Silent Hill 3 For PS2

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    yeah... its not exactly new but i thought id give my input and since ive just played it for a lil while today ive found myself wanting to share the glory

    Controls: 3.5-4 out of 5 ... they could be better, but they arent that bad .. they take some getting used to, alot like Resident Evil, but once you get used to them, its easy as cheesy...

    Audio: 5 out of 5 .. this game has not only an AMAZING audio selection, MARVELOUS voice acting, some of the best ive EVER seen, and a fucking kickass OST ... Melissa Williamson not only does the voice of Heather Morris, the main character, but also does all the vocals on the OST, and does so excellently...

    Story: 5 out of 5 ... its a direct sequel to Silent Hill 2, so you'd need to play that to get most of it, though you can piece it together from what the game tells you, so its not entirely necessary but id recommend that you do, the entire series is wonderful... Collectively, the story is stupendous, but alone SH3 is great by its self

    Graphics 4 out of 5: for their time, the graphics are beautiful, the characters are done incredibly well, the monsters are frightening and very well done, again the graphics could have been better, but they were top notch for their time...

    Overall: 5 out of 5: In america Resident Evil is rated the number one horror game, this series is rated the same in japan... and there is no doubt why silent hill is japan's most popular horror game... While 2 is voted the best in the series, this one is just as great, the game is beautiful, the story will draw you in and keep you enthralled for HOURS .. get it! Vash commands it!

    As well, vash commands you get You're not here and I want love (Studio version) by melissa williamson, theyre great songs... Letter- from the lost days isnt as good but its still lovely, though its got more of a god/religious feel to it its a beautiful song
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    I havent played these games before but since I love the Resident Evil series then i'd probably love this too. Might have to hire it out or something.