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Fanfiction Management, Mobile Conversion and Archiving Made Easy

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Antivash, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. Antivash

    Antivash Until we meet again... DLP Supporter Retired Staff

    Apr 2, 2005
    Ghost Planet
    Fanfiction Management, Mobile Conversion and Archiving Made Easy

    So I know there are a lot of utilities and what not to download fanfiction nowadays. Ficsavers.com, De-FFNize, fanfictiondownloader.... With the exception of ficsavers, bulk downlading is a pain in the ass. And even FicSavers isnt that grand. If you're just grabbing a few here and there, it isn't that bad. But if you're wanting massive numbers of stories at once, like you were backing up the entire DLP Library for example, FicSavers is crap. Ten at a time and its an individual download for each story to download. Why not one zip with nine folders? Or, as with the dlp archive, 1400 folders in one zip.

    Well, I have a solution that makes this much easier. And will allow you to update your library of stories with almost no hassle! Not only can you now keep your favorite stories up to date, but if you follow all of these tips, you'll be able to get it all organized, build lists of what you have read, what you have not read, what you want to read, pages and word counts, covers, and shipping back and forth to a mobile device with ease. All cause Vash is fucking awesome. :awesome

    So one final note and then we shall get started: All images are thumbnails. If you cannot clearly read something, click it for full size.

    -- Part One: The Foundation --

    So, how do we do all of these awesome things easily? Simple: Calibre. To head off the shouts of "SORCERY!!" and "UNPOSSLBIE!", Yes. I do mean the ebook management software. This will be cleared up a bit later, during later configuration. So stop shouting that I am wrong and go download it. I have been interneting longer and I will pass wisdom to you; You can be on the internet and be wrong. If you already use Calibre and are worried you're collections will be fucked cause of fanfiction, it will not. See Part Two.

    There are two points of note for installing Calibre that I feel the need to point out; the first is if you intend to use this for mobile fanfiction: During installation, it will ask about your mobile device. Kindle, iPad, etc. Generic will work well with just about anything thats not listed, its got a smartphone generic set up, etc. If you have something, feel free to specify. If not, I suggest generic/generic. I have an HTC Inspire. I will not read fanfiction on it. I love my eyes too much for such nonsense.

    The second is your library directory: If you have a fuckton of ebooks already, but dont use something else, or what have you, I suggest setting up an empty folder for Calibre. No need to fuck existing shit to save time, hoping it will be auto-imported. Don't be retarded. Don't be lazy. Don't fuck your library to save ten seconds that will ruin your day by fucking deleting shit you wont ever find again. (If it offends you that I have said this, you are likely the person who will do this and then cry about it because Vash is mean and you are smarter blahblahblah. Your warning has been issued. It is on you if you ruin it.)

    So, download, install, set your library directory, and we will be done with it.

    -- Part Two: Existing Calibre Users and Libraries--

    This section only applies to those of you who already have Calibre installed and actively use it. Do not assume you can ignore the previous warning. Remember: Ten seconds is just another way of saying your day is over. You wont ever find it again. Ever. Ever.

    Moving on. This is your toolbar. I have many plugins, so if you are missing something, ignore it unless otherwise instructed:


    You will notice I have an icon labelled 1490 books. This is your library icon. If you click the dropdown arrow for this, you get some other options: Switch/Create Library, Pick a Random Book, and Library Maintenance. If you hit the "Switch/Create Library" option, you will get this:


    The best option, obviously, is going to be "Create an Empty Library". You could, if you were so inclined, move your existing, but why? Just make a new one.

    -- Part Three: Calibre Configuration --


    The above is your configuration/preferences page. You get there by clicking the prefences button, oddly enough. (There is something very ... ood... about these Ood!)

    The vast majority of it is unrelated to what you are attempting here, but there are some points I'd like to cover, which will make your life a lot easier. They are mainly for the purpose of organization and such. The first few we will need to be here in the preferences page. The third icon should be your columns icon. These are the build in columns as well as the ones that you create, which is our interest here.


