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Rejected Submissions - Please Read Before Posting

Discussion in 'Review Board' started by Dark Syaoran, Nov 23, 2009.

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  1. Dark Syaoran

    Dark Syaoran No. 4 Admin

    Jun 4, 2005
    All the following stories listed here in this thread have already been put up For Review and have been found lacking, either having been moved to the Recycle Bin or deleted.

    When you are posting a story For Review, please make sure your story is not already on this list. Also, make sure the story is not already in the library itself by checking here. Finally, since some stories may slip through the cracks, you can always use the search function to make sure the story you are about to post isn't one of them. The easiest way, at least for FF.net stuff, is to search for the story ID.

    Thank you.

    Special Thanks: Special thanks goes to Merrill for whipping up the letter headers. Thanks mate.

    A Dreary Tale of Katelyn Potter by FenneHP

    A Magical Journey by msnorris12000

    A Marauder At Last by Aoi-Tabibito - - - DLP-Thread

    A matter of force by Carrotglace - - - DLP-Thread

    A Mother's Love by lord of the land of fire - - - DLP-Thread

    A New Destiny by foursidedtriangle - - - DLP-Thread

    A Place For Warriors by Owlsaway - - - DLP-Thread

    A Promise From Her Boy by PsychoCellist - - - DLP-Thread

    A Reality of Illusions by Goddess of Ran - - - DLP-Thread

    A Riddled Universe by hazeldragon - - - DLP-Thread

    A Saving People Thing by Aeshan - - - DLP-Thread

    A Shadowed Soul by devilblondie - - - DLP-Thread

    A Shocking Discovery by Alorkin - - - DLP-Thread

    A sky, far, far away by remind me to breathe - - - DLP-Thread

    A Slytherin Revolution by Overkill - - - DLP-Thread

    A Slowly Dying World by HoldOnTillForever - - - DLP-Thread

    A Slytherin Revolution by Overkill - - - DLP-Thread

    A Song of War Part 1: Martyr of the People - - - DLP-Thread

    A stranger in a strange land by B.Szoke - - - DLP-Thread

    A Sue's Story by Resourceful Idiot - - - DLP-Thread

    A Surreal Tale by E. M. Pink

    A theif in the night by morgaine5 - - - DLP-Thread

    A Time for Changeling by Bloodpage-Alchemist - - - DLP-Thread

    A True Slytherin by kjp08 - - - DLP-Thread

    A Twisted Timeline by madnesspersonified

    A Very Alternate Yule Ball by pstibbons - - - DLP-Thread

    A Wizard's Displacement by The Cursed and Torn - - - DLP-Thread

    A Wizard's Song of Ice and Fire by Dark Lord Uzumaki - - - DLP-Thread

    About Remembering by hokiechick - - - DLP-Thread

    Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder by Rorschach's Blot

    Accidents Happen by thistlerose - - - DLP-Thread

    Acerbus Angelus by Dalyon - - - DLP-Thread

    Across the Universe by mira mirth - - - DLP-Thread

    Acquainted with the Night by Little Elflet

    Ad Nauseam by Minnionette - - - DLP-Thread

    After All by Majestrix

    After Quidditch Blues by Klael - - - DLP-Thread

    Age Gap by Vampire Freak - - - DLP-Thread

    Agent Double O Hex by KafkaExMachina

    Ah Keeper, Keeper by Timunderwood9 - - - DLP-Thread

    Ah, Screw it! by mjimeyg - - - DLP-Thread

    Albus Dumbledore and the Phoenix Feather by GrandsonofDumbledore - - - DLP-Thread

    Albus Dumbledore and the Everlasting Flame by G.o.D.

    Alchemist's Apprentice by PeaceThroughSuperiorFirepower

    Alexandria Auction by Tangerine-Alert - - - DLP-Thread

    All at Once by Aurilia

    Allusions of Power by ReflectionsOfReality - - - DLP-Thread

    Alone In The Dark By Tarawen - - - DLP-Thread

    Altered Destinies by DobbyElfLord

    Altered Destiny by CandyAngel17

    Amortentia by Melusina

    An Heir of an Heir by Sanctimonius

    An Interesting Little Legal Problem by After the Rain

    An Interesting Outcome by Grey Quill

    An issue of trust by Sirenny

    And He Shows Me No Smile by je suis l.m

    And the Truth Shall Set You Free by silverskies

    And We'll Call It This Land by Kaotac

    Annals of the Sith'ari Chronicle I by Ice's Shadow - T

    Anyone, Anyone But Me by brainchild

    Aphelion By Solaerius

    Apparently Evil by Count-Colville

    Arent Little Girls Made of Sugar & Spice? by JE

    Arsenic and Old Lace by VampyricRedemption

    As Above So Below by Anima Summa

    As Yet Untitled by bellerophon30

    Ascension of the Scorpion Sorcerer by Vorlon666

    Ask You-Know-Who by NeoSapien

    Aspirations by Potteraholic

    Assassin's Apprentice by Fanfix

    At the Hands of the Other by The-Caitiff

    At The Heart Of The Matter by haymak

    Attention Seeker by Helaros - - - DLP-Thread

    Avada Kedavra by Senyor Fier Mensheir

    Back in His Bed And Simply Friends by xxxMs.Mexxx - - - DLP-Thread

    Bargains by gehayi

    Basilisk-born By Ebenbild - - - DLP-Thread

    Beast Lord by Ceres K.

    Beauty in Darkness by Honorable Slytherin

    Bedlamite by Semika

    Behind Blue Eyes by Paffy

    Behind Closed Doors: A Portrait of the Malfoy Family by AnnaChase - - - DLP-Thread

