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You are the Architect

Discussion in 'Real Life Discussion' started by Taure, Oct 24, 2019.

  1. Taure

    Taure Magical Core Enthusiast ~ Prestige ~ DLP Supporter

    Mar 5, 2006
    United Kingdom
    High Score:
    You are the Architect. You have the power to reshape your country in your own image. You can only do this once, but in a single moment you can instantly transform both the natural and built environment to whatever you like. Want a new train line? Done. Think a certain building is ugly? It's gone.

    You cannot change the people, however. You can make a nuclear power plant, but you can't conjure up people with the expertise to run it.

    1. How do you use this power?

    2. What consequences do you envisage?

    Taure's Britain



    - Conjure up a vast number of new off-shore wind farms.

    - Add solar panels to all buildings except those of historical or architectural note.

    - Create a large number of new hydroelectric reservoirs (essentially, very big batteries where you pump the water uphill when you have excess electricity and let if flow downhill when you need it). Use my ability to shape the natural environment to make these look like natural lakes.

    - Conjure up a moderate number of tidal lagoons.

    - Upgrade all current nuclear power plants to the same standard as the under-construction Hinkley Point C, significantly increasing their output and extending their lifespan.


    - Transform all petrol cars into electric ones.

    - Create a vast number of charging stations for cars, including transforming petrol stations into charging areas.

    - Expand all rail tunnels to be large enough to fit a double-decker train and upgrade all trains to be double-deckers.

    - Switch rail gauges to be compatible with mainland European gauges and upgrade all trains accordingly.

    - Upgrade all rail infrastructure to the same standard as the planned high-speed rail HS2 project.

    - Instantly complete both HS2 and HS3. Also instantly complete a high speed rail connection from HS3 stations to Edinburgh and Glasgow.

    - Instantly complete Crossrail 1 and Crossrail 2 in London.

    - Instantly upgrade the London Underground to have larger tunnels and upgrade the trains to be more spacious accordingly. Upgrade all the trains to have air conditioning.

    - Instantly create underground metro systems in Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Sheffield, Leeds, Edinburgh, and Glasgow.

    - Create an extensive network of dedicated cycle paths in every major city and also between towns and cities. These cycle paths will be integrated into the natural environment, lined with trees/bushes which create a habitat for birds and small mammals.


    - Conjure up a network of "Google Fiber" speed internet across the entire country.

    - Fix all leaks in the UK's water system (currently 20% of water supply is lost to leaks).

    - Upgrade the UK's sewerage system to significantly increase capacity and treatment, eliminating all need for emergency overflow into rivers which is presently rendering all English rivers unsafe to swim in.


    Urban Planning/Housing

    - As a general principle, all housing will be upgraded to be of a superior quality/more spacious (increasing number of floors to achieve this), but relative levels of wealth will be maintained where possible (e.g. rich people get their houses upgraded to the same level as poor people do).

    - All urban areas will be filled with a significant amount of new green spaces, with all buildings upgraded to accommodate greenery as part of their construction. Plants which provide food/shelter for wildlife will be preferred over purely decorative trees.

    - Instantly demolish a large amount of ugly, (concrete blocks, ex-Council Housing) inefficient (in terms of space and energy) housing.

    - Create an even larger amount of new housing to replace it. The new housing will be arranged into distinct "communities", each of which is made up of: housing, communal gardens and allotments, a doctor's surgery and dentist's surgery, space for an independent butcher and greengrocer, as well as a few commercial units for restaurants/other shops. The housing will be medium rise (6 floors) freehold apartments with balconies and lots of natural light. They will all be built to "eco home" standards (e.g. Passivhaus) and have sprinklers.

    - Upgrade all housing around the country to "eco home" standards.

    - Replace all brownland areas/areas of industrial decline with parks. These parks are focused more on being a habitat for wildlife than on human use.


    - Transform all UK farmland into organic farming systems to arrest the massive decline in UK soil quality and restore biodiversity to these areas.

    - Repopulate the country with all animal species in decline, especially bees.

