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Plot Bunny Thread: Other Fandoms

Discussion in 'Fanfic Discussion' started by Oneiros, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. Lion

    Lion Denarii Host DLP Supporter

    Jul 8, 2009
    That place
    For One-Thousand years Humanity has reigned supreme over the Earth, in all of it's forms. When the great ascendance gifted Earth Prime humanity became so much more. After centuries of war every Alpha Earth, non-scorched Beta Earth, and all other knowns Earth's had been conquered. The Golden Age was never ending.

    And thankfully, always expanding. A new Earth is found every day. It's our duty to introduce them to Greatness.


    That's the beginning of my Worm/Original Universe crossover. The OU is a world that got superhumans back in the time of the Romans, and it's gone swimmingly since. They discovered the multiverse, conquered it, and have proceeded to have a pretty nice liberal society. The caveat being that worlds who aren't subjugated are destroyed, and subprime ones might be little more than slaves colonies. That's besides the point though, and will have no effect on the story. It'll mostly be little dribs given by our OU characters for flavor, and an uncertain fear that they might actually destroy Earth-Worm at the end of this.

    Why? Cause it's a shithole. They don't know that though. Officially our intrepid team has been given a Tenner, ten years securing an easy planet. The Earth is Prime like, meaning it has no major destruction events. The population appears to have awakened, even if they haven't grown quite as strong as a true Alpha Earth, but that will come in time. Most importantly, they haven't gone into space yet.

    So they slot the team, hop in a portal, and get ready to listen to some long podcasts. They're portal has a shift date of December 1, 1992. Stable portal travel to a distant Earth takes about 5-20 years depending on far too many factors. There's also instability on where exactly you will land, especially when there is no reciever. Thus, you slot your team. The Scout lands first and sets up a quick relay. Bruiser and Tech will land together and set up a full Receiver Relay. Support and Lead will land last, and then begin the mission.

    All told this should have been a cake walk with the full team assembling on December 31, 1999.

    Unfortunately Zion dislikes interlopers, and the Simurgh even less.

    I've told you all of this to kind of understand the MC a little more. Unfortunately it's full of holes, as I didn't want to give you any more knowledge of that world than I needed. Especially, because it would take away from some of the later parts of the story I actually care about and don't want to spoil.

    From here is where the story would begin.

    Croesus is not having a good day. LookiLoo's fucked up the Receiver, Palisade isn't answering, and he's lost Blossom. Absolute worst part? There's a crowd of "Super Heroes" who are fighting a fucking Incursion Beast. On an ALPHA.

    It's February 24th of 2011, and the Simurgh is attacking Canberra, Australia. It decided to throw what it thought was a pent up Celestial horror at the humans to keep it going a bit longer. Instead it got a very angry man in gold, but who wasn't the Golden Man. The events following this small mistake would see her spend the next hour fighting for her life. Simultaneously discovering she has a life, and that it is in fact worth fighting for. At least that's how Croesus sees it, cause to him it's another Monday.

    This show stopping beat down ends with the Simurgh running to lick her wounds, and some very angry people in very silly costumes demanding to know who he is. Of course finding out that it's 2011 and no one has even heard of his teammates has blown a few circuits.


    So that's where the story begins. The first arc is solely Croesus, not his real name or his real fake name, and the Simurgh having it out. Then Croesus and the Protectorate having it, but with more words. Then finally Croesus and Cauldron have it out, but it's all words.

    An agreement is reached. Croesus will help Cauldron kill Zion, and Cauldron will help Croesus find his team. Preferably before the cleaners get there, but they don't need to worry about that for a few decades.

    Given a choice of where the Protectorate will be revealing their all-star new hero, Croesus decides to shit kick some Nazis. Racism never really became a thing on his world, they only hate those without abilities, so he's tickled someone will hate him just for being him. Brockton Bay is fucked.
  2. thejabber27

    thejabber27 Seventh Year

    Jan 4, 2012
    So, this is a zelda fanfic idea.
    The overarching concept I want to explore is legend of Zelda groundhog day. But instead of Link repeating the same game ie Majora's mask, I want to explore this as having to do the same objective but each incident is in a different time period. So the hero of time consciousness, personality, etc. is aware of what happened and now has to get resituated each time and try figure out how to stop this reincarnation cycle.