    Behind the Bookshelves by Silvestria

    Behind the Veil by StycianLeo

    Behold the Man by zeroskull21

    Betrayed, Used, and Royally Pissed by LeTimbo

    Betrayed by All, A New Life by Kyrissean Angelis

    Better Be Slytherin! by jharad17

    Beyond Grave Peril by Random_Shinobi

    Beyond the Veil Lies Chicago? by DobbyElfLord

    Biding My Time by w.y.back

    Big Trouble in Little Hogwarts by AlysiaStorms

    Bitter Laughter By hewhoistomriddle

    Bittersweet Dreams by Takeda Lee

    Black and Blue by Ricoch3t

    Black and Bones by Jenni_Rose

    Blackened Sunrise by The Itch

    Black Bond By CentaurPrincess - - - DLP-Thread

    Black Sheep by henriette

    Blackwand Chronicles by S'TarKan

    Blissful Amnesia by FFML Tim

    Blood Magic by GatewayGirl

    Blood Prince by Shade Dancer - M

    Blood Slayer by SpikyStar

    Bloodlines by mcknz.blck

    Bloods Sacrifice by Shade Dancer

    Bloody Harry by captain Tungsten

    Bloody Sabbath by AlexisStevCotius

    Bond by Crystal Cove

    Bound in Leather by Ladydeathfaerie

    Breakfast In New york by Radaslap

    Breathing Through by quizzical

    Broken Mind Fractured Soul by SensiblyTainted

    Brokenhearted by veraklon

    Building Bridges by Melethril

    Burning Day by EsperJones

    But It's Better If You Do by Luna Me

    Buying Time Book 1 by highbrass

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  2. Dark Syaoran

    Dark Syaoran No. 4 Admin

    Jun 4, 2005
    Call of Cthulhu by delta16669

    Card Captor Harry by Shadow Crystal Mage

    Cat!Harry by Hija

    Cave Ultor by Lord Letumus

    Cervais de la Lumière by lotrox

    Chaos: Destruction: My work is done here by TheBonnie

    Chaos on the Hellmouth by Kung lou

    Changes by Prongs

    Charmed by NominalBeast

    Chattel by Crys

    Checkmate by Phoenix Sworn

    Cheshire's Grin by MrWriterWriter

    Childhood’s End by Vera Rozalsky

    Choice of a Dark Prince by Mohd7590

    Clanluna by Selenepotter

    Cold as Ice by The Sin of Existance

    Cold Blood by DerLaCroix - - - DLP-Thread

    Cold Water by VioletAshkevron

    Consul of the Underworld: The Game Begins by Engineer4Ever - - - DLP-Thread

    Core Threads by theaceoffire

    Could She Be, Could He Be? by munkeymaniac

    Counting the Days by HeatherSinclair

    Courage and Cunning by preciousann - - - DLP-Thread

    Coven of The Rose by C. Rose

    Crack'd Mirror by cloneserpents

    Cravings and Compulsions by mctabby & corvidae9

    Crumpets Aren't My Style by Marz1

    Curse of Fate by Mistress Nika

    Curse of the Reapers by deanine

    Cyfrgolledig atyn yr Dywyllwch by Saerry Snape


    Daddy's Girl by EntreNous

    Dancing with Myself by FFML Tim

    Danger, Magic and Romance by Fenhir

    Dangerous by Blacklotus

    Daphne Greengrass and the Thing That Is Potter by Honorable

    Dark and Light by Faust VII

    Dark Apprentice by padawn lynne

    Dark Lord Potter by your mamma

    Dark Lord Potter by pureb99

    Dark Memories by Blueowl

    Dark Pleasures by Penitentia

    Darkness Falls Upon Us by Bl4ckC0bra

    Darkness Unleashed by MadnessPersonified

    Dark Rage by Yamipaladinof Chaos

    Darth Voldemort by The Itch

    Dear Order by SilverWolf007

    Death by Garlic by Jocemum

    Death Magic residue by Akefia Bakura

    Deepest Reflections by Kurinoone

    Defiant by genhoss

    Defying Fate: Journey of the Offworlder by Doom187

    Deja Vu by Aaran St Vines

    Demon Warior by NamelessHeretic

    Deprived by The Crimson Lord

    Destinies Entwined by Yamotoblade

    Destiny Revised by Chattypandagurl

    Detention in Defense by Perspicacity

    Detention with Sinistra by Cancel Subscription

    Diary of the Half-Blood Prince by CareCrystal

    Different Together by Hippothestrowl - - - DLP-Thread

    Discovery by Potteraholic

    Dream Within a Dream by Ourania the Star Gazer

    Dreaming by esama

    Domino Effect by willowbee

    Don't Look Back by AngelofDarkness1605

    Doom/Joy Bites by Honorable Slytherin

    Dormant Life: Philosopher's Stone by Mrs. Sniffy

    Double the Trouble by Ryuu_Ken

    Dudley Dursley and Dies the Fire by Selenepotter

    Dudley Dursley Saves the World by loralee

    Dudley's Dilemma by Taran Fortescue

    Dumbledore's Payback by Laume

    Dumbledore's Army and the Year of Darkness by Thanfiction - - - DLP-Thread
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  3. Dark Syaoran

    Dark Syaoran No. 4 Admin

    Jun 4, 2005
    Eclipse by Mijan

    Eden by obssessmuch

    Eighth by lorien829

    Elemental Genesis by RavenDragonclaw

    Elementary Calculations by KCourtKat

    EMERALD VENOM RIPOFF by Emerald Basilisk

    End of Days by Barkeeper

    Enemy of the Grail by Aeondragon

    Enlightenment by Rohata

    Essences of Lily by rdg2000

    Eternal Sunshine of the Scourgified Mind by Solstice Muse

    Exceptions by believeindreamers - - - DLP-Thread

    Extracurricular Activities by jamesaddict


    Fairy Tales by Professor Scroll

    Fallen by Colon

    Fallen Asleep by Sythe

    Falling Forever by Seline Kyle

    Falling For Him by Natamox

    Falling out the Veil by Minato Namikaze

    Family Pack by TaldMar

    Famous Last Words by Jeconais

    Fate's Favorite by The Fictionist

    Fated Chance by Faerie Magic

    Favourite Weasley by malaga

    Fear of the Dark by MasterKtulu

    Feurety, The Boy Who Conqured by Lady Pandora M. Valac

    Fidelius by Ishtar

    Finding Himself/Dulce et decorum est by Minisinoo

    Firebird's Son by Darth Marrs

    First Steps by Stowfords

    Flames of Betrayal by marietsy

    Flash Harry by DrMckay

    Flesh and Blood by PaleLittleGirl

    Flowers for your Grave by JamieJabs

    Fluster by Shinoko

    Flying Squad Universe by Horst Pollman (Series)

