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Old 11-12-2005, 12:11 PM   #1
Middy is SPAI!
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Beast Lord by Ceres K. - T

Title: Beast Lord
Author: Ceres K.
Rating: T
Genre: Action/Adventure
Summary: Warning: OotP Spoilers After his fifth year at Hogwarts, Harry is getting worse and worse. Fortunately for Harry, a certain Phoenix decides to do something about it. Rating just to be safe. Not your average Independent!Super!Harry fic. Will be HG, RH
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2391700/1/

Harry gets a buncha powers from various magical beings. I haven't checked back in on it in awhile now, but it was the first I'd seen use this. It may not be the first chronologically, as I've seen others since this, but it was the first to me =P Medium quality story, but with strong cliches when they do pop up.

It has a serious problem also with some chapters being at least 30% AN's.
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Old 11-12-2005, 12:21 PM   #2
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One problem though, they all come up with Marauderish nicknames for themselves. That's why I stopped reading it.

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I'm horny
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Old 11-12-2005, 12:29 PM   #3
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Midknight...posting more Harry/Ginny? Sheesh, talk about your failing standards...I'd rather read nothing at all than anything with THAT pairing.
If I died and went to Hell, it would take me a week to realize I wasn't at work.
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Old 11-12-2005, 12:42 PM   #4
Seventh Year
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sigh, i'm dissapointed...
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Old 11-12-2005, 01:11 PM   #5
Middy is SPAI!
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Originally Posted by Lord Serapheth
Midknight...posting more Harry/Ginny? Sheesh, talk about your failing standards...I'd rather read nothing at all than anything with THAT pairing.
I have over a thousand bookmarks most of which I'm glancing at to see if they've been updated more recently then a year and a half ago.

Which is when most of my marks were found by me, before I grew to hate the pairing. I'm just trying to get new storys added in the cats.

For SOME reason *glares* stories are getting nominated as best of fics, but we don't have links or reviews of them, trying to add a buncha more even halfway decent fics, regardless of pairing (except for slash)

I'm going to take that as sarcasism rather then get pissed and defensive.
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Old 11-12-2005, 09:40 PM   #6
Dark Syaoran
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Lovers Arcana
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Couldnt handle the nicknames either. Made me feel sick plus the Harry/Ginny pairing just blew it all away.
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Old 08-21-2009, 12:32 AM   #7
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Wow, look at this. A story from November 2005. It's 24 chapters though seemingly abandoned. Having read the summary, not sure if I'll honestly like it.

Prologue: Phoenix and Hedwig talking to one another about Harry. Animals meeting in the Forbidden Forest with Fawkes as their leader.

2nd chapter (for all purposes of reviewing): Angst Harry


There was also the fact that he could make out all of the little items in his small room. It was 3:00 AM, dark, and he didn’t have his glasses on. Harry could also detect a faint odor of parchment and ink, as well as some potions ingredients. All of those were in his trunk, which was downstairs and locked in the cupboard under the stairs. He also realized that the muffled thudding he heard was his owl Hedwig’s heartbeat.

When Harry got out of his bed in alarm, he noticed a few more things had changed. He was extremely flexible, for one thing. There was now a noticeable muscle tone in his arms and legs, although not so much that it was obscene. The floor under his feet, which he thought was smooth, was, according to his feet, really, really rough. It still looked semi-smooth, though.
Also, he's talking to Hedwig.

All of the magical beasts and creatures on the Beast Council would decide upon a gift or two to give you along with all of their knowledge. Then Fawkes used some ancient ritual to transfer those gifts and knowledge to you while you slept. That’s why you feel so different, and you can understand.” When Hedwig looked over, she saw Harry shut his eyes determinedly. The Owl huffed, flew over, and pecked Harry on the head. “Were you even listening?”
Oh dammit all.

Then the Death Eaters show up.

Chapter 3:

“Expelliarmus!” Harry shouted, and Bellatrix flew back into her fellow Death Eaters as her wand floated to Harry’s outstretched hand. ‘How in the world did I do that?’ Harry wondered, but banished the thought as he ducked another curse.
Which one of the fucking animals could do wandless magic? O.O

Aurors show up finally.