    I think I'm going to make the timeline route through OoT a lot to deal with the canon timeline and the choices the hero of time makes determines the next event in his cycle. Though I want to make links awakening a bit special and I'm not sure yet how much I want Zelda and Ganon to be aware if at all.

    I don't want Ganon to be the main antagonist so much as an obstacle. He's got some good backstory that I want to flesh out more but in the end this is the Hero of time trying to obtain freedom not the Hero of time beats Ganon.

    I want to build a more spiritual connection between the master sword and the Hero of time, not full sentience for the sword but some type of instinct that the master sword has.

    I don't think the Hero will get time in between plots that might make things too easy but I'll definitely try to make geographic connections.
  3. Andrela

    Andrela Plot Bunny DLP Supporter

    Apr 19, 2012
    "Heroes of Might and Magic 3: Shadow of Death" meets "Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne".

    Before he would have been defeated, the Necromancer Sandro and his undead army are somehow transported to Azeroth around the time Death Knight Arthas Menethil kills his father King Terenas.

    The Lich King detects Sandro's arrival and informs Arthas of this unforseen development.

    While Arthas has the Frostmourne, Sandro has the Cloak of the Undead King and the Armor of the Damned.
  4. Blorcyn

    Blorcyn Headmaster DLP Supporter DLP Silver Supporter

    Oct 16, 2010
    While driving, I had an idea. The Witcher meets Pride and Prejudice.

    I am already working on three things that I really ought to instead, so I thought I should put it here to get it out of my head and have something to look at again in the far distant future.

    I couldn't find an OC plot bunny thread either: I'll put it here as a Pride & Prejudice AU, I suppose.

    The magic system is inspired by the 'Magical Girl' influenced magic system from Rihaku's 'A Simple Transaction'.

    Puissance and Perspicacity:

    Pitch: Frequently overlooked Mary has a suitor, or had one, at least. When Mary is jilted in front of the entirety of Merryton and her many snickering sisters, her first original composition becomes far more than the sum of its parts and the Lord's Grace settles upon her. As England's newest Madonna she is whisked into a world even grander and more pernicious than that of her Derbyshire family. She is to travel to meet the many Madonnas of the Vatican where she will receive her holy mission, and then...

    It'll be the war for her.

    Mary's change:
    Underappreciated, unconfident, naive, bookish and provincial Mary transforms into an original thinker and shrewd navigator of a global elite.

    First tiny arc- more pride and prejudice, with tangential world-building, hinting at the unusual elements that diverge this from real history.

    Mary has a naval love interest, whose ship has been captured as a prize as a Commander and he is on shore-leave. He returns but he is colder to Mary. He has the interest of a Naval Captain's daughter that will secure his fortunes better than her connections can, and he is not a rich man. She senses this change and determines to compose a musical piece for him. He doesn't even stay to listen, his love interest has arrived to stay with a friend and he doesn't pay Mary any mind at all once his quarry is there. Little focus on Lizzie and Jane. More on Kitty, Lydia and Mrs. Bennet and trying to make Mary a more consequential person rather than a foil. Emphasise how little importance she has, for almost anyone. Emphasise how little confidence she has in anything spontaneous and anything original. She values authority in her reading and her playing.

    Mary sees people laughing at her, and she plays a piece with her heart and loses herself in it and becomes a Madonna in front of the whole hall.

    A brief glimpse of the idea that she's suddenly an important person: and the family playing this up how it might affect their prospects.

    Second arc - State vs. Madonna.

    Government officials would convey her to the Vatican and an English Madonna, and English officials and there would be some contention between them. They would be met by a Vatican Madonna and there would be tension between them also.

    Mary would have to learn the investiture process and vows and gradually begin to realise that power doesn't lie with the Pope in quite the way she thought it did and that not all Madonnas see themselves as or behave as complete servants of the State and People.

    Mary would meet the strongest Madonnas and they would dismiss her (kindly and cruelly, depending on the speaker) as a new member of their order but not one that will ever amount to much. However, they will note the peculiarity of her Beatification.

