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War-Based Naruto Fanfiction

Discussion in 'Fanfic Discussion' started by RottedKarma, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. RottedKarma

    RottedKarma First Year

    Jun 22, 2017
    Planet Earth
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    How would you go about writing a Naruto fanfiction with war being a primary focus? How would the war be carried out? What would be the purpose of the war? What kind of subjects would you include and what kind of person would your main character be?

    Personally, I'd like to see a fanfic touch on how the war would affect missions in a village, and their economic importance.

  2. Eilyfe

    Eilyfe Headmaster

    May 27, 2014
    The psychological impact on the fighting soldiers (and the populace) would be quite important. You can only have so many fights without a story becoming stale, so finding other avenues to explore that tie into the overall topic of war is important. The usual suspects of loyalty, trust, betrayal, relationships, sudden loss (of friends as well as physical/mental ability), finding meaning, etc. apply -- war simply amps them up.

    I'm partial to jaded, broken soldiers who try very hard to cling to whatever sanity is still left.

    Ah, now that I wrote that, one topic that shouldn't be left out is finding joy in ordinary things. War is grimy, brutal, and full of despair. In such an environment, the song of a bird, the sun on your face, the kind words of a friend . . . emotionally these things punch far above their usual weight in such a setting.
  3. Sauce Bauss

    Sauce Bauss Headmaster DLP Supporter

    Apr 4, 2008
    I think that you're imposing too much modern society on the Naruto world. The psychological impact on the soldiers, when those people spend peacetime doing assassinations as a casual thing? The populace is used to a significant portion of their population fighting and dying for money in the best of times, so the only difference is scale. Sure, once things like rationing, large casualties, and the threat of enemy action in the civilian population centers become common it'll affect them more. With that said, Konoha is not the modern US where two guys dying in a helicopter crash is national news with the President shaking the father's hands.

    We see one ninja who has PTSD, and that's Kakashi. His was related to personal trauma and loss, not societal.
  4. Eilyfe

    Eilyfe Headmaster

    May 27, 2014
    Depends entirely on the time you're talking about. At the point when they leave the Academy, Naruto's generation has grown up in an era of relative peace. To them, a sudden outbreak of war might feel comparatively modern in terms of how it affects them. But even when that is not the case -- let's assume they're already hardened to some degree, have had missions where people died by their hands -- war is a different ball game altogether.

    There is a difference between going on a mission (which is, theoretically, tailored to your skill level, although that is not always reliable) and fighting days on end in a warzone, where your comrades die much more frequently and at every corner you could have the bad luck to meet someone like Jiraiya or Minato.

    You're right when you say it's a matter of scale, but I think we disagree on how much that point affects their psyche.

    Also, though I do believe that assassination fits well into canon, it's not something that's really been explored. From the top of my head I can't think of many missions issued by Konoha that had, as a theme, earning money by way of assassination. The largest assassination I can think of is the Uchiha Massacre -- and that's village politics, not financial gain. Undoubtedly they do things like that, but it doesn't seem to be touted openly, and it doesn't really jive with how much of Konoha has been portrayed. I have no trouble whatsoever to imagine Genin of Konoha going to a battlefield and being incredibly shaken by the sudden increase in gore and mental horror.
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  5. Lamora

    Lamora Definitely Not Batman

    Jul 10, 2009
    Wild blue yonder
    I think a decent AU point if you wanted to have a ninja war fic would be the Hyuuga kidnapping. Trying to steal one of the top two bloodlines in a village under the cover of peace as an ambassador is about as clear a casus belli as you're going to get in a peacetime Ninja World. The fact that Hizashi was instantly ready to throw his body on that grenade and the Sandaime let him is pretty heavy evidence in favor of that fact. I would even say that war was certain if either Hizashi didn't die or Hinata was successfully kidnapped.

    From there, it's pretty easy to domino-effect. The Kidnapping either succeeds or Hizashi doesn't die. Kidnapping Succeeds is the surest chance.

    Kidnapping Succeeds Timeline
    The Hyuuga go to war. This is basically one-hundred percent certain whether Konoha follows them or not, and Konoha probably has to.

    Other clans might even push for it - the Uchiha are all still around, and their skills have basically been stagnating in peacetime, so they're probably all for it. Plus, it's probably just a Konoha doujutsu solidarity thing to go to war after that kind of thing happens - if they're willing to nab the Byakugan in the middle of fucking Konoha, the Uchiha and the Sharingan are basically right next door.

