View Full Version : Pen and paper or computer?

06-29-2006, 10:30 AM
Do you write your fan fiction stories on pen and paper, and type it/scan it onto the computer or do you just do a type fest? I am curious about this.

Verse of Darkness
06-29-2006, 10:52 AM
I do both sometimes. Its amazing when ideas pop in my head when I'm in school, but when I get home... I can't even make a sentence (and I still can't).

Master Slytherin
06-29-2006, 11:00 AM
I did 4 chapters by hand but then I realised that I wasn't motivated to type them out. However writing by hand, I find, gives a better quality to the writingbut for efficiency, I just type straight onto the computer. However I write all my plans out on paper and not on the computer.

06-29-2006, 11:12 AM
I do it all on computer, because:
1) I can't write in latin cursive
2) I can't write all that well in any cursive
3) I hate writing

06-29-2006, 11:14 AM
Pen and paper! Because sometimes ideas spring in the middle of (say) class, and i want to catch the details before it escapes me...

06-29-2006, 12:14 PM
I write of the computer all of the time because my handwriting is so bad I can't understand what I've written.

06-29-2006, 12:37 PM
I write everything in a notebook first and then just type it into the computer. At that point I do most of the correcting. If find myself unable to write on my desk directly into the computer.

I cant concentrate what I wont to write, when I allways have this spellcheck and stuff going. So I write in the park, in the train or in a pub. And then I kind of rewrite it in poper english in the computer.

The plot however I have on the computer, because as the story goes it gets more detailed or changes some.

06-29-2006, 12:50 PM
I have a tiny sketchbook I carry around in my free time. Wrote out one plan for a fic once on it. All the key post-OotP events, the outline for the 30-odd chapters it was going to take, etc... And just scrapped it because it sounded like too much work and too similar to every other semi-decent post-OotP fic out there.

Haven't written a thing on pen and paper since.

06-29-2006, 01:57 PM
I write only on the computer. I don't bother with plot outlines and stuff, i can usually rely on myself to remember good ideas, etc that pop up. Most of the time, i don't have the time to ponder over my fics, so when i do, i'm always in a relaxed situation/working on my fics, so i don't lose any ideas.

Writing fics on paper is a waste of time. I have noted down a random idea before, but i'd never write chapters and stuff. Why double your work and waste paper? I'm no hippie, but still. :P

On the computer, i can edit anything at any time, and i can type in the right format. I type faster than i write in any case, so it just akes sense. Writing out 11,000 words, and then retyping them is a waste of time that i'm not going to bother with.

Naga's Shadow
06-29-2006, 02:09 PM
I use a computer. The first bit of original fiction Iever wrote is writen on papper and after four years I still haven't gotten around to atempting to deciper my handwriting and type it out.

06-29-2006, 09:18 PM
I write of the computer all of the time because my handwriting is so bad I can't understand what I've written.

For me it is the same as him.

06-30-2006, 05:29 AM
I think it helps me mainly because english is not my mother tongue. So I do the correcting and concentrate mostly on the language when I type it into the computer and concentrate on the characters and the interactions when I first write it in my notebook. I wouldnt do that in my mother tongue - too much work, you are right, but in that case my concentration wouldnt be on the language itself when I'm writing it for the first time.

06-30-2006, 06:43 AM
While there may be rare, rare cases when I'll take out some scrap piece of paper (a computer is out of reach and I have a sudden strong urge/motivation/idea), I mostly use my computer for everything.

Why? I hardly plan, I type faster than I write as well, my handwriting's barely legible, my hand aches when I write too much, and it's relatively easy to edit. Oh, and it's easier to go back and find a particular word (CTRL + f) on the computer than scanning the whole page. And I have no idea why, but more ideas pop into my head when I'm sitting in front of the monitor and staring at the blinking icon, or whatever it is called. :p

06-30-2006, 09:14 AM
English is not my native tongue either, but I think I have a better grasp of it than most 13 year olds. I write my plot bunnies on paper, if my computer isn't within reach, and whenever I feel like writing, I type out my story on computer. I rarely do much planning for my story, I just have a small idea of where it is going and build up on it. My eyes burn after using the computer for extended periods of time. Does this happen to you guys?

06-30-2006, 09:50 AM
Two words: Spell-check.

I write down plot bunnies on paper, but do everything else on the computer.

Typing pwns writing. :)

06-30-2006, 10:28 AM
I do everything on the computer.

Is it just me or does it seem that computing for as long as we have has ruined our handwriting?

06-30-2006, 12:01 PM
I do everything on the computer.

Is it just me or does it seem that computing for as long as we have has ruined our handwriting?
Certainly has mine. I'm willing to bet that I've only picked a pen up five times this year for when I've had to send letters to some stupid catalogue I've never heard of (their trying to charge me for two settees I never bought). Everything else, like my CV and covering letters, are done on the PC.