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Old 01-30-2017, 02:19 PM   #41
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Just finished the pre-hogwarts part and I am just not interested. Nothing that really wants to make me read forward. "Talking Tom" never seen that one before.

Would be a 0 if I could.

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Old 01-30-2017, 03:31 PM   #42
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Originally Posted by momo View Post
Just finished the pre-hogwarts part and I am just not interested. Nothing that really wants to make me read forward. "Talking Tom" never seen that one before.

Would be a 0 if I could.

Your reviews are quality stuff for sure. Not once have I seen you mention anything specific you didn't like, it's always just "nah, not interested", "cliché" or equally empty place-holders.

Granted, I believe that you read the story. But these are still useless posts. Because your reviews don't add anything to the thread, they aren't even real feedback, they're just your opinion, put into one or two sentences. In this case: "Not interested, because not interested, because there's something I haven't seen before." WTF even...

You can give a story a 1/5, sure. You can give it without any real reasons. But at least spare me the frustration of reading your shitposts. Or try to explain yourself a bit.

"I don't like this story at all, because the start is utterly uninteresting. This talking Tom does nothing but irritate me - it just rubs me the wrong way that Voldemort's in Harry's head and I don't see how they could ever form a relationship like they did in this story. Even if Harry's a child and even if he's his friend, he'd surely know that the guy who killed his parents and so many others can't be a good guy. So, the whole premise is contrived.
Apart from that, there's no intrigue, no plot. Tom talks, that's all, but there need to be some things actually happening that are more than just "Harry is treated evilly by muggles and talks to Tom". And a story which has a start that dragged out is a story I won't continue.

Not perfect, but it does actually add something to the thread. I don't say I always manage that, but I try.

Nothing to write home about, but if you aren't bothered by it being German and the first two chapters being quite unrealistic, it might be something for you.

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Old 01-30-2017, 05:40 PM   #43
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Since the hollow summons shades of the dead, it makes me wonder if those three objects are the result of soul magic. This then made me consider could soul magic be used to make all the stories be kind of true.

The story that mentions the witch change into a rabbit is clearly an animagus. Since the change is so personal, I wonder if soul magic could allow the process to be easier or more wide spread. I am imagine some kind of ritual that creates sort of a spirit journey. It might be dangerous and painful as it would enforcing a full body transformation. It would be a form of rebirth in a sense.

The hairy heart story makes me wonder if it is a reference to horcrux. I don't see a way to replicate the story, but I am imagining creating a crystal chest. Place a soul container in the chest and it drains the soul piece away, creating a kind of heart akin to the homonculus baby Pete made. Being able to clean vessels is important, and we know that containers can be drain as we saw it with the diary. Also, I bet these pseudo hearts could be very useful in soul magics. They guess tom is making a new body, so why not use this against him and make him a heart for the body. All the tom pieces kind of think the same, but scar tom at least feels different. If he can use that by using the heart to be the dominate part of tom, he could over come the main tom soul piece.

The fountain story makes me think the location is protected by a variation of the Fidelias charm, a secret hidden in a soul. Instead of a simple location, it ensure the places can only be accessed at a specific time. The need for tear, swear and memories, sounds like ritual components. While it is claimed those people found happiness with out magic, I wonder if instead they were exposed to luck magic which fulfilled them. Sort of like the curse on the defence professor forces them from the school in a year, this one help make them happy. Also, the fountain it self might contain luck potion. It was just happenstance that four random people were the solution to their own woes.

The hoping pot is the trickiest story to apply magic to. An animated cauldron, could potentially aid in potion brewing. Taking on their symptoms might aid in developing cures. The potter were descended from potion era, I wonder if they once had a hopping pot.

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Old 02-09-2017, 02:08 PM   #44
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I've personally disliked the part where Tom implied he regained part of his sanity through his interactions with Harry. In my mind, a psychotic serial killer like him would only be getting more unstable by being stuck in an adolescent mind whom reminds him of his horrible childhood and is known to be his "killer".

3/5 because has engaging writing
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Old 02-14-2017, 09:28 AM   #45
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Audio Content Hello

A big fanfic no doubt, we will wait patiently no matter how much, until the next chapter (of course the motivation falls every couple of months) and we are sure that it will be magnificent as the previous ones already published.
A greeting to the author of the fanfic and the one who put it in this forum.
Patiently awaited the continuation of this excellent story
: Nyan:: Nyan:: Nyan:

Build a wall. - Xiph0

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Old 03-10-2017, 10:47 PM   #46
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I stumbled upon this fic a couple of times, but closed out of it because I had a serious case of deja vu and thought that I'd read it before. I gave it a second chance when I was bored out of my mind the other night and I discovered that I was wrong. I hadn't read it before and I'm glad I finally gave it a chance. Years 1 and 2 are somewhat cliche, but bearable and I've certainly seen much worse. Year 3 and the first few chapters of the sequel really gave me hope for the story in terms of the freshness of the plot. The characterizations were always relatively on point, with only a few of the character's actions making me ask "Why did he/she do that?". Most of those instances happened when the author wanted to railroad the plot back to canon in the first two years.

Those are the only real criticisms I have about the story, so I'll move on to my favorite aspect of the story: the dialogue. I never got tired of character interactions in this story because the dialogue was simply exemplary imo. That last conversation with Dumbledore was pure gold.

Overall the story was a solid 4/5 for me and even though I haven't been reading fanfiction for a very long time, I would have to say that this story is in my personal top ten list for now.
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adventure, author: the imaginizer, dark arts

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