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The great server failure of 4/08, or.. how I punked Bio.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Midknight, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. Midknight

    Midknight Middy is SPAI! DLP Supporter Retired Staff

    Apr 11, 2005

    I banned every user.
    Database got corrupted sorting through that many folks.
    Database automatically went and restored itself to our last still on the server backup, that was sometime in 5/07.

    What follows is the luls. Poor Bio.

    Session Ident: #darklordpotter
    9th, 2008 at 3:12pm
    [10:21pm] <~Midknight> <<Vash>>: I challenge you to a Jihad
    [10:22pm] <Crowd_Cheers> The lines! They haz been drawn!
    [10:22pm] <&Vash> OH MY GOD MY WIMMINZ IZ PREGNANT! D:
    [10:22pm] <&Vash> .. wait wut?
    [10:22pm] <&vash> banning jihad, lol
    [10:22pm] * BioPlague stares
    [10:23pm] <~Midknight> I call Bio
    [10:23pm] <&Vash> <_< I just got home, bitch, let me eeted my chilli dogz.
    [10:23pm] <&Vash> :(
    [10:23pm] <&Vash> But I wanted to ban bio.
    [10:23pm] <&Vash> ok.
    [10:23pm] <&Vash> so ... is I can ban Sera?
    [10:23pm] <~Midknight> hrm.. okay, you can have Bio...

    Minutes later. Bio sees what happend.

    [10:44pm] <BioPlague> HE
    [10:44pm] <BioPlague> BANNED
    [10:44pm] <BioPlague> THE ENTIRE BOARD?!
    [10:44pm] * BioPlague screeches
    [10:44pm] <&Vash> ... you all deserve it, stfu bitch D:
    [10:45pm] <Darius> DLP would be awesome with 0 members
    [10:45pm] <Darius> oh wait lol
    [10:45pm] <~Midknight> [10:44pm] <BioPlague> THE ENTIRE BOARD?!
    [10:46pm] <~Midknight> Yeah I did, rofl
    [10:46pm] <BioPlague> :'(
    [10:46pm] <BioPlague> Are you guys just going to ban random people?
    [10:46pm] <&Vash> I thought it was only the first page of fags... but the entire bored? thats fucking epic shit
    [10:46pm] <BioPlague> Because
    [10:47pm] <&Sera> I'm sure they'll intentionally ban you a few times, Merrill
    [10:47pm] <BioPlague> I randomly came across this guy
    [10:47pm] <BioPlague> http://forums.darklordpotter.net/member.php?u=423
    [10:47pm] <BioPlague> And he's a very random member
    [10:47pm] <BioPlague> that you might randomly ban
    [10:47pm] <&Sera> ahahahahah
    [10:47pm] <BioPlague> XD
    [10:47pm] <Darius> you might randomly ban
    [10:47pm] <&Sera> so should we just ban every retard now?
    [10:47pm] <BioPlague> JBERN!
    [10:47pm] <Darius> everyone with those random AFC sigs
    [10:47pm] <BioPlague> JUST
    [10:47pm] <BioPlague> BAN
    [10:47pm] <BioPlague> EVERY
    [10:47pm] <BioPlague> RETARD
    [10:47pm] <BioPlague> NOW
    [10:48pm] <BioPlague> Hey. The Bad AFC sigs :p
    [10:48pm] <&Vash> ...Bio falls under JBERN. :O
    [10:48pm] <BioPlague> I fall under brilliant
    [10:48pm] <&Vash> ignorant faggot maybe.
    [10:49pm] <&Vash> BUY ANY ROCKS LATELY, BITCH?!
    [10:49pm] <Darius> Rule #2 - Don't start an E-Penis war that you don't have a plan for winning.
    [10:49pm] <Darius> Or just take this out of his sig.
    [10:49pm] <&Vash> pfft. s'if i'd buy rocks. :eek:
    [10:49pm] <Darius> I WIN I DECLARE IT SO
    [10:49pm] <&Vash> !searchquote soem rocks
    [10:49pm] <+xion> [2207] <BP> Just buy a few bags of rocks. || <BP> And throw them at her windolw || <DarkSyaoran> Buy rocks? ||

