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Discussion in 'Gaming and PC Discussion' started by BioPlague, May 1, 2016.

  1. Thaumologist

    Thaumologist Chief Warlock

    Jun 27, 2011
    Chester, England
    I normally at least adopt Expansion first, although if I've got a few good planets I'll go three deep, to get a second pop on a planet on colonization. Alternatively, if I've not got many good options nearby, I'll swing towards the reduced cost of outposts. The whole tree is pretty useful, although the completion isn't something I'm normally after.

    Discovery is another one I try to grab early - the benefit to anomoly find/completion, and the extra research on surveying both benefit from long term adoption. Science Division for the +1 research is pretty useful, although my current race has one from creation - and 5 choices (plus wreckage) is pretty good for unlocking whatever you're after. TBG/PSC (as mentioned) are useful, and the 33% increase in XP is fantastic. FiS isn't something I worry about too much early game, apart from completing the tree for the +10% research speed.

    If nothing is needed, I'll also adopt Supremacy, because extra border range can be pretty helpful, although it normally only seems to get one or two systems across the empire.
    Speaking of border ranges - does anyone have any good mods that show expected border range for outposts/full planets? It gets annoying trying to figure it out, because often you want to drop it in a different system than the one you want, to get that slight stretch.

    I like Prosperity for the STC, but I often end up grabbing something else, unless I'm running low on everything, and don't have any decent systems to colonise.

    I avoid Federations now, after being dragged into wars a few times, so I don't worry about Diplomacy.

    Ascension wise, I had great luck with the Biological route with a Devouring Swarm. Planets with modifiers got perfected pops to stripmine the planet of any value, whilst armies made from bio-engineered supersoldiers stomped everything flat. That was my first victory, including wiping out a Fallen Empire, and I managed it before any end-game event.

    I've tried the psionic route, and that worked really nicely, although I didn't quite manage to get the immortal leader before my original one died. But it's still pretty good.

    Not yet tried cybernetics, although going down that route with my current empire.

    I also tend to go for the Voidborne (habitats) or Tech (research speed) as T1 ascension perks, depending how deep I am in the tech tree by that point (tech tree, including weighting, available here, out of interest). I've grabbed the border range once or twice, but it feels underwhelming.

    Favourite ethics/civics/authority/traits?

    I quite like the Dictator auth, because it gives me some freedom in choosing my next successor, but I'm not locked into it. I've tried democracy/oligarchy a time or two, and you NEED backup influence, because otherwise you lose that perfect psionic/spark of genius L6 researcher.
    Imperial is quite similar, although you get a free replacement (with random traits).

    Ethics wise, I've been playing around. I like Spiritualist for the psionic stuff later, although the research speed from materialist is also pretty nice. Caste systems/mining guilds from authoritarian can be obscenely powerful, as long as you don't get a "Free the Slaves!" party as your first (although if you do, just stick all the members in the mines).
    I've not played around much with xenophobe/phile, or militant. The extra systems from pacifist is quite nice, as it gives more wiggle room early game, and you can still start wars of Liberation, so it isn't a complete loss.

    Traitwise, I love Enduring, because it means leaders are often still around on the endgame. I've tried Fleeting, and found I just couldn't get all the situations resolved in any decent time frame. But with Enduring, they're the right side of the immortality curve - you get life extensions before anyone dies, repeatedly, until you hit endgame or get an otherwise immortal leader through other means.
    Repugnant I've used before, but it doesn't work too well, because everyone initially hates you, so you have to make bad trades to get them above 0, to get the actual trades going.

    Sectorwise, I used to build planets how I wanted them running, then turning off rebuilding and sectorising them, at a 75% tax rate (they already had everything they needed). I haven't been doing it recently, because it has a high up-front cost, so I just let the sectors do whatever, and check in every now and then to fix everything they've screwed up.
  2. Teyrn

    Teyrn Groundskeeper

    May 23, 2014
    Frozen North
    Well, new expansion and 2.0 update is out.

    Gotta say, while I kind of like the idea of being able to build chokepoints etc. the game feels a lot slower overall. Ships have to travel across each and every system to jump to the next system in the chain.

    This also means you essentially end up needing multiple Construction ships (since they're used to build starbases to claim systems and to build the orbital stations), and you can't doomstack your fleets anymore. Unless you have some sort of godly start with only one hyperlane in/out of your territory.
    Because if you doomstack, and someone comes knocking at the other end of your empire? They will have the run of the area for a good few in-game months/years depending on size of empire.

    You have to spend 100 minerals and 67 influence to claim every system (base cost, assuming it's right next to a system you already own), and to invade primitives they have to be inside your border already. Seriously slows expansion.
    The starbases start as essentially just a way to 'claim' a system, and then have to be upgraded to be used for anything else (Defence station or Ship Factory, etc.), which also slows down how fast you can get your borders secured.

    The pirates are even more annoying, since they'll constantly respawn every few years. (Especially annoying in my current playthrough, since the crystal-asteroid! system is one jump away from my home system, and naturally I haven't colonized it yet, so the pirates are spawning there.)

    Some of the new ethics are kind of interesting, notably the Gaia/Tomb world starts definitely mix the game up.

    Still, it's pretty interesting so far, which is surprising cause I rather liked the Wormhole FTL-type.
  3. Innomine

    Innomine Unspeakable Prestige DLP Supporter

    Nov 27, 2007
    New Zealand
    High Score:
    I've been playing Hyperspace only for a while, in preparation, so that's cool. I'm actually really excited to play this update, just got back from a work trip. Will have to try it out this weekend.
  4. Teyrn

    Teyrn Groundskeeper

    May 23, 2014
    Frozen North
    It's definitely slower then before. Hyperlane used to be one of the fastest FTL types. Now that ships have to jump, travel across the system, and jump again it will feel a lot slower.

    But it is interesting once you get your economy/etc. going. Just hope you don't spawn near one of the pirate khan's.