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04-18-2009, 12:17 PM
Title: Nothing but Trouble
Author: Mister Cynical
Rating: M
Genre: Humor/Adventure
DLP Category: Other Fandoms > Naruto
Pairing: looks like it's gonna be multiple.
Chapters: 36
Words: 102,018
Updated: Feb 15, 2015
Published: Apr 18, 2009
Status: Complete
Summary: The Chunin Exams have come back to Konoha and the Hokage has decided to recall all her ninjas, including one Naruto Uzumaki. Too bad she doesn't know that she'd probably be better off without him.

Linksuss sets out on his journey of exile. (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5001646/1/Nothing_but_Trouble)

Some of you might be aware of Cynical's work in the Evangelion section, he also has one in Love Hina, he focuses mainly on comedy, but has been trying his hand at romance in an effort to broaden his horizons, his stories are good for a light read, and he updates something every Friday, barring being held up. He also happens to have a lot of finished stories to his name.

Anyway this is his first stab at a new fandom in a while and in my opinion in was a great first chapter, if you read his works often you know what to expect as most of his main characters follow a central trait then branch out from there.

Hope you enjoy!

Checked by Minion, February 15, 2015
The story is complete, but the author might add further omakes and deleted scenes.

Psychotic Cat
04-18-2009, 12:57 PM
Not funny, not interesting, only one chapter, I see no reason to rec this fic other than the fact that you're a fan of the author.

As I've never heard of them before, I want the time I wasted reading that crap back.

04-18-2009, 01:14 PM
Mister Cynical virtually writes the same damn story every time. Shinji (or Naruto) becomes a total badass, sleeps with women, and generally kicks ass while his romantic interest has a 70% chance of dying.

Canon characterization does not exist. OC's pop up everywhere.

That said, his stories are generally entertaining for a single read-through. I personally am happy to read his stories once, then never look back.

2/5-3/5 (based on a model of reading all his stories and realizing that they are virtually all the same. This one will probably resemble the one where Shinji went by the name Spades. This is pure speculation, but I'm betting that Tsunade will take the role of Misato.)

04-18-2009, 05:45 PM
LOL, isn't this is the author who threatened to beat Sree's ass if he ever met him IRL in one of his story chapter AN's?

04-18-2009, 07:37 PM
LOL, isn't this is the author who threatened to beat Sree's ass if he ever met him IRL in one of his story chapter AN's?

Posting to say how much I love your avatar.

*Goes to re watch his Loony Tunes collection*

04-18-2009, 10:30 PM
Yea, i normally enjoy his work in evangelion. This one doesn't seem to catch my attention as his cyborgs/vampires/zombies in space/africa/sea stuff. One chapter so far, not much to comment on. I s'pose if I hadn't already read his two-shots I'd find this more interesting.

04-19-2009, 04:29 AM
Ya he dosn't like DLP, we didn't leave a good impression when we tore into that one chick with all the luzy pics, as far as I know it has nothing to do with flames or dislike of his writing and more to do with DLP attitude in general.