    You will notice I have already added a few to mine: Slash and Crossover indicators, DLP genre sorting, fandom, and a switch to indicate if an item is fan fiction or not. You can add a custom column in one of three ways: From preferences, you can hit the green plus to the right of the above window or the add custom button at the bottom. You can also right click on any existing column in your library view, and use the last option of the context menu.


    Creating is fairly simple. Only a few points to cover here: Lookup name is going to be the term you specify in your search bar to find items with that information. And heading is rather obvious. A quick preview of my slash column:


    Now, on to types:

    If you want an indicator (Like Crossover/Slash/Fanfiction, like I have set up, or something else entirely.), you want to set it to Yes/No.

    With my "Fandom" colum, I used 'Comma Separated Text'. And thats what I recommend you use as well. Rather than one tag with all of that, everything you separate by comma is added. Clicking any one of these would display any result of that tag.


    As a final note on column creation, if you look at the above example, you see the columns I created listed in my tag list on the left side. If you want to create something that will not show up (God only knows why you would, but 90% of DLP is idiots anyways D: ), but doesnt have a "Not shown" option, you can still remove it. Once you've created, you'll want to go to your tag browser, right click it, and hit hide. This also works for columns you dont want.

    So, why make such a big deal about all of this? Simple. The filter bar. Once you know what you're going to do with sorting, what columns you want, what you are going to be doing in large amounts but want to do quickly, the filter bar is your new God. A brief explaination and you will understand:


    Starting in the middle, you have your search bar. Put it names, dates, etc. Any tag you click will automatically be added. If I clicked Amerision, for example, it would add [noparse]authors:"=Amerision"[/noparse] to my search. If you can only remember the authors name started with an 'A', you can also use reg expressions like [noparse]author_sort:"~(^[aA])|(&\s*[aA])"[/noparse] or similar. A note: Custom colums are searched a bit different. You have to place a hash at the beginning, such as [noparse]#fandom:"=Doctor Who"[/noparse]. Shift and click and you can select multiples, but be warned: Default is Any. If you want to match all selections, you need to hit the 'Alter Tag Browser' and change it to All.

    Moving on, we have on the far right, the saved searches. So if you were frequently looking for nonslash naruto, you can save it and not have to go looking for tags again.

    The most important of the three, is the left most option. 'Restrict to'. This is, basically, a combination of the previous two, with a large difference. Saved searches only displays results in your library as a normal search. You use saved searches in your 'Restrict To' field, but it has a drastically different result:

    Anything that does not match the search is not displayed at all.

    'Restrict to' basically removes everything that is not a part of your saved search from the library and tag browser entirely, without actually removing it.


    You'll notice that it also displays a value for how many items match your restriction.

    -- Part Four: Fan Fiction Downloading Made Easy (Required) --

    So now that we have that out of the way, lets go on to the bits you need to make this all worth while. If you jump over to Mobileread, you can grab the download from official thread.


    Once you've downloaded it, open up your preferences page and go to the plugins section at the bottom. Load plugin from File, find where you stuffed it and install. You'll get a security warning about backtracing and how you dun goofed. Ignore it and move on to the next pop up, asking where you want us to put this box, boss...


    The Main Toolbar is where mine is from the Restrict screenshot. (Also ignore that it says Favorites menu in that toolbar install. >_> It wouldnt ask me to put it somewhere when I uninstalled and reinstalled for screencapping.)

    You are now officially ready to save fanfics, as long as the site is in the list of supported sites. More on that later. I has more awesome.

    -- Part Five: Fan Fiction Downloading Made Awesome (Optional) --


    This is your FanficDownloader configure screen. For the most part we don't care about this at the moment. What we want to look at are the third, fourth, and fifth tab. Reading Lists, Generate Cover, and Count Pages. These are not part of this plug in and you cannot use them if all you install is the above downloader. Do not cry in this thread that you cant change those settings if you dont read any of this. I will simply laugh at you for being stupid. Because you are. Very. And learn to read.

    Install is the same as above.

