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The Dresden Files Book Club - August - Grave Peril

Discussion in 'Fanfic Discussion' started by Josh, Aug 22, 2016.

  1. Josh

    Josh Second Year

    Jul 17, 2016
    Jacksonville FL
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    Welcome to Grave Peril. I've been looking forward to this one. I think we'll be seeing more clues to the overall nemesis plot of the story here as well so keep your eyes peeled.

    The following is an Excerpt from Jim's site, so if you haven't read this one yet, buckle up.

  2. LittleChicago

    LittleChicago Death Eater DLP Supporter

    Oct 3, 2009
    Okay, I'll start.

    First Point: Michael, how I have missed you. Arguably there are 4 'most important' supporting characters: Murphy, Molly, Thomas, and the Fist of God himself.

    It's hard to say that I've 'missed' Michael in the first two books, since he hadn't been introduced yet, but that's how I feel. His presence adds a certain something that was seriously lacking in the first two books. If I think it out, I guess we could say that Michael is Harry's first friend. Murphy doesn't count in Storm Front or Fool Moon, since she's not yet a sidekick. Michael sort of fills that role, but is actually more of a partner.

    Having someone who can challenge Dresden in a friendly way - a role Murphy grows into later - rather than as a direct antagonist is a nice change, and something else that was missing previously. In the first two books, Harry basically had Bob, and to a lesser extent, Susan. Starting here, his world - his personal sphere - expands greatly, and both he and the story are better for it.

    So, yeah. Fuckin' love Michael. He's what all strongly religious people should be: Quietly certain in his faith, loving, peaceful, but not afraid to stand up and do what's right when it is needed. Seeing him as this exemplar is also frustrating - people who use religion as an excuse to do anything horrible and destructive are jus the worse sort of shitstain on the heel of humanity. But I digress!

    Harry's basically happy in life right now (something which cannot stand, of course) and even though saving a whole bevy of children from a crazed ghost gets him locked up - an event that will get a nice reference in Dead Beat - Michael helps him see the bright side of the whole situation.

    Michael himself was slowly driving Dresden nuts about saying the three little words to Susan, but eventually, Harry comes around.

    Point the Second: ghosts are awesome, far more interesting than werewolves. I like werewolves - moreso than most interpretations of vampires, these days, fuck you very much S. Meyer - but ghosts are a more versatile threat. This is the most exploration they get in the series before Ghost Story itself, more than Dead Beat allows for. We get most of the rules laid out, and more importantly, we discover the Nevernever.

    Point Three: Enter Leanansidhe, aka The Scariest Goddamn Redhead in the World. (Side note: for some reason, I've always pictured Kate Walsh in this role in the movie in my head.) Lea is my favourite Sidhe aside from Mab herself, whom we don't meet until the next book. She is a great introduction to how manipulative and cunning the Fae are, along with a first peek into just how alien they are, how incapable of understanding humanity they can be, despite their arrogance. Lea herself is possibly the greatest frenemy Dresden will ever have, so seeing the way she plays both sides, especially at THE PARTY - yes, it requires caps due to how important it was - such as when she hands off Amoracchius, then allows the heroes to escape, then tries to capture Dresden on his way back in... it's just delightful. And she always honestly believes that she's doing the right thing.

    Anyway, Point Four: THE PARTY itself. Let's meet Thomas, Justine, Mavra, and Ferrovax. Let's watch deals go down without hearing all the conversations. Let's see the foundation of the Black Counsel be laid. Let's completely fuck up what little happiness Dresden has found in his life. Let's watch vampire politics play out. Let's try to break a Sword. Let's provoke a Goddamn Wizard.

    No, no, my blood-sucking friends. Let's start a motherfucking War.

    Do not meddle in affairs of Wizards, for they are quick to anger and you explode when heated properly.

    You might note that I'm skipping the A plot, the Nightmare/Kravos. That's because, as important as it is to this story, long-term, it leaves little impression.

    Well, actually, that might not be completely true, bringing me to Point the Fifth: Something that occurred to me during Dresden's final half-dead/dream confrontation with Kravos: he devours him. Simple enough, and quite metaphorical, yes, but recall that Kravos absorbed some of Harry's power, plus his face... is it a stretch to say he took on some of Harry's very essence?