    Fools Rush In by londonsocks

    Fond, but not in love by mrs-cheney

    For Bitter or For Worse by Kerichi

    For Want Of Silken Thread by Jess Pallas

    Force of Presence by Morsemordrecaster

    Fortune Favors the Bold by koria27 - - - DLP-Thread

    Fortune Favors the Damned by AkoyaMizuno - - - DLP-Thread

    Founder's Heirs by fhrulz21

    Freak of Nature by michaelsuave

    Free Will and Fate by Sara Winters

    Freedom of Thought by malaga

    Friends by Abused Wide Bellatris

    Frozen to the Bones by esama

    Full Capabilities by WallToCeiling

    Furious Angels by Worldmaker

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  4. Dark Syaoran

    Dark Syaoran No. 4 Admin

    Jun 4, 2005

    Genkin by Wyldfire

    Getting Severus Married by Iulia Linnea

    Getting the Hang Of Thursdays by hayseed

    Ginny Weasley: Supervixen by the_bartender713

    Ginny's Potion Woes by The-Caitiff

    Girl Most Likely by LizBee

    Girls Girls Girls By Scorpio- NC-17

    Gone Forever By Crim Zephi

    Good Boy by Tarie

    Goodkind meets JK Rowling by Alice

    Green Mage's Light by Belcris

    Greenery by Cyborg0

    Grey Clouds by TaldMar

    Grey Maiden III: Servant of Darkness by Chris Widger

    Grim Reaper by grumblingFBIspyDestiny

    Growing Strong by silencia20 - - - DLP-Thread

    Growing Up Malfoy by jessie179

    Guardian by Blueowl

    Guerilla Potter by DisobedienceWriter


    Half of Dueling Range by neutral

    Happenings of Consequence by Lonski

    Harrison and Luna: An Epic Romance by Gatonio

    Harry & Hermione: Dark Lord & Dark Lady by fashiZzlism

    Harry and The Magic Factory by DisobedienceWriter

    Harry Central by Wishweaver

    Harry Dursley and The Chronicles of the King by Shadenight123

    Harry Fett: Becoming a Hunter by Harry Fett

    Harry Johnson and the Headmaster's Socks by Doghead Thirteen

    Harry Potter and the Legend of the Frozen Staff by Sierra6117

    Harry Potter, the Archmagus by DragonBard

    Harry Potter, Devil's Ascension by Brazilian Pimp

    Harry Potter: A Smart Potter Year 1 by LordJingles

    Harry Potter: A Vampire's Curse by abi2301

    Harry Potter: Byakugan Rising by Aekiel

    Harry Potter: Friend or Foe? by gothlyssa

    Harry Potter: Game of the Year Edition by Casey W

    Harry Potter: Geth by mjimeyg - - - DLP-Thread

    Harry Potter: Junior Inquisitor by Sprinter1988

    Harry Potter: Keeper of the Dark Heart by Shadow Crystal Mage

    Harry Potter: Knowledge is Power by SerpentSannin

    Harry Potter: The Forgotten Brother by sprinter1988 - - - DLP-Thread

    Harry Potter: the Other Child by Ryders on the Storm - - - DLP-Thread

    Harry Potter: The Puppet Master by darkschw

    Harry Potter: Voiishima's Last Wish by Void Sorcerer

    Harry Potter & Deathly End of Hallowed Characters by Grandson of Dumbledore

    Harry Potter & the Holy Staff of Lyadrin by Aprodites'Pleasure

    Harry Potter & The New Dawn by Prabal

    Harry Potter & The Power of Hogwarts by Prabal

    Harry Potter A Warrior's Path by Lord Xero

    Harry Potter and a Grandfather's Gift by Madscribbler

    Harry Potter and Futures Past by DriftWood1965

    Harry Potter and Ice Cream Delights by Luckner

    Harry Potter and Power's Influence by Inexistence999

    Harry Potter and Suicide's Blood by Divine Demon

    Harry Potter and the Alchemist's Secret by Avitus

    Harry Potter and the Ancient Strength by Crazy1

    Harry Potter and the Assignment by thesteffis

    Harry Potter and the Azkaban Guards by Shadow101

    Harry Potter and the Bearers of the Light by fieryfalcon

    Harry Potter And The Beginning by Radagast

    Harry Potter and the Blazin' Goblet by sastath

    Harry Potter and the Blood Rose by Vlad_the_Inhaler

    Harry Potter and the Borg by Locutus Lupin

    Harry Potter and The Chair of Idris by Sant

    Harry Potter and the Champion's Champion by DriftWood1965

    Harry Potter and The Child of Prophecies by deconneur

    Harry Potter and the Circle's End by madscientist

    Harry Potter and the Clueless Gopher by PhilipL

    Harry Potter and the Coming of Fate by Laeka

    Harry Potter and the Conversion of Light by HonksAholic

    Harry Potter and the Crimson King by Swiftdeath

    Harry Potter and the Curse of Durand by Nomad1

    Harry Potter and the Dark's Rise by Marshall Angmar

    Harry Potter and the Darkest Vindications by Xarkun

    Harry Potter and the Dating Game by cloneserpents

    Harry Potter and the Demon Knights by Potter-Pikachu

    Harry Potter and the Deus Ex Machina by Karmic Acumen

    Harry Potter and the Druid Pathway by Alan Wilks

    Harry Potter and the Eagle Of Truthiness by Christine Morgan

    Harry Potter and the Eclipse of Remembrance by The Zig

    Harry Potter and the Elemental Changes by Peeves' Best Friend

    Harry Potter and The Elemental's Power by raul-1331

    Harry Potter and the Fatal Deception by Alastor Robards

    Harry Potter and the Fifth Element by Bexis

    Harry Potter and A Flower by potterheadcharles - - - DLP-Thread

    Harry Potter and the Freak Parade by The-Caitiff

    Harry Potter and the Future Remapped Again By ShaintTaru

    Harry Potter and the Gauntlet of Necromancy by Nefla

    Harry Potter and the Game by Concept101 - - - DLP-Thread

    Harry Potter and the Giant Squid by Ishtar

    Harry Potter and the Gift of Memories by Pokemaster12

    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Ice by Yunaine

    Harry Potter and the God of Azkaban by Jdragon

    Harry Potter and the God of Lies by AlexG

    Harry Potter and the Great Conflict by PSBlasius

    Harry Potter and the Halfblood Prince by Potter47

    Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince by Forfie

    Harry Potter and the Hallowed Lady by TrunkMonkey - - - DLP-Thread

    Harry Potter and the Harem of Honeys by Szordara

    Harry Potter and the Heir of Slytherin by Pokemaster12

    Harry Potter and the Heirs of Slytherin by fawkes_07

    Harry Potter and the Hero's Path by Blindhealer87

    Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Rift by Illyich

    Harry Potter and the Horcrux Quest by Meteoricshipyards

    Harry Potter and the Insanity of Hogwarts by SpamWarrior

    Harry Potter and the Intense Training by Mulledmead

    Harry Potter and the Invincible TechnoMage by Clell65619

    Harry Potter and the Irish Choice by DisobedienceWriter

    Harry Potter and the Knight of St George by StevenA

    Harry Potter and the Lantrisi by JohnDeath

    Harry Potter and the Last Mistake by Doxkid

