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Photoshop: Bloody Text

Discussion in 'Graphics Discussion' started by CGB, Feb 24, 2007.

  1. CGB

    CGB Auror

    May 7, 2006
    Since English isn't my native tongue and I use a German version of Photoshop, there may be some errors in my descriptions. I hope this Tutorial is still of use for you.

    Step one:
    Create a new file. It should be as big as the text you want to write. Remember, you can resize the picture later with Image => Image size. The background color doesn’t really matter, mine was black.

    Step two:
    Now you write the text you want. Use white as text color.

    Step three:
    Go to Layer => Rasterize

    Step four:
    Now you can change your text color, etc. with Layer => Layer Blending Options. You can do whatever you want, my picture looked like this:

    Step five:
    The next step is rotating the picture: Image => Rotate Canvas => 90° CW

    Step six:
    Now go on Filter => Stylize => Wind. Don’t change the settings. The Method (?) should be “Wind” and coming from the “Right”.

    Step seven:
    Now, you just need to rotate your picture back and it’s finished. You can use it with or without background.