thunder and a 3HKO after CM, so I twave it or if it's blocked by subs, I volt switch to break subs and hammer it with Terrakion and stuff.
    • Expert Belt - This is obsolete nowadays, apparently. Well, I saw it yesterday, but it died pretty reliable to Terrakion and Mienshao.
    • Choice Scarf - I'm faster! Nyahhh nyahh. Also, it runs physical hits so Ferro brings the lulz and stuff.
    • Life Orb / Expert Belt - Diverse Latios' are inferior to Shadow Ball Gengar.
    • Choice Scarf / Specs - Gyro Ball. Ferro resists everything but HP Fire, but like, if it's running HP fire, that means that it's not using Draco Meteor and Rotom thus can come in and Twave it so I can put a Draco Meteor into his Draco Meteor so I can Draco Meteor with Draco Meteors. Meteorception >_>
    • Calm Mind - I don't see these often because CM Latias is generally better, but when I do, I twave it and hit it with U-Turn until it squeals.
    • Calm Mind - U-Turn/X-Scissor solves all my problems
    • Offensive Trick Room - OH I AM SWEPT. But really. Dealing with this is a superterrible pain in the ass. Everything but Rotom gets OHKO'd, so I try to twave and I beg beg beg for parahax. Sometimes, Ferro can outstall it, but only once in a blue moon, when it doesn't have Focus Blast in favor of HP Ice or something.
    • Choice Scarf / Choice Band - These aren't a problem because Close Combat and, failing that, Ferrothorn + Fake Out
    • Dragon Dance - All Dragon Dancers are terrible things. I try to lure him into Outraging (it's harder to do because Rotom is hit by his EQ), but then GyroBarbHelmet kills it dead. If it doesn't... Close Combat. LOL.
    • Double Dance - This is annoying, but not as bad as DDance, because it automagically has less diversity. That said, if he doesn't die quick, it's over.
    • Nasty Plot - Stone Edge.
    • Choice Specs - Stone Edge.
    • Special Attacker - Stone Edge.
    • Bulk Up - A Psyshock from Latios will generally kill a +1, even. But like, in extreme cases, Gengar can come in and Subs, then Disable his Payback, Subs and rage impotently while wrecking with Shadow Ball and stuff.
    • Flame Orb + 3 Attacks - Psyshock.
    • Nasty Plot Sweeper - So uh, U-Turn.
    • Tinkerbell - So uh, U-Turn.
    • Choice Specs / Choice Scarf - So uh, X-Scissor. XD
    • Double Dance - If he looks like he's gonna polish, I send in Ferro to gyro ball him to death. If he DOES polish, that means he doesn't have the firepower to kill Ferro in one hit. Click Gyro Ball. If he boosts, Gyro Ball OHKOs. If he doesn't, and kills it with CC, Scarf Terrakion will kill the Sdancer, Gengar will sort-of-kill the Polisher, and Latios will kill both.
    • Choice Scarf / Choice Band - Well, my own Terrakion generally kills the Band variant without fail, though something generally dies to it. An opposing Scarf is a bit of a problem, but as long as Gengar lives, and I don't switch in onto a Stone Edge, I'll be fine. Meanwhile, if I outwine him, sometimes Ferro gets OHKOs with Gyro Ball.
    • Substitute + Swords Dance - Super annoying, but generally they choose EQ over Edge and thus Gengar can troll like a boss. Failing that, Focus Blast will break subs and CC from my Terrakion will rape it without fail.
    • Offensive / Bulky Dragon Dance - This needs to die ASAP. If I can get it before it +2's, Rotom will be capable of killing it with Volt Switch. Otherwise, I have to hope for the best with Ferrothorn (which is setup bait, since Gyro is resisted). As long as it's only +1, Terrakion can hit it with Edge and kill it dead.
    • Choice Band / Choice Scarf - Hey, Slow Gyarados, meet Fast Stone Edge! Hey, Fast Gyarados, meet Faster Stone Edge!
    • Substitute + Disable / Pain Split - If I see an enemy Gengar, the idea is to get Rotom out to break Subs, assuming Subs. Otherwise, I try to get my own Gengar out to Sub up first. Meanwhile, if I've broken subs and I know it's not a Timid Gengar, Latios will kill it. If I've broken subs and it's a Timid Gengar, Stone Edge is a pretty good answer to it. Failing that, Hydro Pump.