    Harry Potter and the Libido War by wicked wicked boy

    Harry Potter and the Long Kiss Goodnight by wargear

    Harry Potter and the Lord's Lament by Selena Silvermoon

    Harry Potter and the Lost Archive by Ynyr

    Harry Potter and the Manipulator of Destiny by Wheezy1

    Harry Potter and the Marcello School by Kjkit

    Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts by Clell65619

    Harry Potter and the Master of Past and Present by The-Caitiff

    Harry Potter and the Maw by WoMo

    Harry Potter and the Midnight Sun by Vanir

    Harry Potter and the Mind Sifter by ZanyMuggle

    Harry Potter and the Narrative Causality by Clell65619

    Harry Potter and the Necromancer by Freakyfinger

    Harry Potter and the Next Great Adventure by Mordecai's - - - DLP-Thread

    Harry Potter and the Nexus by WoMo

    Harry Potter and the OFSTED inspection by Ravenclaw's Graduate

    Harry Potter and the Orb of Souls by SerafinaMoon

    Harry Potter and the Order of the Templar by Blah-the-sixth

    Harry Potter and the Other Path by Cocobolo

    Harry Potter and the Otherside by MaxFic

    Harry Potter and the Paradox of Time by TrowGundam

    Harry Potter and the Parting of Ways by supermantitanium

    Harry Potter and the Past That Never Was by RobertStorm

    Harry Potter and the Path of Faust by IEmBOOtz

    Harry Potter and the Path to Power by Traveller

    Harry Potter and the Pendant of Slytherin By Neednotknowtheirnam

    Harry Potter and the Perfect Soldier by I-Like-Llamas - - - DLP-Thread

    Harry Potter and the Phoenix's Flight by The Velvet Ghost

    Harry Potter and the Power of Bonds by Kyrissean Angelis

    Harry Potter and the Power of Revenge by God of Death and Disease

    Harry Potter and the Power of Time by RossWrock

    Harry Potter and the Power Unknown by Priya Ashok

    Harry Potter and the Primes of Merlin by ZenoNoKyuubi

    Harry Potter and the Prisoners Predictions by Z-ro

    Harry Potter and the Prophecy War by fieryfalcon

    Harry Potter and the Pyramid of Phyre by Umpy

    Harry Potter and the Riders of the Apocalypse by HunterBeserkerWolf - - - DLP-Thread

    Harry Potter and the Ring of Five

    Harry Potter and the Rise of the Amphiptere by Lord Supremo

    Harry Potter and the Rise of the Grey Sorcerer by SushiZ

    Harry Potter and the Road to Damnation by DubhCleite

    Harry Potter and the Road to Victory by Kincaid Revan

    Harry Potter and the Sage's Stone by Lovepoint33

    Harry Potter and the Secret Sanctuary by Farfumsane

    Harry Potter and the Secret World of Myspace by The Antarctic Scene

    Harry Potter and the Slightly Unbalanced House-Elf by Zoken

    Harry Potter and the Soul of the Serpent by Wujjawoo

    Harry Potter and the Spell of Nietzsche by wargear

    Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Desires by Avatrek

    Harry Potter and the Spirit's Heart by LoneWolf218

    Harry Potter and the Third Key by Slowfox

    Harry Potter and the Ties of Blood by WolfMoon

    Harry Potter and the Tower of Pime by Quillian

    Harry Potter and the Transfer Student by Enterprise1701-d

    Harry Potter and the Truth of Evans-Potter

    Harry Potter and the Ultimate Betrayal by Mulledmead

    Harry Potter and the Vampire Clan Saleio by The Black Iris

    Harry Potter and The Vampire Slayer by hammerathogwarts

    Harry Potter and the Vampire's Kiss by pureb99

    Harry Potter and the Vengeance Through Time by RexMyno

    Harry Potter and the Voyage of Discovery by Fuegodefuerza

    Harry Potter and Voldemort's Bane by Z-ro

    Harry Potter and The Walkers by ENSIGN

    Harry Potter and the War of Ascension by Narasimhadevara Prabhakar

    Harry Potter and the War of the Xel'Naga by AtrumUnas

    Harry Potter and the Weapon of Atlantis by Warlord Harrsk

    Harry Potter and Salazar’s Snake by OblivionsPuppet

    Harry Potter and Wand of Uru by alienyouthct

    Harry Potter Becomes A Communist by HardcoreCommie

    Harry Potter Book 7: The TRUE STORY by 0freedom

    Harry Potter's Existence after Life by Cygnus Crux

    Harry Potter's Heritage by Olaf74

    Harry Potter in the Claw of the Raven by BakenandEggs - - - DLP-Thread

    Harry Potter's Sixth Year in Bad Fanfiction by LargeMarge

    Harry Potter The Dark King by Night Wanderer

    Harry the Rune Master by Rune warrior

    Harry's Game by Laume

    Harry's Madness by Silverlocke980

    Harry's Relief by Pen-Paper-Action

    Harry's Sanity by Silverwolf7007

    Harry's Second Chance by DrT

    Harry's Seraglio by stuffjeff

    Hatal Fart Attack by Corwalch

    He Did It His Way by Hamm On Wry

    He Knew It by Aoi-Tabibito

    Heart of the Warrior Book 1 by MadnessPersonified

    Heir to a Warlord by OccAmy Phyre

    Heir to the Weasley throne by Xayne

    Hells Eyes by Jezaray

    Here Be Monsters Trilogy by Dzeytoun

    Here Comes Harry Potter! by Hybrid Blade

    Hermione Granger and The Goblet of Fire by Coulsdon Eagle

    Hermione Granger and the Very Blue Morning by Aelfwine

    Hermione Granger is stupid by Ruinus

    Hermione's Harem by Selenepotter

    Hero, Villain, Saviour, Conqueror by Lady Smoothie

    Hero Complex by abbyepic

    Hero of a Thousand Retreating Backs: Harry Potter by Chibi-Reaper

    Hero Training by YamiPaladinofChaos

    Heroes and Vilians by BetryedBitch

    Hidden by eQuasarus

    Hindsight by loralee1

    His by mickeysam

    His Destiny by Iolanthe

    History's Inexorable March by retz

    Hogwarts Houses Divided by Inverarity

    Hogwarts Mareschal by Lore or Mess

    Hogwarts School of Prayer and Miracles by proudhousewife - - - DLP-Thread

    Hogwarts Year Five: This Wasn't in the Syllabus by Lipton Lee

    Hogwarts' Dawn by Jeconais

    Holly Evans and the Spiral Path by wordhammer

    Holocron by Raven3182

    Honour Amongst Thieves by SnorkackCatcher

    Hooligan by thablackkuririn

    Hope's End by Dark Armies

    Horrid and Dreadful by Ramen Ninja

    How to Tell the Truth from the Lies By Lady Azar de Tamean

    How We Survive by twighlightshadow

    HP and the Butcher of Hogsmeade by Yagr of Nar

    HP and the Cracked Reservoir by Musings-of-Apathy

    HP and the Fall of the Prophecized by willy taveras

    HP and the Island of Death by The 18th Angel

    HP and the Mary Sue Parody by Tviokh

    HP and the Son of The Dragon by DarkBlade_The_Damned

    HP and the Weapons of Mass Destruction by Veglover89

    Humanity Lost by eQuasarus

    Hungry Thirsty Crazy by Sinister Papaya Fondue

    Hybrid Theory by WickedMe763
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  5. Dark Syaoran

