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Transfiguration and The Emperor’s Soul

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AgentSatan, Mar 27, 2024.

  1. AgentSatan

    AgentSatan Third Year

    Apr 30, 2018
    Recently, I reread the Emperor’s Soul, and I was thinking about how the magic system there is similar and different to how I imagine transfiguration. For those unfamiliar with the magic system, there are forgers capable of transforming objects using stamps. The gist of it is that by recognizing the history of a particular object, they can coax it into being something else.

    Transfiguration, by contrast, is more standardized. It’s more about understanding the abstract theory regarding a particular process/spell and not about any specific object being transfigured. But, similar to the Emperor’s Soul, I also think of Transfiguration as an art.

    Regardless, I was reminded of the potential in canon’s magic and of my disappointment about it never being explored in a serious manner. Tbf, JKR was more interested in story than intricate world building, but reading the Emperor’s Soul made me think about what could’ve been. Eh. I guess Victoria Potter’s there to fill in the gaps.

    Also, this is a total tangent, but something about the novella reminded me about my gripes with parts of Brandon Sanderson’s world building. Some of it is just too video gamey. Imo, the Stormlight Archive’s setting is brilliant. From the high storms, to the Alethi’s politics, and to religion, it’s all extremely well done. However, in the same world, the Azir choose their nation’s leader through an essay contest. Lmao
  2. LucyInTheSkye

    LucyInTheSkye Competition Winner CHAMPION ⭐⭐

    May 29, 2020
    Away with the fairies
    In HP I think we get examples of either language (alliteration) or things looking similar playing a role in Transfiguration, like the class when they turn beetles into buttons or hedgehogs into pincushions. Maybe the suggestion that the two share a quality makes it easier to change one into another if you're not already a master at transfiguration.