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Which characters do you think have been most stereotyped by fanfiction?

Discussion in 'FanFic Discussion' started by xyzzy, Sep 29, 2017.

  1. Rehio

    Rehio The Chosen One DLP Supporter

    Jan 1, 2007
    New Mexico
    I didn't think the Evil Dumbledore trope came from the movies at all. I figured it was just a natural progression at having the revelation of the prophecy come at the end of the fifth book. Dumbledore 'hid' the information from Harry, had been 'hiding' things from him during the summer of the fifth book, and Harry felt put out by the lack of contact over the entire book. All of that was left unresolved at the end of the book, from what I recall, so fanfiction would naturally springboard from that point, and the easy way is the evil, manipulative Dumbledore thing.
  2. Distaly

    Distaly Fourth Year

    Sep 1, 2015
    I highly disagree on the Dumbledore point. His butchered portray in fanfiction stems from people who cant read the books properly. His "manipulation" are a lot more apparent there. And quite interesting that you dropped Ron from your explanation. The reason is of course that his ususall wrong traits cant come from the movies as they are not used there. In fics, he is way to often portrait as lazy, stupid and unloyal. And while the comic relief was a bit overstretched, I cant see how someone can come to see him as lazy from the movies. From the books, maybe.
  3. Andrela

    Andrela Plot Bunny DLP Supporter

    Apr 19, 2012
    Consider yourself blessed with luck.
  4. Faun

    Faun Squib

    Mar 2, 2017
    High Score:
    Daphne Greengrass.
    There is nothing in canon about her but the moment her name comes up in a fanfic, the first image I get is a blue-eyed blonde bombshell with brains to go with her looks. The looks may vary but you get the general idea. She is supposed to be a pre-teen or a teenager, but you never get that image. Every time her name comes up the chances are you know her character before the author writes any further.
    It all happens consistently with no input from the canon whatsoever.
  5. Zeelthor

    Zeelthor Scissor Me Timbers

    Aug 22, 2008
    Malfoy. Honestly, is there a single fic that portrays him well? He's either this insanely sexy badboy with a troubled past, if the author is pairing him with Hermione. More or less same for slashfics. Or, if it's some indy!Harry wankfest he'll be used for comedic effect when Harry complete owns him in every single exchange, verbally and magically, until the author grows bored and moves on to another character to prove how cool his Harry is.
  6. Warlocke

    Warlocke Prisoner

    Sep 17, 2006
    The armpit of Ohio
    Daphne seems split fairly evenly between the blonde bombshell and the raven-haired, green-eyed, beauty, the latter of which came to early prominence when people found out Blaise Zabini was a black guy instead of an Italian girl, and they had to scramble for an alternative; they just shifted fem!Blaise's most popular appearance (and attitude) over to Daphne.

    The blonde version came along a bit later.
    Personally, I've always pictured Daphne as curvy with a sort of medium blond hair and sizeable, "bulletproof," rack. I have no particular predilection for blondes or over-sized oppai, though, so I guess it's nice to know I didn't craft my mental image of her in service of my hormones. I stick with that version of her in any of my unpublished scribbling in which she appears, even in the one story where she's paired with Harry, so I guess it has stuck pretty firm.

    Financial standing is a trait that isn't often brought up discussing the stereotyping of characters, but Daphne is almost always fairly wealthy.

    I can only recall one story (though not the title) where Fleur's family wasn't loaded and living in a big chateau (usually with her father highly placed in France's magical government). In that story, a rather big point was made about her family not having much money, so it stands out.

    Susan Bones, even when she's living with her aunt, is usually in a sprawling ancestral manor house.

    Pansy's wealth or lack thereof seems to run the gamut from wealthy to practically destitute, and the Tonks family's situation varies (including whether they live more in muggle society or magical), but Hermione's family is almost always well off, as is Daphne's (and fem!Blaise's, back in the day).