    • Life Orb - This is sort of annoying, but X-Scissor will kill it. Ferro walls it 100%, etc.
    • Rapid Spin - Switching in Gengar isn't always the best idea, but generally, I'm capable of killing this variant with power whip and setting up some more stuff.
    • Choice Specs/Scarf - If Ferro is dead, it's basically GG, because Hydro Pump will get me. I've been swept by Starmie more than any other pokemon except for Dragonite. Maybe it's bad playing, but Terrakion doesn't check Scarfmie at all. D:
    • Rock Polish / Swords Dance - If it doesn't have U-Turn, Latios will kill it. If it does, I can reasonably expect Ferrothorn to wall and kill it. Even with Hammer Arm, because Gyro Ball is like, a 2HKO.
    • Choice Scarf - Rotom can take care of this variant using Hydro Pump.
    • Substitute + 3 Attacks - I will do anything to break subs. Then I will kill it with Rotom.
    • Mixed Attacker - Latios, Gengar (at full health), Rotom all check. Though CC really hurts Rotom sometimes. Generally, when they see Rotom come in, they assume scarf and run away, so i volt switch and hope they're drunk on that wine. Terrakion can OHKO with CC.
    • Nasty Plot / Swords Dance Booster - Haven't seen one of these in a while, but Latios kills it superdead. Also, Terrakion.
    • Choice Band - Terrakion, Latios, again. If it chooses Stone Edge, I might even have the audacity to pull Ferro in and set up on it. XD
    • Offensive Quiver Dance - This has not been a problem since Terrakion resists both STABs and outspeeds a +1 Volca. But if it has Hurricane, I better damn hope I hit it with Edge. On the bright side, if I see it in the team preview, I will sac Ferro to get rocks up.
    • Bulky Quiver Dance - This isn't any more annoying because Stone Edge.
    • Chesto Rest - Stone Edge.
    • Substitute - Double Stone Edge. >_> Fiery Dance from +1 generally doesn't OHKO Mienshao, for some reason o_O
    • Substitute - Close Combat is the name of the game! It won't even 2HKO Terrakion, but Terrakion can hit it once and it'll fold.
    • Choice Scarf / Choice Specs - Volt Switch is super annoying when I'm up against it, but if I can surprise it by switching Ferrothorn out when it comes in, mostly everything can OHKO or 2HKO it.
    • Calm Mind - If it comes in on U-Turn, it autodies, lol. But like, if it doesn't, I have troubles with it - only Terrakion will kill it with X-Scissor. Thank god it's an OHKO.
    • Bulky Sun Attacker / Passer - They're tough to deal with, but if I see a passing team, I will Fake Out and VoltTurn mercilessly. So Rotom kills Ninjasks, etc. Terrakion generally OHKOs anything that can come in and Iron Defense, so it's fine.
    • Dragon Dance - Terrakion comes in on the switch and OHKOs with Stone Edge.
    • Mixed - Terrakion's Stone Edge. Mienshao can generally kill it too!
    • Defensive - There is nothing it can do about Stone Edge Terrakion.
    • Choice Scarf / Choice Band - Something's probably dying to it, but Terrakion will kill it almost without fail.
    • Offensive - Both Hi Jump Kick and CC trouble it epically. Focus Blast is also an OHKO, as is Draco Meteor.
    • Choice Specs / Choice Scarf - Terrakion is a guaranteed kill against it, but just because Scarf, I generally won't keep a Latios in or something.
    • Substitute - Well, Terrakion isn't really hurt by anything this guy can deal, so CC. If Terrakion is dead, Mienshao breaks subs with Fake Out and U-Turns out on him or something.
    • Bulk Up - Gengar walls this set completely. Draco Meteor will OHKO.
    • Sub Seed - It's annoying as hell to deal with, but Ferrothorn can break subs and damage it when it punches me. Latios counters it 100%.
    • Sub Punch - Ferrothorn can wall a Focus Punch that isn't adamant, and break subs with Gyro Ball. Otherwise, Latios counters it well.