    -- Part Six: With Great Power Comes Stupid People Asking Dumb Questions --


    So now that you have all of those installed, you'll want to play around with them and configure what you want. You can get to those from either the plugin menu, or by clicking on the little black arrow next to the new FFDL button (shown above) and selecting Configure Plugin. Some things to note: You can set the download to automatically mark certain custom columns from tab near the end. Output format (meaning what file format you will get out of it) is limited to Epub/HTML/Mobi/TXT. This is massively, massively, massively irrelevant. Have I mentioned its not important yet? This is because Calibre has native tools to convert file formats.

    And can convert (output) all of these to to: AZW3, EPUB, FB2, OEB, LIT, LRF, MOBI, HTMLZ, PDB, PML, RB, PDF, RTF, SNB, TCR, TXT, TXTZ

    [noparse]TL:DR:[/noparse] shut up.


    Now, once you have finished with setting everything up as you like, we can get down to using it. If you hit your black arrow again, you want to hit add new from url. One story per line, as it plainly states. Set your settings and hit OK. Took me about an hour and a half to two-ish hours to do 1500 links entirely. As you can see from the section below, it automatically fills in everything for you. Author, Title, story summary, URL.... (Note, I altered the publisher for my own sorting purposes, ignore that.)


    "ZOMG! But Vash! What if I want to update?!"

    Also pictured in the menu for the download, is an update option (Window in detail below). As mentioned above, it keeps track of all of your URL's. If you were reading something, and you've forgotten where it was, or what have you, Bam. Calibre already knew you were a fucking retard and saved that shit for you. Cause Calibre is a bro.


    Handy tip: If, like me, you wanted to copy and paste a billion links to do at once, as I did with a handy chrome extension called Linkdump (Select all text on a page and copy only the links?! FUCK YA ILL INSTALL THAT SHIT.), the new URL window will automatically read all contents of your clipboard.

    -- Part Seven: FanfictionDownloader Details --

    You can access the semi-official Calibre server, currently maintained by Vash with the following information:

    Link: http://classyindeed.com:8080/browse

    Login: xion
    Password: thereisonlydlp

    Be advised that Vash is maintaining this alone, and changes to the site may take some time to be reflected in the library. All content is currently in epub format. The library is capable of displaying a standard site, mobile site, and an rss feed.

    Should anyone wish to offer assistance, please PM Vash directly.

    -- Part Eight: MangAI: Mobile Manga Optimization --

    The tee el dee arr is that MangAI is meant to be an optimization program for your manga scan collection, but also being fast and effecient at it. You can check out a short video demo of the program here to get an idea as to what it does. Or your can check out these two complete walkthroughs of the software: Part 1 Part 2

    Its fairly simple. Plug in your directories, hit run, ?????, mobile device optimized manga win! :D

    You can check out the full details on the Official Homepage. Its Java based, so no OS restrictions. It does require Imagemagick, rar if you're doing cbr/rar files, and pdftk if you want to do PDF formats.

    Download: Version 1.07 (Official Site)

    Note: This is not a free program. It comes with a free 30-day trial, and a full liscense is only $10, so it is definitely worth the value. Trial requires 24/7 internet connectivity to verify liscense, and full liscense only requires connecting once per software version.

    -- Part Nine: FanfictionDownloader Details --

    Many people use their ebook readers to read FanFiction stories posted on the web on various sites. Many people also use Calibre to manage their ebook collections and readers.

    This plugin brings to functionality of FanFiction Downloader to Calibre. The source is available on the project home page, and we monitor our user group for problems.

