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gadgets, rituals, exercise

Discussion in 'Fanfic Discussion' started by cazten, May 13, 2006.

  1. cazten

    cazten Slug Club Member

    Nov 22, 2005
    I was jsut thinking... Ive seen in alot of indepenent stories Hw Harry suddenly comes across tons of cool gadgets that help him defeat the death eaters. Now i like this idea becuase it makes it more real.

    1. becuase the wizarding world is bound to have cool things and its fun to see what cool items people can come up with.
    2. Becuase assuming we go about things the right way and dont make him some son of an angel thats a mini god, Harry needs something to make up for his knowledge/power difference with Voldemort. Some cool gadgets seems like the logical way to go.

    The problem i see is thatHarry jsut buys everying in diagon/knockturn alley. So why on earth dont the death eaters use them also?

    Another thing. Im sure you guys have read the things where harry gets some special "auror" grade items like contacts that act as Moody's magic eye.
    I think doing things like this is bad becuase it seem to common. Rowling sems to make it seem rather rare to have any person with an eye that seems like Moody's/ And also why on earth does moody have some weird ass contraption on his head when he can jsut get some cool little class eye with super magic contacts, cuase thats litterally how easy these "auror" grade items make things sound. They make everything sound easy.

    Auror grade watches that show you all dark magic users in the area. Super contacts. Super auror holsters that make it somehow impossible for anyone to summon your wand.You litterally just made yourself like a mini god by haveing your wand be permenentely atached to you. Like having a gun that you never have to worry about leaving you or running out of bullets. I think some people underestimate the power of some of these cool tings they jsut give out in their books.

    Prices is another thing that i think people need to focus on.First off we need to have something good to abse value off of. I cant really think of anything atm that really shows the true value of wizarding money. To comapre too so this is tricky. But it could solved perhaps by saying a good wizard salary is 10,000 galleons a year. By doing so people automatically know now a 1,000 galleon item si freiggin expensive.

    When peple give Harry unlimited money they tend to have him buy everything and then they forget to use half the shit, or its so expendable to him you loose your focus on it and it seems less important.

    Now on the other hand if a dragon hide armor set cost him half his fortune and is an investment he thought over carefully hes more likley t take damn well care of it, and the author will probly make it a much more important item in the story.

    So i think what im trying to say it it might be a better idea to establish real value to merchandise first off. And then when we write these cool new gadgets Harry get

    1. Make them few, but important
    2. Make them cost him something, make it have some real impact..
    3. If you spend the time to make him buy it, put it to some friggin use!
    4. Dont overpower him.

    Another big one is Rituals fo quick power Augmentation. I thnk its feasable that there would be some cool dark rituals to raise power or senses r something like this. But the problem is people

    1. Make the process to fast to super power him overnight.
    2. Dont make them cost enough.

    We should all keep in mind that anyting Harry is looking at doing has most likely been done by Voldemort already. We should also look at what has become of Voldemort. Hes deformed and non-human lookin practically. He has no friggin nose lol. But somehow Harry comes out of his ritualls looking like adonis with a six pack and pecks..... Right.

    Or perhaps You have decided to take the rout of making Harry train over summer and become mister Adonis six pack and awesome pecks man by working for a landscaping company, or doing lots of situps and pushups, ect.

    I am speaking here from personal experience. Im 17 (close to Harry's age in OoTP/HLB which is where most these stories take place).
    I have a pretty sweet friggin six pack. I got a very defined chest, ith pecks that are very meaty and get me many complements from the female population. I have pretty good sized and defined arms that though nothing super special definentely tell you right away that i work out regularly.

    I did NOTTTTTTT acheive this over one summer. More over about 4 years. I was scronny once like many show harry to be. and let me tell you putting lots of meat and muscle on your body does NOT happen fast at all when you are a small guy like me and Harry.

    It takes multiple workout phases, which usually one complete mass/strngth/cutting phase takes damn near 3/4ths of a year.

    Also doing the little sit ups and jogging pushups is not going to get you anywhere near the level people try to put harry at. I can understand some cut arms, and a six pack in 3 months of serious ass workout (jsut lookat someone fresh outa boot camp). But there not gunna be meaty arms becuase he wouldnt have had time for a mass building phase, and his chest is not gunna be chizeled becuase he has absolutley no meat on the chest to chizel from.

    So stop making Him a little body builder in 3 months. Its not gunnna happen. He can be in great shape and have good endurance, looks wise 3 months isnt enough time to do shit. Atleast not to a person with Harry Potters base build.

    It could be believable to give him the maical equivelent of steriods or someting to augment his muscle growth and strength but even the guys on the juice are working there ases off for those results and it takes more than 3 months. It also has that nasty side efect on the male reproductive organ. So dont forget to add som kind of consequence to your magic wonder drugs.
  2. Amerision

    Amerision Galactic Sheep Emperor DLP Supporter

    Apr 1, 2006
    The Gardens in the Desert Sand
    I was planning on a quick tune up for Harry's body, but it is unwilling and original.

    I want to discuss the idea with someone to work out the details, but don't to post it for fear of ruining the story. If you (or anyone) don't like my story anyways, and want to discuss this, can you send me a PM?

    on the rant - that belongs in the Fanfic Cliche thread. Agreed with most though.
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