    • Calm Mind - I will sac Terrakion to hit it with X-Scissor and then hit it with Fake Out and hope it dies. If it doesn't and it recovers on my U-Turn, it dies. If it doesn't recover on my U-Turn, Gengar can 2HKO a +1 anyway, so I will have gotten rid of it. If all else fails, I will pray RNG on Draco Meteor.
    • Offensive Tank - Draco Meteor generally kills it really quickly.
    • Choice Specs - Switch in Ferro. Gyro Ball. Switch in Rotom. Twave. Then Fake Out and X-Scissor it to death. It's really formulaic, dealing with this one.
    • Swords Dance - Sdance variants will die to Hi Jump Kick, and Fake Out will break subs, which is nice. Failing that, EQ does like, 79% to it, but it will kill Latios even without a boost, which is intense :\ If worst comes to worst, Gengar will Disable Wall it.
    • Bulk Up - Super annoying, but Gengar will disable wall it and kill it dead with Shadow Ball.
    • Swords Dance - Close Combat
    • Nasty Plot - Surf, because Latios laughs at Vacuum Wave. Also, Rotom will eat an aura sphere and paralyze it. Also, Gengar walls it with Disable.
    • Calm Mind - CC from Terrakion will OHKO this one.
    • Swords Dance - Terrakion CC
    • Dual Screens - It's messy, but if Latios comes out, it's probably going to Light Screen first. Psyshock surprise!
    • Dragon Dance - So, uh, Hi Jump Kick and Close Combat.
    • Bulk Up - Gengarally, Gengar will wall it with disable, or Ferro will troll it when it Crunches. Then Gengar again. Then Gengar subs on his Drain Punch when he thinks he'll outwine you. Then Focus Blast will kill it.
    • Special Growth - I honestly don't know man. If I get Ferrothorn in, and it doesn't have HP Fire (heh, fat chance), it might Sleep Powder me. Then I'll send out Latios and hit it with Psyshock and it'll die and stuff. Otherwise, if it comes in on Terrakion, and is not Timid or something, Terrakion 2HKOs with EQ. Otherwise, I have to hope for the best and try to wall it with Gengar.
    • Mixed Growth - Same situation with Special Growth, only Gengar walls it even less. :\ On the bright side, Latios also takes less dmg from it, but absent that, I have to try to Fake Out the Venusaur to death, which is super annoying.
    • SubSeed - Even without the sun, this set is a little annoying, but in the sun, it will hurt my Latios and sleep it in one fell swoop. On the bright side, without Growth, it barely does any damage, so Terrakion/Gengar will be able to pull a kill off at great costs.
    • Stealth Rock - Rotom Walls and paralyzes it very well and Ferro sets up on it. After it's taken a bunch of damage, Terrakion can hit it with OHKO EQ or 70% CC.
    • Choice Scarf / Choice Band - Rotom makes this a joke. So does Ferro, really.
    • Agility - Well, if it has Agility, Ferro and Rotom still wall it, but I wouldn't send out anything that does a lot of damage, so the two of them will just have to Twave or wear him down with BarbHelmet and Volt Switching.
    • All-Out Attacker - It can be dangerous, but generally, FerroGar will be able to troll it if it tries to HJK. Fake Out is the first move nearly all the time, but Ferrothorn will force it to eat 25% dmg, and when the other guy seeks revenge by spamming HJK, Gengar smiles at it.
    • Choice Scarf / Choice Band - These are one trick ponies to the max. U-Turn won't hurt FerroGar, but HJK, even if it kills Ferro, will let Gengar set up. Also, CC will OHKO it. If it's not the Scarf variant, Psyshock will kill it.
    • Shell Smash - One word - Rotom. It can take a Rock Blast and KO with Volt Switch, or even Twave it!. Otherwise, it might sweep me. >_> If it's a lead, Mienshao will kill it with HJK
    • Utility - VoltSwitch and CloseCombat/HJK will kill it.
    • Physical Attacker - CC and HJK will kill it.
    • Focus Sash + Endeavor - Fake Out will break sash and make this absolutely fail. Also, Gengar isn't affected by Endeavor, and I think (I'm not sure) that Ferrothorn will reverse gank it with Helmet and stuff.
    • ScarfSwine - Scarf Terrakion