    <DarkSyaoran> LOL! || <Spacks> roflmfao || <BP> You fucking niggers || <BP> I hope you die || <BP> Anyway, we steal some rocks ||

    <Spacks> steal soem rocks || <Spacks> lolololol || <DarkSyaoran> AHHAHAHHAAH! || <BP> -_- || <BP> Fuck you guys.
    [10:49pm] <BioPlague> I bought landscaping rocks. Shut up :p

    [10:52pm] <~Midknight> <URL removed> Bio I hate to tell you, but it's time for us to part ways
    [10:52pm] <BioPlague> XD
    [10:52pm] <~Midknight> theres just no room for a boy who cant dunk and doesnt like bling
    [10:53pm] <&Sera> lawl
    [10:53pm] [10:53pm] BioPlague «lordmerril@dlp-69D4C99F.dsl1.kgm.az.frontiernet.net» has Quit iRC (Killed (Godbless and enjoy RC!))
    [10:53pm] <Darius> BioPlague BioPlague is offline
    [10:53pm] <Darius> Banstick Recipient
    [10:53pm] <~Midknight> lol
    [10:53pm] <Darius> D8
    [10:53pm] <&Vash> LOL'
    [10:53pm] <Jangel> ...
    [10:53pm] <&Sera> only non-banned people on the forums are me and Mid
    [10:53pm] <Jangel> I'm banned. D:
    [10:53pm] <&Sera> lawl
    [10:54pm] <~Midknight> <<Sera>>: ROFL yeah you are huh
    [10:54pm] [10:54pm] BioPlague (lordmerril@dlp-69D4C99F.dsl1.kgm.az.frontiernet.net) has joined. «30 people»
    [10:54pm] <Darius> Sorry, there are no new threads to view.
    [10:54pm] <Darius> You may search for threads updated during the previous 24 hours, here.
    [10:54pm] <BioPlague> Fuckers

    [10:54pm] <~Midknight> I TOLD you I'd be the one to ban him
    [10:54pm] <Darius> IM STILL HERE
    [10:54pm] <&Sera> wtf
    [10:54pm] <&Vash> lol Bio.
    [10:55pm] <Darius> I'm banned

    And here's where it gets really funny, including Sera, who I woud up telling a few minutes later, starts wondering wtf.

    [10:55pm] <BioPlague> What the fuck
    [10:55pm] <BioPlague> XD
    [10:55pm] <&Sera> you reset the site to May 2007?
    [10:55pm] <BioPlague> Most users ever online was 410, 02-03-2007 at 04:56 PM.
    [10:55pm] <BioPlague> o.o

    [10:56pm] <~Midknight> Oh shit I did?!?!
    [10:56pm] <~Midknight> Oh fuck
    [10:56pm] <~Midknight> WTF!

    [10:56pm] <Darius> I have only 950 posts
    [10:56pm] <~Midknight> =)
    [10:56pm] <~Midknight> well. hey back to a happy time right
    [10:56pm] <BioPlague> What?
    [10:56pm] <~Midknight> it's easier to make the posts the second time anyway
    [10:56pm] <BioPlague> Lol...
    [10:56pm] <BioPlague> Maybe May 2006 :p
    [10:57pm] <~Midknight> AHAHA, Hey Vash
    [10:57pm] <BioPlague> So basically you fucked the site up and Raven's going to be mad? XD
    [10:57pm] <~Midknight> Irony: my fucked up tinkering resulted in this
    [10:57pm] <~Midknight> Threads: 5,155, Posts: 114,579, Members: 3,160
    [10:57pm] <~Midknight> Welcome to our newest member, Garret P.I.

    [10:57pm] <~Midknight> Yep Bio we're fucked
    [10:57pm] <BioPlague> I can't even access Calendar
    [10:57pm] <BioPlague> or have the items on the forum
    [10:57pm] <&Vash> ... LOL.