    Dark Syaoran No. 4 Admin

    Jun 4, 2005
    I am the Darker Brother by Kirril

    I Condemn You by Itsme66

    I See The Moon by hctiB-notsoB

    I won't forgive you by CodeWarrior

    I'll Shoot the Shot, Bang, by wandlorean

    Icy Destiny by xxlostdreamerxx

    Identity by High Brass

    If I could only be normal by just dont tell my mum

    If I Die Young by Annie Lockwood - - - DLP-Thread

    If You Want Something Done by Magic Light Dragon

    Ignition by The Modern Sorcerer - - - DLP-Thread

    Illusions by S. Thanatos

    Illusions of Grandeur by Kanathia

    Illusions of Reality by Mordecai's

    Imperium Rising by SotF

    In A Galaxy Far Far Away by marietsy2

    In Blood Only by E.M. Snape

    In Essence Divided by Bagheera

    In Servitude to the Dark by xXxLuckyxXx

    In the Closet by Michi M. Chu

    In The Shadows by SkySong

    In Their Eyes Shall Shine by Dorrie6

    Independance Day by tumshie

    Independance of a Hero by Egyptian Flame

    Inevitable by Shujin1

    Infliction by The Straight Elf

    Inheritance by puiwaihin

    Inquisitor Carrow and the GodEmperorless Heathens by littlewhitecat

    Inside a Mad Man's Mind by Fr4Nc0

    Inside My Mind By sistersgrimmlover

    Insidious Inquisitor by Yunaine

    Into the Light by Anima Summa

    Inverted by Potteraholic

    Invictus by Opalish

    Invitation to a Beheading by FineBalance

    Irresistible Poison by Rhyseen

    Is He My Father? by Marietsy

    It All Comes Tumbling by Darkest Desire

    Itachi is that a baby? by SpoonandJohn - - - DLP-Thread

    Iuga Sortis (Bound By Destiny) by bana05


    Jaded Eyes of a Prodigy by wickedlfairy17

    Journey into Darkness by Sati

    Journey of Four: The Calling by Gatonio

    Just After Midnight by margotllama

    Justify The Means by breannatala

    Keeper Potter by Kung Lou

    Kinkylocks and the Three Five Maybe Nine Affairs by Florahart

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    Jun 4, 2005
    Lack of Faith by marietsy

    Lady Darkness by AngstPuppies

    Leaving home by Rachel B

    Legacy Of A Saiyan by Vulkan

    Legend of Harmony by Sirius Aldebaran

    Lessons From a Grateful Veela By PD31 - - - DLP-Thread

    Let the Water Hold You Down by lls_mutant

    Letters by TheEndless7

    Lies, Deceit and Manipulations by SoldieroftheMoon

    Life in Sunnyhell by RoseWill and Niamh O'Leary

    Light in the Darkest of Times by Black Knight 03

    Like a Phoenix He Shall Rise by Nighttime Sunshine

    Lily Potter and the Worst Holiday by bobsaqqara

    Little Guy by Clell65619 - - - DLP-Thread

    Loki by bob-the-blue

    Lord of Destruction by Demon God of Chaos

    Lords of the Night by pimpilidimpi

    Love and Betrayal by feanor

    Love and Other Tragedies by Fancyeyes

    Love Like A Bad Porn Movie by Cacasenno

    Love Potion #9 by Stick97 - - - DLP-Thread

    Magi Evoluton by Omin Black

    Magic and Equivalent Exchange by Melodious

    Magus Emissarius by ArchMagusNorth

    Mahou mo Ken by Enterprise1701-d

    Making Friendship Bracelets For The Death Eaters by Avada Cruimperio

    Malice Magic by Demonabyss

    Mandatory Marriage Contract Fic by Itsme66

    Marks and Scars by E.H. Smith

    Masked Child by Shade Dancer

    Mastermind Hunting by Louis IX

    Me, Myself and I by EmySabath

    Mel Granger, Dark Witch by Codex Serpens

    Melody of Death by Zero's Legacy

    Memories of the Heart by BlackenedQuill

    Merlin's Beard! by Jarlzax

    Message in a Bottle by Angry Hermione

    Miles to Go Before I Sleep by Rannaro

    Mind Magic by Boggart Returns

    Misconceptions by Dreams2Paper11

    Mistaken Identity by Silver Pard

    Moon Magic, by litgal

    Moonlit Nights By Angelic Demon20

    Moonshine Glories by hoshi-tachi

    Mortuus Magica by wiwuno

    Motivations by Jeconais - - - DLP-Thread

    Mr. Lovegood Thinks by Aealket

    Muggle Raised Champion by Stargon1 - - - DLP-Thread

    Musings on a life oddly lived by Honorable Slytherin + Christy3k

    My Gilded Life by Skysaber

    My Life an Adventure by ckilaru

    My Sword, My love, My destiny by GKnights


    My War is My Hell by joe6991

    Mysterious Thing, Time by Blueowl

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    Jun 4, 2005
    Naught But A Whimsy by the quintessence of wyrd