    • Choice Scarf / Choice Band - I have problems with these. Rotom gets OHKO'd by Flare Blitz, as does everything else. It's annoying, but it's a sacrifice I have to make. Generally, Terrakion can come in and spam CC for free kills afterwards though. Latios doesn't check the Scarf version, but if it's a band, Surf or Draco Meteor (assuming Sun) will OHKO it.
    • Rain Abuser - Can be super dangerous, but like Rotom counters it hard, and if all else fails, Terrakion will revenge it with Stone Edge.
    • Choice Specs - Terrakion checks. Latios will OHKO with Draco Meteor, etc.
    • Choice Scarf - Terrakion is my go to guy anyway, and CC OHKOs.
    • SubSeed - Uturn out of the sub and OHKO with basically anything but Rotom, or set up with Ferro.
    • Mixed Attacker - This dies so quick it's not even funny, to U-Turn, Hi Jump Kick, Close Combat, Meteor, Focus Blast, Gyro Ball, etc etc.
    • Substitute + 3 Attacks - I'd break the subs with Terrakion if I ever saw one of these around. After that, Fake Out is a 2HKO anyway, so like, it doesn't matter at all.
    • Offensive Calm Mind - Fake Out is a 2HKO. Also, Terrakion will outspeed.
    • Focus Sash - Fake Out and Terrakion check it pretty well.
    • Dual Screens - Fake Out then U-Turn kills it.
    • Lead - Lead Azelfs generally don't have Psychic, so Mienshao is safe. Otherwise, Terrakion will come in for a revenge kill.
    • Nasty Plot - If it tries to set up a Nasty Plot on Mienshao, U-Turn will OHKO it.
    • Choice Band - X-Scissor will kill it, as will Draco Meteor and Shadow Ball.
    • Choice Band - Rotom and Ferro wall like crazy.
    • Fast Spiker - U-Turn OHKOs, as does X-Scissor.
    • Focus Sash - This generally garners a kill on me, but I can revenge it incredibly well.
    • Choice Band - Considering nothing dies in one hit to it except for Latios and Gengar anyway...
    • Agility - I've been swept by this before, but Rotom will wall it super reliably, as will Ferro, and cripple or kill it.
    • Choice Specs - There are very few things I have that don't outspeed and deal super effective dmg to this.
    • SmashPass - Fake out to break sash or something, and then Hi Jump Kick will OHKO it. If I ended up Turning out, twave spam means that whatever comes in will be crippled anyway.
    • Shell Smash Sweeper - I have never not killed the shit out of this, especially since Scarf Terrakion outspeeds a +2 Gorebyss pretty reliably. LOL.
    • Dragon Dance - If I see a Kingdra, I will come in with Latios and spam Draco Meteor. I don't care if it's a Specs edition. There is NO way I'd let it dance. Kingdras are like, unkillable after they dance. >_>
    • Rain Dance - This would be a problem if not for Twave and Meteor.
    • Choice Specs - If it kills Latios, I will come in and paralyze it, because honestly, it's dangerous. But I can deal with it - in fact, it doesn't actually have the bulk to take a CC after Rocks.
    • Choice - Terrakion kills it dead.
    • Substitute + 3 Attacks - Barely anyone seems to run this, but Volt Switch will break subs and stuff. I'll probably switch to Mienshao and if he doesn't kill me, HJK will kill it as long as I outspeed. If I don't, Terrakion comes in for revenge. Meanwhile, Ferrothorn can also OHKO with Gyro Ball, iirc.
    • Choice Band / Scarf - Stone Edge from Terrakion kills it reliably, as does Surf and Draco Meteor.
    • Physical Attacker - Basically, Mienshao can kill it.
    • Choice Band - Terrakion outspeeds, and if it doesn't I'll let Ferro come in and soak a hit or two and it'll be half dead and Fake Out bait.
    • Baton Pass - Fake Out + HJK will break its Sash, and kill it dead.
    • Speed Boost - if it's not +2, Terrakion will kill it dead. Otherwise, Rotom and Ferro both wall it.
    • Choice Scarf / Choice Specs - X-Scissor, U-Turn, Draco Meteor, Shadow Ball.
    • Support - All of the above.
    DEFENSIVE (Oh god, this is so tedious and difficult, but it makes me think so hard)