    [Mary will be able to remain 16 hours from the start, but she won't have any super spectacular power that others note. She will be an enchanted armour and arms smith, but only one of each, she can't mass-outfit but they're of a high quality thought without unique, extra additions at first. As she improves in skill they become much more fabulous over the story, but this improvement is not unique - Most Madonna have skills that improve significantly with practice, there's no evidence that she's Twice-beatified beyond the time].

    Mary will be enlisted with her own troop to protect her when she sleeps, and nuns to serve her in other peculiar MI6 style ways - going a little Van Helsing/Witcher, though monsters will be a product of the War not really a natural phenomenon.

    She'll then pursue a small war across the continent, where historical events are pimped up and magick-ified, while undertaking increasingly more impressive roles and missions in the style of Sharpe or Hornblower.

    Each Arc would be a self-contained adventure.

    Her initial ability would improve steadily allowing her to progress from an underwhelming ingenue (can take down one guy at a time no problem) to can take down a dozen men in a minute. From there she would become Thrice-Beatified and her third ability would be to pull and push Grace into natural objects, and realise that she had had a theme all along. Much more quickly than any before her she would ascend the ranks to become Five times Beatified, and take the fight to the French in whatever Waterloo Equivalent is appropriate.

    As well as martial adventures, as a venerable beneficiary of God's mysterious authority she would, like Hornblower, find herself in diplomatic and ecclesiastical shenanigans. There would always be some time in London and Hertfordshire or Derbyshire to explore English Aristocracy during this time and the effect of the Madonna on women in European culture and society.

    Magic system:
    Women can become Madonna which are the magical girls of this setting. It's a predominantly European thing, mostly French, German and English and they've been around for about ninety years.

    Women become Madonna by being very accomplished at various things, and when they're really, really exceptional, just once, the establishment says The Holy Ghost settles its Grace upon them, and grants them an Accomplishment.

    An Accomplishment is a unique, dice-roll peculiar super-power.

    As well as a unique Accomplishment, each Madonna is improved constitutionally in every way. The ugly are made beautiful, the weak are made strong. Where they are deficient they become great, and where they are great they become super-human. This aspect of God's Grace is a Madonna's beatification.

    This can occur multiple times. If a Madonna is Beatified, she has a superpower and a super-human constitution, if she is Twice-Beatified she has two superpowers and an even more super-human constitution.

    A Madonna's beatification is not permanent. Generally speaking, it lasts a third of the day, before she reverts to normal. If held onto for less time, it can be called up again more quickly. If their Accomplishment is of a thunderbolt-spewing type it might last far less time. If their Accomplishment allows them to make magic arms or armour then it may last slightly longer as it demands very little active use of God's Grace from them.

    Generally, by Third-Beatification, they can sustain all-day transformation.

    The Madonna have been around for just under one hundred years in force. Though there were several earlier in time, and the first suspected was Joan of Arc.

    The Madonna are occurring in very, very low numbers in America and Asia.

    Where Madonna spend large periods of time the world becomes slightly more magical and more Madonna arise.

    The Madonna are very religious figures in Europe, and in a large part, believe their own hype. That they are directly chosen for virtue in some form by God himself. There is an order of nuns that serve the Madonna and these are organised from the Vatican where the most powerful Madonna sit in the form of a council.

    There are around 1000 Madonna from Europe. Around 600 of them are of the First Beatification. The ten or so who are entitled to sit in council on their religious Order, are all Fifth-Beatified and practically any of them could topple a state by themselves, they dictate the interests of the world. They are not always there in full number, some prefer to be in their homelands.

    New Madonna, if they wish to get an immediate reward from Beatification (and they all do), go to the Vatican and meet the council and then the Pope. Get a fancy title, and then their homeland will give them political, spiritual and monetary authority.

    The book is set in ~1813. Adapting Napoleonic history, the most powerful French Madonna, which form half of the Fifths, have schismed to create a French global empire.

    This is the war into which Mary has now found herself a key player. As she progresses, the Madonna's schism progresses from Cold at the highest orders to hot.
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