Traitor's Within question

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  1. MrINBN

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    Jun 3, 2005
    Portland, OR
    Is there any word on when Middy will update Traitor's? Or if someone else has taken up the slack? It's a great fic and I'd hate to see it just cast away.
  2. Midknight

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    Apr 11, 2005
    meh buncha stuff happened

    A) Site blew up huge.
    B) PC blew up huge, recovered most of my notes I'd thoughtfully backed uo
    C)PC blew again, hard drive went bye bye, I'd thrown away all my old cd's, and the one I saved to DVD was unreadable by Windoze.

    D)I work in the spring-fall 60+ hours a week, in the winter maybe, but I generally get sidetracked helping others =(

    I laid out most of the story to Dark/Litha/Spacks either via email to Dark, or in a chat room where I debated turning what I hadn't yet used into a summer contest fic, but as it stands now, time is a thing I don't have a great deal off, and what little free tiem I do have I tend to spend it on relaxing things.
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