Kingsley had by then counted the bodies. “Potter, you took on twenty Death Eaters by yourself?”

Chapter Four:

Hedwig took a brief break to sip some water from her cage bowl. “Fawkes has been calling these meetings almost regularly since Hogwarts let out. I’ve been attending as his guest. As for what the Council transferred into you, I have a few ideas, but not much.”

“Can you tell me what those ideas are?” Harry was trying to be patient, and commended himself for his effort so far.

“Sorry, I can’t. Fawkes has ordered me to keep quiet on your transfer abilities. I’m afraid you’ll have to work on it by yourself.” Hedwig told Harry.
Nice loophole for the author to do whatever the fuck they want at any given point.

Then Harry gets a couple of letters, gets mad about Dumbledore's.

Chapter Five:

Dear Professor Dumbledore, who whoever is reading this now,

I’m sure you’re shocked that I ran off. I’m sure you only want me to be safe. I’m sure that you think that I’m probably lying in a dark, cold alley somewhere. You’re wrong.

Here’s what I have to say to you: Bugger off. I’m perfectly fine. I handled twenty Death Eaters all by myself, and lived to tell the tale. I’m probably safer where I’m going then at Number Four. In fact, I know I am.

So don’t worry about me. I have my wand, and I’m perfectly capable of using it. I don’t need your “help,” and I don’t need to be treated like some child that did something wrong. I’m fifteen, soon to be sixteen. I’ve seen more, done more, battled Voldemort more, than probably anyone in the bloody Order. I’m only young by age, not experience. So leave me alone, and don’t try and find me.

Oh, and if it’s you, Dumbledore, Hedwig doesn’t like you much. I’m afraid I don’t like you that much either. I’m not a child; so don’t treat me like one. Get that through your head.

Harry is suddenly a know-it-all huh? Unsurprised to see the author has basically turned Harry into an arrogant Superman.

The goblins there were very helpful, setting up a special bag for him that would link straight to his vault. All he had to do when buying something was reach straight into the bag, say how much he wanted, and withdraw that amount. It would only work for him, though, thanks to some security spells the goblins put on the bag. All in all, it looked just like a regular moneybag, without the bulge and weight. Considering how much he was going to buy, this was a good thing.
Sigh, the never ending bag.

Harry sighed, and looked at his wand. “First, I need to know how I can perform underage magic without the Ministry knowing. Second, I either need a new wand, or I need to find a way to work around what happens when brother wands meet. Last, I need to pay for a wand that one Neville Longbottom is going to buy in the future.”
A new wand and of course a wand for Neville. I guess Harry is a seer now.

As to not make the post too long. I'll just state my thoughts on the rest of the fic as I go:

I will say the chapters are short really, with A/Ns taking a good amount of the page up. Harry getting the gift of telepathy and being an Animagus only continued his descent into Super!Harry.

I also found a problem with the fact that Fawkes seemed to like Harry more then Dumbledore offhand. Of course, Harry's form is various forms. Also, Harry happens to be Supersmart!Harry at the trial and is a better lawyer for himself then any other lawyer could be.

Harry writing a letter to Snape and apologizing for his father was wrong. As was not realizing his reckless behavior was a bit to blame for Sirius's death. Then Harry brings up the classic "I'm not my father but I am my father and mother's son" line."

Of course, Harry is then a better Potion's master then Snape when he gives Snape a very valuable potion as a gift. o.o

Conclusion: I am going to stop there dear reader. I can no longer take perfect!Harry. To be truly honest? There is no true conflict as far as I can tell. Everything goes right for Super!Harry which in short makes for a very boring story. The grammar wasn't perfect either. I found myself also being a bit annoyed with the A/Ns as the story progressed they grew larger and larger.

I skimmed ahead a bit though to see what Sree was taking about, and I just shook my head.

All in all, I'm going to go ahead and give this story a 1.5/5 with being rounded up to 2/5. I've seen worse stories but this was horribly cliched, again no real conflict, etc.
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abandoned, author:ceres k, harry/ginny

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