1. The second prompt is revealed! (Q2 2018)

    "Breaking into Snape's office in the middle of the night was a risky move at the best of times..."

    Deadline is June 18th, also known as the 22nd Anniversary of a seriously sad day—a tremendously black day for anyone.

    As with before you can check out the new thread discussing scoring, rules, and other such matters in the in the Story Competitions forum.

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      Hall of Shame

      Archival forum for public shaming of past users.
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      Board rules and latest news.
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      General Discussion

      Discussion of all things Harry Potter. Range includes the books, movies and right through to Pottermore and Cursed Child.
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      Real Life Discussion

      Life outside of a book! May contain mature topics.
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      Gaming and PC Discussion

      Gaming discussion forum, contains subforums for help with PC building, flash and spam games, Pokemon and League of Legends.
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      Movies, TV, books, music as well as academic and graphic design discussion.
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      The place to discuss current events around the World. Heavily moderated, post at your own risk.
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      The discussion hub for DLP's re-reading of the Harry Potter series.
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      Tech Support

      Place to get help regarding your computer-related issues.
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      Place to discuss migration issues or general site improvement.
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      Support for DLP, IRC, and its affiliated sites and servers.
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      Review Board

      Place to submit Harry Potter fanfiction for review and consideration. Stories that meet board standards will be archived in the Library.
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      Almost Recommended

      Stories that didn't quite make it into the library but sit well within the realm of guilty pleasure.
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      General Fics

      This is the place for fics that don't fit anywhere else.
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      Fics which have humor or parody as their main genre.
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      The Alternates

      Stories that are set in alternate universes; includes dimension travel, alternate parentage and crossovers.
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      Dark Arts

      All stories that contain evil protagonists or have a particularly gritty/noir setting.
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      Stories where the main focus is the development or impact of a romantic relationship.
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      Restricted Section

      All the smut. For all things NC-17.
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      Other Fandoms

      Stories for fandoms other than Harry Potter. Contains its own Review Board within.
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      FanFic Discussion

      Place to discuss fanfiction in general or find help/beta readers. Also contains the Challenges subforum.
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      Other Fandoms

      Fanfiction discussion about other fandoms.
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      Original Fiction Discussion

      General discussion of original fiction concepts, writing help, challenge prompts, and other topics.
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      Little Italy

      Lynch your friends and lie to the rest. Place for forum-based Werewolf-type games.
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