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    Naruto Plot Bunny:

    Naruto and some of the other genin boys decide to try some strange spices. These turn out to be psychoactive drugs. Humor fic.

    Working title: Fear and Loathing in Konoha.
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    I've been mulling over a Naruto/FSN crossover for a while now, haven't managed to write anything terribly substantive out over a series of drafts. Anyway, with the Fate/Apocrypha anime adaptation basically over, I figured I'd give it another shot.

    Naruto - Fate/Apocrypha Crossover:

    Tentative Title: The Great War
    Summary: When Darnic Yggdmillennia seceded his family from the Mages Association, there was no question there would be conflict. When Yggdmillennia declared ownership of the Greater Grail, there was no question there would be war. When Uzumaki Naruto was summoned as the Ruler-class arbiter of the Holy Great War, there was no question that something was wrong.

    Plot Points

    So the lead up to the Great Holy Grail war is pretty much the same as in the show/novel.

    Darnic and Shirou Kotomine are still around and kicking from the Third Holy Grail War. Darnic and his family secede from the Association, the Association sends the equivalent of a hit squad that end up getting ass raped by Vlad III which helps to activate the Greater Grail's reserve system that kick-starts the Great Holy Grail War. Shirou is still sent as a representative of the Church and manipulates his way to controlling six out of the seven servants summoned by the Red Faction.

    The primary deviations are found by way of the servants summoned for the war. The tentative list that I've come up with is:

    Black Faction
    • Saber: Richard the Lionheart
    • Lancer: Vlad III
    • Archer: Heracles
    • Rider: Perseus
    • Caster: Solomon (As in King Solomon. I know he's probably overkill, but I'm honestly at a loss for who should be Caster)
    • Assassin: Jack the Ripper
    • Berserker: Lancelot
    Red Faction
    • Saber: Mordred
    • Lancer: Karna
    • Archer: Robin Hood/Nikola Tesla (undecided, leaning more toward Robin Hood)
    • Rider: Achilles
    • Caster: William Shakespeare
    • Assassin: Semiramis
    • Berserker: Beowulf
    Ruler: Naruto Uzumaki

    So, a great deal of focus within the early chapters (let's say the first five or so chapters) would be exploring the relationships of the Masters and Servants of the Black Faction as well as between the members of the Red Faction. There would also be a chapter devoted to Naruto as he makes his way from Japan to Romania, pondering over the nature of his peculiar summon (as he would not be a servant normally summoned in any kind of Holy Grail War). This would be to lay a foundation for understanding the natures of the parties involved that will explode when they come into conflict.

    The story would then begin in earnest with Shirou's ordering of Karna to attack Naruto in order to nip the threat he presents to his plans in the bud. They fight midnight till morning, chatting as they do, until Karna retreats as Shirou prepares the Red Faction for the activation of Semiramis' Noble Phantasm, The Hanging Garden's of Babylon, to assault the Yggdmillennia base.

    As Naruto races to the battlefield, Shirou orders Robin Hood into the countryside with himself to lure servants of the Black Faction away from the battlefield. Vlad III, leading the Black Faction servants in defense of the Greater Grail, falls for Shirou's ploy and sends Richard and Perseus into the countryside in the hopes of eliminating a Red Faction Master from the war early. Meanwhile, he leads Heracles and Lancelot against Karna, Achilles, and Beowulf.

    There are, of course, battles. Intense battles. Robin Hood and Beowulf vs. Richard and Perseus, Karna vs. Vlad, Heracles vs. Achilles, Mordred (finally appearing) vs. Lancelot. Naruto arrives on the battlefield and is, as you might expect, aghast at the carnage. Lancelot, at this point, is essentially going fucking bonkers with an Artoria boner after he forces Mordred to reveal her face and attacks Naruto. With help from an injured Mordred, Naruto drives the crazed knight away.

    Shit happens. Homunculi die. Grudges/rivalries are made. Then Beowulf dies, because he was deep into his berserker rage that he would not see reason and retreat when Shirou ordered it. To be fair, he dies like a fucking boss against both Richard and Perseus with little help from Robin Hood. Fortunately, using the Hanging Gardens, Shirou manages to capture the Greater Grail so he considers it something of an even trade.

    Vlad leads a counter attack, Darnic makes him turn into a vampire. Shit gets really real as Naruto forces a temporary truce to deal with Vampire!Vlad. They can't really put him down and Vlad/Darnic end up escaping the fight only to meet Shirou, who reveals himself as the Ruler-servant from the Third Holy Grail War in Fuyuki, before exorcising the fuck out of Vlad/Darnic all the while trolling him.

    Naruto arrives and he and Shirou face off in a battle of ideologies. That ends part 1 of The Great War.

    Everything else that comes after is a little fuzzy, as I haven't thought too far ahead with that. Anyway, that's the idea I've got. I even have the stat sheet for Naruto, even though I can't tell if I made it balanced enough to make him powerful enough but not all-powerful.

    Note: Without the presences of Siegfried and Astolfo, the circumstances that lead up to Sieg's character development and arc aren't present but that doesn't mean he as a character is erased. No, he will still escape from the Homunculus holding facility and will be aided, if only partially, by Heracles. That will lead to a small subplot of the nameless Homunculus meeting Naruto, discovering his hearts desire, and leading a rebellion of the Yggdmillennia Homunculi.
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    GoT/ASoIaF fic where instead of joining the Night's Watch Jon Snow decides to try his luck in tournaments.

    I would borrow an anachronistic style of A Knight's Tale and expand tourney business into something more akin to a modern sport like tennis with regular events spread across the year. The most important of them, the King's Great Tourney, would be held every four years.

    Of course, there would be plenty of politics going on too since as the tourney at Harrenhal proved these kind of events are perfect for talks between people that otherwise would have much more trouble meeting without raising questions.

    At the same time, the fic would be a lot less grim than the books and more adventurous.
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    I was reading a thread over on reddit and it got me thinking, has anyone done a Naruto story from the point of divergence that Nagato couldn't resurrect everyone he had previously killed after Naruto's Talk no Jutsu convinced him to stop being an asshole? So Konoha remains destroyed with the majority of the population extinguished but for a handful of ninja?

    If it hasn't, or at least not very well executed, then I was thinking of trying my hand at that for a little while, possibly scale back the power creep that followed, see what dynamics between the characters and the other villages changed in this post-Pain world. Hell, Nagato might actually live on since he wouldn't be throwing his life away for the resurrection technique.
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    Well, there is 'A Meeting Between Heaven and Earth',

    It has been a while since I read this. And there was no 'Talk no Jutsu' as far as I can remember, but the aftermath kind of fits your criteria. It's not long, but I've enjoyed it.

    Of course, I would love to see your take on it. It's not explored properly in my opinion, not well at least.