    New Day,New Life By Alexandercctv - - - DLP-Thread

    New Life, New World, New Body! by Gato-sama - - - DLP-Thread

    Nice Try, Potter by Sarah1281

    Ninja Wizard by David4

    No Knowledge, No Money, No Aim - by Eternal Payne

    No need for Salvation by Shadow Feind

    Noir et Blanc by The Morrigu

    Not Fade Away by Shake

    Not Go Gentle by Cloneserpents

    Not Myself By Saerry Snape

    Not Quite by Dogbertcarroll

    Not What I Wanted by Thedarkavenger

    Not What You Expected by Legendary Legacy

    Not Your Savior by Lyric Z D

    Null signature by Natimus Prime

    Nymph by Devonny Rose

    Nymph in servitude by Hawk

    Nymphadora Tonks and the Liquor of Jacmel by SnorkackCatcher


    Oblivion by ChaosEmperorNex - - - DLP-Thread

    Obsessive Lily Disorder by Procrastinator-starting2moro

    Of Durmstrang by Tom67

    Of Great Turmoil and Excess Stupidity by Seaouryou

    Of Slings and Arrows by the original Pe

    Of Western Stars by neutral

    Of Power and Prestige by Ell Roche and ExcentrykeMuse - - - DLP-Thread

    Offspring by Jayne 1955

    Old Man Potter by sarmad88

    On a Thin Leash by TheOtherWhiteSheep

    On an Island in the Sun by Rorschach's Blot

    On my own by Ulkser

    On the Run by dozygirl

    On The Wings of a Phoenix by makoyi

    Once More by Conscience15

    Once Upon a Freakin' Time by Evadne

    One's Most Hated Name by Forgotten Aspen

    Open Your Eyes: The Goblet of Fire by mathiasgranger

    Operation Hogwarts by Paddyboy3960

    Ordinatio by LiquidDreamLAD

    Outcast's Alley by RhiannanT

    Owl Treats and Firewhiskey by Artemis Fei

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    Jun 4, 2005

    Paddy's Little Pup by teacherbev

    Part the First by E. M. Pink

    Partially Kissed Hero by Perfect Lionheart

    Partners by muggledad

    Party Like It's 1998 by hiddenhibernian

    Passageways by jerrway69

    Path of the Athlete by 5andahook

    Patron by Starfox5 - - - DLP-Thread

    Paying for his Pedestal by twocanz

    Phoenix Rising by psychochick1

    Physical Education by Adrian Tullberg

    Pleasant Suprises, Welcomed Changes by jokerswyld

    Poison Pen by GenkaiFan

    Pornography by PhoenixAeternum

    Post Hoc Ergo Proctor Hoc by AndyJ
    Potter by I Ate Your Muffin - - - DLP-Thread

    Potter by Water Mage

    Potter the Squib by Judah

    Potter vs Malfoy: War's End by Jedi Tess of Gryffindor

    Potter's Bones by Mionefan

    Power of a Second Chance by IMuShin

    Power of The Serpentine Eyes by Anigma24 - - - DLP-Thread

    Powerful Beyond Belief by fullsailnate

    Princess of the Blacks by Silently Watches

    Prisoner of Hogwarts by Captain Planet Apprentice

    Prodigy by ChipmonkOnSpeed

    Program 12 by Shinoko

    Progressing Abilities by JagedlyJaded

    Promises Defended by Robin4

    Promises Remembered by Robin4

    Promises Unbroken by Robin4

    Puddle of Irony by Bloodnut

    PuppyDog Eyes by Wheezy1


    Quoth the Raven, Nevermore by GenkaiFan

    Quidditch in the Rough, or How Potter Got His Groove Back by Femme - - - DLP-Thread

    Raised by a God by Chaosthief1

    Raven Chronicles: Lost and Found by Serafin982

    Re-Ordered by DrT

    Re-Run by Selenepotter

    Realism: Breaking Clichés by Shadow Rebirth

    Rebirth by Aya Macchiato

    Reforged by SleeperAwakens - - - DLP-Thread

    Reformed, Returned, and Really Trying by Starfox5

    Release by Antosha

    Remembrance and Renewal by Avatar Arkmage and Nigel T

    Resistance by Lorien829

    Resonance by GreenGecko

    Retribution by prone2dementia

    Return of the King by wolfwalkerron

    Return of the Ravenclaw by kiwithefruit

    Return to Hogwarts by Marj123

    Returning to the Start by timunderwood9 - - - DLP-Thread

    Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold by Ham - - - DLP-Thread

    Revenge is so Sweet by Arath610

    Revolution by Greengecko

    Riddick by Thoraxe 357

    Riddle the Ripper by Pensieve Plotter

    Rise, Lord Voldemort by Sati

    Rogue Power revised by twistedmic

    Ron's True Love - A Humiliating Truth by BlindJedi

    Royal Flush by Lansydyr

    Ruins by minniequill

    Russian roulette of cliche'd romances by GeminiCancer

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    Jun 4, 2005
    Sacrifices Arc by Lightning on the Wave (Series)

    Sanitarium by Greensl33ves

    Sardonic Satisfaction by Tim K'nispel

    Satisfaction of Ice Cold Revenge by Piccaboo!