    - Create an extensive system of clearly marked, signposted and mapped hiking trails throughout the UK's countryside, with regular areas suitable for camping (with toilet blocks and a supply of fresh water).


    - In the UK's historic centres of shipbuilding, conjure up/transform shipbuilding yards which possess all the most advanced technology and are large enough to build Panamax vessels.

    - Transform the UK's coal supplies into lithium.

    - Upgrade the UK's steel industry to the most modern technology and levels of efficiency.

    - Upgrade the UK's car factories so that they are tooled to produce electric vehicles of all kinds (including electric HGVs).

    - Create new aerospace factories (see below).

    - Upgrade the UK's ports to increase capacity.


    - Fill the new aerospace factories with a fifth-generation fighter jet in various stages of production (and complete plans for the same).

    - Transform the HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales into nuclear powered, CATOBAR carriers.

    - Upgrade all Type 45 destroyers to fix their power supply issue. Conjure up 6 more of them.

    - Upgrade all Astute Class submarines to achieve their planned top speed. Conjure up 4 more of them.

    - Conjure up 4 new Type-26 frigates. Create 12 more of them in various stages of completion in UK shipyards.


    Significant confusion. Increase in religious feeling due to an apparent miracle.

    Short to medium term depression in the construction industry due to a drop in demand for new infrastructure/housing.

    Significant increase in the number of gardeners due to high demand to maintain the massive amounts of new greenery created.

    Fall in food supply due to less intensive farming methods - increase in food imports.

    Increase in exports due to advanced electric vehicle industry.
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2019
  2. Farhial

    Farhial First Year

    Jan 3, 2011
    Occasionally Chicago
    Not going to restate all of that for the USA since it'd be redundant and I don't know enough to actually make super specific decisions instead of "give everyone free food generator," but I'd probably add the following:

    - Immensely secure facilities for the storage of nuclear waste.

    - All cities now have actually usable commuter train lines.

    - All homes now have quality air-purifiers.

    - Move America away from its car-based city planning.

    - Remove all 1344 Superfund sites and any other problems of toxic concern from existence, e.g. all CFCs, etc.

    - Complete restoration of the Everglades, wetlands, prairies, old-growth forests, etc.

    - Removal of all levees or dams blocking rivers, allow the Mississippi's silt flow to begin restoring coastal land around Louisiana instead of watching it continue sink into the sea.

    - Along with the above, move all the people living in that area back a couple dozen miles so they stop getting flooded like idiots.

    - All buildings are rebuilt to withstand worst-case natural disasters.

    - All species considered invasive by a consensus of of environmental groups are immediately destroyed. Zoo animals are fine, dogs and indoor cats are fine, etc. etc.

    - Incredibly stringent border control for preventing invasive species reentry such that doing so is now impossible.

    - All hospitals are recreated with the most advanced medical technology we have to the building standards of the best hospital in the world.

    I'm not sure what else you would do without getting into handwavey shit, e.g. "Give every moral genius in the country devices which would help them immediately realize all of their goals," or "Put a magic hole in each city where people can put their trash in and receive energy."
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2019
  3. ScottPress

    ScottPress The Horny Sovereign ~ Prestige ~

    Apr 22, 2013
    The Holy Moose Empire
    High Score:
    Caveat: we all know people are cunts and within a week half of our magically conjured shit would be stolen, broken, or covered with graffiti. Can't do much about that.

    I think most people here could pretty much copypaste much of @Taure's OP, and after that you're left with some nitpicks specific to what you like. So, let's have fun with this.

    Yes, electric cars, replacing ugly Soviet public housing, instant renewal of anything that has the smallest crack.

    Without just going scifi/fantasy (conjure a super safe, uber efficient, AI-run arbitrary energy source), nuclear power isn't an option in Poland because we have nobody to run it, so I'd probably reshape a few of Poland's biggest rivers into the local equivalent of whatever Brazil uses to generate hydroenergy, plop some water stuff down on our coast and install all those solar panels. Then vanish every coal plant and coal mine, terraform them into primal nature reserves and watch coal miners cry MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    Vanish all trash dumps. Hell, vanish all trash. Let it be tidy for a day. Replace it all with equivalent amount of end-products of recycling.