    • Specially Defensive - If he surprises my Latios, who wants an OHKO with Surf, we've got troubles. But like, Mienshao and Terrakion will both kill it dead.
    • Standard - I have a list of stuff that kills this, not limited to LatiosMeteor, CC from Terrakion, HJK from Mienshao and Power Whip from Ferro. The Switching doesn't get any less annoying though.
    • Standard - This is patently not a problem because Gengar, Mienshao and Terrakion can all kill it to various degrees. I don't like the Twave variants, though. Not at all, and I have to beware of Gyro Ball. Generally, when you OHKO someone's Ferrothorn with HJK, people quit ;)
    • Defensive - If I see Politoed as the lead nowadays, I generally hit the Draco Meteor button and it dies.
    • Swords Dance - Latios kills this dead really easily, and it's a piece of cake for Gengar to stall it. Sometimes, Rotom can kill it too, if it doesn't have Subs.
    • Substitute + Protect - This is like, killed by Latios, but if Latios is dead, it becomes very annoying to kill and I have to outstall it with Gengar.
    • AcroBat - If I'm not expecting this, it usually takes Mienshao or Terrakion from me. On the bright side, it's resisted and Rotom and Latios can both swat it like a bug.
    • Defensive - Dies like Sdance Gliscor.
    • Specially Defensive - This actually poses 0 problems because Focus Blast is a 2HKO and CC/HJK are both OHKOs. If all three are dead, I'm probably not winning anyway.
    • Specially Defensive - This can be super annoying, I usually hope to garner kills with EQ or HJK which are both 2HKOs.
    • Physically Defensive Spiker - I have no problems because HJK is a 3HKO and it can't kill Mienshao without making HJK a 2HKO through Brave Bird. Thunderbolt kills it easily, as does CC spam.
    • Specially Defensive Spiker - Fighting Move spam. Gengar, etc, they can all kill Skarm.
    • Specially Defensive - Stone Edge~
    • Physically Defensive - My bug things kill it in one hit. So does Draco Meteor.
    • Physically Defensive Spiker - HJK and CC are both 2HKOs. I don't have any OHKOs on it, but it doesn't matter because it doesn't regain health. Gengar walls it, and Ferro can hurt it if it even moves.
    • Specially Defensive Spiker - Barely anyone uses this because HJK is an OHKO on it, etc.
    • RestTalk - It will never rest because Volt Switch. The policy is to switch in Terrakion first though...
    • Utility Counter - Thunderbolt 2HKO, Shadow Ball OHKO, Stone Edge 2HKO. It's not difficult because people generally switch it in, and I'll even take the Ferro 2HKO with Power Whip and setup. Volt Switch is surprisingly useless as a 3HKO, though.
    • Toxic Spikes - Earthquake is a 2HKO on it even with Rain Dish and Leftovers. Psyshock is an OHKO, but TB isn't. Gengar can wall it very, very efficiently by disabling Scald.
    • Tank - Dies to a CC, HJK or Draco Meteor or even a Power Whip. Unfortunately, Gengar is useless against it.
    • Dual Screens - This is annoying but not nearly as much so as most other things.
    • Baton Pass - I deal with this by ensuring nothing is EVER passed to Espeon. I do that by spamming Draco Meteor.
    • Support - I do not fear the pink blob, because CC is epic. Skarmbliss dies to CC just as well, because it's a 2 or 3HKO on Skarm depending on EV distribution.
    • Wish Support - CC and HJK OHKO. Meteor is a true 2HKO - 80% on hit 1.
    • HydraRest - CC and HJK OHKO. If he rests on Meteor, annoyance everywhere. The Acid Armor variant is terribly bad. Thunderbolt is all I can rely on after that, unless I Disable rest.
    • Support - As long as it's not the CM variant, it dies to U-Turn and X-Scissor or Draco Meteor.
    • Tank - I don't have fire attacks so I have to out wall it by using Volt Switch and Gengar and Surf. It's super annoying, because Gyro Ball hurts my faster pokes. On the bright side, switching Ferro in decreases its longevity like crazy.
    • Dual Screens - This is even more annoying Tank Bronzong, but it dies really easily. Honestly, it makes me want to run Haxorus >_>
    • Defensive - Draco Meteor will OHKO this, as will CC.
    • Stallbreaker - I hate Mew with a passion, not because I can't kill it, but because it cripples me for the majority of the game. It's really, really annoying and diverse and if it's used well, it's far superior to the other 100/100->600s.
    • Tank - Latios can kill it with a Draco Meteor or with a TB. Gengar kills it dead with a single, super reliable shadow ball.
    • Curse - If I let it set up Curse, I WILL lose Latios or Gengar to it.
    • Specially Defensive - Draco Meteor will generally hit through it, but CC definitely kills it.
    • Physically Defensive - Draco Meteor OHKO.
    • Support - I can kill this reliably the same way I kill most Psychic types, with U-Turn and X-Scissor.
    • Dual Screens - This is bullied by Gengar, who can wait the Screens out with Subs and Disable.
    • Bulky Spiker - This is a 2HKO from U-Turn, or alternatively, a U-Turn followed by an X-scissor.
    • Toxic Staller - Can't stall me because U-Turn.
    • Specially Defensive - Dat Close Combat/HJK
    • Physical Tank - Nearly everything is a 2HKO on it, giving it a chance to setup and stuff, but I always DO kill it.
    • Standard - Draco Meteor is an OHKO.
    • Dual Screens - This is hard to deal with, but generally, I hit it with Stone Edge and Volt Switch until it folds. It always does, but it does lots of damage through status and burns and stuff that cripples me for the rest of the game, so I never send out Terrakion against it.
    • Bulky - It's super annoying, but it exists. Generally what happens is that I try to wear it down with Rotom and Ferrothorn and setting up. Generally when it comes out, I lose something. Gengar can revenge kill it reliable with the use of Disable and Subs.
    • Prankster - U-Turn is an OHKO, as is X-Scissor and Draco Meteor if they don't Cotton Guard, but... honestly, no one expects that shit for some reason >_>