    • Main Features of FanFictionDownLoader Plugin:
      1. Download FanFiction stories from over 70 different sites into ebooks. Supported sites list is below.
      2. Download in the background for user convenience.
      3. Support for downloading images in the story text. (EPUB only--download EPUB and convert to MOBI for Kindle) More details on configuring images in stories and cover images can be found in this post.
      4. Support for cover image from three different sources. (EPUB only)
      5. Support to resize, make grayscale, and convert images to jpg. (EPUB only)
      6. Support to call Generate Cover plugin on calibre metadata create or update. Requires Generate Cover 1.5.1 or newer.
      7. Support to call Count Pages plugin on calibre metadata create or update. Requires Count Pages 1.6.0 or newer.
      8. Update/Overwrite existing FanFiction stories from story URL in Calibre identity or epub.
      9. Update existing epub format ebooks, downloading only new chapters.
      10. Optionally keep an Update Log of past updates (epub only).
      11. Update calibre metadata from website.
      12. Option for plugin to update calibre cover image on metadata update.
      13. Option to delete other formats on book update. Handy if you have both a Nook(epub) and Kindle(mobi), for example.
      14. Get original URLs from FanFiction stories in your library.
      15. Update Reading List plugin lists as an aid to device sync and keeping a list of new books to read. Requires Reading List plugin 1.4.1 or newer to use.
      16. Update calibre custom columns with story metadata.
      17. Get Story URLs from Web Page
      18. Options now stored inside the Library rather than an external JSON file.

    • Supported Sites:
      1. [noparse]archive.skyehawke.com[/noparse]
      2. [noparse]ashwinder.sycophanthex.com[/noparse]
      3. [noparse]bloodties-fan.com[/noparse]
      4. [noparse]castlefans.org[/noparse]
      5. [noparse]chaos.sycophanthex.com[/noparse]
      6. [noparse]dark-solace.org[/noparse]
      7. [noparse]dramione.org[/noparse]
      8. [noparse]erosnsappho.sycophanthex.com[/noparse]
      9. [noparse]fanfiction.mugglenet.com[/noparse]
      10. [noparse]fanfiction.portkey.org[/noparse]
      11. [noparse]fanfiction.tenhawkpresents.com[/noparse]
      12. [noparse]finestories.com[/noparse]
      13. [noparse]grangerenchanted.com[/noparse]
      14. [noparse]hlfiction.net[/noparse]
      15. [noparse]ksarchive.com[/noparse]
      16. [noparse]lumos.sycophanthex.com[/noparse]
      17. [noparse]merlinfic.dtwins.co.uk[/noparse]
      18. [noparse]national-library.net[/noparse]
      19. [noparse]ncisfic.com[/noparse]
      20. [noparse]nfacommunity.com[/noparse]
      21. [noparse]nha.magical-worlds.us[/noparse]
      22. [noparse]occlumency.sycophanthex.com[/noparse]
      23. [noparse]onedirectionfanfiction.com[/noparse]
      24. [noparse]ponyfictionarchive.net[/noparse]
      25. [noparse]pretendercentre.com[/noparse]
      26. [noparse]samdean.archive.nu[/noparse]
      27. [noparse]sg1-heliopolis.com[/noparse]
      28. [noparse]stargate-atlantis.org[/noparse]
      29. [noparse]svufiction.com[/noparse]
      30. [noparse]thehexfiles.net[/noparse]
      31. [noparse]thehookupzone.net[/noparse]
      32. [noparse]themasque.net[/noparse]
      33. [noparse]thequidditchpitch.org[/noparse]
      34. [noparse]www.adastrafanfic.com[/noparse]
      35. [noparse]www.archiveofourown.org[/noparse]
      36. [noparse]www.checkmated.com[/noparse]
      37. [noparse]www.destinysgateway.com[/noparse]
      38. [noparse]www.dokuga.com[/noparse]
      39. [noparse]www.dracoandginny.com[/noparse]
      40. [noparse]www.fanfiction.net[/noparse]
      41. [noparse]www.fanfiktion.de[/noparse]
      42. [noparse]www.ficbook.net[/noparse]
      43. [noparse]www.fictionalley.org[/noparse]
      44. [noparse]www.fictionpress.com[/noparse]
      45. [noparse]www.ficwad.com[/noparse]
      46. [noparse]www.fimfiction.net[/noparse]
      47. [noparse]www.harrypotterfanfiction.com[/noparse]
      48. [noparse]www.hpfanficarchive.com[/noparse]
      49. [noparse]www.hpfandom.net[/noparse]
      50. [noparse]www.ik-eternal.net[/noparse]
      51. [noparse]www.libraryofmoria.com[/noparse]
      52. [noparse]www.mediaminer.org[/noparse]
      53. [noparse]www.midnightwhispers.ca[/noparse]
      54. [noparse]www.ncisfiction.com[/noparse]
      55. [noparse]www.phoenixsong.net[/noparse]
      56. [noparse]www.potionsandsnitches.net[/noparse]
      57. [noparse]www.prisonbreakfic.net[/noparse]
      58. [noparse]www.qaf-fic.com[/noparse]
      59. [noparse]www.scarvesandcoffee.net[/noparse]
      60. [noparse]www.sinful-desire.org[/noparse]
      61. [noparse]www.siye.co.uk[/noparse]
      62. [noparse]www.squidge.org/peja (WWOMB)[/noparse]
      63. [noparse]www.storiesofarda.com[/noparse]
      64. [noparse]www.thealphagate.com[/noparse]
      65. [noparse]www.thepetulantpoetess.com[/noparse]
      66. [noparse]www.thewriterscoffeeshop.com[/noparse]
      67. [noparse]www.tthfanfic.org[/noparse]
      68. [noparse]www.twilightarchives.com[/noparse]
      69. [noparse]www.twilighted.net[/noparse]
      70. [noparse]www.twiwrite.net[/noparse]
      71. [noparse]www.walkingtheplank.org[/noparse]
      72. [noparse]www.whofic.com[/noparse]
      73. [noparse]www.wizardtales.net[/noparse]
      74. [noparse]www.wolverineandrogue.com[/noparse]
      75. [noparse]www.wraithbait.com[/noparse]
      76. [noparse]www.yourfanfiction.com[/noparse]