    Savior by lesyeuxverts

    Scabbed Wings by Cacasenno

    Scars Aren't So Bad by Wench of Hogsmead

    Schism by My blue rose - - - DLP-Thread

    Second Chance by Newbie1104 - - - DLP-Thread

    Secret Service Society by Bonnie

    Secret Smiles by SadieW

    Secrets by Taure

    Seduction of True Darkness by Will Evans

    Separation Anxiety by gwendolyn-flight

    Servatis A Maleficum by Sekhmet

    Servitude of a Particular Sort by Ghostwheel

    Seul dans le Temps by Hair Brush User

    Seven Names by angelholme - - - DLP-Thread

    Seven Times Seven by forexportonly

    Severus Snape and the Accursed Nephew by Aelfwine

    Shades of Black by Sera dy Relandrant

    Shadow of Azkaban by IndoGhost

    Shadows In The Graveyard by Cloneserpants

    Shadows of the Night by CrimsonRogue

    Shards of Time: The Master of Death by Shitsumeishi

    Sharingan Harry Book 1 by shinji the good sharer

    Shattered Illusions of Safet by Mykkila09 and Tonks-is-Cool

    Sheep's Clothing by Anne Hedonia

    Silas Snape by Mahara-Wild-Child

    Silver Eclipse by Omnis Potens

    Silver Serpent by Ginny Killer 2.0

    Silver Shadows by Wolven Spirits

    Sins of the Survivor by Chiara Crawford

    Skin Deep by Smileyfax - - - DLP Thread

    SlowActing Venoms by PenRifle

    Slytherin's secret Broom Closet by zUzaque

    Smile By Kyrissean Angelis

    Snake In Lion Skin by wolfwhispers


    Son of Hope by elerosse13

    Sorcery, UNITed, Independence, Space by Tangerine-Alert

    Sorting 101 by Kevin3 - - - DLP-Thread

    Squib By dhulli

    Stag And The Dragon by Kenya Starflight

    Stages of Hope by kayly silverstorm

    Stand or Fall by LamentitEternum

    Stchorlei by Amsuhl

    Stolen Magic by WhatAreYouEvenSaying

    Strange Likenesses by Elizabeth Culmer

    Strategic Retreat by anolfrik

    Subject: Freedom by Cu_Cullen9

    Subject: John Carter of Hogwarts by Aelfwine

    Survival at All Cost by the Demented One

    Sympathy for the Devil by Lamentit Eternum

    Taniwha by Elsa2

    Tainted by LilyMagic

    Teacher Training: Hogwarts Edition by Zoken

    Thank You, Ms Bones by old-crow

    That Loser by Siriusly Odd

    thé à la grenouille by Moka-girl - - - DLP-Thread

    The Acceptance by Pan06

    The Adventures of Harry Potter, the Video Game: Exploited - - - DLP-Thread

    The Agency by foursidedtriangle

    The Alchemist's Cell by SJR0301 - - - DLP-Thread

    The Amplitude, Frequency and Resistance of the Soul Bond by Council

    The Art of Deuling by Random Shinobi

    The Art of Peace by Ueshiba

    The Ascension of Power by Hell-Lord

    The Awakening of a Magus by the-dreamer4

    The Babymaker by CarolWim

    The Beast Master by Wsbenge

    The Beggar-Thief by gravidy

    The Best Birthday Present by Katluvssport

    The Best Defense by joisbishmyoga

    The Best of a Bad Situation by RossWrock

    The Best Of You by e-chan 16

    The birdies by Blizdal

    The Birth of a Male Veela by headbanger

    The Birth of a Nightmare Man by Tiro - - - DLP-Thread

    The Birth of Evil by DisobedienceWriter

    The Black Heir by FirePhoenix8

    The Blackest Potter by whatareyouevensaying

    The Bloodshed After The War by fhrulz21

    The Boy Who Died by DracoLovers of Tommorrow

    The Boy Who Died by opopanax

    The Boy Who Fell, A HP Starwars Crossover by Darth Marrs - - - DLP-Thread

    The Boy Who Fled by Happy Fingers

    The Breaking of Bonds by BadVoodoo

    The Brightest Witch and the Darkest House by Belial666 - - - DLP-Thread

    The Burden of Choice by Touchstone

    The burning fairy by BAGGE

    The Chamber Strike By evansentranced

    The Cheiftain by solunvar

    The Chronicles of Merlin: The Return By Jumpin

    The Chronicles of the Dark Lord by She Who Must Not Be Named

    The Choice by Secret Sweets

    The Code by Aduro

    The Consequences of Honest Dialog by jacee2u

    The Count of Azkaban by goldenthestral

    The Coup by Pensieve Plotter

    The Crimson Jess by Gravidy

    The Crux of the Matter by mjc

    The cycle begins again by Zeoniu Zekial Kal Leos

    The 'Dangerverse' by Whydoyouneedtoknow

    The Dark by KamikazeWraith

    The Dark Kings by Drakehouse

    The Dark Veil of Hatred by Dark Asseigai

    The Dark Wizard and the Curse of Immortality by JuMiKu

    The Darkness Within by clen3k

    The Darkness Within by kurinoone

    The Day the Nightmare Ended by Bragg247

    The Deception Within by Random Object

    The Defeat of Voldemort by Marj123

    The Diary by Phoenix SilverWand

    The Diggory Papers by Machiavelli Jr.

    The Eighth Weasley by Fyrie

    The Fall of the House of Potter by Bobmin

    The Father by black-phoenix-warrior - - - DLP-Thread

    The Forgotten Child by LDR

    The Gray King by VinaiS

    The Girl in the Tower by The Sea

    The Girl in the Tower 2: Home by The Sea

    The Girl Nobody Knows: A Soliloquy by Technomad

    The God of Death: Black Beginning by I Am Atrocity - - - DLP-Thread[/I]​

    The Gunman by sordid humor

    The Harry Situation by Neuropsych

    The Heir of Magic by DisobedienceWriter

    The Hiss of Darkness Within a Heart of Gold by Tubbataha

    The Horror! The Horror by DisobedienceWriter

    The Horror at Raven Creek by red_jaguar

    The Horse, the Leopard, and the Serpent by CHEVEYO

    The Imperius Lesson by jollatrix

    The Imposter by IP82

    The Incredible and Angsty Journey of Rose Weasley, Girl Slasher! by nextgen_mod - - - DLP-Thread