    A couple of countries join sides. You know Earth Country and Iwa are taking one side or another, probably Kumo's. Not even so much for revenge as much as survival instinct - after all, if Konoha wins, that's the game; Konoha becomes the last ninja superpower, with Suna in economic decline and Kiri purging themselves to death. They have to support Kumo, or at least try to make sure Konoha comes out looking as bad as Kumo does. Kiri probably joins Kumo since not too long ago (2 yearsish) Guy's dad killed two of the Seven Swordsman, and those guys don't grow on trees. Suna and the minor villages are sort of tossups - but honestly, we can't be sure the whole world doesn't try to take a swing at the Land of Fire.

    Some important things to note about a Hyuuga War timeline-
    The Uchiha are still alive, and Itachi (who hates war) is still with Konoha (as a wartime genin).

    This is right around the time that Orochimaru is about to defect, and he might very well not with a war to pull subjects from - or more darkly, the Sandaime might deem the oncoming world war sufficient to overlook his crimes even as ghastly as they are.

    Yamato is still with root.

    Hanzo the Salamander is still alive. (Hanzo-Hiruzen team-up, anyone?)

    Akatsuki has only existed for 4 years, so some members (Kakuzu, Deidara) may very well be in the wind and available for hire.

    Plenty of easy potential.
  6. fire

    fire Auror

    Dec 25, 2011
    At the outset, I'll say it's important for a warfic to discuss what war means. The suffering and death, not just the glory. The why behind people choosing to fight - is it love of village? fear of going rogue? the need to protect and not fail the men and women fighting by your side? And ultimately, how does peace ultimately come about?

    I think a Hyuuga kidnapping triggered war, as Lamora outlines, is an excellent vehicle to discuss such ideas. As far as what form the conflict takes - I think it makes sense that ninja war has an unavoidable economic aspect. Ninjas are godlike in battle, but they still need to eat just like the rest of us - a ninja village's weakspot, therefore, is the civilian population base that works the fields and produces the food that supports it, especially in light of how mobile and destructive ninja are (i.e. it's trivial for even a small group of ninja to totally slaughter whole towns and villages). Warfare, therefore, will revolve around attacking or protecting the civilians - and, on the flipside, screening the enemy's movements sufficiently such that they can't just mobilize a larger concentrated force that takes out your spread out defenders piece by piece, at least not without you responding with your own massed forces. Done right, this leads to the sort of pitched battles that canon depicts - armies that go toe to toe with each other, and it is here that the value of the likes of the Yondaime or the Sannin come into play, given their ability to slaughter thousands of lesser ninja.

    Meanwhile, Itachi in particular, with his idealism and love of peace, will be the absolutely perfect character with which to see the world with - here's a guy who hates war, but has no choice, given family and duty and honor, and besides, he's really fucking good at this killing business. Seeing how he resolves this conflict will be interesting, to say the least.
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  7. Lion

    Lion Denarii Host DLP Supporter

    Jul 8, 2009
    That place
    How would you go about writing a Naruto fanfiction with war being a primary focus?
    With war as the primary focus I'd want to use it as a chance to see someone change and grow. How going to war changes everyone, even if you can't tell on the surface. Like Eilyfe said, you have to focus more on the character side because battle after battle gets boring and repetitive. Personally I would want to start it after the Suna invasion, though some details would be changed. The fact that an army of ninja manages to sneak all the way to Konoha just blows my disbelief. Instead I would change it so that it was a small strike force of Suna and Oto ninja working with Orochimaru to assassinate several important Konoha figures. Orochi attacks the third as normal, but at the same time the real Kazekage is leading a force of Suna nin to attack the border with the Land of Fire. While he's doing this Suna loyalists are overthrowing the Daimyo of the Land of Wind to put in power someone who is friendlier to Suna. With a new Wind Daimyo in place the Samurai of Wind, known as the Desert Legion, begin to move.

    How would the war be carried out?

    Konoha manages to fight off the strike force, but with the loss of the Third Hokage. With the nation now being at war the Fire Daimyo chooses Danzo as the next Hokage. Konoha moves to a war footing and things change. The survivors of the Chunin exam are promoted and moved to new teams. Teams are assigned to large groups that are then attached to various armies or certain duties. Samurai would make up the bulk of nations armies. They can mold chakra to a degree, some to pretty high levels, but the average is below a Genin. Doesn't mean that they can't take out ninja who aren't careful or who underestimate them.