    -- Part Ten: Read List Details --

    This plugin is for a number of users who have requested a "Reading List" ability for their library, allowing them to keep track of which books they would like to read next and in which order. You can have multiple lists per library per device.

    This plugin has also integrated all the functionality of the now deprecated Book Sync plugin, allowing you to synchronise list(s) to a device either manually or automatically when it is connected.

    You also have the ability to generate lists based on the content of your device. In combination with the ability to apply tags or populate a custom column based on membership in a list, this provides an easy way to keep track of books on your device(s) while they are not connected.

    • Main Features of v1.5.2:
      1. Create one or more independent lists of books, per library
      2. Order the contents of a list (order is viewable in calibre only, not on the device)
      3. Optionally specify a tag or custom column value to be added when books are put on the list and/or removed when taken off the list
      4. Optionally sync each list to one or more devices, a folder or iTunes
      5. Specify whether list sync should add only new items not on device, add all items every time, remove all items that are on the list, or replace all items on the device with the list
      6. Alternatively create a list which is populated based on books found on your device (with the same ability to apply tags or update a custom column if on the device)
      7. Optionally force a sync to the device of your list if adding while it is connected
      8. Optionally populate a custom series column with your reading list order, for constant visibility within calibre or content server
      9. Optionally force Kindle Collections to be recreated after a sync (Kindle owners only, requires the Kindle Collections plugin)
      10. Configure devices and the names for individual storage locations
      11. View the contents of your list in the library view sorted in list sequence.
      12. Remove books from your list, move books between lists and clear lists.
      13. Shortcuts customisable in a configuration dialog
    • Special Notes: Requires Calibre 0.8.57 or later
    • Installation Notes:
      1. Uninstall the Book Sync plugin if you have it installed.
      2. Download the attached zip file and install the plugin/restart Calibre/add to context menu as described in the Introduction to plugins thread.
      3. If you would like to associate devices with your lists, follow the steps below.
      4. Ensure a device you would like to sync to is connected.
      5. Select Customize plugin from the plugin menu (or via Preferences -> Plugins). Click the Add connected device button.
      6. If you want to rename the device you should do so now. If it has multiple card locations, uncheck any you do not want to create a sync list for.
      7. For the list(s) you wish to synchronise to this device, select the device in the list configuration dropdown. You should also specify the additional options below it, such as whether to clear the list after syncing to it.
      8. If you have multiple devices, disconnect your first device, plug the second in and repeat the steps above to add it to your Reading List known device list via the configuration dialog.
    • Kindle Collections:
      • Kindle collection integration requires at least version 1.7.0 of the Kindle Collections plugin.
      • To automatically recreate Kindle Collections after a sync to your Kindle, follow the following steps:
        1. Ensure you have the Kindle Collections plugin installed and configured. You can find further information on this plugin here
        2. In the Reading List configuration dialog, change the dropdown in the Collections column for your Kindle to "Y"
        3. Force a sync to your device, either by connecting if you have autosync turned on or manually using the Sync Now menu option
        4. After your collections have been recreated, the Kindle Collections summary dialog will appear. Follow the instructions on it to disconnect and restart your Kindle to see the new book collections.