    The Jaded Series Year I by OblivionsPuppet

    The Journal by Bear-Bell

    The Jump by SynthesisSurge - - - DLP-Thread

    The Jumper Chronicles by HermioneGirl96

    The Katarn Side by Darth Marrs - - - DLP-Thread

    The King by seraph orion black

    The King of Limbs by Zeitgeist84

    The Legacy Preservation Act by James Spookie - - - DLP-Thread

    The Lesson Fics by HoshiHikari

    the Life of St. Jimmy by Lady Lamia

    The Lone Hero by jts360

    The Lost Son of Krypton by SurrealDeceptions

    The Lovegood Way by Komillia

    The Lust of Harry Potter by DobbyElfLord

    The Machine by goofball44306

    The Mad Scientist of Leakwood Manor by cew-smoke

    The Margrave of Black Magick by Margrave

    The Marriage by Janara

    The Masked Marauder by TheWordWarrior - - - DLP-Thread

    The Master Bedroom of Delacour Manor by Adultfanfiction

    The Mathias Prophecy by esined0319

    The Mirror of Maybe by Midnight Blue

    The Most Horrible Thing by cuddlebearlove

    The Mystery of Rhedae by Anima Summa

    The New Year by DesiDoodles

    The Next Great Annoyance by Dogbertcarroll

    The OC by ESP

    The Office Scene by Eblis

    The One Who's Always Loved Me by Ishtar

    The Only One He Ever Feared by jjtaylor

    The Only Ones He Ever Feared by Ashwinder

    The Order of the Phoenix by Ruskbyte

    The Parliament's War by Selenepotter

    The Path Chosen by Random_Shinobi

    The Perfect Weapon: Recrafted by Master Caliiro

    The Phoenix and the Serpent by ReaderRavenclaw

    The Poker Game by Enterprise1701-d

    The Potter Factor by Amora

    The Power Known Not by Emikae

    The Power of Insanity by Kyndeyr

    The Power of the Human Will by Shadowheart

    The Power Of Three by WhiteWitchDark

    The Preservation of Memory by opalish

    The Problem with Cupboards by Opalish

    The Prodigal Daughter by iluvfanfics1

    The Pureblood Pretense by murkybluematter

    The Pure Blood Princess by TheEndless7

    The Rage of Potter by Bellamybabe

    The Real Epilogue by DrT

    The Rebel by ToxicManipulator

    The Rebirth of the Viper Order by cooldamien

    The Reclamation of Black Magic by ShayaLonnie - - - DLP-Thread

    The Refiner's Fire by Abraxan

    The Reign Of Darkness by HoshiHikari4ever

    The Repair Manual by Takeda Lee

    The Return of Slytherin by Lady Phoenix Slytherin

    The Return of the Maruaders by TheLastZion

    The Rise & Fall of Harry Potter by Lucullus - - - DLP-Thread

    The Rise of Chaos by Allizarin Sylvain Phyre

    The Rise of the Dark Mark by Chiron

    The Rise of the Dragon Lords by Damon Blade

    The Rise of the Gray Lord by TheDarkestAngel16

    The road less taken By way of life - - - DLP-Thread

    The Sanctuary of the Forest by An Unpoetic Recluse

    The Serpent and the Mirror by Paimpont

    The Setup Wizard by unknown author on tumblr - - - DLP-Thread

    The Seventh Horcrux by Melindaleo

    The Sorting Hat Is Evil by Bernie Laraemie

    The Soul Has Bandaged Moments by serendu

    The Stance of a Warrior by F77

    The Star Chamber by Savile

    The Story of The Guys by The Professional

    The Super Confidential Diary of Harry Potter by Jam for President

    The Terran Ascension by EvilKender

    The Time Of Destiny by Abraxan

    The TriSchool Tournament by DisobedienceWriter

    The Trouble With Time Turners by Katsala - - - DLP-Thread

    The Truth by Vulkan

    The Ultimate Evil by Pan06

    The Umbrella Conspiracy by Kouhiofdoragons

    The Unexpected Result of... by NoOneIntresting

    The Unforgettable Fire by The Labris

    The Union by lunakatrina

    The Universe is a Great and Beautiful Thing by attica

    The Unknown Alliance by ohmygawsh

    The Wails of a Lion by Hope12

    The Warning by Zoken

    The Watering Hole by Master Caliiro

    The Way of the Warrior by Cubster

    The Wayside Sacrament by Startide Risen - - - DLP-Thread

    The White Black Witch by mrs.milfoy

    The Woes of Dumbledore's Army by VGSS

    The works of Adultfanfiction by Adultfanfiction (Series)

    The World at War Series by Marquis Black

    The World Without Me by Eternal Cosmos

    The Younger Potter Twin by DrT

    The Zoo Series by WannaPlayKevinBacon

    Their Verdict of Vagaries by Angstier

    There is Only Power by loralee1

    Therein Needed by LoneNight

    They Shook Hands by Dethryl

    Thicker than Blood by Random Shinobi

    Things HP characters wud neva say! by jackskellingtonspumpkinqueen

    This Means War by Jeconais

    Thrice-Glorious-Victory by Lord Mendasuit

    Through Storm and Fog by Indelible Raven

    Tied for Last by Speechwriter

    Till The Very Last Breath by The-Xenocide

    Time, Interrupted by Madm05

    Time for Independence by Black's Phoenix

    Time to Fix the Mistakes by DisobedienceWriter - - - DLP-Thread

    Time to Live by loralee1

    Time to Prepare by Potterphile78 - - - DLP-Thread

    Titans Trilogy: The Rise of The Dragon by ObsidianEsper - - - DLP-Thread

    Tivor by CrazyDan - - - DLP-Thread

    To Love Even In Death by Raymomofo - - - DLP-Thread

    To Persevere by HippoParty - - - DLP-Thread

    To Rise from the Ashes by Lucullus - - - DLP-Thread

    Tom and Harry by old-crow - - - DLP-Thread

    Tom Riddle and the Hard Times by poultanzas - - - DLP-Thread

    Too Late by Neopyro

    Tourniquet by Veruka

    Touched by an Angle by loonie lupin - - - DLP-Thread

    Tower of Air by Cluegirl

    Trinity: Brothers by Hijja

    Triwizard Redux/Re-Ordered Series by DrT - - - DLP-Thread

    Tulip in the Sand by Evilevergreen

    Twelve Bludger Quidditch by Marz1 - - - DLP-Thread

    Twisted by Cheryl bites

    Twisted Soul by moogleknight - - - DLP-Thread

    Two out of Time by Liquid Enginee - - - DLP-Thread

    Two Sides Of The Same Coin by Ten Toes

    Two to Lead by Missile Envy - - - DLP-Thread

    Two Worlds by marietsy - - - DLP-Thread

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    Jun 4, 2005
    Uncle by Sam-Storyteller

    Undead and Unashamed by opalish

    Undead Secrets by BitterIcing

    Under the Viper by Eldar - - - DLP-Thread

    Uneasy Thoughts by Desmodius

    Unexpected Events by zakairen

    Unforgiven Betrayal by HarbringerLady - - - DLP-Thread

    Unknown Relations: The Philosopher's Stone by ksomm814

    Unspeakable Truths Vol 1: The Truth is Out There by fudi

    Untitled by curia_regis

    V by Circinusphoenix - - - DLP-Thread

    Vanishing Illusions by Trelawney's Love Toy - - - DLP-Thread

    Veneficus Dementia by The Fine Balance

    Veritaserum Suprise by Kateko

    Vindico Atrum by Firephoenix8 - - - DLP-Thread

    Voice of Time by DGProbe99 - - - DLP-Thread

    Voiishima's Last Wish by Void Sorceror

    Voldemorts' Heir by Madeye - - - DLP-Thread

    Vox of Vicis by Master Slytherin - - - DLP-Thread

    Walking a New Path: A New Life By padawan lynne - - - DLP-Thread

    Wanderlust by Trayus - - - DLP-Thread

    War by Flemingo

    Warfare by doRodrigo

    Warrior's Heir by Osireia

    Watcher by Mira Ceti

    Way of the Warlock by Heiko2003 - - - DLP-Thread

    We Are Not Evil by kylev - - - DLP-Thread

    We Gryffies by gryffindorseeker - - - DLP-Thread

    Wedlocked! by Selenepotter - - - DLP-Thread

    West of Here by MK-ONE - - - DLP-Thread

    What if god was one of us by Dorian Windslasher - - - DLP-Thread

    What is right by Emma Lipardi

    What is Said, Is Said by GenkaiFan - - - DLP-Thread

    What You Left Behind by Lanindur Du'Undarian - - - DLP-Thread

    What's in a name? by muishiki

    When A Lioness Fights by kayly silverstorm - - - DLP-Thread

    Where There's A Will by veraklon

    WhirlPool Blood By: Shodaime of S.S.D.D. - R - Naruto - - - DLP-Thread

    Wicca Wizard by PeaceThroughSuperiorFirepower - - - DLP-Thread

    Will He Be Happy? by KafkaExMachina

    Window to the Soul by LooneyLoopeyLupin - - - DLP-Thread

    Winter Sunlight by Undertree33

    Wishcraft by Taint of Taia

    Wishful Thinking by TheGoldenSeraphim

    Witch Hunter by CrimsonNoble

    Witchcraft by Avitus

    With A Start by E. M. Pink

    With Strength of Steel Wings by AngelaStarCat - - - DLP-Thread

    Within These Walls by Solstice Muse

    Wizard on the Sea of Time by Selenepotter

    Wizards Fall by Bobmin356 - - - DLP-Thread

    Wolf by Damon Blade - - - DLP-Thread

    Worthy of Magic by Sage Ra - - - DLP-Thread

    World in Pieces by Lomonaaeren - - - DLP-Thread

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