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Interesting, Harry survived for a long time now and another death has finally happened but we have hints not all is as it should be. This is what I feel the story needed; something to shake up the march of Harry's recent triumphs and drawbacks on his resurrection skill.
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I've enjoyed this as a guilty pleasure for awhile, but this latest chapter really highlights the problems already mentioned with the telling instead of showing.

He basically skips the entire resurrection scene. The guy is stumbling over to Harry to get the blood of the enemy, but then it skips to Voldemort being alive. No actual skip, just that the description goes from the guy walking towards Harry, skips any actual mention of a cut and instead just quotes the ritual line, then Harry hopes it fails, then Voldemort's alive. No hissing, bubbling, even dropping the blood into the cauldron. It's all very, very jarring.

In addition to that, the chapter delves into that tried and truly fucking annoying habit of science as a solution when it has Harry presumably kill Voldemort (and himself) by using transfiguring dirt into "an alloy of sodium and potassium" which is explosive with water, then tipping the cauldron towards himself. Because it's definitely water in the eldritch reanimation blood sacrifice ritual cauldron.

Decent time waster.
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Calling it now, something's fucky with the horcruxes and Voldemort's now sharing in the timetravel do-over thingy.
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