    And would it be a stretch back to say Harry took on a little, tiny bit of Kravos when he devoured him and absorbed all of his strength? This is the start of Harry's power-ups, the first of many levels of badass that he will climb. While he won't start having serious anger control issues until Lash starts renting out his attic, could this be the start of his changing attitudes? I'll have to read the next book rather carefully.

    On to Point Six: The final-final showdown with Bianca and her Thirsty Boys. Let's definitely keep that War going. And lay the groundwork for Butters' eventual entry. And remove the Red Court's presence from the third biggest city on the continent. And lose Susan for good. And get a little revenge/justice for the many dead.

    And afterwards, let's still have trouble with those three little words.

    In short, Summer Knight, Blood Rites, Dead Beat, Changes, Ghost Story, and the overall plot all owe good chunk to this book... and quick frankly, Butcher himself might owe his career to it.
  3. Erotic Adventures of S

    Erotic Adventures of S Denarii Host

    Aug 21, 2006
    New Zealand
    Ok, how to follow that annalysis?

    i will say that i got the impression that Harrys powerup from Kravos supper was more temporary than long term, as in he supercharged his tank but once he spent it it was gone, since he never mentions a power boost latter and he was always pretty powerful.

    Also his level of power seems to jump all over the place, here he throws around a lot, a lot, of power, in earlier and latter books he sometimes pulls of two or three spells amd is winded.

    While i agree with Kravos plot was almost a side line to the greater plot, and since we know how great that plot is it is almost overshadowed, i really enjoyed it, i think it was a great plot and showed what can happen to mortals who mess with even cheap knock off wizards. Also marks the point that Murphy really gets that Harry is a good guy and can do shit she just cant.

    The Party, i will reference the future here for a moment, the two guys in black capes helping Bianca... Is later said to be Cowl and Kimori. Aree they the masterminds of night or just pawns.

    Ferovax... I have mentioned before how i think Michael taking out a dragon is OTT or at least would have a huge after effect on par with the destruction of the redcourt. Considering how so many things we see are immortal, a lot has happened in the last 100 years, seemingly more than the last 1000 combined. Destruction of Black Court, which given Mavras roll i think may be the catalyst to the formation of the Black Council and the coming apocalypse. The death of a dragon, the upcoming destruction of another vampire court and the change in leadership of another.

    Back to the party, Lea getting her little dagger, a gift that merits the giving and almost destruction of one lf the swords... A gift of such power it lead Lea to almost challenge Mab.

    One plot element i didnt like is Harry, Michael and Susan trying to leave and Mavra stopping him by saying she will take the other.

    Over all it seemed a weak exchange, but also Harry could pf just played the old ploy, "one of the, is my guest but I wont say who, we are leaving and if you try to stop one of them you take the chance of breaking the code of conduct" makes the onus of the rules flip to her.

    Also this happens pretty much a year after Fool Moon... Biancas rise in power and skill seems a bit abrupt.

    Also would the white council allow the expansion of the red court this far north? Isnt there whole stick containing them to south america?

    I loved this book, amd much more when you look at it in the greater context.

    The only aspect I didnt like was our introduction to the nevernever, in terms kc what we learn latter it seems mild.

    Also Harry opens a portal at his appartment to go get Susan, despite saying in Changes that he has never done that to avoid weakening the barrier. Also we see Leas garden latter.
  4. Aekiel

    Aekiel Angle of Mispeling Prestige DLP Supporter

    Mar 16, 2006
    The Shire
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    One thing I did notice is that in the first conversation with Lea, she calls Harry her "son" rather than "godson". Might just be a mistype by Jim, but if not, well, it could be interesting.
  5. Zeelthor

    Zeelthor Scissor Me Timbers

    Aug 22, 2008
    I suppose adopted son isn't entirely far-fetched, with her role in his life. Another thing is the kiss to Thomas' forehead. I've heard it said that because she stole the memories of Susan's love for Harry, which qualified as True Love, she was burned. It may be true but I'm personally hoping that Lea actually truly loves someone. That'd be far more interesting.

    Another matter that's always interested me is the amount of crap laid at Susan's feet because of her actions in this book. Sure, she's pretty dumb for going, but there's really no way for her to quite grasp the nature of the Red Court. Especially since Harry's the protective sort and tries to keep information away from her.

    Overall, a pretty decent book. Looking forward to the glory of Mab in the next one! :D