    • Physically Defensive - It's great, because I don't have Ice Beam and stuff! I should probably fix that >_> U-turn and X-Scissor are both 2HKOs, so I usually U-Turn and Twave it up.
    • Prankster - Honestly super annoying, but generally, they don't expect Latios to Draco Meteor and they burn me or something and they die. LOL.
    • Defensive - Close Combat will OHKO, as will HJK. Setup fodder for Ferro.
    • Support - So ehh, Close Combat and Hi Jump Kick both OHKO. Psyshock is a 3HKO. It's setup fodder for ferrothorn and Gengar can 3HKO and set up subs.
    I'm done.

    Omg. I can't believe I'm done. D:

    One last look:

    Last edited: Mar 23, 2012
  2. Eidolonic

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    Jul 30, 2007


    I put the rocky t-rex guy with short arms out first and he puts down the spike things, and then usually falls over dead. I'm sad.

    Then I bring out the pink or blue or whatever flying bird, and spam dragon matter until stuff dies, and then I die.

    Then I bring out the spinny rock tornado thing and spam earthshaker2-3 times into the ugly purple demon until Lungs calls me bad.

    Then I only have three porkers left, so I have to use my lighting bolt thrower and pew pew stuff. It usually dies fast though.

    Then I have a manbeardog that rapes face with stones. Until it dies in one hit stuff that rapes face with stuff other than stones.

    Then I'm down to my last thing, and I mash one button and win.

    Because Ballet Paunch is good.


    How to counter my team is really simple. Just lie to me when I ask if bird attacks are good against the white guy you're using. I have no idea what I'm doing, and it's a pretty safe strategy.

    Hope this helps.