    -- Part Eleven: Generate Cover Details --

    Users will often have books in their collection for which there is no official cover available to download, such as short fiction and articles. Calibre includes the ability to generate a cover for you from the book metadata. However currently the only control over its appearance it offers is a tweak for the font.

    This plugin offers an enhanced alternative that allows you to select from your own choice of cover images and a wide range of layout/appearance options.
    • Main Features of v1.5.5:
      1. Add/remove your own images to a list to choose from when you generate
      2. Option to use the existing book cover as an embedded image
      3. Control which metadata to display and where it is located on the cover
      4. Option to swap author name for users who store it in Calibre as LN, FN
      5. Fine tune many aspects of cover appearance such as fonts, borders, colors and margins
      6. Save your customised settings under a name to quickly recall multiple different appearances
      7. Export your settings for sharing and import settings from other users
      8. Option to use an image as a background rather than a content item
      9. Option to add custom text to a cover, using Calibre's template language to place your choice of additional data on the cover
      10. Option to auto-size text to fit on a single line for long text
    • Special Notes: Requires Calibre v0.8.18 or later.
    • Installation Steps
      1. Download the attached zip file and install the plugin/add to context menu or toolbar/restart Calibre as described in the Introduction to plugins thread.
      2. Select the book(s) you want to generate a cover for, and select the Generate Cover menu option or toolbar button you have configured in step 1. The configuration dialog as per the screenshot will open allowing you to import images and alter appearance.

    -- Part TWelve: Count Pages Details--

    This plugin will determine a number of pages and/or words in a book and store the result in custom column(s). In addition to just general library browsing usage, Kindle users can generate APNX files using the value from a pages custom column (requires Calibre 0.8.40). So when you send an ebook to your Kindle device from calibre, you will have page numbering available similar to that when loading Amazon books which offer this feature.

    You have two overriding methods of determining page count with this plugin.

    The first approach is estimation based on the book content, provided you have an ePub format or a format that is convertible to ePub. The format used if your book has multiple is chosen based on your Preferred Input Format order, that you set in Preferences -> Behavior.

    Note that if you use this option it can be an approximation only of a paperback edition due to differences in fonts, images, layouts etc. By default it uses an "accurate" algorithm similar to that created by user_none for generating APNX files for Kindle users. Alternatively in the configuration you can choose to use the page count used by the calibre e-book viewer, or you can use the Aobe algorithm used by their ADE software and some devices like a Nook. However if the format being counted is a PDF, then as of v1.4.2 there is now a special optimisation to read the actual page count rather than estimating it using any of the above algorithms.

    The second page count option (added in v1.3) is to download the page count from a web page on the Goodreads.com website for your specific linked edition. This can be used for a book with any formats (or even none). How is a goodreads identifier linked? Either by using the Goodreads metadata download plugin, the Goodreads Sync plugin, or by manually typing a goodreads:xxx id into your identifiers field for the edition of interest. If the edition you have linked to has no page count, you can switch editions using a feature added to the Goodreads Sync plugin.

