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    Aug 20, 2007
    why is the background of dlp green? Why are balls round? why not square? why is the sun yellow? shouldn't it be red because its really hot? how does a pen work? where does ink come from? how are headphones made? why did edison want to invent the light bulb? why did people invent tennis? wasn't badminton good enough? When did the idea of the pyramids first come about? who created smileys on the net? who created forums? who is god? where is he? what is he? if he exists, how come he does not rule physically? why did philosopher's waste their time with philosophy? who cares? why do they care? why am i asking these questions?
    how do you harness metal from underground? how do you mold it into objects? who invented that? why? why did anyone invent slippers? why haven't humans evolved into three eyed green skinned alien like creatures yet? why haven't the other animals evolved to smarter creatures yet? why do people spend so much time on politics? why do people care? how come there is sixty seconds in a minute? why not a hundred seconds? how come there are twenty four hours? why not twenty five? who made tables? who made desks? who invented the switch? why did a person invent a wheel? why didn't armies march on bycicles in the olden days? was walking really that good compared to bikes? who invented gunpowder? how? why? who invented guns? how do birds fly? why? why can't they walk instead? how come parrots can repeat but can't talk? why haven't they evolved to become smarter yet? Why do I have constipation?
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    Painful as this is to read, I'm bored enough to answer some of these questions.

    Balls are round because of the physics involved in bouncing. They aren't square because a square is a 2 dimensional figure which cannot be rendered in a three dimensional world.

    In terms of Yellow is actually a slightly higher energy form of light than red, indicating that it requires more heat to produce.

    The way a pen works depends on what type of pen.

    Ink came from mixing various plant pastes with water.

    Headphones are made by attaching a membrane to a coil, which is placed around a magnet, electric current generates a magnetic field causing the membrane to move and vibrate generating sound.

    God cannot be proven to exist, forget specifying him.

    Philosopher's are bored, and curious, as are you.

    Fuck it, I got to the bottom of the first paragraph, and I give up. Go kill yourself man.
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    I'm gonna assume that this is all one question as it is obvious that both questions lead to the same answer.

    Lord Ravenclaw, System God, bow down in fear mortal!!!!!


    When I saw the title I thought this might be some sort of philisophical discussion which I would thouroughly enjoy seeing. It turned out to be a random smorgasbord of stupid questions most of which can be answered using wiki.

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    A few things to say to you, blackadder.



    And do try to space out your questions instead of giving us a wall of text to read.
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    I hate you. I hope you die in a slow and painful manner. Hopefully involving a two tuns of cream-cheese and a bit of rotten goat, while traveling in North Carolina.

    I'd call you a troll, but I have a sneaking supision you're to stupid to realize what a waste of space this threat you've created is. Well, at least you've given me a opportunity to neg rep you.

    Edit: And you have a picture of an dull and revulting attempt at a comedian as your avitar. Dumb ass.
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    Quoted for absolute, undeniable truth.

    Please post better in the future. That is all.

    ~Half-Blood Prince


    Requoted for just as absolute truth.
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    i read all of your questions and i think they are really very interesting. i also read the answers and i'm trying to find the answer of unanswered questions.
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    Should you continue the responses to your posts will start with the complete annilahation of you for necro-posting, particularly on a thread that was necro upon inception; it will continue with you getting your necessary neg reps; it will end with you teary-eyed and masturbating in a corner trying to find the philosophical truth in why everyone hates you.

    I suggest you skip to the masturbating part, it's the only good thing that might come of this for you.