    [10:57pm] <~Midknight> I'd advise going away from DLp for a week or so until we get it fixed
    [10:58pm] <BioPlague> Ah there we go :p
    [10:58pm] <&Vash> ..heeeeyy... reputation is back too. THATs not a bad thing at aaaalllll
    [10:58pm] <~Midknight> yeah, we can neg rep Bio again all over!

    [10:58pm] <&Vash> Happy Day! ^_^
    [10:59pm] <BioPlague> Lol
    [10:59pm] <~Midknight> meh I corrupted something.. they still show some user titles
    [10:59pm] <BioPlague> Syaoran is Cataclysmic
    [10:59pm] <BioPlague> and now a Super Mod
    [10:59pm] <~Midknight> yeah he was back then

    [10:59pm] <BioPlague> Yeah
    [11:00pm] <~Midknight> I accidentally fucked up and overwrote the site with a backup.
    [11:00pm] <~Midknight> ah well
    [11:00pm] <&Vash> oshi--
    [11:00pm] <Jangel> indeed
    [11:00pm] <thatperson> lulz.
    [11:00pm] <&Vash> on the plus side, we're rid of the newest wave of retarded newbies.
    [11:00pm] <Jangel> INDEED
    [11:00pm] <Jeram> Damn.
    [11:00pm] <Jangel> :eek:
    [11:00pm] <BioPlague> o.o
    [11:00pm] <~Midknight> Hey.. vash
    [11:01pm] <~Midknight> that means... we get to ban them all again!
    [11:01pm] <&Vash> yus
    [11:01pm] * ~Midknight goes to unlift all the bans so we can have fun
    [11:01pm] <&Vash> ... :D fuckin A! this is the happiest day of my life. I could almost cry tears of joy
    [11:03pm] <~Midknight> ah fixed it there we go, ban Away Vashy
    [11:03pm] <Jeram> Wow.

    And here's Ravens entrance, lol.

    [11:06pm] <~Raven> What did you do now?
    [11:06pm] <BioPlague> LOL
    [11:06pm] <&Vash> OSHI-- ITS RAVEN! EVERYONE BAIL!
    [11:06pm] <~Midknight> OMFG RAVEN I"M SORRY!

    Raven knows by now.

    [11:11pm] <~Raven> Shit, you did a number on the forums >_<
    [11:11pm] <~Raven> brb, coffee
    [11:11pm] <BioPlague> Ok
    [11:12pm] <BioPlague> XD
    [11:12pm] <BioPlague> Also, someone unban me. Wtf :p
    [11:12pm] <~Midknight> yeah, I'll send you a testicle in the mail to make up for it
    [11:12pm] <BioPlague> XD
    [11:13pm] <~Midknight> I mean.. clearly my nazi status has corrupted me, I went mad with power.. and lust to finally get rid of that bitch Bio
    [11:13pm] <&Vash> ..scre that... its nice without bio around to fuck things up with his hermione loving retardedness D:
    [11:13pm] <~Raven> FUCK the impex tables too >_>
    [11:13pm] <~Midknight> ah well, we wanted to restart DLP anyway
    [11:13pm] <BioPlague> Ah... I remember a time when I would actually put up a fight and complain... I think I just gave up somewhere after GP

    or something
    [11:14pm] <BioPlague> Didn't he just overwrite it with an old backup? Don't have a recent backup? o.o

    Hi Jeram.