    The various armies of the nations would maneuver and try and take various targets such as cities or important towns, while ninja would do missions for the country. Assassinating important figures, destroying infrastructure, and other special forces type objectives. When they're attached to armies they would be a mix of main battle tank and attack helicopter. Able to deal massive amounts of damage and support the armies in various ways. Winning the war is a mix of taking strategic locations and destroying the other sides forces. Danzo would take a turtle approach. Working with the Fire Generals he locks the border and working from Konoha sweeps out the hostile forces still in country. With a secure border he sends various ninja to hit targets to whittle down Wind's will to even be at war. With the armies stuck at the border in various sieges and ninja battles across the country it quickly turns for the Kazekage. After Oto is rooted out, with Orochimaru retreating with his favored experiments, Jaraiya is able to lead the first army behind Winds lines. With the capitol in their hands and Suna under siege, the war becomes one of occupation.

    What would be the purpose of the war?

    For Konoha it's simply to put down Suna and get revenge for the Third Hokage. The Fire Daimyo sees his chance to get some choice territory and make some sweet trade deals. For Suna the goal was to gain prominence and put someone better on their throne. Orochimaru was just doing it under orders from Madara.

    What kind of subjects would you include and what kind of person would your main character be?

    The main would be Naruto, who is close to canon but lives in this deadlier world. It would begin with him looking at the war as a way to win acceptance. He's go off with Jaraiya's strike force against Oto and the story would start off with a really positive view of Konoha and the war. He's riding around Rice country learning new tricks, saving villages, and kicking ass. Meanwhile interludes from other characters would show how gruesome the front with Suna is getting. Sasuke would be loyal in this, with no curse seal, and would be the star of the Suna front. Naruto would hear about his various feats and just think cool, Sasuke is getting stronger and making a name. Sasuke on the other hand is close to breaking. All of the death and violence aren't what he expected, especially how good he is at it. When he meets Naruto for the occupation and sieges they're both different people. Sakura's disappearance doesn't help matters and Kakashi is off doing who knows what (Killing A and framing Iwa which backfires in the best way when Kumo declares on Iwa and Suna thanks to quick thinking on Kakashi's part).

    Naruto would get a huge shock of what the war is actually like, but only after arguing with Sasuke about the merits of the war. He won't realize how bad it is until he's in Suna and about to order his team to cut down a group of rioters. He realizes the evil and yatta yatta.
  8. Palindrome

    Palindrome A bigger, darker mark Moderator DLP Supporter

    Apr 9, 2009
    Wars between the elemental nations have been covered a lot -- what I think has potential is a war within the Land of Fire. Not just a civil war, but perhaps one more far-reaching: a war between ninja villages and their Daimyos. It would be war on a much more personal level, one that splits friends and families while throwing the entire structure of the country into disarray.

    Some background: each country is controlled by their feudal lord. From everything through the budget, to who is appointed Kage, or even who the country goes to war with -- the Daimyo has the final say. The dynamic of how the country is run is never explored much in the source material as far as I'm aware, but it seems like there's a lot of potential there.

    For instance, would an Orochimaru that was accepted as the next Hokage by his village sit quietly when the Daimyo overrules the decision? Or when the new successor to the Daimyo takes over, a spoilt rich boy too far removed from the consequences of his actions, and he demands Konoha enter into a petty, unjust attack on another nation, would Hokage Naruto be able to abide something that goes so against his morals?

    In terms of power balance, the Ninja village obviously is the military might. But the feudal lords control the money, and the vast majority of the populace in both influence and opinion. We know the nobility is well protected, with their own factions of fierce loyalists even amongst ninja. Would the ninja faction aim to seize control for themselves, or would it be merely a separatist movement? Would an independent Konoha be able to survive? Would the other shinobi nations interfere, or use it as an opportunity?

    So yeah, lots to dig your teeth into there. And that's to say nothing of the more personal conflicts that would arise. The Twelve Guardian Ninja stuff alone would probably tear apart Team 10.
  9. Erandil

    Erandil Headmaster

    Jul 27, 2008
    I have to admit what I would personally do is to avoid this idea that the "ninja" forces are the main armed forces (as admittedly seems to be the case in canon) and instead model them more closely on "RL" examples of ninjas and special forces. Instead of manning forts and fighting on the frontlines I am much more interested to see them do things like scouting enemy forces and positions, sabotage and targeted assassinations and the like - you know ninja stuff^^.

