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Favourite and lesser-known Supers

Discussion in 'Movies, Music and TV shows' started by Thaumologist, Aug 15, 2022.

  1. Thaumologist

    Thaumologist Third Year ~ Prestige ~

    Jun 27, 2011
    Wrexham, Wales
    High Score:
    tl;dr - I need assistance pulling together a list with interesting powers. Gimme pic, description, and info-link of your favourite super-powered individuals.

    There's a few capes, either side of morality, that everyone has heard of - Superman, Joker, Hulk, Magneto. Going further down the list a bit, there's even more that have wide appeal, andare still relatively famous faces, that a chunk of people could probably name - think some lesser known Marvel or DC characters; and then we might end up dipping outside of 'mainstream' sources. Worm falls here, because despite everyone here knowing about it, I've yet to meet any people IRL that do. Further, from "Freshmen", Long-dong comes to mind as an almost certainly not well-known character that I've never seen referenced anywhere

    Below that, there's the meme characters. Snowflame, for instance, is relatively well known (amongst some groups) for being the first CIA-powered villain, even if he's a footnote in comic history beyond that. Until recently, I'd say Moonknight is similar - some frames are highly memed on and shared quite widely, even if not many people know much beyond the "I know you're here Dracula, you big nerd".

    The reason I'm doing this is for a future stream, where I'm planning on doing a 2-way tier list, on how good powers are In-Universe, and how good they'd be IRL.

    Here's one I made earlier:


    And here's everyone's powers, and the explanations:

    Iron Man - Billionaire genius. In universe, he's smart and rich, but not the smartest or richest. He invented an entirely new way of powering his factories, built multiple AI, discovered new elements, and personally invented multiple items that became household standard. IRL, he'd be richer than Croesus.

    Captain America - "Peak Human", but with the standard Atlas package too, he's smart, strong, tough, and resistant to odd effects (hypnosis, etc). Admittedly, against anyone who's more than peak human in a single area, he'd likely lose, but he's a well-rounded skill package too, so he can work around their strenghts. IRL, this would be great, but depending on the actual mechanics, might lower how useful this would be. Further, there is little multiplication - he's one man, with little ability for force projection. Would be an astounding athlete, or pro-gamer, but i don't know beyond. No real downsides though.

    Leet - A tinker (powered inventor) who can build anything, once. After that, more and more likely to explode. Like a lot of tinkers, his work is semi-blackboxed, so there's a limit to what you can learn from it. In universe, at repeated risk of his power killing himself, IRL a lot of science and tech progresses with little iterations and steps forward, or just from knowing something is possible, could possibly revolutionize multiple fields.

    Butcher - Butcher has the power to become a voice in the head of whoever kills the current host. Butcher 1 also had increased strength, and a toggleable "pain aura". AoE powers are limited in use, and the increased strength is relatively common. The transfer ability is certainly interesting, but doesn't work out well for you personally. IRL, the pain aura is pretty much useless at anything other than specialist doctor, or warlord. The strength is absolutely amazing, but this is ruined by the fact that you WILL end up in someone else's head when you die. And someone else's when they die. And so on. Forever.

    Caliban - The power to sense the x-gene, and to empower himself with fear from non-mutants. In universe, very useful - being able to tell if you're under threat from other mutants enables all sorts of extra chicanery, and power that scale always goes well. Especially because if you become stronger, more people will fear you. IRL, you would only have the extra strength from fear... And most people aren't going to be scared of you, although depending on continuity, the appearance might cause some fear. It would be quite possible you would die without ever knowing you had a power at all.
    Trumps in general - power manipulating would be super low-end IRL, power granting (very rare) would be SUPER high end.

    Superman - In-Universe, power=yes. Fast, strong, tough, lasers, flight, smart, he has the works.
    IRL, how much of this is useful?
    And further, the World of Cardboard speech. He has to always be careful not to break things. If he flies fast enough, he can actually manipulate time. If he fires his lasers, he destroys houses and businesses. It would be like being surrounded by children, forever.
    Worse, he's got an enhanced intellect. So you'd be aware of this.
    Also, allergic to his homeplanet. I know there's more to it than that, but still

    I probably can just pull characters for this myself, but that limits me to continuities I'm aware of - I wouldn't be able to take characters from The Night Watch trilogy, because I haven't read it, and wouldn't know where to start looking. I'm only aware of it because I got bought a copy of the book that I still haven't read.