    Upgrade all the military gear. Make every plane a brand new F-16 (because we have a few of those and we know how to operate them--keeping some semblance of realism, our Air Force wouldn't know what the fuck to do with F-35).

    Just because I'm petty, relocate every cunt who ever stole a bike from me to a dirt hut in the deepest woods in the middle of a valley surrounded by magnetic signal-blocking mountains with unscaleable walls. Fuck you.

    A securely locked up compsci lab in every high school. Only high schools. I would place a modicum of trust in older teenagers when it comes to handling technology, younger kids can go play with dolls.

    Remove every cross and chapel from schools and public institutions, yes including hospitals. You wanna pray, do it in your head. God's everywhere, but only works in certain buildings? Fuck off.

    Arbitrarily vanish half of every kind of religious temple and replace them with useful things: a small village would get a local clinic (dentist, GP, maybe vet), in a big city it would become a green space or a community sports center with free admittance and top equipment (make commercial gyms work for it).

    Upgrade every piece of consumer electronics and electrics and everything else. Watch the chaos as the consumer base for those goods just vanishes for a while because no one needs new shit for the moment.

    Conjure myself a nice-ass house. Not the Wayne mansion, but you know.

    Vanish every copy of every version of any religious text in the country, barring historical items in museums and stuff. Replace every vanished copy with The God Delusion because yes, I am that petty.

    Replace all anti-abortion billboards with pro-abortion ones. Replace every anti-gay cardboard sign with a rainbow flag. Replace every "family values" ad with a picture of a mixed race same sex couple with a pair of kids.

    Replace every electronic watch owned by a child under 12 with a proper watch. Learn to read the clock hands you little cunts.

    Every piece of public signage will now be in Polish and English.

    Electric buses that run on time. High speed rail. No more potholes. An elevator in every residential building. Every tree on public land younger than 30 years is now 50 years old. And there are more trees.

    Place a fuckhuge (but realistic) concrete, steel-reinforced wall all along the Kaliningrad Oblast border. Just because. There's no need for a border crossing.

    Conjure more skyscrapers in major cities, but keep the European feel. Replace the Palace of Culture and Science with something similarly gothic-looking, but not Soviet-looking.

    Vanish every car, phone, computer and wifi router owned by a priest. Replace all their robes (the plain black ones and the ritual ones) with Dumbledore-style robes in rainbow colors.
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2019
  4. Xiph0

    Xiph0 Administrator Admin

    Dec 7, 2005
    People's Republic of California

    Full shift of energy consumption to solar backed by nuclear for baseline power/spike protection (cars and grid).

    Drastic increase in funding for biomedical/bioengineering research with an aim towards eliminating aging.

    Similar increase in funding for carbon capture and plastic degradation technologies.

    No more Electoral College, no more political parties.

    Mandatory weight training in public K-12.

    Mandatory civil defense courses in year 7-12 where students. Pass/fail is based on marksmanship and ability to tear down and maintain the current weapons platform in use by the nation.

    Gross income capped at 5x whatever the lowest total income was the year prior, including money made abroad, capital gains, etc. Anything exceeding it is taxed at 100% and goes directly to public works.

    Bullet trains now exist between the largest cities in the US. Full subway systems now exist in every major city in the US.

    Streets are now maximum 1 lane either direction. All buildings shifted closer together.

    Parking lots no longer exist. Buildings shift closer.

    All city housing codes are eliminated. A Federal housing code replaces it. No height restrictions are included, mixed use zones and industrial zoning is the only two options aside from public land (plazas/parks/military installations/etc).

    KHAAAAAAAN!! Troll in the Dungeon ~ Prestige ~ DLP Supporter

    Apr 18, 2011
    Under your bed.
    High Score:
    Free puppies and kittens for everyone.