    I have grown to dislike "end of the world" scenarios so I would probably go with a smaller scale conflict, something like securing some part of the border while the enemy appears to be weakened/distracted or perhaps an "expedition" for placing an friendly heir on the throne of a smaller feudal fief. Something were right and wrong isn't clearly defined and were the enemies aren't necessarily evil incarnate.

    And while the "idealistic and naive recruit becomes jaded by war and ends up as a cynical veteran" is a well established idea which would work well with most of the cast of Naruto and some parts of this "maturation" should certainly be present in a story about war I actually tend to prefer stories where the soldiers don't loose their "humanity". I would rather have most of the ninjas be "professionals" l with a degree of emotional detachment, who in general "enjoy" their job even if they find parts of it distasteful - indeed I think that contrasting that attitude with that of a more "normal" levied soldier (or civilian) might reinforce the "unnaturalness" of ninjas that I think many of the better works have.

    I personally also dislike it when winning a war basically translates into being the most ruthless bastard imaginable so while the nature of war naturally/sadly includes a lot of horror I would also include parts where the main cast is "nice/honourable" (even if it might sometimes come back to haunt them).

    I love politics so I admit that I would personally focus on it but there are really nearly endless ways to tell a story like that. In regards to the cast I would go with an "aged up" version (at least 15 to 16 year old) of the original cast, ideally team 7.
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  10. Eiri

    Eiri Banned

    Oct 10, 2015
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    I started a fic a while ago in which I intended to feature war significantly in the Naruto world, focusing on strategy and more emphasis on the non-ninja forces, politics, and economics. However, I found myself quickly stumped trying to picture the true nature of warfare where ninja and chakra are involved. As others mentioned before me, things like the destruction of Kannabi bridge in canon or the way other fics had ninja manning forts seemed quite strange to me.

    A bridge is easily rebuilt by Earth ninjas, even without a high-powered one, a group working together would easily do it. A medieval fort or pre-modern bastion is almost useless in the conventional sense because height, walls, moats, etc are no barriers to ninja. Even genin could jump across moats, chakra-walk up walls, dodge arrows/kunai coming down. Moreover, what strategic advantage would a military fortification even confer to a society full of ninja? Castles in RL were useful because an occupier couldn't take control of farmland and get taxes if a sortee could happen at any time. Hell, any kind of concentrated non-ninja army movement would be a major tactical blunder because they just become a target for widespread ninjutsu or a liability for the ninjas guarding them, yet they barely add any actual offensive or defensive power.

    When you look at modern wars, at surface glance they might be similar but they're really not. These guerilla wars that don't seem end revolve around inspiring new people to join, acquiring weapons, and seizing taxes/oil to fund more operations. Weapons are practically irrelevant in Naruto except the unique ones that you can't just manufacture. "New" people can't join because it takes years to build up chakra. Even money is less relevant because these ninja are hardly motivated by it except Kakuzu, and I can't discern the reason. The fact is that money doesn't translate to military power easily in Naruto, unlike our world, where a strong economy implies access to labour, manufacturing, research whose output is much more important than manpower. It's hard to even understand why ninjas accept "money" as currency, or how banks stay secure/maintain trust. Could a ninja economy function on fractional reserve banking, a gold standard, or actual gold itself? Other than hiring ninjas, what exactly can money buy that wouldn't be more or less trivial for most powerful ninjas to obtain on their own?

    I don't have good answers to these and so trying to create interesting "strategic" warfare has been difficult. It may be a radical departure from canonical world elements.

    What I could imagine is that perhaps seals would be extremely important to establishing "strategic positions", non-ninja would be relegated to almost pure defensive roles (don't ever want to move them en masse) as they logistically complement ninjas holding down anti-chakra, elementally fortified positions with consistently maintained barriers, chakra crystals (or chakra storage seals) of some kind become a separate currency, and borders/gates would be heavily scrutinized for genjutsu. Territory matters only insofar as certain special resources exist on them, or there's population inside it that could be used.

    But I don't know. When you start adding these things all of a sudden the world starts looking less like Naruto and more like ours that depends on technology and fossil resources.