    P.s. I might be slightly intoxicated and not slept for 4ish days.
  3. Aurion

    Aurion Headmaster

    Jun 11, 2008
    North Carolina
    Mienshao, Rotom, Ferrothorn, Gengar, Terrakion, Jirachi.

    Like fuck am I posting a wall of text like that, the team's honestly not good enough to warrant it.
  4. Red

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    Apr 11, 2008
    Best Team is 6 Brelooms. TruFax.
  5. Seratin

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    Oct 14, 2007
    Dún na ngall
    High Score:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

  6. Evan Tide

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    Nov 30, 2006
    So Cal
    Lungs, you're like WAY into Pokemon, man.

    Even the standard RMTs at Smogon aren't as long and comprehensive.
  7. Eidolonic

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    Jul 30, 2007
    Fitting. As it's the only thing he'll be way into. :awesome
  8. Seratin

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    If you're talking about a vagina there you're wrong. It's only a matter of time before he catches some poor girl off guard in a dimly lit street.
  9. Another Empty Frame

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    Apr 5, 2011
    Near Seattle
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    He has... a couple times, in a dark alley in his parents' home.

    Lungs, tell me if I was not to share the vague information I just did. You weren't very clear.
  10. Vira

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    Dec 20, 2006
    His parents have a dark alley in their house? Interesting interior design.
  11. MattSilver

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    Apr 23, 2009
    Bullshit. You don't need all six. You only need one. And I will freeze it. And it will still kill five of my Pokemon. Because that is what those fucking Shuckles do.

    /me sobs in corner.
  12. Eidolonic

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    Jul 30, 2007

    Into =/= Way into.
  13. Clerith

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    Jan 7, 2008
    High Score:
    Dear lord Lungs, that was impressive as hell. It's a funny team, without too many ridiculously overused Pokes.

    Can't rate shit, as I'm only trying to finally get into competitive battling myself, or any online battling, really ._. I turned on my DSi and Pokemon Black yesterday, started a new game, and am on my way to rape Fuuro. I hope I can finally start playing Pokemon semi-seriously =p

    But anyways, really, really nice RMT. I hope you have fun =D
  14. KaiDASH

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    Oct 6, 2010
    you're wasting mienshao base 105 speed by not running +spe nature. the fact that it outspeeds base 100-ish's like salamence and haxorus is it's best feature.

    again, running power over speed on gengar seems suboptimal since it will always lose to lati@s, espeon and tornadus without timid nature.

    rotom is fine. pain split + will-o-wisp lets it eventually win a stall wall against blissy or chansey, but that seems kind of specific.

    i'm not sure who you're playing with such that specs latios isn't being used like a tactical nuke, but needless to say they're doing it wrong.

    blah blah ferrothorn. losing 70% hp to revenge kill a +1 salamence (or insert dragon here) seems bad, when you could just outspeed and kill with some other pokemon. And a physical wall that's weak to fighting and neutral to ground is pretty meh. I like specially defensie ferrothorn (if i had to pick) since you have key resists to electric, water, grass, psychic, ghost and dragon. also momentum killer.

    scarf terrakion is ok, but i think having stone edge on two pokemon is too much! maybe consider running hasty + hp ice on mienshao to get surprise ko on gliscor and dragons.

    also you get fucked by fighting attacks after gengar is gone, seeing as your only resist is latios who gets 2hko 30% of the time if rocks are down by +0 jolly Terrakion.

    generally i don't think your team is fast enough to win before the lack of bulk kills you.
  15. Lungs

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    Jul 16, 2011
    i love girl's generation tbh
    High Score:
    Thanks everyone! I'm going to go make some changes and stuff :3
  16. tragicmat1

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    Mar 7, 2011
    I still think the most impressive is how Lungs color coded the types of attacks o,0 This thread does make me want to get back into competitive pokemon battling. It just that, I haven't really bothered wanting to learn a whole new set of pokemon from B/W o,0
  17. Lungs

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    Jul 16, 2011
    i love girl's generation tbh
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    Do it! It's not that hard XD
  18. Lutris

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    Tokyo, Japan
    I keep reading the thread title as "Pokemon Online Real Money Trading".