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Originally Posted by Quiddity View Post
I really don't get people who are disappointed by the lack of canon divergence. This is a character study, you're not reading it for the plot. That's why we see so much of Year 7 and so little of Year 1.
Because it's completely contrived to have a completely different Ginny, but identical plot.
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Yeah... but Ginny has nothing to do with the overall plot in the Harry Potter books either. If she vanished, nothing would really change in the ultimate battle against Voldemort. So while I would have liked to see some changes in HP plot, I didn't really need it to really enjoy this story with a very interesting Ginny.
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Old 06-19-2017, 03:48 PM   #43
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This story is a Slytherin redemption fic and a Ginny Weasley character piece, in that order. That is what the story tried to be and neither of them necessitates giant changes in the plot. Infact, you can actually argue that this fic shows how easily a less maligned Slytherin house fits into the structure of canon without changing its plot, which does seem to be the biggest aim of the story. Substantial changes in the plot actually undermines that theme.

The change that did happen from canon was of course the biggest change that needed to happen for this story: Pansy Parkinson being shut up by her own house when she tries selling Harry to Voldemort, and a few Slytherin members staying back for the final battle. All the actual changes in the story - the changes in the social dynamic between Slytherin and the rest of the school - had been leading to this moment. And that is a big change, a permanent change to the social dynamics of the school, but it is not the kind of change that would necessarily lead to changes in the big picture. A few extra Slytherins stayed back, and that is a huge change for Slytherin house and Hogwarts, but it is still just a few extra people and not likely to make a huge difference in terms of how the battle goes.

I can understand the problem some people have with nothing changing in terms of the big picture, but I think it is realistic and prefer it this way regardless. More changes in the social structure that resulted from Slytherin's redemption will probably be explored in a sequel.

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Read this in basically one sitting over the weekend; it's an excellent story. Very well-written, with possibly the best depiction of a Slytherin character I've seen in a while. The Parlor felt a little under-developed, and I was in two minds about the 'women's magic' - on the one hand, it doesn't seem to fit the essentially canon setting, but on the other hand it reminded me of Discworld, which is no bad thing at all. Talking of the Parlor, the whole Slytherin girls thing (dangling that guy off the tower, the business with Crabbe and Goyle) was perhaps a little OTT given, again, the essentially canon setting, but it was satisfying to read, so what the hell. Other than that, I can't really think of anything I'd criticise. It's a really smart, compelling read.
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