    [11:14pm] <Jeram> What's wrong with the forums?
    [11:14pm] <&Vash> “·–Jeram–·” THEYRE GONE, MAN! GOOOONE! :O
    [11:14pm] <Jeram> Eep - I see.
    [11:14pm] <Jeram> Damn...
    [11:14pm] <Paimon> WHAT HAVE WE LEARNED
    [11:14pm] <Paimon> D:
    [11:15pm] <~Midknight> <Paimon> WHAT HAVE WE LEARNED
    [11:15pm] <~Raven> They're fucked, and the daily backup is blank fuck fuck
    [11:15pm] <&Vash> Dont give midknight power, thats what. :eek:
    [11:15pm] <&Vash> i say we ban him!
    [11:15pm] <~Midknight> That I should of shitcanned Bio a year ago and i wouldnt of been in such a hurry and broke the board
    [11:15pm] <Jeram> Well - the important thing is that we've learned some sort of lesson, I assume.
    [11:15pm] <Paimon> lol XD
    [11:15pm] <Jeram> Whatever that is.
    [11:15pm] <&Vash> o_O
    [11:16pm] <&Vash> ...
    [11:16pm] <~Midknight> [11:15pm] <&Vash> i say we ban him!
    [11:16pm] <~Midknight> FU VASH!

    I preemptivley banned Vash
    [11:16pm] <~Midknight> http://darklordpotter.net/forums/member.php?u=6
    [11:16pm] <~Midknight> you go to hell you go to hell and YOU DIE!
    [11:17pm] <~Midknight> I win our contest by default!
    [11:17pm] <BioPlague> XD
    [11:17pm] <&Vash> ... T_T

    [11:17pm] <~Midknight> STFU about Michael Clayton we gotz a crisis!
    [11:18pm] <~Midknight> Who you gonna call?
    [11:18pm] <Ghostbusters> Someone Else!
    [11:18pm] <&Vash> Ghostbusters?
    [11:18pm] <BioPlague> Hillary Clinton?
    [11:18pm] <~Midknight> ^
    [11:18pm] <~Midknight> timing ftw
    [11:18pm] <BioPlague> Cause she's prepared on day one.
    [11:18pm] <&Vash> :eek:

    Awhile later.

    [11:23pm] <~Midknight> Bio did you finally figure out the joke?
    [11:24pm] <BioPlague> What joke?
    [11:25pm] <BioPlague> I got the joke awhile ago. I've been browsing DLP on Internet Explorer, whereas, on Firefox, I'm banned :p
    [11:26pm] <Jeram> That doesn't make any sense.
    [11:26pm] <BioPlague> On Firefox, it looks like 4 people are on and it's 2007 or something.
    [11:26pm] <BioPlague> But on IE, it's just a normal looking DLP
    [11:27pm] <Jeram> Cookies... those traitorous little...
    [11:27pm] <BioPlague> My cookies are cleared. Still does it.
    [11:28pm] <BioPlague> ello BioPlague it appears that you have not posted on our forums in several weeks, why not take a few moments to

    ask a question, help provide a solution, or just engage in a conversation with another member in any one of our forums?
    [11:28pm] <BioPlague> vBulletin Message
    [11:28pm] <BioPlague> You have been banned for the following reason:
    [11:28pm] <BioPlague> No reason was specified.
    [11:28pm] <BioPlague> Date the ban will be lifted: Never
    [11:30pm] <~Midknight> rofl get off the archive forums with firefox then

    He's stunned into silence.

    [11:30pm] <BioPlague> what?
    [11:30pm] <BioPlague> I can't login, or it bans me :p
    [11:30pm] <~Raven> You're on the archive forums.
    [11:31pm] <kalantha> what's with the banning wars...i'm gone less than a month and i miss everything
    [11:31pm] <~Raven> An old copy of the database, an old copy of the forum software.
    [11:31pm] <Jeram> And it's not even April 1st.
    [11:31pm] <~Midknight> •Jeram•
    [11:31pm] <~Midknight> [11:07pm] <Midknight> I linked the backup archive, banned everyone, none of the idiots noticed it wasnt real DLP
    [11:31pm] <~Midknight> [11:07pm] <Midknight> said I corrupted the DB, I had to restore a backup, we lost everything since back in the day
    [11:31pm] <~Midknight> [11:07pm] <Midknight> In short. I was bored.

