Story Searches that don't require their own Threads - II

Discussion in 'Story Search' started by Dark Minion, Jan 5, 2015.

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    Has there been a Marauders' era fic search/rec thread? I feel like there's probably already but a cursory search didn't show any (beyond very specific fic searches) and wanted to ask before starting one.
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    I've been searching for this one author for the last two hours. He wrote two Percy Japanese AU oneshots. One where Percy is a cabbie and one where he's a Barista. Both were Percy/Annabeth. I think they were both about 15k in length but can't be sure.

    Percy was either making lots of coffee puns in the hr barista story or lots of chemical puns in the cabbie one.

    Annabeth was his customer in both stories. In one story, there was an emphasis on how she never tipped him.

    Google has failed me.