    Word count is optionally calculated independently of page count. As this is unavilable on a website, it is subject to the same limitations as estimating page count above, in that you must have either an ePub or a format convertible to ePub available for it to work.

    Finally in v1.6 a variety of readability statistics have been added which you can optionally calculate such as Flesch-Kincaid and Gunning Fog index.
    • Main Features of v1.6.3:
      1. Estimate a page count of books to a custom column (except for PDF, which is read directly from the info) using one of three algorithms.
      2. Alternatively download a page count from the Goodreads.com website into a custom column
      3. Compute a word count to a custom column
      4. Compute readability statistics for Flesch Reading level, Flesch-Kincaid Grade level and Gunning Fog index into custom column(s)
      5. Configure different column(s)/algorithm per calibre library
      6. Configure whether the default for clicking on the toolbar button is to use an estimated page count or a downloaded page count.
      7. Optionally configure whether to only overwrite counts if you don't already have one
      8. Optional keyboard shortcuts
    • Special Notes: Requires calibre v0.8.57 or later.
    To enable sending your custom page count column to your Kindle (requires calibre 0.8.40 or later), go to Preferences -> Plugins -> Device Interface plugins -> Kindle 2/3/4/Touch Device Interface and click Customise plugin. Type the name of your custom column in the textbox as shown in the attached screenshot 6 below.

    • Installation Steps:
      1. Download the attached zip file and install the plugin/restart calibre/add to context menu or toolbar as described in the Introduction to plugins thread.
      2. Create custom column(s) to store the page count and/or word count in. See the instructions in the spoiler below.
      3. The first time you use this plugin in a library, you will be asked to configure the custom columns. Select your column you defined above in the dropdown. If you do not want to retrieve either of the counts, leave the custom column blank.
      4. Counting pages runs as a job in calibre and when complete you will be prompted to update the books with the page/word counts.

    Creating a Count Custom Column:
    Follow these instructions to configure a page count column as per screenshot 3 below. Perform similar steps for a word count column.
    Add a custom column with Preferences->Add your own columns. I suggest the following values:
    Lookup name: pages
    Column heading: Pages
    Column type: Integers
    Formatting: {0:,}[/noparse]

    For a readability statistic, an example is as follows:
    Lookup name: gfog
    Column heading: Gunning Fog
    Column type: Floating point numbers
    Formatting: {0:.1f}

    -- Part Thirteen: Download Mirrors --

    1. Fanfic Downloader
    2. Reading List
    3. Generate Cover
    4. Count Pages

    -- Part Fourteen: Server-to-Local Sync Workarounds --

    As mentioned, Calibre has no built-in options to sync with a server. That is complete and utter balls. So, I've spent the last two days looking into options to help you sync your local copy with my remote copy. This works perfectly fine under WINE as well, so no issues with linux vs windows. Please note, before you go on, that these are the easiest methods I've found, and are by no means the only methods: BestSync has been the easiest to set up so far, so we will use that. Should you have problems with the trial stopping your scheduling, google Run As Date from Nirsoft.

    From your main windows, you want to hit 'File > New Project':



    Your next window should be the connect options. You want to set the arrow in the middle. Throw whatever folder you want into the top option. This is where everything will sync. You want to use the SFTP protocol for folder 2. Classyindeed.com is going to be the host, 'dlp' as user, and thereisonlydlp as your password. On the screen that follows, uncheck the backup option:



    On the next screen, you want to hit "Add in Folder 2" and check fanfiction. When you hit next after, it will add a second folder. Uncheck this.


    You can hit next and ignore everything else. The last option you need to do anything with is the schedule portion. You can set it up to run as weekly, monthly, or hourly...