    [11:31pm] <BioPlague> MOTHERFUCKERS!
    [11:31pm] <~Midknight> ROFLMFAO
    [11:31pm] <~Midknight> I've been crying IRL laughing the entire time
    [11:31pm] <BioPlague> God damnit
    [11:31pm] <BioPlague> I cleared my cookies
    [11:31pm] <&Vash> «··kalantha··» we've decided that the rightful place of members is cowering in fear, thus the best way to induce it is by

    example. :O
    [11:32pm] <BioPlague> and I kept hitting refresh
    [11:32pm] <BioPlague> instead of typing in the URL
    [11:32pm] <~Raven> LOL
    [11:32pm] [11:32pm] Tehan «Tehan@8D9E3B25.7D965E7A.37E50F70.IP» has Quit iRC (Ping timeout)
    [11:32pm] <kalantha> Vash: i see :)
    [11:32pm] <&Vash> ... fuckin LOL @ Bio.
    [11:32pm] <~Midknight> In on the joke indeed
    [11:32pm] [11:32pm] Tehan (Tehan@8D9E3B25.7D965E7A.37E50F70.IP) has joined. «28 people»
    [11:33pm] <~Midknight> Dont feel bad Bio, I told #cn a few minutes after I did it, and thatperson still got caught with it
    [11:33pm] <BioPlague> I just assumed it was a group thing, tortuing me
    [11:33pm] <BioPlague> Torturing me*
    [11:33pm] <Jeram> What fun times.
    [11:33pm] <~Midknight> Group torture?
    [11:34pm] <~Midknight> Who do you think we are, the CIA?
    [11:34pm] <thatperson> Pfft. I overlooked those lines. >.>
    [11:34pm] <thatperson> Besides. I made it back on my own.
    [11:34pm] <thatperson> :p
    [11:34pm] <BioPlague> No - group torture, as in the group you stuck me in, cunt
    [11:34pm] <BioPlague> After banning me
    [11:34pm] <BioPlague> Ginny's G-Strings or w/e
    [11:34pm] <BioPlague> Page would load or lead me to a wrong one
    [11:34pm] <BioPlague> and then error out and I thought I had a virus or something
    [11:35pm] <&Vash> ... better reinstall XP then :eek: eetz da only wai.
    [11:35pm] <Darius> reformat your hardrive like Aekiel did XD
    [11:35pm] <~Midknight> Ask Aekiel the fastest way t
    [11:35pm] <~Midknight> Darius beat me to it, lol
    [11:35pm] <Darius> lawl
    [11:35pm] <BioPlague> XD
    [11:36pm] <BioPlague> XD
    [11:36pm] <BioPlague> LOL
    [11:36pm] <BioPlague> LOL
    [11:36pm] <Jeram> Poor naive Aekiel.
    [11:36pm] <Jeram> Ah, dlp - happy birthday indeed.


    Ah the things I do for amusement.
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2008
  2. BioPlague

    BioPlague MD DLP Supporter

    Jun 22, 2006
    United States
    Pretty weak. Especially since I got derailed from caring once politics came up ^_^.
  3. Antivash

    Antivash Until we meet again... DLP Supporter Retired Staff

    Apr 2, 2005
    Ghost Planet
    Man... fuckin LOL. I knew we had some dumb bitches around here... but gooood. Bio? Man, I once thought you were intelligent.
  4. Iztiak

    Iztiak Heir

    Dec 4, 2006
    Wow, this is Epic. I'm going to log on IRC more....
  5. Nuhuh

    Nuhuh Dastardly Shadow Admin Moderator

    Nov 12, 2006
    man that is beautiful, I laughed in rl. Too bad I missed it and it all went down when I was driving home from work.
  6. Midknight

    Midknight Middy is SPAI! DLP Supporter Retired Staff

    Apr 11, 2005
  7. Aekiel

    Aekiel Angle of Mispeling Prestige DLP Supporter

    Mar 16, 2006
    The Shire
    High Score:
    I'm never going to live that down, am I?

    Still lulzy though. You completely pwned DLP.