    Preview of the finished task.
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  2. Jeram

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    The mobilereader link is no longer working for download, but the main thread one seems to work.
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  3. Antivash

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    Apr 2, 2005
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    Noted. Added a mirror for each ones on the bottom of the post. Danke for the heads up. Likely because the original was updated, and the attachment ID was incorrect now.. >_>
  4. kingmonkeyd

    kingmonkeyd First Year DLP Supporter

    Jan 8, 2008
    Thanks a lot for this awesome guide; I've been looking for an easy way to download/manage my backups. The only thing is that the mirror for the read list plugin doesn't seem to work.
  5. Antivash

    Antivash Until we meet again... DLP Supporter Retired Staff

    Apr 2, 2005
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    This is because I am a retard and did not check spelling. >_> Fixed.
  6. SilverOtter

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    Feb 20, 2011
    This is somewhat amazing. Now if there was a way to make a DLP library with this.
  7. Sauce Bauss

    Sauce Bauss Minister of Magic DLP Supporter

    Apr 4, 2008
    There is. Calibre can be run on a server and you can have your local copy call on the library on the server. Centralized distribution, it's been what I've been meaning to set up but haven't had the chance. Maybe Vash can oblige, if he's already gone through the trouble of downloading and organizing the whole library. :awesome
  8. Antivash

    Antivash Until we meet again... DLP Supporter Retired Staff

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    Post Updated with the above information.
  9. Atum

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    May 26, 2012
    It's been said but this is beyond amazing. Would have saved me a lot of trouble and disappointment over deleted stories.
  10. Ayreon

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    Sep 18, 2006
    Hey Vash, everything worked beautifully. Thanks for writing that guide.

    Just one question: is it possible to automatically download those cover images that fanfiction.net stories now have?
  11. Antivash

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    I had to remove my userscripts and userstyles to figure out wtf youre talking about. >_>

    Answer: No. If there was a specific link format that I could use to make a formula for it, I could possibly work it out. You're on your own, Mate. Cause I dont even use those.
  12. JenosIdanian

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    With HP and the Hipshit Sparklepuff...
    Out-fucking-standing work, here! All my thumbs. All my stars for the rating. Thank <insert deity if you please here> for technology. And dat library, man! DAT LIBRARY!
  13. Antivash

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    New attention post, yay! A new addition to this guide for those of you who read manga/comics:

  14. Reign

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    Oct 27, 2008
    Login not working.
  15. yak

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    What ebook reader/program/device are you trying to login from?
  16. Reign

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    Oct 27, 2008
    I wasn't sure how to log in actually. Calibre doesn't have a place for a user/pw. So I tried to log in thru a browser. That didn't work. I don't have any ereader besides the calibre's view.
  17. yak

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    Then that's the problem. Use an ebook reader/program/device to login. Not a browser. Calibre probably doesn't work because it's designed to be the server, not to connect to a remote one itself.
  18. Sauce Bauss

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    Apr 4, 2008
    Goddamn it DLP, y u die at 0600 EST every day? D:

    My massive post is dead, so I'll recap:

    I've started a new archive of DLP's library(albeit without BAP's sexy formatting), using Calibre to have everything organized into sexy-time. The whole library downloaded, tagged, sorted and uploaded eventually.

    Title/Author/Date checked/FFnet rating/tags/publisher/Published date/Update date/Fandom/Series(Broken Series by LC, for example)/Pairing/DLP Category/Length/Status/Crossover/Slash/Genre(Adventure/Drama/etc.).

    It'll be sexy, easy to update, and I plan on finishing it and sharing it with all of DLP at christmas-time.

    I am become bornagainpenguin, archiver of fanfiction.

    As a note, I've started tagging stories with "dead link" if I can't find them as I go down the library list. Haven't even finished verifying the A's yet, but that's what christmas break is for.

    EDIT: I also plan on adding a tag so it's easy to identify DLP authors.
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  19. Antivash

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    Im aware. Ive got a problem with the server atm. Working on fixing it now.

    Edit: Issue fixed. Vash is a tard. >_>
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  20. thisperson

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    Awesome shit. Just got done installing it and about to give it a go. I've one question though, is there a way to connect to the server from calibre and download/sync with the server list? I was looking under the main toolbar and couldn't find such an option.